Chronicle of the Void


There was a time when no one knew the stars were so far away. No one knew they were host to planets not unlike yours. Certainly no one knew they would be such a vast frontier of adventure... Even still, their was never a time when society was not entranced by the night sky. As long as society remembers, always has the mystery of space loomed silently, waiting.

Today is day one of eternity. A cliche, we know, but the chance to physically go to the stars, in your lifetime, that chance is finally upon you, which makes it sure feel like the "day one" that's been awaited for eternity.

But one challenge stands in your way; What is "forward"? In space, their is no up or down, nor any cardinal direction, and as far as you are from the sun, their isn't even an "away" anymore. So the ultimate question becomes... what do you use to determine your heading?