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Name: Aeldric Gudmund Gunnarson

Race: Human (Northlands)

Affiliation: Grandmaster of the Elysian Vanguard

Age: 46

Height: 6'3" (190 cm)

Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)

Aeldric is—much like his faith in the Light—a living example in sturdiness. Broad of shoulder, barrel chested, and long of limb; it would not be untoward to confuse him with a stone wall when glimpsing him from the corner of your eye. What would be untoward however, would be to stand in the path of his righteous charge. Despite his size and mass, Aeldric is a seasoned warrior whose movements in the heat of battle frequently belie the expectations his opponents might have of such a man.

Similarly, his propensity to scowl and be stern of expression often belie his alacrity to smile and aid the unfortunate. Many are the recruits who go through his tutelage with a certain expectation of unyielding hardness—perhaps reinforced by many rebukes growled from tight lips under a piercing hazel gaze—only to find themselves flabbergasted at the friendly ally they meet once they become Wardens.

Regardless of which side of temperament you place him however, it is not uncommon to find the battle worn man in quiet reflection and plainly dressed when not exercising his teaching or other duties.

At the core of Aeldric's being lies a single truth, and one that he unshakably believes in and strives to follow. His only axiom in life; The will of the Light is fundamentally good. His belief that the Light exists to illuminate the righteous path to an orderly life in the world is the core of his dogma. This is not to say that Aeldric is not a wordly man. Unlike others who believe as he does, he does not claim to have an all encompassing knowledge of the workings of the Light, or it's finer turnings.

He simply believes himself to be an instrument for It's will, so that the right path for all might be illuminated in it's light. He is unconcerned with how others might choose to live their lives or what they might believe in, for he himself has seen the Light shine through the darkest of hearts.

In matters not related to his beliefs, he's generally considered either a quiet recluse or a silent yet affable companion depending on where his regard for another is. Among friends he jests freely enough, and while disdainful of drunkards, he's no stranger to giving in to a good celebration. He's loved and been loved, he's gained and he's lost.

He's a man with a life, but one with a self-ordained purpose to prioritize.

Aeldric's most powerful weapon is his total faith in the power of the Light. For reasons that he has decided are not his place to question, he has found that when it comes to the enemies of the Light, his will serves as a direct extension of the Light's. As long as he believes his course to be in line with the Light's will (and it it's not within him to take any other course) everything he touches becomes an object of Light's righteous retribution against the forces of the Void.

Whether he wields a spoon, a yardstick, or a sword; as long as his target is a combatant against the order that is Light, his weapon will shine brightly with It's fury. This effect manifests itself in a myriad of ways, and immensely empowers the object to the purpose of smiting the Void. Blades become sharper and incapable of being dulled, blunt instruments hit their opponents with the weight of the world behind them, projectiles fly true and pierce through the strongest of barriers. Whatever is needed for Aeldric to champion the Light, It provides for him.

His status as a stalwart champion of the Light did not escape the notice of the lesser divinities, and to him was bestowed a gift of protection from a group of deities aligned with the Light so that It's weapon might be not be easily turned aside. On his person he wears at all times a simple pendant in the shape of a twinkling star, carved from the bough of a living tree.

The ever-warm pendant around his neck serves as a conduit for the favor the assorted gods of the Light granted him, a suit of mystical ethereal armor that is ever ready to protect the champion of the Light at the speed of thought.

Forged of alloys unknown to mortal-hood which shine with an otherworldly inner light and crafted in some lofty celestial smithy, the armor imbues Aeldric with the breath of it's makers so that he might carry out the will of the Light. While wearing it, he's capable of incredible feats of athleticism beyond his mortal body, and unflagging stamina to carry out his duty.

In his experience, only the strongest of Void's kin have ever managed to damage it in order to cause him harm. For all that, after it's wearer has recuperated, the suit of armor is always returned to it's pristine condition upon it's summoning.

Outside of the boons of divinity, Aeldric also has a life time of strife backed experience to serve as his weapon, and the lessons of his own teachers still serve him well. He's experienced with a wide variety of weapons and their mundane use, and is also an extremely well versed hand to hand combatant.

(The annals of the past are yet murky in their recollection, and the writing hand of the present has yet to record them. It is up to the eye of the future yet to see this come to pass.)

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