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Coming up with names

Discussion in 'Main Lobby' started by Titan_Egg, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. kingboo

    kingboo roblox and minecraft double major

    usually i go on behindthename and search for a name that fits in the roleplay/story's setting and choose one that fits the character's personality. sometimes i'm too lazy for that and i just go "hey this dude kinda seems like a carlos his name is carlos now"
  2. Midsummer Angel

    Midsummer Angel Rainbow Trashbag

    I pick names via word concepts, like Zephyr would become Sypher, Siege would become Seij and Cruz would become Kreuzz. Then, there's also name generators, which I bastardize after. For example, Benedict would become Venery (IDK... It works for me) and there's also names in other languages for foreshadowing, like Tala (Stars). Then there are times when I'm feeling very creative (Sarcasm intended) Where I name them via attributes such as someone with silver eyes (Sylver) or someone who's ranked captain (Captain. That's her name. Really. I'm not joking) or someone with brown hair (Azalea. Then again, I'm sure azalea is color brown, but I'm not sure... Oh well)
  3. Axis

    Axis New Member

    These are all great ideas, I'll have to keep them in mind. I always struggle coming up with names, it takes me forever. I eventually pick something and just go with it, until eventually it feels right.
  4. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

    Example: Peter Simpson
  5. MonMon

    MonMon MouMou(THW)

    ACTUALLY guys its really easy coming with names go here---->https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com its a website where u can put pieces of pieces together to form a new names via ur creativity.

    Mirth Smith
    Krystal Holt
    Leota Bradly
    Britt Cromwell
    Hollie Thorp
    Veronique Luxford
    Klothild Blackwood
    Amira Earle
    Capucina Melling
    Adelaide Clare
    Sokka likes this.
  6. Ash Raymore

    Ash Raymore New Member

    I usually make up names sometimes they pop in my head or I use syllables that i make up or i take suggestions i do my best thats what counts
  7. Rubbler

    Rubbler New Member

    This is basically my favorite part in the entire world. Usually, I go on websites that have baby names or something, but recently I've found these resources pretty helpful:

    Namielle: I really like the design, but itsia great site overall. (https://www.nameille.com)

    ThoughtCatalog: If you're not interested in romance, relationships, zodiacs, and creepypasta, don't go to the homepage, lol. (https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2018/06/elf-names/) + (https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2018/06/badass-girl-names/)

    Also, a cool trick I found somewhere was that instead of inserting vowels in random places, like instead of Selena its Sylinae you can smash names together. Like:

    Dora + Catherine = Doratherine
    Malcolm + Edward = Malward
    Iris + Diana = Dianiris (die-ya-nye-riss)
    Patrick + Richard = Patchard
    Olivia + Ella = Olivilla
    Raphael + Florence = Florephael (flo-ref-fell)
    Caitlyn + Vanessa = Canessalyn
    Justin + Bieber = Woman

    I hope this helps
  8. EowynWryter

    EowynWryter New Member

    I personally like names that mean something that is pivotal to a person's personality, or something that is historical significant towards a person's personality.

    So, if I were to have a character that is a thousand year old warlock, I would probably name him Emrys - which was perhaps Merlin's surname.
    Rubbler likes this.
  9. Rubbler

    Rubbler New Member

    Same, that's what I go for too. That's why I don't often make up random names, but try to find out what they mean and try to make them go with the character.

    Or sometimes I try to make their names ironic, like if they're the fire queen of the hottest area in the world i make their name related to ice and coldness, lol. But maybe that can have a purpose, idk
  10. LadyLynx

    LadyLynx New Member

    If I may jump in--
    Usually when I'm choosing a name for a character, I consider their back story from their parent's perspective. Did they want a strong son? They probably gave him a sturdy name. Did they come from a natural culture that was perhaps predisposed for taking their names from their surroundings? Pick a flower or tree.

    The character's design can also help, if you've thought that far. There's nothing wrong with using on-the-nose descriptors as names. And if all else fails, a little bit of irony never hurt. Take something that they loathe, or a trait they don't have, and name them after that. It's a built in way to inject humor that works very well for characters with that sort of dry "ha-ha. -.-" disposition.

    Las tip from me: Don't underestimate the power of languages. What sounds super lame in English might (most likely) sound better in another language. Check out a baby name registrar, put in a keyword that you like, and see what you find.

    Happy naming!
    Rubbler likes this.
  11. Kajidragon

    Kajidragon New Member

    I’ve always tended to research a bunch on names, I think names are very symbolic in a story! I tend to look for meanings behind names, god and goddesses names, names from different countries, I usually try to relate their name to the characters I’m building.
  12. DDarko

    DDarko New Member

    When it comes to character names I really think of the personality I’m going to give my character. Where they are from? The type of job theh have? What’s their personality and what not. I also favor Irish name quite a bit. But, honestly you could type into google and put boy/girl names and search till you find something you like :)
  13. spice-y

    spice-y gay cryptid

    whenever i name my ocs, i either choose random names i like or if i really want to push myself, i search for names with a specific meaning that can help define my characters better. searching for names is actually pretty fun because any name i dont use but still like can be used for a different oc i might create in the future, which is neato.
  14. Lore Weaver

    Lore Weaver Member


    I run into this a lot as well. First thing I do is start with the genre and the setting

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