Culprit City: 'Heroes' vs. 'Criminals' - A Futuristic Reality Show


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Hi, I am thinking about rebooting an old RP of mine from years ago, if anyone's interested, let me know. If there's enough interest, character sheets will be available and posted in the OOC. Let me know if you're up for it, or if you have any questions. It's a reasonable read but below is all the information you'll ever need, haha.

This is intended to be a fun, episodic role-play suitable for all levels of experience with suggested framework for each episode.


The elements battle each other. Earth is descending into ruin. Poverty and crime flourish as civilisation is brought to its knees. Station 7 has built a new way to deal with the U.S's overflowing prisons – Culprit City: Season 1.

The sea claims the land as temperatures rise. Extreme weather events grow more violent and frequent: huge electrical storms cause power cuts for hundreds of miles, epic tornadoes rip entire cities down to the roots, droughts and heatwaves have been known to cripple populations by killing millions and wildfires rage for months, decimating all in their path. This, and the health threats that are presented by increased air pollution, flooding, and heightened risk of insect-borne disease mean that Earth’s human population tend to spend as much time indoors as possible. They burrow down and watch in horror as the climate descends into a practically uninhabitable state. Governments are corrupt and crippled by the damages, many falling to extremism. Some of the most developed countries have established specially designed cities (SafeSites) in which people can work and live indoors for their whole lives, protected from the outside. However, many simply can’t afford this luxury and are left to struggle, trying to make a living in a crumbling world where Mother Nature feeds unforgivingly whilst they starve. Poverty and crime flourish. The law becomes stricter in order to deal with desperados; so much so that food theft or fist fights over finances can result in life sentences. And so prisons become terribly overcrowded and difficult to control, especially when the weather itself is on the criminal side.

Entertainment plays a large part in people’s lives. Those with money, who live in SafeSites, spend an extortionate amount of time watching television. But these shows aren’t the dumb realities, shoddy horrors and outlandish dramas of the past. It takes much more to enthral a population who have witnessed dreadful hardship. These shows are gritty, upsetting and often insanely violent. And sometimes real…

Five years ago, spurred by an extreme weather event which ended in the destruction of one of the largest prisons on the East Coast, U.S, artist and writer Jia Jiu published a graphic novel: Culprit City. The criminals had escaped from their prison and wreaked havoc on the nearest city despite the storm which was battering the area. Whilst some had fled, a great number had acted out of a desire for vengeance. 243 innocent civilians were killed due to the direct actions of the escaped, delirious criminals or from exposure to the storm.

Jia Jiu’s Culprit City depicted a city which was inhabited by criminals. Each criminal character was presented as the evilest of creatures. Culprit City was the worst place imaginable, although it was open to the elements, these wicked people still survived. The arrival of The Heroes soon amended that. The Heroes were chosen by the heavens in order to destroy the city and those sinful inhabitants. They worked together, though not without their differences, and in the end, when all of the criminals were dead, The Heroes were the symbol of friendship, of collaboration, and of the law.

Station 7, the U.S’s main producers of reality television shows were inspired by Jia Jiu’s creativeness, and over 5 years worked on bringing the graphic novel to life in the form of a reality game show, with the incentive of one million dollars as the winning prize.

It took 4 years to construct the mismatched city which is to be the set in the inconvenient environment. It’s perfectly square, and much too big to hold the 1,100 ‘players’ which are to reside there for the duration of the series. Some buildings are hollow, whilst others are styled like ordinary high-street businesses such as department stores, car garages, salons, takeouts, banks, with the expected items inside. The materials used are mostly scavenged, and are intended to not stand well against the weather for added drama. There is one SafeSite building; the only structure which offers definite safety from the climate.

1,000 criminals who are convicted with a life sentence are selected from the nearby area after being checked for suitability. 100 volunteers, who will have submitted applications, will be chosen after interviews. They will be dispersed across the city, allowed to move when the klaxon blares .The show is over when all of the Criminals are dead. If there is only one Hero left standing, then they are crowned victor, if there is more than one, then the Hero with the highest number of kills is the winner. Heroes are not permitted to kill another Hero, nor manipulate any Criminals into doing so. A winner cannot be crowned unless all of the Criminals are dead, and so, if at any one time, the number of Heroes is running low, the producers add more to the pool from their volunteers. The players are monitored by an advanced CCTV and recording system which is wired into the city.

The Heroes are at an advantage, many will have special skills and experiences which gave them an edge over other volunteers. Though, this isn’t the case with all of them as the producers were keen to have a variety of personalities and backgrounds in order to make the show a more interesting watch. The Heroes have access to a large armoury which is located underneath Culprit City. Whilst The Criminals do not have this, they are also skilled, so to say. The only way a Criminal can get their hands on the provided weapons in the armoury is to win them off a Hero, but most will be able to find something within the city to defend themselves with.

In the Criminal pool there are most likely to be brutal killers, sly manipulators and dangerous psychopaths. Yet each individual will have their own story, in a world such as this, where families can be left homeless, starve or become sick easily because of the climate, the lines between right and wrong can often be blurred. And with a government both unwilling and unable to help, with a law so twisted that even the best of intentions cannot escape… who is labelled a ‘Criminal’? And what kind of person would allow themselves to be portrayed as a ‘Hero’, whilst taking part in a sick, murderous game for the entertainment of a ruined species?
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