A shape-shifting Dragon God
no, I like the god adds a bit of world flavor

the character is great

also, feel free to come to me with ideas for lore as the world is rather bland and empty right now.


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Okay, awesome. Just let me know when I can drop him into the story. Do you have a link to the IC thread, or is it PM?


Name: Durza

Age: 16

Gender: male

Bio: an orphaned troublemaker in his village, being an orphan he is illiterate and not quick to trust making him worry more about himself before others

~ 5ft 11in
~ blue-green eyes
~ has a toned body

Gear: the cloths on his back, a knapsack and two small daggers

total points 50
Wisdom - 5
intelligence - 1
Strength - 6
Speed - 11
Agility - 8
Dexterity - 8
Stamina - 6
Perception - 5​
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Name: Viir

Age: 22

Gender: M

Bio: One night a baby was found on the steps the monastery at Rivervale. After searching around the monastery had no choice but to take him in. They named the child Viir. As Viir grew older the church became like a family to him. And as he grew older he started to take on the duties of the church. It was immediately apparent that he has unsuited for any physical work so he became a cleric. And then one day the monastery was attacked by orcs and Viir was taken away.

Appearance: Tan skin, wavy dark brown hair, light stubble, about 5'9"

Gear: robe, (The following were taken by the Orcs upon his capture) light armor, magical staff, dagger

Misc: Fairly Daft

total points 50
Wisdom - 7
intelligence - 10
Strength - 3
Speed - 5
Agility - 5
Dexterity - 5
Stamina - 7
Perception - 8
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yep, I know. But I want Durza to save you this time...Mainly because I don't want to force you guys to wait while Kin and I do other stuff...


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Yo yo yo, any openings for a bard?

Name: Kalli

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Bio: Kalli is one of the lucky few born to the streets who learnt early on that if she sang, begging worked a whole lot better. After a few years in a streetgang learning how to pick pockets and the like-she never particularly enjoyed this aspect of her life-and singing as she begged, she was given a wooden flute by a friend in her gang who died of sickness shortly after. She learnt the skill obsessively, as it kept her out of the gangs and with food in her belly. Eventually, she was able to clean herself up and go after a job in an inn-she knew all the songs and all the stories from watching through windows and listening at doors. Once she began entertaining people at inns, she got a reputation as a securer of information-she heard all that went on in inns, usually only to weave jokes into her lyrics so it seemed that she was up on current affairs. This skill earned her another source of income and soon she was able to afford to buy and learn other instruments, and even get real training. She travels between inns for work, often taking jobs that cross her path between them. She now knows a lot more than people suspect she does, about a whole lot of things, and anything she doesn't know, she knows how to find out, whether that's through dressing up as a noblewoman, begging in a corner with he ears turned on, or chatting up a drunkard a few tables over.

-barely scrapes 5 feet
-short dark hair
-petite figure
-pale skin, green eyes
-wears basic light, tan gear that allows her to move quickly, has a penchant for hats, particularly big floppy ones
-always has a flute and two daggers on her belt
-carries a lute, proficient in harp and fiddle

-carries a high quality lute and flute
-two daggers she isn't 100% how to use
-what is in the picture

total points 50
Wisdom -7
intelligence -7
Strength -2
Speed -7
Agility -8
Dexterity -8
Stamina -3
Perception -8
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