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Adorable Homewrecker
Cole Brighthammer is the twenty-year-old adopted son of Baern and Eldeth Brighthammer, a dwarven couple who dwell in Greennest. He was left with them by his birth mother Sarah, an old friend of Eldeth, before she disappeared on an unknown errand.

As fate would have it, it transpired that Baern and Eldeth were unable to have children of their own - and so with Sarah seeming unlikely to ever reappear again, the two decided to treat Cole in earnest as if he were their own. Though he, of course, knows they aren't his birth parents - and they've been honest with him about his mother - Cole still sees the dwarves as his true family. A startlingly bright boy, Cole seemed to have inherited his mother's aptitude for invention and a knack for both his adoptive parents' teachings, apprenticing under both of them as he helped around their forge once he was old enough to lift a hammer.

Cole has always had the head of a dreamer, though, and as much as he loves his adoptive parents he's long been curious about his absent birth parents. What is it his mother was doing that she couldn't bring him along for? Why did she never come back? Who is his father?

These are all questions he's passively wondered about for years, entertaining idle ideas of one day setting off on a quest to find out.

Cole's adoptive parents moved to Greennest a little shy of a decade ago - seeking a quieter life than the city. Since arriving in town, Cole has found himself somewhat lacking for things to do. The quiet country town is a far sight from the city in terms of distractions, and the wider world beckons all the more as a result. He's also developed a keen admiration for one of the local guard captains, and has insisted on using his spare time to train under his tutelage. After all, if he's to set off on any quests he needs to know how to defend himself!

To the same end, he's been working steadily on developing armor and armament for himself with his artifice, aiming to compensate for a lack of experience with superior firepower!

And he's glad for it. Now that his town has suddenly been beset by dragons and their servants, Cole has found himself separated from his parents, and worried for their wellbeing. But he has his gear and his fighting spirit, and isn't about to take the invasion of his home lying down! That is, if he can just get this stupid gauntlet to stop malfunctioning...