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Side Story Cyphon Miracles

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Crow, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Note: Signups here.


    Our worlds have merged as one...
    ... worlds with different laws, realities and existences...
    ... worlds never meant to meet...

    ... to save our worlds...
    ... we need to work as one...

    ... and find the twenty-two pieces of the one who governs this cluster.


    A grand vessel soars the blue skies. The ones possessing it can see all that was down.​

    "It's nice to know that we'll be back home soon..."

    "Yeah, I don't remember the last time we went home!"

    "The place where we first crossed paths..."

    "I'll make sure to chow down on as many homegrown apples as I can when we reach there!'

    The morning sun beats in your face like a torturous crowbar. Its very impact forces your eyes open as the environment flashes before you. Before your very eyes, you gaze upon what the land has to offer.


    Mountains adorned all far corners of this land, as far as the naked eye could see. Forests were aplenty, or at least, sufficient, and you found yourself resting on a patch of soft, green grass.

    However, you were not the only one there.

    Surrounding you were others, lazing on the green grass. Perhaps they love it as much as you do, but what do I know?

    It seems that everyone here, bonding with the equivalent of a green loamy blanket, was on the same boat, or soil if you would prefer.

    Welcome, ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, to the dawn of a new tale.

    Cyphon Miracles

    Cast List

    Amira (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis) - @Takumi
    Ladiva (Granblue Fantasy) - @Jeremi
    Luna & Nicola Adel (Shadowverse) - @Kaykay
    Lyria & Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy) - @York
    Nicholas (Granblue Fantasy) - @Gummi Bunnies
    Nikaido Saki (Zombieland Saga) - @Archmage Jeremiah

    GUEST - Ian Archer (Tower Prep) - @Lucky
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  2. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"


    "Ugh.... What happened... Where the hell am I.."


    Locke's eyes opened, and he found himself facing a blue sky, bluer than anything he had seen before. His HUD came back onlike, showing th edamaged systems and remaining fuel he had left. The Spartan slowly picked himself up, his bones cracking and popping as his shields kicked in.

    It seemed he wasn't alone. Locke equipped his Battle Rifle, making sure his clip was full. "Alright, everyone. Nap's over. Get up."

    @Takumi @Archmage Jeremiah @York @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Gummi Bunnies @Lucky @Kaykay
  3. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Amira Prologue: Road to Helheim-Interrupted

    Amira's body hurt, beginning to recover from being poisoned while in the clutches of Azazel. Luckily, after being captured by the Knights of Orleans fid she get the chance to really rest, but...

    Clutching the red pendant she wore, the half angel closed her eyes. Her brows furrowed as an image came to her mind. A memory from when she was an infant, in her mother's arms. She needed to see her mother and get to Helheim! If she could leave this room then she could do so without that lying Favaro! But, the door was sealed with magic, so-


    There was a brief flash, and Amira opened her eyes. She was...on the ground? Outside? No, wait...

    "Huh?" She say up and glanced around in pure confusion.

    "It was night a second ago?" Blinking, Amira then heard someone speak.

    Amira stood and, curiously took a closer look at the armored man.


    "..." She stared at the Spartan contemplatively for a second.

    "You don't look tasty...hmm, do you know where we are?" She muttered, unsure if she was in Helheim or not.

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Jeremi @York @Yun Lee @Archmage Jeremiah @Gummi Bunnies @Lucky @Kaykay
  4. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Oh ow ow ow, what had happened? Ladiva groaned to herself getting up to her feet. One minute she'd been on the ship and... "Oh what a delightful view!" There was certainly fouler places to wake up that's for sure at least. One, two, three...nine others other than herself were sprawled out, how peculiar.

    "You can't say it like that!"
    Ladiva replied in a singsong tune. "You have to say it with some love in your words!" She turned towards the people still laying on the ground and exclaimed. "Everyone~! There's a beautiful day awaiting you! It's time to wake up and face it with all you have!"

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Jeremi @York @Yun Lee @Archmage Jeremiah @Gummi Bunnies @Lucky @Kaykay
    Takumi likes this.
  5. Archmage Jeremiah

    Archmage Jeremiah You can't outrun your own reflection

    Saki loudly snored, her arms and legs wildly sprawled out across the plain. Laid peacefully asleep in the cool shade, she appeared to be having quite the peaceful dirt nap. But as the sun peeked back out from behind the passing clouds and the sun struck her eyes shut tight, Saki's eyebrows dug into the bridge of her nose and she groaned. Rolling over in a lazy bid to avoid the piercing light, she again groaned as it proved inescapable. Raising her hand as a shield against it, Saki peeked her eyes open to meet the morning sky through her fingers.

    Steadily coming to her senses, the biker's normally sluggish morning routine was spurred on by mounting confusion. Narrowing her eyes at the colour in her palms, Saki forced herself upright and scanned the horizon. Rubbing the lingering drowsiness out of her eyes, Saki twisted her head all around.
    "What the-...am I...?" she muttered under her breath, but quickly shook her head and slapped herself across the cheek.


    "Gyah!" Saki grunted in pain as she instead smacked the back of her head and got her hand caught in her hair. With a laugh at her own expense, Saki clutched her head between her hands and twisted it back into place, "No way a girl like me'd go down in her sleep," she commented, jumping to her feet, "but that doesn't explain where I am...or how my makeup's still on," Saki huffed, still perplexed by the colour present in her skin. But with a shrug, she moved on.

    "Sakuraaaaaa!" she hollered, beginning to walk the plains, "Shaaaaaades!" she again hollered, beginning to sound more lost, "...Anybody?" Saki spun around as others began to wake up all around, in the same sticky situation as her.

    Saki stopped dead in her tracks, and shot Ladiva a nasty scowl over her shoulder.


    @Crow @Jeremi

    @Hahli Nuva @Gummi Bunnies @Kaykay @Lucky @York @Yun Lee
  6. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    For a moment, Nicholas thought he was waking up from a really uncomfortable bed. That was what he thought until he felt that he was still equipped with the Gigantes Suit, immediately prompting for him to bolt right up from where he was lying on the ground.

    ❝ Whoa... did I doze off on the job? ❞ The engineer asked himself out of confusion, having the helmet's mask fold back so that his face would be uncovered. He honestly needed some fresh air after somehow falling unconscious in this suit.

    ❝ Geez... I definitely should get a communication system set up on here... not sure if a flare would be good enough for the research lab to see... ❞ He sighed again. He was at a loss on what to do, just where in the world did he black out at? There's a whole colorful bunch of people here too, so it couldn't be just him. Wait a minute...

    ❝ Lyria? Wait... Lyria?! Okay, that wasn't right. There was something really off about this! Without taking to account there were several others, Nicholas rushed over to her side, ❝ Hey Lyria, you okay? W... where's the rest of your crew? ❞

    @Crow @York @Jeremi @Hahli Nuva @Archmage Jeremiah @Kaykay @Lucky @Yun Lee
  7. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Ian Archer

    Ian blinked twice and looked around where he was. He didn't recognize this place. It wasn't Tower Prep or any place he had been before which was strange. He could understand waking up at Tower Prep after escaping or in a hotel. He looked to see if there was anyone he recogonized, but there didn't seem to be anyone. Well, wasn't this confusing? " Does anyone know where we are?" He asked.

    @Hahli Nuva @Takumi @Archmage Jeremiah @York @Gummi Bunnies @Jeremi @Kaykay @Crow
    @Yun Lee
  8. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    As the various individuals from the hibernating group rose from their respective slumbers, they would hear three distinct yet simultaneous great exclamations that broke their relative silence.


    These very exclamations all came from the same spot in the deep forested zones closeby.

    Now, it is up to you to pursue it to see what was up or to stay behind to stay away from the buzz.

    @Hahli Nuva @Takumi @Archmage Jeremiah @York @Gummi Bunnies @Jeremi @Lucky @Kaykay @Crow
  9. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Oh my my! You shouldn't frown like that!"
    Ladiva exclaimed with a friendly smile on her face. "Meeting the day with a smile will steady your course for the day in front of you!"

    Wait that voice... "Nicholas?! Lyria?!"
    How peculiar! Others of the crew, Ladiva felt ashamed not noticing them as she ran up to them. "Are you all right? None of you are hurt are you? Here let me look you over." Like a mother hen looking after her chicks, Ladiva proceeded to give Lyria a full inspection to see that she wasn't hurt. Before she got a response however something else caught her attention.

    "Screams? Nicholas, look after Lyria, I'll go and investigate. It sounds like more people are in trouble!"
    With that Ladiva blasted off with surprising speed towards where the sounds were coming from. "Don't worry, I will rescue you!"

    @Hahli Nuva @Takumi @Archmage Jeremiah @York @Gummi Bunnies @Jeremi @Lucky @Kaykay @Crow
  10. Archmage Jeremiah

    Archmage Jeremiah You can't outrun your own reflection

    Saki grunted and turned to face Ladiva head-on, spitting at the ground between them as she approached.


    "Yeah? You wanna-" Saki stuttered at the sound of screams, and snapped around. She blinked, and Ladiva had already bolted off in the direction they came from. "Hey, where do you think you're goin'?!" Saki hollered after her as she gave chase.

    @Jeremi @Crow
  11. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    Locke was scanning the rest of the team before they were stopped midscan. Hs HUD flashed red and dots peppered his minimap. Someone was out there, and they weren't alone. What was worse, they seemed to be in trouble.

    'I'll deal with the rest of you later. Right now they need our help!"

    The Spartan triangulated the source of the yelling and loaded his Battle Rifle, sights clocked as he began to sprint down the path.

    @Takumi @Archmage Jeremiah @York @Gummi Bunnies @Jeremi @Lucky @Kaykay @Crow @Archmage Jeremiah
  12. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Amira wondered briefly if one of those voices belonged to her mother. Without a second thought she ran off towards those in distress.

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Archmage Jeremiah @York @Gummi Bunnies @Jeremi @Lucky @Kaykay
  13. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    ❝ Oh, hey Ladiva! This is really... some type of rut we got ourselves into, huh? ❞ The engineer perked up once he heard another familiar voice. So it looked like a few people he remembered from that crew are somehow dragged into this... whatever this whole situation added up to. Before he could reassure her that he was fine, he found himself about to jump into action from the sounds of people crying out for help. It didn't matter to him if people were already moving towards the commotion, the more the better! However... Ladiva did have a point... he couldn't leave Lyria here when she wasn't fully up to speed yet. So Nicholas stayed where he was, knowing that possible trouble could just come around and get to Lyria if she was left alone. He sorta knew the bare bones gist of Lyria's abilities, and it attracted all sorts of bad attention. Better to keep an eye out for her just in case...

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Archmage Jeremiah @York @Takumi @Jeremi @Lucky @Kaykay
  14. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Those who ventured into the woods would encounter what appeared to be the source of the screams.

    "Wha- what are those mushroom things? And how come our powers aren't working? What's happening?"
    "Shouko! We have to run!"
    "No way! If the shrooms want to fight, then they better agree to BURN IN HELL! HYAAAAHYAAAHYAAAAA!!!"

    Shrooms? Mushrooms? Just what are they-


    As they released their spores from underneath their mushroom caps, the shortest and seemingly most crazed of the three girls steps forward, feeling the little spores upon her nostrils. One would expect her to be dazed or drowsy, but it only served to motivate her as she moved forward, continuing to cackle as the trio of shroom monsters did the same!

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Archmage Jeremiah @Jeremi @Takumi

    All who hestitated or stayed behind would hear some voices that got slightly louder as time passed.​

    [​IMG]"He- hey! Don't move so fast in a place you've never been to before!"

    "Come on, everyone, there's bound to be something new to taste here~!"[​IMG]

    [​IMG]"It's good to see that we are still in high spirits even though we're in this strange land, isn't it, Master? Nevertheless, let us try to find our way. Oh look, Master, people! Let us talk to them."


  15. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    Well her mother wasn't here, but she may as well try to take out the foes in front of her.

    "Looks tasty." She muttered, taking on a transformation in a puff of smoke and flames.


    Charging forward past the weird girl with silver hair, the half demon/ half angel would attempt to throw a hard roundhouse kick at on of the large mushroom beasts.

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Jeremi @Archmage Jeremiah
  16. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    Locke's HUD marked the mushroom beasts as enemies while his Battle Rifle flew into his hands, ready to fire. The Spartan unloaded a full clip onto one of the monsters nearby, riddling it with high speed puncture bullets. He chose to stop and kneel down to fire concentrated bursts at the trio of enemies, careful not to hit any of his new allies.

    "Weapons free! Everyone watch your backs!"


    @Crow @Jeremi @Takumi @Archmage Jeremiah
  17. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    The big shroom was knocked back with great force by Amira's legs, before the crazed girl, in its line, proceeded to hang her head on it really hard to push it back towards Amira so that she could kick it again.


    "Mirei... should we tell her to snap out of it before something bad happens."
    "We should, but how? She's in full swing! There's no stopping her, especially with all these things around!"

    The girl with the eyepatch saw her hands spark for a bit, as did the blonde one.

    "Nono, ready to help these people out?"
    "That's impossible!"
    "Not for long!"

    The smokier-looking shroom was hit by Locke's bullets. Threatened and standing as if unhit, it charged forward, tackling with a blow so heavy it sent Locke flying into a tree with a thud!

    A dozen of the same Labrador-sized insects emerged from this very tree, each with a resemblance to a cross between a wasp and bumblebee, except red in hue, much like the fires that flickered from their supposed mouths and ignited their venomous stingers.

    Each and every one of them eyed Locke, ready to charge unless someone else took some of the attention away. It didn't help that the bullet-ridden smokey shroom was inching towards him too.

    The smallest of the shroom creatures landed on Ladiva's nose, with its mushroom cap ready to unleash drowsiness-inducing spores that would eventually accumulate to induce sleep. With a more direct, closer look, she would be able to identify the small, little enemy as a Sleepyhead, a rather common enemy encountered throughout the skies that varied in strength. Meanwhile, it would repeatedly slap her face, each slap having the impact of a punch!

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Jeremi @Archmage Jeremiah @Takumi
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  18. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.


    "Wake up, wake up."

    Luna nudged the still sleeping man, the only familiar face in this new place she'd ended up in. First she was moving with Nicola to investigate the strange noise, then suddenly she'd ended up here. The young girl of no more than ten didn't understand what happened, so her first instinct was to ask the only person she could recognize. Unfortunately, that man was already tired by nature, much less after suddenly ending up in the middle of nowhere.


    Nevertheless he began to awaken, a spark of purple energy surrounding his body for a moment as his eyes slowly opened. He'd made a bad habit of doing that upon awakening, but Luna was more or less used to that by now. She shook him again, throwing off a bit of the grogginess from the man.

    Nicola muttered before taking a look around the place. This definitely wasn't Isunia, and these definitely weren't people he recognized. "A new world? That shouldn't have happened, though."

    "New world? Luna doesn't understand..."

    "Well, that's fine for now."

    Eventually Nicola got up, noticing some other foreign faces making their way towards them.


    "So. Who're you guys?"

    @Crow @Gummi Bunnies @York @Lucky
  19. Archmage Jeremiah

    Archmage Jeremiah You can't outrun your own reflection

    Tailing Ladiva into the forest, Saki sneered at the mountain of a woman, approaching her unfazed. "Thought you could lose me-" she stuttered, absorbing the full scene as it unfolded. Eyes narrowed and brows furrowed, she watched as two mushrooms on legs stumbled around a group of girls, and tilted her head. "...huh?" And from behind, another woman came bolting into the fray, draped in flame, to blindside one of the beasts with a ruthless roundhouse kick. Saki's jaw hit the floor, and she was stunned speechless, but snapped out of it to the sound of metal violently meeting wood. Watching Locke get body-checked into a tree by one of the walking mushrooms, Saki grinned ear-to-ear.


    Without thinking, the rowdy biker effortlessly swiped the nearest stone off the forest floor and charged the smoky mushroom with a series of wild strikes, ending with her leaping off her feet and dunking on it with alot of unnecessary flair.
    "Ride or die, that weak shit'll NEVER fly!" Saki hyped herself up, pumping her fist into the air, rocking devil horns, clearly following in the spore-crazed little girl's example, "So c'mon, bring it on tough guy!" she hollered, actively taunting the huge mushroom with its sights set on Locke.

    @Crow @Jeremi @Takumi @Hahli Nuva @Forest
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  20. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Amira would kick the big shroom again, and again with help from the odd silver haired girl. It was almost like a game really!


    Quickly following this up, she would quickly throw a hard right hook at the big shroom to hopefully send it flying towards the flaming bugs.

    @Crow @Hahli Nuva @Archmage Jeremiah @Jeremi @Forest

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