Spectral Clan of Shadows Summons


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Phantom called his Quickest most agile Saber to his side and gave a message to be delivered to all surrounding Saber clans.

“The Wolves Broke Treaty 7 years before and now the Clan of Shadows demands recompense. If you are a saber clan whom defends the treaty come assist us with the war we are about to embark upon. No clan will be turned away if they wish to fight the Wolves.”

The saber who held the message ran off to deliver the message to the other clans with a nod.
Phantom looked around his territory the scent of Wolves he felt made it stink. His fangs slid along his jaw as he let out a scuffle. He turned his attention back to trying to keep his Clan out of the way of the wolves but also keeping an eye on them while they were in his lands.