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Main Event Civil War

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
(This event was hosted by @Atomic Knight and @Ver and can be found here.)

"In Accordance"

Since the fall of their greatest enemy to date, the Arch Demon, the Coalition had since taken great leaps and bounds to recover from what was lost from the grueling battles. Reforming itself to better compensate for the growing varied number of threats to the multiverse, the Coalition looked to its allies and benefactors to support them in areas where they may be lacking. The Brotherhood of Steel, a paramilitary organization born out of a world ravaged by nuclear fallout, trained the Coalition's soldiers, for no one knew better than them what it took to survive under the most grueling of conditions. Future Foundation, an organization started as a response to the most vile of threats, specialized in training Coalition agents in espionage and infiltration, for they were made up of the most talented of people, a great number of whom could be tasked for whatever was needed of them. The Multiverse Emergency Unit, started first as a force ready to combat any magical threat looming on the horizon, trained agents for when magic was needed against a devastating threat, for the power of these witches and magical girls knew no equal.

Finally, there was the United Nations, a multiversal organization that had allied itself with the Coalition. While the two groups were said to be on equal standing, it was the Coalition that had to report to the UN. Transparency was required, or else the Coalition would be seen as a threat to the UN. This would not be a problem, if not for the growing tension between the two groups, fueled primarily by a scandal the Coalition had tried desperately to cover up.

On this day, representatives of each organization had been gathered at the Coalition Headquarters, the best and the brightest there for a very important meeting. For the first time since all groups became allies, the Coalition had called them together for a debriefing, to help them all understand the current state of the multiverse and their enemies.

The meeting room had grown within the last few months, expanded to accommodate the rapid number of allies and friends the Coaltiion had recently gathered. Holographic imagery had been set up at the center of the circular room, used primarily as a visual aid for whomever was speaking. It was around this holograph that the leaders of every organization associated with the Coalition sat, ready to listen in on the proceeding info. Beyond them and taking up all the other surrounding seats were members of every organization, privileged with the opportunity to hear this valuable intelligence firsthand. Though Coalition members made up the majority, at least a handful of attendees each were from their allies.

Makoto Naegi, one of the two current leaders of the Coalition, was standing before the hologram, looking slightly befuddled at having to speak in front of so many people. Though those that knew him knew he had a certain way with words, and despite the fact Makoto had been leading the majority of these people for over a year now, Makoto still felt a familiar ache of nervous excitement that he had felt when having to give speeches in grade school.

"... Hi, everyone," Makoto said, his voice low, but amplified by speakers at the edges of the room. His eyes looked around the room, seeking for a familiar face, quickly coming upon Kyoko sitting nearby. He smiled at her, lingering for just a few second before turning his gaze back to the majority. "As you know... you're here because it's been long due for all of us to come together like this. For some of us, we have been allies since the day this organization was started, and yet we have not had a moment to gather our most valued members together in one place. This occasion is... exciting! All of us, together like this, represent the hope that we wish to give to every world out there!"

It was then that the Coalition's other leader, Captain-Commander Kieran, spoke up. Makoto and he had agreed to share the beginning of this meeting. "Not only are we using this opportunity to bring us all together, it's important that we discuss, as one body, the status of the worlds around us. While we represent, as Makoto would say, hope for all worlds, there are those that would represent... well, despair." The hologram came to life, displaying an image some found all too familiar. It was the head of the Arch Demon, his mouth opened wide, as if he was about to release a stream of fire upon the group sitting before him.

Kieran cleared his throat, looking momentarily surprised at how lifelike it was. "Uhh-- See here, this was the Arch Demon. The menace who both brought us together and nearly destroyed us. Though we've defeated him, his influence and presence still linger all around us. There are those who would threaten us by copying his ways... or even just become inspired by him. However, we have to first discuss the most immediate of his legacy... the despair energy he created and his very remains."

"While we tried... very very hard to collect what remained of him, it turned out a more difficult task than we thought... The Coalition at the time had lost so much, and we didn't have the resources and allies we do today. Before we could gather his remains, the dimension he had made for himself collapsed, and those remains were scattered across different dimensions." Makoto paused, rubbing at the back of his neck. "... When we tracked these remains down, a group was sent from the Torch training grounds to recover them, but they failed in their mission. As a result, those remains were lost to... an unknown threat."

"While we don't know who has these remains now, we can only imagine those that got to them first has nothing but bad intentions. Those remains are imbued with despair energy... something we've recently began to describe as malevolence. It's not just the Arch Demon's remains that hold malevolence, but anything or anyone that he touched through his Murder Games. It would seem that certain entities can create this energy when sentient beings experience strong negative emotions. The Arch Demon was one such entity, but unfortunately others out there exist."

Over the course of the presentation, some might have noticed one Kyoko Kirigiri, close associate of Makoto Naegi and re-instated administration member of the Coalition after a year-long absence, seemed a bit distracted. Anyone who had known her for a small while or even had one conversation with her knew that she was normally a focused, forward individual who gave everything her full attention, so those who would notice might find it odd that she seemed... out of it.

"... Strong levels of malevolence, umm... well, think of it as a corruption... recently, we've discovered there's an entire realm made up of malevolence called the Dark Place, where entities that we can't truly fathom exist. Thankfully, they can't move outside their realm without high levels of malevolence present within our worlds or without hosts they can use. If we're vigilant... these beings, who we call the Dark Presence, can't touch us."

Whatever Kyoko was thinking of at the moment, she seemed to be really into it, as after Makoto would finish speaking about the Dark Place, a small, albeit uncomfortable, pause would begin in the meeting room, before Kyoko would eventually snap back to the matter at hand. Clearing her throat, the young woman would stand up and begin to speak, elaborating on the Malevolence that Makoto and Kieran spoke of.

"Even so, we shouldn't be careless. At a crucial time like this, this is no time to be slacking off. We need to be wary at all times for any entities that might have escaped this Dark Place, or otherwise anything else that had been afflicted by Malevolence. This can range from certain people to certain objects, places, or even entire realms," she spoke.

Before long, a figure in the back would stand up, clearing her throat rather loudly, heard by everyone in the room. Like the others, her voice was amplified by the speakers. Exuding a strong aura of authority, the woman in formal red clothing inquired something.

"Question, miss speaker," Princess Carissa, one of two representatives of the M.E.U. to attend the meeting, would begin, "If individuals can so easily be afflicted with this... Malevolence you speak of, then would not everyone who participated in these Murder Games, or at the very least, if not those who stood in the presence of the Dark Presence, those who stood in the presence of the Arch Demon, be afflicted as well?"

As Carissa finished speaking, a certain young, bespectacled young man would shift in his seat uncomfortably, as though the question bothered him.


Kyoko furrowed her brow, taking in the question for a small moment, before responding in kind to her.

"... While any of those scenarios described are a possibility that can't be ruled out absolutely, you must consider that it was more the Arch Demon that spread the malevolence. If there's anyone with dormant despair energy residing inside them, it's bound to reside in survivors of any Murder Games that he had orchestrated, most notably the earliest one or ones, to put forward a hypothesis. However, Malevolence is a fragile force, and if put in an environment that is otherwise stable and free of despair, we can hypothesize that it would die off quickly without a catalyst to strengthen it," Kyoko explained, to which Carissa would simply nod in acknowledgement.

Clearing her throat, she would then proceed to speak again.

"In any case, we should move forward if that'll be all the questions concerning malevolence. The primary reason this meeting was held was so that we could discuss the current status of the multiverse, and see what we can do to maintain the balance throughout. Does anybody have something they'd like to report?"

It was then that Revolver Ocelot, another member of the Coalition, would stand up, arms folded behind his back formally.

"From my observations, we've managed to maintain a malevolence-free world within the Torch, and while the Ragnarok project is a work in progress, it's getting there," he answered, being the first one to give a response, "Other than that, I haven't experienced too much of the despair energy supposedly circulating around."

A yawn would rise from another Coalition member, nurse Akiko Yosano, who would briefly raise her hand and also speak up.

"Same, same," Akiko spoke, scratching the back of her head, "My sector has been clean as well. Nothing interesting to report on my end."

"Did I say I was done?" Ocelot would snap at Akiko, to which the woman would simply give a small laugh and an ominous grin in response.



Another man, one of Akiko's friends from the looks of it, would clear his throat, shooting an annoyed and impatient look at the nurse's way.

Doppo Kunikida was one of the many general managers and planners of the Coalition, spending his time and efforts writing notes down, keeping tabs and memos for others, and so on. He was punctual, and hated anything that risked resulting in him and his associates going overtime on something. Thus, most people found it difficult, if not predictably uncomfortable, to talk to, as he always seemed to be in a rush, even if there was practically nothing to be in a rush about from their points of view.

"If that'll be all, Yosano, Major Ocelot, let's give anyone else who wants to speak their limelight. Shall we?"

A moment of silence followed Doppo's question, long enough for one who did not entirely wish to speak up during all this to feel the need to ask the questions burning on her mind. The second M.E.U. representative, Morrigan, stood to her feet, all grace.

"'Tis all well and good, but this malevolence, are there not recorded instances of worlds scarred by this energy? Just recently, a... unique member of both our organizations discovered a being constructed of this malevolence. If I am to understand her origin correctly, a group that once served the Arch Demon is to blame?"

"Oh... yes, uh..." Makoto hadn't seen this question coming, but he supposed this was important information, after all. "We believe the Order is to blame. They still worship the Arch Demon... they see his despair energy as a holy power. Though they and the Umbrella organization were just working independently for the Arch Demon at first, they have since solidified an alliance." This information was all thanks to Lalonde, who was working for Umbrella as a double agent for now. That particular detail would definitely be left out of this meeting.

"I see... and so our enemies grow in turn. One more thing, this Ragnarok project, what exactly is that? 'Tis certainly not something my coven is privy to."

A man standing near the exit of the room, arms crossed as if he wanted little to do with the proceedings around him, gruffly spoke up.

"The Ragnarok project is largely a Brotherhood matter. It does not concern you, witch."

Morrigan turned to the man, smiling. "Truly a wonder why anyone questions our unwillingness to allow men into the group, isn't it, Carissa?"

"Hey, ah..." Kieran found himself laughing nervously, looking between Morrigan and on of the Brotherhood of Steel representatives, Paladin Danse. He wanted to quickly draw the conversation back to himself. "Ever since the days we fought against the Arch Demon, one of our strategic lines of defense was a planet called Ash. It was the site of a Murder Game that ended very badly... we didn't understand it at the time, but malevolence had tainted the land, conjuring entities from the Dark Place and birthing monsters. Our soldiers fought some heavy battles there, and while the planet has somewhat stabilized since the Arch Demon's death, the malevolence has risen recently. We're returning to the battlefield, carving out a better base of operations. This is Ragnarok."

"But... Ash isn't the only place like this. A known stronghold for the Order and Umbrella is Silent Earth, which was actually the site of another Murder Game... this planet is even worse off than Ash. It's one of our top priorities, but we don't yet have the ability to reliably infiltrate it or destroy it, unfortunately..."

There was an audible sigh from someone sitting close to Kyoko. He stood up, having been waiting for his moment to speak, but it seemed his opening had been lost in the proceeding conversation. Makoto shut up, looking embarrassed as he let Byakuya Togami have his moment to speak.

"If we're finally done talking about this malevolence... There are other groups that threaten us and the greater multiverse. We know for a fact that Revan and the remnants of G.O.R.E. still remain at large, calling themselves the Revanchists. He betrayed us and stole valuable technology, making his group one of interest. As of now, we know nothing about their future plans."

There was a pause as Byakuya prepared his next thing to say. "... We don't know much more about the Zin, an alien race that seems to be following in Elliot's footsteps. Only recently did we infiltrate a compound where a number of individuals were being stored, their minds trapped inside a virtual reality. We're not entirely sure why they were up to this, but from intelligence gathered, we do know the Zin's ultimate goal is multiversal domination."

"On top of these Revanchists and the empire of Zin," Ocelot added in, "I feel we need to be wary of this other group whose activities have been difficult to monitor, but are still a risk nonetheless. Supposedly, they're called the Blood Institute, and from what a reliable source has told me, they seem to be on the hunt for Rinato Dormi, otherwise known as Lapis Lazuli, who participated within the Arch Demon's Downfall and the recent Daughter Incident, for whatever reason, as well as a number of people who seem to be useful to them," he spoke, thinking back to the blue-haired girl who called herself Crona, and her talk of the Seven Deadly Sins. Quite a mess this could turn out to be.

"Tch. And I was hoping back then that it would've all ended with the death of the Arch Demon and Wesker. Feels like whenever we pop one bad guy, two more pop up in his place," Jill Valentine, another member of the Coalition and one of the few surviving members of the earliest recorded Murder Game, commented idly on the side as she sat in the room, crossing her arms.


Meanwhile, Ritsuko Akagi, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Universes, seemed to sneer at Jill's comment for whatever reason, though didn't say anything further than that.

"So..." A moment passed where Makoto waited for someone else to speak. When no one raised their voice, he continued. "That marks the end of the first portion of this meeting... Ah, we're going to go on break for an hour, where we'll then come back here and take what we've discussed and move on to our plans to combat these threats in the future." Makoto smiled widely, taking everyone in one last time.

"I hope such a discussion... truly gives hope to all of you."

As everyone would begin to leave, Kyoko would stand up and tap Makoto on the shoulder, a stern, yet also concerned look on her face.

"Hey... I need to talk to you. Let's take it... to the Command Center though."


It wasn't long before everyone had been moved into the sizable Lounge, left to mingle among themselves while they waited for the second part of the meeting to commence. That was not to say everyone wasn't allowed to tour the headquarters at their leisure.

If one was hurting to talk to someone other than the people they'd just been with in the meeting room, they could see a young woman, dressed similarly to a maid, cleaning up the place, complete with a white apron, though her hair was rather long, and one would think it'd get in the way.

At the current moment, she seemed fixated on her own devices at the moment, though she seemed available to talk to if you so desired.

"Ah, jeez... I'm really going to let that R2-D2 droid have it now. It's like having a miniature car in the base, he leaves so many tracks!"The maid mumbled to herself, furrowing her brow as she'd clean up the mess.

A small beeping would be heard in the midst of the lounge, coming from Ocelot's form, specifically a bracelet-watch on his right wrist. Looking at it, the soldier would furrow his brow as he looked at the small screen on the device, pressing his finger on it to silence it, before taking a sigh.

"Looks like some prisoners are causing a ruckus down at the Holding Cells. I'll take care of it," he said, before walking off. You were free to follow him and see just what was going on if you felt like. There were plenty of spooky stories passed around base concerning the holding cells, though few people ever dare to go there, though no one could ever remember the specifics, except for one matter where it was known that the Holding Cells currently housed two high-profile prisoners. Ever wanted to meet a celebrity bad guy behind bars?

Jill Valentine yawned and stretched before making her way to the exit of the lounge. "Hey, if anyone wishes to see me, I'll be enjoying some quiet in the Library." Without comment, Morrigan followed after. It was known there was a wealth of information on the Coalition and the multiverse was available to find. It was largely a digital library, and the few physical books around are generally brought on by the crew. Despite that, a quiet environment was encouraged.

"Hm. I should see what Kirigiri and Naegi are up to in the Command Center..." Byakuya left quickly after speaking this, heading to the the heart and soul of the headquarters where one would likely find its leaders.

Continued here.

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Cast List
@Gummi Bunnies as Add and Elesis(Elsword)
@DBZ7 as Anna (Fire Emblem)
@Nater Taters as Artyom Chyornyj (Metro)
@Jeremi as Bekka and Red Tornado (DC Comics)
@Wren as Bradley Martin Holland (OC)
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as Deoxys (Pokemon)
@Archwar as Doomguy (Doom)
@Crimson Spartan as Erron Black (Mortal Kombat)
@Ringmaster as Lucifer Anghelscu and Saber Alter (Murder Series / Type-Moon)
@Crow as Maki Kido and Madoka Karasuma(Idolmaster OC)
@Atomyk as Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa)
@Chewy Rabbits as Nemo and Astaroth(Murder Series)
@Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Princess Ilona of Arendelle (Murder Series) and Train Heatnet (Black Cat)
@Raven as Piper Wright (Fallout)
@Cirilla as Mercy (Overwatch)
@darnerdemons as Miko Wanijima (Air Gear OC)
@Krieg as Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
@C.T. as Qrow Branwen (RWBY)
@BarrenThin as Reinhardt Wilhelm and Genji Shimada (Overwatch)
@Minerva as Robin Aquilus and Corrin (Fire Emblem)
@york as Ruby Rose and Zwei (RWBY)
@Kaykay as Sakuya Izayoi and Remilia Scarlet (Touhou Project)
@LuckycoolHawk9 as Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
@Yun Lee as Shi-Long Lang (Ace Attorney)
@pubbbb as Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)
@Verite as Shiki Tohno and Len (Type-Moon)
@The Tactician as Shizuo Heiwajima(Durarara!!)
@Takumi as Toboe (Wolf's Rain)
@Yang Lee as Uncle Iroh (Avatar)
@Hospes as Weiss Schnee and Winter Schnee (RWBY)
@Gula Gula as WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains(WordGirl)
@Josh M as Wynne (Dragon Age)
@Sen as Zen (Mystic Messenger)
@Bomb as Zidane Tribal and Bibi Ornitier(Final Fantasy IX)​