Continue the story...


.°•. When rain shall fall & wings shall fly .•°.
Using one sentence, continue the story from the person before you...
I stood silently under the streetlamp, adjusting the straps of my backpack.
I stared at the floor, becoming lost in thought as I counted how many cracks were on the sidewalk until I was interrupted by a faint buzz from my phone.
As I looked up, large headlights came into view, followed by the lengthy structure of the bus.
With a resigned sigh, I tucked my phone back into my pocket, reaching instead for my bus pass, taking a breath to bolster my spirits.
As the bus came to a grinding halt, my hand fell into a pocket containing nothing barring some loose lint, the bus pass noticeably absent.
Then, I reached into my left boot, where I kept many items of importance, before giving off a relieving chuckle.
The blood had bled through the bandages on my ankle, I shudder at being reminded of how close I was to being drug beneath the ground to never be found again.
I could hear the grumpy bus driver tell me to hurry up, but there were no other passengers this early besides me, that is.
Thinking about it is irrational anyway, I tried to remind myself, fingering the cold railing as I made my way onto the bus, but the numb pain in each of my movements assured me that what I had almost become a part of was far from a lucid dream.
I tried to take my mind off of what had happened earlier that night by putting in my earphones and turning on music.
But all I heard were distant cries, flashing me back to that cursed house; her cold, clammy hands reeling me back by my ankles.
trying to block out the screams, I clutched at my knees, digging my nails into them, before I curled up in a ball and started to scream.
A vision appeared, a glimpse of her angelic face brought me back to my senses, my screams hushed as I pulled myself up.