Chloe Williams

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Name: Chloe Williams

Born: Year: 6th September 1990

Place of Birth: London, England

Species: Human

Residence: 3 Swan Walk, Chelsea

Derangements: Bipolar and anxiety disorders.

Appearance: Chloe looks to be in her mid twenties, she stands at about 5'11" (180) and weights about 125lbs (57 kg). She has a lightly tanned skin, brown hair and blue eyes. Her favorite clothes include a black leather jacket, a black shirt, a pair of blue jeans and some black boots.

History: Chloe Williams was born on the 6th of September 1990 in London, England. Her family was pretty wealthy because of the jobs that her parents had, in fact her mother was a pretty known doctor and her father was the founder of a rich jewelry chain. She now lives alone in the other side of the city working as a full-time photographer. Most of her pictures include dark skies and shadowy landscapes.


She likes to eat pizza, she loves to run and she prefers peaceful situations and quiet places.

She dislikes violence, aggressive behavior, parties, smoking and alcohol.

Chloe considers herself unselfish and generous, rather introverted and shy.

Often hums her mother's lullaby, runs her hand through her hair and maintains a prolonged eye contact.
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