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Cream's Monthly Artistic Competition February 2017

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Crim, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Crim

    Crim The blobfish


    So welcome to Cream's monthly artistic competition! I have finally had the time to set this up and so here we go! Any questions, ask here. And submissions can also go here too. I will collate them into the thread to vote for the winner when it's time! :)

    How does it work?

    Each month, I will post 3 topics for the month in which you can chose 1, 2 or all three (see the topics section below to understand.
    I will give a two week deadline for entries to be sent in on this thread.
    Once all entries are in I will set up a poll for the community to vote for the winner of that month.

    Who can enter?

    Artists - Digital or Traditional.
    Any other artistic talent that I might miss.


    You can submit as many pieces as you want.
    Anything submitted after the deadline won't be accepted.
    The submitted piece needs to have at least one of the three topics incorporated.
    The topics can be incorporated in any way shape or form - as words, pictures, sounds... be as creative as you want.
    Keep it within site rules

    February's Topics!

    As it's the month of love, lust, etc... Valentine's Day! So, this is the theme.

    - Using the colours Red/Pink (doesn't have to only be those colours)
    - Incorporating Roses, chocolates and/or hearts
    - A romantic setting


    26th February - 5pm EST / 10pm GMT

    Last edited: Feb 12, 2017
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  2. Iamtheecchiking

    Iamtheecchiking Conquering New Realms 1 pair of Oppai at a time

    I'll submit some of my Photography.


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  3. CelticCat

    CelticCat Designated Feline Cuddler Staff Member Warden

    I'm not much for competitions, but I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring.

    This is a piece called "She Left Red Marks" and it's a tribute to my late aunt. She was known for wearing vibrant pink or red lipsticks and as kids, we were wearing them like badges of affection on our cheeks. This is a nigh-obsessive remaking of that affectionate gesture as I remember her by her profile.


    I used mulberry paper that was 19" by 23", my rough estimation of the size she would be from the angle the original picture was taken from. I just used some generic bright pink and red lipsticks, with my mom's help in picking the colors that my aunt would've.


    I looked like a crazy person as I was making this because I was applying lipstick, kissing the paper, then wiping if off, over and over again. Especially for the parts that were partially red and partially pink. My lips were real raw after it all, but I'm also pretty happy with how it turned out.

    So, that's my contribution! Thanks for taking the time look it over! :3
  4. kribblefish

    kribblefish wiggles too much

    This is a picture I title valentine's day flowers bring many showers. It's a comedic picture sort of. I hope you can tell what goes on inside of it.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Birdee10

    Birdee10 Phoenix of Wicked Cunning

    This piece is titled, 'Lightning's beauty.'
    For reference, this is the poem on the inside, written by a friend of mine.


    The Raw beauty of lightning
    Short and dazzling do not close your eyes
    for this moment will not repeat.
    It's beauty is pure, it holds no lies.
    It's beauty is kind, it shows no teeth.
    It's beauty is unmatched.
    However unlike this unchained creature of light.
    I do not possess the might
    to tell no lies,
    for one thing can compare, your smile so bright.
    So please show me.
    I will not close my eyes.

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  6. Deido256

    Deido256 King of the deidonien Kingdom

    I will just enter a small picture I took today, sad story though... a man made those for children to make them happy and got fired for that since it took really long for them and the people behind had to wait a lot. This was the last pancake he made here :(

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  7. Little Miss Red

    Little Miss Red New Member

  8. Crim

    Crim The blobfish

    Contest is now closed! Thanks for all the entries. I will be setting up the voting either tonight or tomorrow! Good luck!
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