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As Larxene started her attack, Christopher would use a grappling hook to send a rope up to a nearby building, flying right into the air to avoid the electric shock. With his free hand, he pulled a shotgun and attempted to shoot Larxene before she could hit him again.



"Ugh!" Medb allowed herself to take the hit, her head knocking a good few inches down. Facing the ground, her face was partially covered by her hair, but Ashley would be able to see a sinister grin. "...fufu...oh, my dear, foolish Ashley...you've just sealed your fate! Ptooey!"

Medb spat onto the ground, saliva intermixed with a bit of blood. Said blood immediately began pooling into a large puddle, frothing as from it sprung to life a figure in Celtic battle armor.

"..." The figure swung at Ashley with its lance, while from the pool another soldier seemed to be on its way.

Medb wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, a look of smug victory on her face. "Prepare to be squashed under my heel like the filthy insect you are!"



"Grgh!" Shan Yu grunted as Pyke stabbed him, though his fur pelts aided in reducing the severity of the attack. Gaining his bearings, the Hun swung his arm back to elbow the old pirate in the face and get him off. "You fight well, but you speak nonsense. You're too far gone to be of any use to me."

@Ottonomous Ghost


Elsewhere on the battlefield...

"A ha ha ha haa...your perseverance will go unrewarded in the eternal. I hope you know that!"

The zombie, now floating above the city in a bubble of her own, sent a wave of bubbles down towards the duo that challenged her. One vanished into thin air, while the other was able to sprint out of the way himself and avoid them.

"Damn her!" Moira reappeared behind a building, glancing out at the field. "The second we wind up in that bubble trap of hers, there's no telling what will happen!"

"Well, death, I'm sure," Doomfist replied, watching the girl, who fortunately seemed to have lost track of them for a moment. "But I think I spotted a way to stop her. Back in that dreamworld of hers, it appeared that the stitching around her collarbone was the weakest spot on her. If we were to unravel it..."

"...she would be ripped apart." Moira nodded. "And how would we go about doing that?"

Doomfist smiled. "I think you already know."

"You can run all you like, but you'll never be out of my sight!" The zombie girl floated right before them, grinning down as she readied another attack.


Doomfist took off running, and Moira raised her hand.

"Surrender to my will!"

A powerful blast of purple and yellow energy shot dead center into the bubble, slowly absorbing it. Meanwhile, Doomfist leapt up into the air, practically vanishing from view. The bubble continued to decrease and decrease until there was nothing left, and then...

"Meteor Strike!!"


Doomfist came crashing down from the sky from above the zombie, bringing her down to the street with him, a crater formed from the impact. She landed on her back, temporarily incapacitated, and he landed in a crouch. It didn't take long for him to find what he needed on her belt: the dagger she had used to stab him earlier. "How ironic..." Doomfist took the blade, smiling at the girl. "Time to go back to whatever Hell you came from."

SSSHNK. He stabbed the knife into her collarbone stitching. She only hissed in response, closing her eyes.

"Really? That's it? No cry of pain or vengeance? I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. After all you put me through, I figured you'd have the tiniest bit more fire." He began slicing through the wound, working to finish her off.

"...ha..." A smile formed on her face. "Not the first time I've been sent back home. Won't be the last, either...you'd be surprised how often a Dark Purveyor gets summoned..."

"I see." He was almost done. "Could I at least know your name? You fought well enough that you deserve to have it remembered."

As he cut the last stitch, she had time to whisper one last word. "...Mariska..."

And with that, she was gone, not even leaving behind a corpse as her body vanished into dark energy. Moira joined her associate. "That was surprisingly civil."

Doomfist stood. "Not really a surprise, no. She knew she had been defeated. Hippie types don't seem to enjoy fighting much, after all. In fact, she had been rather passive in her dreamworld until we ambushed her. I don't think she recovered enough from it for a proper attack tonight. Not that I mind, of course. The less of these Others, the better."

"Hm." Moira tested her hand, clenching and unclenching her fingers.

"You all right?"

"Yes. Fortunately I had enough time before being dragged here to modify my biotics with resistance to those substances Reyes brought into the labs. Considering our involvement in these Multiversal affairs, I was certain it'd prove beneficial."

"And beneficial it is." Doomfist took a deep breath. "Now come on. There's an angel we need to defeat."

And with that all said and done, they were off.​

"Spiders aren't insects you dumb bitch,"
Ashley replied as she casually grabbed the lance of the swinging Celtic warrior and used her strength to heft him up by his weapon and fling him to the side. "So no bleeding? Fine." She cracked her knuckles. "I guess I just have to choke you really hard." Leaping forwards again Ashley tried to tackle Medb to the ground and get her hands around the Queen's throat.

@Yun Lee

"No, I cannot say the same. Not anymore at least."

Megatron gets up, swiftly transforming into his Cybertronian Jet Mode and ramming into a recovering Tarn at high speeds.

"I started the Decepticon cause to unite. The destruction and leaked energon caused under my reign was a neccessary side effect, or so I thought. To slay one, two or a dozen, finding it insignificant to the millions that will benefit...

... but what I failed to realise was that dozens became hundreds, hundreds became thousands..."

The Fusion Cannon fires repeatedly, the weaker shots, when repeated, would accumulate into heavy damage.

"Soon, I felt nonchalance and obligation from what I had previously considered a 'neccessary side effect'. The faction that had once promised equality among Cybertronians promised a trip to the AllSpark. I had transformed myself and the lands that I have reigned. The taint I have brought upon myself was comparable to that of the Dark Energon that poisoned Cybertron.

Peace through tyranny, so I said, but there was only tyranny, and no peace to be granted, except for the peace one would gain by joining the AllSpark.

It was only after being freed from the oppressive thrall of Unicron - a being whose blood I once craved to be one with - a being that I desired to be compared to - a being that I, once arrogant, saw myself in - that I realised what I was doing - the kind of Cybertron that I was envisioning. Realising that my ways would lead to an unideal Cybertron, as it had once before, I had a change of spark that would lead me to be Decepticon no more."

Megatron rammed upwards into the air at great speeds.

"Us Cybertronians possess the ability to transform, not only through our limbs and kibble, but the sway of our sparks as well. Is the ability to alter our views on subjects, our actions and our way of life a strength, or is it a flaw in our program that needs to be eliminated?"

Tarn was struck continuously by the attacks of Megatron as they flew higher and higher up into the air. Suddenly Megatron felt his engine stall as Tarn began to speak. His words like worms slithering into his audio receptors as his entire body began to tense up. "C-Coward. You didn't even have the devotion to see your own designs to the end!"

No matter what Megatron tried he was completely immobile as long as Tarn was talking. The DJD leader pointed his fusion cannon towards the now falling under carriage of Megatron. "It's time for you to fall to MY cause!" The blast sent both figures flying away from one another but Megatron felt that his mobile functions were starting to return to him, which was lucky considering the ground was very fast approaching.



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"Nuagh?! Bad choice, flyboy!" Larxene exclaimed, initially taken aback as Christopher tackled her in the air, both of them headed for the ground, before a sinister grin crept upon her features. Channeling her magic energy, Larxene shocked Christopher from head to toe with a powerful burst of electricity, stunning him before flipping around so that she was on top.

From there, using his back as a jumping pad, Larxene kicked his body downward, leaping off and allowing herself to safely land on the ground while he hopefully hit the ground in a less than graceful manner.

@Yun Lee


But We Were Happy
Will Nines

Will looked around so confused. How were some of them alive... unless.... was none of this real and some of these blank spaces were places where the illusion broke? He would shot a bullet at the blank at the same time that he dodged the ice shards that Acht was throwing his way. " I hope my theory is correct," he mumbled.


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@Yun Lee
"Grgh!" Shan Yu grunted as Pyke stabbed him, though his fur pelts aided in reducing the severity of the attack. Gaining his bearings, the Hun swung his arm back to elbow the old pirate in the face and get him off. "You fight well, but you speak nonsense. You're too far gone to be of any use to me."

The stab gave some satisfaction to Pyke, but he was disappointed in the lack of flesh pierced. It was the first time he had encountered a man who used fur as armor, so he had largely dismissed its effectiveness.

In this moment of distraction, Shan Yu's elbow attack collided with his skull. He recoiled and grunted in pain, ripping out the bloodied dagger from the conqueror's back and taking large steps backward. A relatively small amount of blood dripped from both the wound and the blade. Pyke's returned his gaze to the enemy, tightening the grip on his weapon as Shan Yu spoke. "Only thing that's gonna be used is your corpse for the fishes!"

This particular adversary and his angelic boss were essentially the pantheons of captains. Forget the overseer, he only cared about seeing these two die a gruesome death.

He stood low and put his right leg behind him, preparing for yet another sprint. He kicked off the ground, but this time, before reaching Shan Yu, he crouched lower and jumped high into the air, landing behind the man. As Shan Yu would turn to defend again, Pyke would dash to the side of him and attempt to slice the side of his ribcage as he passed by.​

Yun Lee

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Medb merely grinned up at Ashley, the choking not seeming to have any effect at all. Though as Ashley was distracted, from above, another warrior would bash her over the head with his lance.

"Hmph! You try to choke me out and I'm the dumb one? Honestly, mortals are something else..."



The electricity had the desired effect, stunning Christopher as he fell from the roof. About halfway down, he regained his senses, quickly grabbing for his grappling hook to send a rope to another building...


He didn't quite make it.

The broken body of Slipknot lay on the ground as the two Talon members arrived on the scene. Doomfist nodded appreciatively. "Well done, Larxene. That's what I'd call a killer-"

"Finish that sentence and I kill you where you stand."



With a loud clang, Shan Yu grinned at Pyke, his own sword blocking the dagger. "You're quick, old man, I'll give you that. A second too late and you'd have me." Adjusting his footing, Shan Yu attempted to use his body mass to gain advantage over Pyke and overpower him. "Time for you to retire!"

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Continued from here.

"The Lie Is Cast"

And then, suddenly, everything came to a pause.

Something shifted in the air, as though space itself had frozen. And indeed, it had. Drei suddenly stopped moving, as though suspended in time. The same went for Acht and her ice shards, the bullet that Will fired, Tarn, and just about everyone else beside you, the "first group" so to speak. They had all just paused without any rhyme or reason, but there was an exception.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

The only one still moving was Thor, the blonde young-looking man, a wry smile on his features as he slowly clapped his hands together. "Bravo, bravo. The exercise is finally complete, and none too soon. I was beginning to wonder if any of you, even combined altogether, were cut out for the job, but I suppose you're not so bad after all."


With that said, Thor snapped his fingers abruptly. "I think it's time to put an end to this then. No need to keep on when I've seen all that we needed to."

And suddenly, from there, space itself began to fall apart as blackness overtook everyone's sight.

For a moment that felt like it would go on endlessly, everyone hung in suspended in animation. The others around them had disappeared, as well as the world itself. An endless void that never ended surrounded everyone... until a female voice broke through the silence and signaled the appearance of a blurry figure. The figure came into focus, looking like a head that took up one's entire vision.

"The simulation has been completed," said the voice, that of the Overseer. "Once the bracelets came off, there were no longer teams. All of those still living as of now have passed. Losses? Minimal. Training successful. Memory upload beginning now..."

Then she was gone, and everything changed.

And suddenly, before anyone knew it, as their senses returned, the first thing they would notice was that they were sitting inside what appeared to be individual pods, trapped inside only by a glass barrier that automatically opened by themselves, hissing open and letting everyone out.

As everyone was able to step out of the pods they suddenly woke up in, the first people they'd be able to see were Thor and a short, dark-skinned girl with white hair and glasses, dressed in overalls, looking at you with a catlike smirk on her face. Medb and Shan Yu were also there, though any lingering sense of hostility toward either of them one might have was just... gone, and one could imagine the feeling was mutual.

"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. Have a nice trip?" The girl named Marian Slingeneyer said, her knowing smile seeming to communicate an air of condescension from her.

... Wait, but how did you know her name was Marian Slingeneyer?

And that was when it hit you.


Why you were here, wherever this place was, who these people were, and so on.

"Aha, takes a while for you to remember everything, huh? Guess the simulation's a bit overkill. I voted against it personally -- thought it was a bit barbaric with the temporary memory wiping, ironic since it's such a sophisticated science apparently -- but I was ultimately overruled, so it couldn't be helped," Thor laughed softly, speaking as though he was a casual acquaintance, shrugging helplessly, before just as quickly lowering his arms.

"But at least now, we now know you're worthy of becoming a part of the Revanchist. Welcome aboard."

That was it.

Your circumstances might have varied, but you were all here with the same purpose. To serve the Revanchist, the shadowy organization of the multiverse led by Darth Revan himself. Whether it was of your own free will, because you were coerced to against your will, because you were... influenced (because "brainwashed" was otherwise such a nasty word), or whatever else, that was why you were here. Put into that simulation as conditioning.

"So then, how do you all feel?"

"Like a sack of bricks. Why were Saix and I even swept up into this?! We're probably more fit to help run the experiment than you two clowns anyway," Larxene grunted, scratching the back of her head as she stepped out of her pod.

Standing next to Larxene, the man who had once been Isa let out a gruff sigh and touched at the cuffs of his coat. "This went as expected," he said, turning his head slightly toward Larxene. "Xehanort trusted us with this."

"Of course!" exclaimed a voice. "Most of you bastards did splendid! But, I think the simulation could have done with a bit more pizzazz, don't you think?"

Saix looked down to find some kind of... stuffed talking bear standing before him.

"I would have added a devilishly handsome bear to host the death game!" The bear slapped his belly. "You guys maybe did too well, you know..."

"That is because Revan has gathered only the most determined to set the multiverse right," said Yggdrasil, moving to stand over the bear. "I will do whatever is necessary for a world... just for my sister and I."

Monokuma gave the angel a thumbs up.

"Whatever you say, pal!"

He then slyly turned to Larxene and put a hand to cover his mouth from Yggdrasil. "You know what the heck he's blabbering about?!"

"Not really. Though I suppose in circles like these, it's only natural that guys like him are so... involved with themselves," Larxene said in a bored manner to Monokuma, before putting her hands on her hips, "Well, whatever. The babysitting's over and done with, so this means I can leave now, right?"

"Leaving so soon? Aren't we here as supervisors?" Thor asked in a somewhat condescending manner to his apparent "associate."

"Cram it before I cram you. The only reason you're even here in the first place is because of that one-eyed witch who wanted an in with Xehanort and Revan like a lost kid," Larxene snapped, eyeing not just Thor but also Marian, as though intending on bringing her into the exchange, to which the bespectacled woman simply let out an amused snicker.

"Methinks she's just mad she didn't get to eviscerate that anyone for real," Marian grinned cheekily, before turning to face the rest of everyone, "Anyway, like the others said, really does look like everything went off without much of a hitch. Guess you get to see the big man himself to make it official next up," she said, referring to Revan himself.

"Of course, we'll let you gather your bearings first. I'm sure it's a literal shock to get all your memories back right at once. The human form's so fragile, y'know? I prefer something cuter myself!" Marian exclaimed, hopping over and lifting up Monokuma, hugging him against her chest.

Monokuma's puffy bear cheeks turned bright red as he happily buried his face in Marian's chest. Saix sighed. "What of those who... didn't pass?" he asked tentatively.

"Oh!" Monokuma lifted his head, though his eyes were still closed dreamily. "Those unsuitable have already been shipped off! Memories have been properly adjusted, yada yada... Upupu... Don't want anyone asking questions! 'Course, a few of them might still be useful later, so we may have kept one or two for safekeeping!"

"Whatever is necessary, I suppose."

"Right... And then there's the programs who exist only in the simulation. Those Acht and Drei people, and so on..." Larxene recalled idly.

"Well, that data did come from somewhere. Had to scrounge around to find people like those, but I did!" Marian said haughtily.


So that was it. As Marian said, once everyone had gathered their bearings, their initiation into the Revanchist would be complete, and none too soon at that. After all, they'd be needing your services very soon as they would forever move to shake the multiverse.

Nothing would ever be the same again.

But that was another story for another day.

Welcome aboard.


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Fighting of the Spirit
Zero Hour

Cast List
@Yun Lee as Akande Ogundimu (Overwatch)
@Gummi Bunnies as Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama (Yakuza)
@ShadowCoyote0 as Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
@Crimson Spartan as Ashe Bradley (Witch's Heart)
@will30358 as Candi Cottonswirl (OC)
@York as Cinder Fall (RWBY)
@dark as Colonel Radec (Killzone)
@Takumi as Dagran (The Last Story)
@Jeremi as Dhaos (Tales of Phantasia)
@Xelian as Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)
@Minerva as Esdeath (Akame ga Kill!)
@Siege as Hela (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
@Atomic Knight as Isa (Kingdom Hearts)
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as Izuru Kamukura (Danganronpa)
@MelodyMeister as Lucy (Elfen Lied)
@Ver as Larxene (Kingdom Hearts)
@Crow as Megatron (Transformers)
@Space_Candy as Nathan Prescott (Life is Strange)
@Ottonomous Ghost as Pyke (League of Legends)
@Lucky as RK-900 (Detroit: Become Human)
@RebornRainbow as Sally Boyle (We Happy Few)
@Kaykay as Sera Himeura (Instant Bullet)
@Sark as Thaal Sinestro (DC Comics)​

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Shan Yu scratched his neck as he emerged, now used to the futuristic technology on display here. "Was there ever a doubt my strength would fail this test? Either way, I look forward to doing business. This definitely beats fighting over some wall. Expect my men wherever you need them."

"Mine as well," Medb added, before sighing wistfully. "Such a shame that Drei fellow turned out to be an illusion...I hope Azrael did not as well. The soldiers I could have made with them...oh, well. There are plenty of capable men here, wouldn't you agree?"


It was all coming back. A key memory, one that had been locked far away in his mind, finally returned to Akande. The missing puzzle piece, as it were, to this entire operation.

He could see it clearly now, just before his first meeting back with Talon after prison. Vialli had been disposed of, a problem that now belonged to the canals of Venice. He and Moira had stopped by Vialli's penthouse apartment to claim anything they could before Reaper arrived.

"The Shareholders, eh?" Akande sat at Vialli's desk, going through his laptop. "A for-profit group providing all sorts of unsavory things to people throughout this Multiverse...my God, this is the most insane black market I've ever seen!" He chuckled. "And it seems as though our dear friend was diving head first into it all!"

From her place at Vialli's bookshelf, Moira flipped through a book on the occult in disdain. "I never liked the man. He'd shoot you right in the forehead if it earned him a quick buck."

"Eh, well, I'll give him this: his pride has helped us. Leaving his laptop unprotected, all those black magic books on display...he was so sure of himself he left all of this at our fingertips! I think it's safe to say we're one step closer to saving our world from certain doom now."

"I suppose." Moira closed the book. "Though to fully save it, there's still one loose end we need severed."

"Ah. Yes. With all this, I forgot Vialli was only the accomplice here. Our real target is...hm?" Akande narrowed his eyes as something on the screen caught his eye. "Moira...when you were at Chateau Guillard, did you ever come across something called the Revanchist?"

"The what...? No, I've never heard of them."

"I've found something on them here. It appears they're in some sort of partnership with these Shareholders?"

Moira moved to Akande's side, looking over the item of interest: an email thread between Reaper and Vialli, with one of Reaper's messages open. "'The Revanchist are fools,'" she read aloud. "'They may have powerful men on their side, but they are just like Maximilien and these other idealistic imbeciles on the council. We wouldn't be working with them, but for them, without even half of the fortunes the Shareholders can provide. Is that what you want? If so, clearly I've misjudged you.'" She looked to Akande. "And what is the message before this?"

"One from Vialli, inquiring about the Revanchist." Akande opened that one up. "'From what I've heard, the Revanchist and Shareholders might not be on the best terms. Furthermore, the Revanchist seem to be far bolder in their actions than the Shareholders. I'm wondering if we should reconsider whose side we're on if things go south.' And of course, once Reaper mentioned monetary gains, Vialli's mind was set."

Moira clicked her tongue. "The idiot had no idea Reaper was using him. Just look at that email; it reeks of manipulation."

"Honestly, I think we did him a favor, offing him before Reaper did." Akande scrolled through a few more emails. "I am curious, though. Do you think that perhaps our goals align with these Revanchist people?"

"It's possible. They seem to have a strained enough partnership to make Vialli worry. Perhaps this needs more looking in to?"

Akande opened a new tab, beginning his search. "Indeed it does."

And now, free of the simulation, Akande and Moira found themselves right where they had hoped to be. With a grin, Akande crossed his arms. "It will be an honor to work with Revan. As Shan Yu said, we will be more than happy to aid you however we can. Though, there is a certain someone we need dealt with before he becomes a bigger problem. Once he's out of the picture, nothing is in our way."

@Atomic Knight @Ver @Anyone​


"I will prove to you that I am no cowa- huh?"

Time had stopped. Everything was a simulation.

Megatron found himself emerging from a stasis pod.

"So, this is my life before me? Into one thrall, back on the throne, serving a master again, leaving, and so on. I thought my life would be comparably dull when I finally became the Wanderer, but it seems that the name Megatron still lingers as one that strikes fear, enough fear to be considered for this Revanchist."

Megatron crossed his arms.

His chapter - his days as a Decepticon - they were meant to be done. He would no longer oppress, as he had previously said.

He approaches the likes of Shan Yu, reaching out a hand to shake, despite the difference in palm sizes.

"I will lend my skills to the Revanchist cause, if neccessary. If it is a history of experience you require, I have a few mellenia."

Megatron had no backlash, no retort.

Despite his established stance in the simulation, he chose the path of Revanchism for now.

"So, where do we start?"

@Yun Lee


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The truth, they say, shall set you free.

Why then did Dhaos still feel so apprehensive? He was here after all by his own volition. Seeking a way to save his world by any means necessary, and he was promised by the Revanchist. "If your promises are delivered," Dhaos responded as he stepped out of his pod. "Then I will offer my significant power to you."

As Dhaos looked around though a glaring figure was missing. Dhaos hadn't had much to do with him but he remembered the name. The Batman Who Laughs. Wasn't he supposed to...? No, what did it matter? At this point no one else mattered. Dhaos' goals was as they always had been the focal point. Everything else was expandable, even this supposed leader. For now though Dhaos was going to play the good soldier and fall in line.

What happens next, well...that was up to his new allies.


But We Were Happy
Will Nines-I'm The Villain In My Own Story

Will was the most surprised by the fact that he had agreed to join a villainous group, but it was done. He had broken the illusion and joined the Revanchist. "I'm fine with all of this and offer my service to this group to the best of my ability. I'm sure I will be of much use."

Whatever happened next was the story for another day.


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The Convergence Series GM

Limbo is something different for anyone you ask. To some it is a place between life and death. To others a realm of demons and monsters. This particular Limbo however housed the base of one Immortus, the man once/is known as Kang the Conqueror.

Time travel is funny like that. This Limbo was also a pocket universe, a timeless realm used for time travel. Existing outside of the time-stream and thus possessed no time. Reality, or what could be considered reality here, was a single, ever-changing moment where everything that ever was, is and will be coexisted. As said this timeless world was controlled by Immortus from his castle Tenebrae, where right now he was entertaining a guest in his throne room.

"I thank you for heeding my summons. But..." The Custodian of Time wrinkled his nose in slight disgust. "Did you need to bring your...'pets' along?"

The visitor chuckled softly. "Don't mind them, they just needed out for a walk. Now, I trust the information I gave you was to your liking."

"Yes, well, that was why I summoned you. My Space Phantom was rather quickly dealt with before I could investigate. Terrific spies they may be, but their mascaraed some times wraps itself too tight around them. Like a noose around your neck."

"Oh is that so? I just figured it was one of the others but...hehehe that seemed to really be a waste wasn't it?"

Immortus looked grimly at the floor. "After you revealed to me his plans...My intention were to infiltrate Revan's operation to keep my eyes on him. The scope of it. He's a mad man. It will be the end of us all! Past, present and future!"

"Agreed! And that's why I as a concerned citizen came to you in good faith to inform you of his machinations."

Immortus scoffed. "No. I may not know you but I know your type. You have an angle in this as well, but despite that the faith of all of time and space on a multiversal scale hangs in the balance."

"Yes, isn't it exciting? One man having the power to do that? I have to be there to see how he'll pull it off."

Immortus looked out the window to the nothingness spawning forever outside before turning back. "I must plan a course that protects us all. It will span time as well as space but...can I hope for your continued support? I must know what he's planning."

The guest cackled as did his 'pets'. "Of course!"

"We're fast friends now after all. HaHAHaHAHahaha!"

To be continued...​

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Pyke - Epilogue

The drowned madness shakily emerged from the pod, stepping onto the synthetic floor and hunching over. He lifted his head up, his monstrous eyes suddenly opening, appearing as if he was still as hostile as he had been in the simulation.

I'm not the only one who wants revenge on everyone.

This was only transient, however, for it faded after a few seconds, but not completely. Instead, this hostility, this hatred, was artificially redirected to a different target, and his mind thought of the Revanchist as fellow crewmates who had also been betrayed. Their mission? To defeat all of the treacherous captains and backstabbers of the multiverse. He stood up straighter and continued to convulse very slightly; it was hardly noticeable, but the brainwashing was evident. His mind had already been corrupted by the Deep, and this further influence by the Revanchist was visibly hurting his body as the two forces battled for control.
"Aha, takes a while for you to remember everything, huh? Guess the simulation's a bit overkill. I voted against it personally -- thought it was a bit barbaric with the temporary memory wiping, ironic since it's such a sophisticated science apparently -- but I was ultimately overruled, so it couldn't be helped," Thor laughed softly, speaking as though he was a casual acquaintance, shrugging helplessly, before just as quickly lowering his arms.

"But at least now, we now know you're worthy of becoming a part of the Revanchist. Welcome aboard."

"About time. So are we gonna get killin' or what?" he responded nonchalantly in spite of his condition, not even realizing that he was being exploited once again, and under the false thinking that he was doing this out of his own free will.​
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