1x1 City Showdown


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Metro City was even before the event that people dubbed the Melding happened was a city ripe with crime and violence. The same could be said by another place called River City. Now in the city rechristened River Metro City the situation was at a boiling point. Not just from your typical street crime either. Now it was robots attempting to police the city through their new overlords, or the new crime lords that had made the place their home.

That was why the city’s current mayor Cody Traverse had sent out the call for help. Yet what he was looking for was quite…unorthodox.

In the mayor’s office Cody had turned around his chair and looked out through the window as his assistant, a woman named Marlowe was trying to talk some sense into him. “Mayor, yet again I must protest.”

“And for what is the hundredth time the answer’s no.”

Marlowe sighed. “When you requested me to try and find ‘fixers’ for our situation…I wasn’t expecting a request for only three people. Three people to keep your now 500000 citizens safe, you do realize that’s not possible?”

Cody twirled back around with a lazy smile on his face. “Why? That’s how we did it back in the day. Besides, I wanted three because then we can just say they were vigilantes. What do you think the people in charge of our problems would do if they knew we had hired an army to take them down? Or those two bald old guys who think they’re in charge?”

Marlowe was surprised to hear this from Cody…especially because it was quite a sound plan. “Even so. Do you think they can succeed?”

Cody shrugged. “If they can? Great, less for me to worry about, and even if they don’t. I’m sure they’ll be able to fix some of our problems before everything’s said and done.” As he finished the intercom on the phone came to life with a woman’s voice.

“Mister mayor? Your 2pm is here.”

“Great. Send them in.” The door started to open as three individuals stepped in. “Let’s get this show on the road.”​
"You've requested me?"

Softly, those words echoed in the room. A woman, in beautiful white and red slowly walked deeper inside the room. As she reached a nearby chair, she stopped suddenly and gazed at the blonde man. After a few seconds she bowed

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"I have a feeling i know why I'm here. There's....
much strife out there. You've seen it. And we both know where that leads."


The poised women in white was flanked by two others. One was a men in a fancy dress shirt and bowler hat.

"Quite a city you have here, Mr. Mayor," He replied. "A few steps away from a rising inferno."

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"And that's why I'm here. It would be a shame to see this city burn."

The other was a woman with red hair with bangs long enough to cover her eyes. While she seemed flighty, Cody could sense great power from with in her.


"Oh I just thought it would be something fun!" She exclaimed. "I've been so bored lately...anything to pass the time."

Cody looked over to the three people in front of them. Total strangers to him and to each other, brought together to hopefully save his city.

"Yeah, we probably do," Cody finally replied to the woman in white. "That's why you're here. Now I'm mayor Cody Traverse. That's Marlowe," He pointed towards his assistant. "Gonna tell me your names or am I just sending you on your way?"

The man tipped his hat. "Just call me...Mr. Lee."

"I'm Shermie," The woman flew a kiss towards Cody. "A pleasure."​

The woman gaze lingered on Shermie, sensing her power as well, before turning it towards the mayor. Her facial expression seemed a slight worried concerning the women. Relaxing slight, she found a surprise. it took a bit, but she could sense the mayor's power as well. Intriguing.

"I am Kazumi, Kazumi Mishima. If I could say mister mayor, I get the feeling you'd rather being handling this all by yourself if you could, yes? It takes a wise man to ask for help. What can we do?"

Cody chuckled. "You're right. I would do this on my own." He looked over to his assistant who gave him a tired look. "You can help by cleaning up this city you're currently living in. And don't worry I'll make it worth your while. Just cause we're in a patch work world doesn't mean I don't have contacts. I am the Mayor after all."

Marlowe rolled out a map on the desk with a few red pins dropped through out the area. "Sorry, we're still workin' on new maps of this place. New boroughs and stuff you know how it is."

He pointed out to where city hall was and the closest red pin. "As you can see there's a whole bunch of troubles we're in. Gangs of different kinds tryin' to get their share of the pie. The police that's left are already spread too thin, and no friends left to call. So that's why I called out, and you three answered."

'Mr. Lee' took a photo of the map on his cellphone before speaking up. "This is all fine and good, but why call us to your office? There are eyes and ears everywhere in the underworld. If they us to you."

Cody cracked his knuckles. "About that..."

The silent morning was wrecked by a desk being thrown through the mayor's office with Mr. Lee, Shermie and Kazumi leaping out and vanishing into one of the dark alleys.

"He's really strong. I'll look forward to try him out again <3!" Shermie exclaimed when they finally stopped running.

Lee brushed some glass off his bowler hat before sighing. "I suppose that's one way for his enemies to not catch on to him. Anyway..." Pulling out his phone he zoomed in on the first marker on the map. "I assume we're up for heading to downtown first?"


Kazumi's eyes drifted towards their former location. It seems she was right about the mayor. Then, she looked at Shermie. If she was right once, probably wasn't wrong about her instincts her too. Addressing Mr. Lee , Kazumi spoke.

'If you think that's the best way, I am more than willing to follow."

"I'm not saying it's the best way," Mr. Lee remarked to Kazumi. "But it is in fact the closest. Maybe if we start creating some waves the rest of...whatever the problem is will take notice."

"I think I read that there was a nice shopping mall there! You don't see those that often anymore. I wouldn't mind giving it a look." Shermie remarked.

Mr. Lee didn't respond instead he pocketed his phone again. "Well anyone fancy grabbing the bus?"

A bit later the unlikely trio was standing next to a bus stop getting the side-eye from a little old lady waiting for the bus as well.

"So," Lee finally spoke after what seemed to be a long silence. "If we're going to work together I suppose we should get to know each other. What did you do before all of...this?"

"I design clothes and I'm keytar player in a band! So getting hired to do this is very exciting for me!"

"It's complicated. I was a martial artist, of course. I was a wife, a mother."

A slight sigh left Kazumi's lips as she shook her head. They didn't need to know everything

"And you, Mr.Lee?"

"A problem solver of a sort," He remarked as the bus pulled up to stop. "Think of me as a custodian."

As they stepped unto the bus they found it to be almost empty. Lee grabbed what seemed to be a gold nugget from his pocket and handed it over to the driver. "Downtown."

The bus driver only gave a disgruntled grunt as the door closed up behind the old lady that came after them and soon enough they were off. The trio sat down in the middle of the bus. Perhaps it wasn't surprising that no one else was riding the public transit considering the circumstances. Soon enough though the bus stopped again and both doors to the bus swung open. Inside stepped an random assortment of men in suits, punks and creatures that looked like small humanoid birds.

None of them seemed to pay for their ticket as they took their seats. It soon dawned on the trio that a sense of danger had befallen them. Out of the three it was surprisingly Shermie that said it first, "Oh this tension in the air. It's almost scary~!"

As if on cue most of the people stood up from their chairs and stared down the trio.