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Cyphon Miracles [Cygames Crossover Roleplay]

Hahli Nuva

"My resolve will never falter!"

"Just one moment of peace..."

Name: Sophitia Alexandra

Age: 26

Gender: Female

  • Baking
  • Maternal Instincts
  • Combat experience


History: https://soulcalibur.fandom.com/wiki/Sophitia/New_Timeline

Sophitia is one of my favorite characters in video game history as well as fighting gaming in general. Her tragic story of raising a family only to get dragged into the bloody conflict between the Soul Swords is honestly very intruiging and for some reason resonates with me on a personal level.

Aside from being an awesome mother and wife, she also managed to destroy Soul Edge after being sent on a holy mission by the gods. She is given the power to purify evil and suceeds not once but twice, until for a third time when her child is kidnapped by Tira and she has to fight for Nightmare to ensure her safety.

Sophitia eventually rescues her daughter but sacrafices to keep Pyrrha alive, which was comeplete bullshit and pissed fans off so much they knew damn well they had to not only retcon that very bad idea but make sure Sophitia was in the first trailer for the reboot. Suprise suprise, it worked and Soul Calibur 6 didn't suck.

Also screw Rothion. Nobody has EVER liked him and still they insist on having Sophitia marry him when they know full well she has to be with SIEGFRIED.

Personality: As in the original timeline, Sophitia is a kind, altruistic, and steadfast young woman with strong faith to the gods. She does not hesitate or argue about being given another task by Hephaestus. She is also shown to be wise and observant to the plights of others, such as Kilik, Yoshimitsu and Siegfried and offers them words of guidance. She is also stubborn in her desire to save others such as Yoshimitsu and Siegfried, despite their objection to her help.

Other Information:
  • Her son was so horrible they had to retcon his apperance and reboot the entire series.
  • Also she's a guest.


South of the Border, West of the Sun

Name: Fjorm

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Abilities: Carries Leiptr, the lance of ice, allows her to counterattack regardless of range, can communicate through dreams like her siblings (though she doesn’t remember them), ranged attacks hit her with significantly less impact due to her vestments.

Canon: Fire Emblem (eligibility through Dragalia Lost crossover)

History: History Fjorm is a princess of Nifl. When her nation was attacked by Muspell, Fjorm joined the Order of Heroes in order to fend them off. After fending off the invasion with the help of the Order and her siblings, she became a permanent member. Due to her sacrifice during the war, she is slowly dying.

Personality: Fjorm is a girl who can be described as gentle. She is very sweet and polite to everyone. However, she can agonize over small things. She also holds high regards for her nations traditions, and can be very stubborn about them. Becomes devoted to people who do her a large favor, esp. pulling her from snow.
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