Cobra's Cadre


Outhouse Poet
Name: Ezekiel Spetyll

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'9" and 110lbs, Ezekiel receives the "Someone get this kid a sandwich" comment on a fairly regular basis. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and remarkably pale skin. He is fairly unkempt, with his short hair uneven and obviously self cut in an uneven and shaggy mop. He has a decent amount of stubble, as well, with a marginally better shave than haircut. His wardrobe consists of various old, stained shirts and pants. Clothes, for him, are just there to get the job done. He has a couple of scars around his body, some fairly bad, results of stunts gone wrong. His hands are most noticeable, covered in dozens of small scars.

Personality: Intensely curious and socially inept perhaps describe Ezekiel the best. Most all of his actions and personality are twisted in a strange dichotomy, representing two extremes at an odd duality. He often does things on a whim, simply because he can, but thinks them through to an incredible level. He is remarkably unconcerned with consequences, yet is keenly aware of them at the same time.

Socially, Ezekiel is a toad. The degree varies, but he rotates from a blunt chatterbox to a practical mute, missing nearly every social queue along the way. As things get more serious, he slowly drops into the latter. Whether the issue is danger, or he is simply concentrating on his current task, he can get to the point where a few words are the most one can hope to receive. When in such a state, he tends to pursue the task at hand single mindedly, pushing every distraction to the side in pursuit of his goal, often forgetting to eat or sleep.

Ezekiel tends to gravitate towards similarly extreme personalities, finding himself a counterbalance to whoever he is with. Within his odd circle of friends, he is quite reliable, even in his spontaneousness. He often goes to extremes for the few he does call his friends, helping them out of sticky situations, despite personal cost. Recreationally, he enjoys games of chance and strategy, and particularly ones that combine the two. Everything from card games to Risk fits the bill. He generally enjoys wagering on them, as well, but is often very cautious about it, even if he doesn't outwardly show it.

Path: Path of the Compass

Weapon: The Finding Bauble

A perfectly spherical, heavy weight of polished glass, motes of colored dust are trapped within the orb, giving the appearance of a nebulae locked within. The Finding Bauble possesses the ability to reveal secrets of location. With a thought, a map can be created within it, displaying whatever the owner wishes, with the map centered on the location of the Bauble. The map can be of something as small as a building or as large as a continent. It can also act as a compass, pointing towards something the user consciously desires. More powerful magic, and some technology, can hide things from the Bauble, however. It's remarkably sturdy, so Ezekiel often throws it at people in dire situations, then manifests it again in his palm. It's small size makes such a task easy and quick.

Realm: Ayla

Biography: Ezekiel lived a normal life, for many years. He was born to two loving parents, both of whom he saw infrequently due to their long work hours. He proceeded through school, coasting along for many years. A few years before his graduation, he dropped out of high school. His parents, understandably, were furious, but he didn't care. He was bored, and wanted to learn more of the world than what they taught in a book. With a fake ID and an old motorcycle he had managed to fix up, He drove around the States, searching for odd jobs. What tasks he didn't know, he quickly learned, and soon enough was a jack of all trades. He spent several months settled in Nevada, working as a machinist while he taught himself chemistry. One night, as he fell asleep debating whether to move on to another town, he was whisked away by the Three.


  • Brains: 4 - He can learn things incredibly well, and has a good memory, but things like names, dates, and numbers escape him.
  • Brawn: 2 - He can run decently well, has a steady hand, and fair coordination, but can be overpowered by just about anyone.
  • Guts: 7 - Let the chips fall where they may.
  • Heart: 0 - Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Tricks: 7 - Your regular old Macgyver