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Discussion in 'Mixed-genre & Uncategorized' started by Raptor Jesus, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    This roleplay is part of the Convergence Series, a group of multi-fandom roleplays with an ever expanding universe and lore! Its events are non-canon, however.

    See our sub-forum or our Discord Server for more details!


    Introduction and Rules

    Welcome to 'The Multiverse Hotel,' a jump-in casual/sandbox RP where you can play any character from any fandom!All are welcome! Just post a picture of the character you're playing in your first post and feel free to hop in!

    The setting of this RP is a hotel that connects to potentially all worlds and has an access point in all worlds, advertised or otherwise. It has no specific end-date. It's essentially a 'Nexus' type RP where anything goes, though at the very least structured around the idea that the majority of characters will be rooming there as opposed to randomly passing through. Any fictional character is welcome, whether they be an OC or a fandom character. Anyone participating is also more than welcome to make up rooms for this hotel, as it has unlimited space and nearly anything could be encountered in it, or you are free to use any of the rooms provided.

    Posting Tips

    As the Multiverse Hotel is a rather large sandbox roleplay it may be difficult to know where others are located. A suggested idea is to use this posting method. This method is not required, but will be helpful to you should you choose to use it. It is great for keeping track of where everyone is, especially for new people jumping into the roleplay to know where other characters may be located. At the top of any post you make put in bold the name of the character you are currently playing, their location, and who you are interacting with.

    For example:

    Kim - Bus Stop - Steven

    If you are playing multiple characters in one post, just add their names in:

    Kim and Stacy - Restaurant - Each Other

    If there are multiple people in the same place and you don't know who you are interacting with at the moment, broaden the terms:

    Kim - Office - Everyone

    This way, no matter who replies, everyone who is currently in the office knows you might be interacting with them or can start an interaction.


    Across all of time and space exists a resort beyond your wildest dreams. Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, you've seen this hotel advertised; nearly all worlds in the multiverse have access to it via nexus portals, hence it's name. Founded by The Mira-Curtiss Partnership, The Multiverse Hotel facilities includes the latest in technologies, unlimited tastefully appointed and generously spaced guest rooms, a full service dining hall, a lounge, a night club, sparring area, water park, shopping area, garden, art gallery, and much more.

    This hotel has something for everyone, complete with a multitude of Prinny servants available to take care of any and every need the guests may have. They will also assist in the immediate repair of any damaged areas; no distruction or mess will be visible for long.


    Whether you've decided to come here for a business trip, vacation, or other purposes, you can be assured of having an extraordinary out of this world experience.

    Billions of people walk through the doors of this hotel every year. Every one of them is on a journey. Every one of them has a story to tell. What will yours be?




    The Nexus


    Our hotel contains it's very own Nexus room, complete with working portals. Most of the guests who arrive at our fine establishment use nexus portals from their own worlds, which are connected to our portals, to take themselves instantly to the hotel. Our nexus technology is safe, efficient, and as easy as walking from one room to the next.



    Come, come one and all! From filthy peasants, graceful troubadours, bold knights, and wise kings, we welcome one and all to our halls! Meats and wines greet you, for the fairest of prices, and enjoy the company of our lovely symphonies! With a respectful maid service and skilled jesters to amuse customers, The Velvet Dining Hall offers a variety of amusements for their guests. Weekends we offer special dishes that are worth to absolutely die for, with such examples including "Classic" honey rolls with every entree' and the King's Wine! Also, for any lovebirds out there, we offer our renowned "Red and Purple Wedding" celebration! So come on down, bring the family, and enjoy our lavish halls, with not a single soul to hear!

    The Flux


    For those seeing to get their groove on, relax at a the bar, or simply chill after a long day visit our Flux Night Club. This club, a near perfect replica of the one found upon the famous Citadel, has been constructed with the finest sound systems known to the multiverse and is decorated with a cascade of beautiful, neon lights for your enjoyment. The club is open for guests to visit twenty-four hours a day, with live entertainment including musicians, standup comedians, and karaoke provided for you every day from 8pm until midnight.

    Splash Zone


    Get set to get wet in the Multiverse Hotel's famous Splash Zone indoor water park! It's fun for the whole family, and open every day from 8am until 11pm! If you like small water slides, try our green water slidethat's easy for beginners. Our medium sized slide is our blue slide, which is also a world of fun! Lastly, if your up for a thrilling, fast-paced slide give our yellow slide a try! This water park also has a kiddie pool, a public swimming pool, a raft ride, a wave pool, a lazy river--which pushes those swimming in it along with a gentle current, a public hot tub, and an adults only hot tub. Life guards are always on staff so if you have any questions or need any assistance, you're most welcome to speak to one of them.

    Sparring Arena


    Fancy yourself as the rough, tough fighting type? Then come visit the Multiverse Hotel's Sparring Arena! This arena comes equipped with the latest in battle simulation technology. Choose from thousands of holographic backdrops like jungle terrain, snowy terrain, cities, mountain cliffs, and many more to be projected on the walls around the arena, creating for unique fighting environments. You many also select weather elements such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, and wind to create a more challenging situation during your matches. Don't have a sparring partner? No problem! Our arena comes equipped with holographic data creatures you may face, ranging in difficulty from a beginners level to more advanced levels. We also have practice weapons such as firearms, swords, knives, bows, and much more! Remember, no weapons you borrow are allowed to be taken outside of the arena.

    Multiverse Hotel Gift Shop


    What would a hotel be without a gift shop?! Come browse our fine selection of items for modest prices down at the Multiverse Hotel's Gift Shop! Our selection of items consists of apparel, footwear, swimwear, jewelry, knickknacks, artwork, toys, snack items, and much much more. These products have been collected from all across the multiverse from different locations and time periods for your enjoyment. We also make custom t-shirts and jewelry which can be designed to say whatever you might like. So come down to the gift shop today and browse our unique assortment!

    The Kitchen


    The Multiverse Hotel's spacious kitchen is designed especially to resemble the cooking area found in Lara Croft's very own manor. Chefs can be seen entering and exiting the room all throughout the day, preparing delectable meals for their customers waiting in the Dining hall. While the kitchen shoots for a look of simple elegance there is no shortage of food or highly advanced technology to be found inside. It's equipped with a walk in freezer, refrigerator, and many other highly advanced appliances to make cooking not only a breeze, but enjoyable too!

    The Gardens


    Tired of being cooped up inside all day? Not a problem! All registered hotel guests are welcome to visit our unique gardens modeled after the wondrous display found upon the famous paradise planet Apalapucia. Our gardens are filled with many species of flowers, trees, bushes, and other plants found all throughout the multiverse. This large garden also contains, but is not limited to, fountains, decorative statues, picnic tables, and hedge mazes. If the historical facts about the plants interest you, we even have tour guides available to explain the facts and information behind every plant our garden contains.



    This room has all sorts of games, whether it is tabletop, arcade, video games, or more! The game room is designed to be comfortable, meaning you can enjoy gaming without getting tired. Need a refreshment? Don't worry! The baristas can serve you snacks or drinks!

    Closed off Wing


    This wing of the Hotel was closed off a while back due to a series of murders. The people in the wing, were trapped. Including the killer. Some died, some escaped (somehow) and others went mad. The hotel wants to open it to those who want to try their luck at survival, or to those who just want to explore. The mad ones are still alive (somehow.) and they say it's haunted. The ghosts are mostly harmless. Except for the one of the killer.

    But you don't believe in ghosts, right?

    Art Gallery


    Are you an art devotee? If that’s the case, visit our hotel’s famous art gallery. It’s free for all registered guests. Our selection has been procured from all across time and space for your viewing pleasure. We have works of art ranging from the beginning of time to the far future including paintings, sculptures, vases, and many other works of art--including replicas of a few famous pieces. We also have several curators and professional art tour guides on staff to assist you with anything you may need. Tours start at noon and last until 8pm. Come visit our art gallery today!




    The Grand Ballrooms


    These rooms can be used for any event. Be it a ball, a Conference, or a party. They come in all different forms. From a Sports stadium, to the Roman Coliseum. Their uses range from hosting whole conferences of people from the Multiverse, to a War Room during times of conflict in a world, or even just a large dance. No matter the event, be it War, meeting, conference, or Comic-Con, the Grand Ballrooms are the perfect places to hold them.

    Conference Center


    Are you and your business looking for the perfect place to host a meeting? Are you a big business, but not large enough to have a meeting in our Grand Ballroom? Then look no further than our Luxury Conference Center! Outfitted with tables and projectors, and even roll out things for those not that technologically advanced. We have Catering tables, and eating tables, and then we also have Meeting tables for when your group all wants to gather around one table instead of sit separately. All Conference rooms come fully stocked with everything you require to host a full on meeting.

    Lexicon Library


    Searching for knowledge on something? Hoping to find a good fantasy novel to bury your nose in? In need of a new spellbook, or an instruction manual for that odd gadget that shady troll sold you last week? You name it, we've got it! The finest library in the Multiverse, Lexicon Library owns and lends out every last book in your world and the next! So if you're a bookworm, this is the place for you.

    The Security Department


    A secure base of operations filled with the latest in technology Aperture Science Industries has to offer, the Multiverse Hotel's Security Department watches over the hotel 24-7 with its very vigilant security team. This department is well equipped with turrets, segways, hello kitty bandaids, free cake, and everything that a good security team needs to take down delinquents. And in case those delinquents don't straighten up, they have their own jail cells that neutralize any and all powers of those contained inside them. So stay in line, hotel goers! The cake may be a lie, but this badass team sure isn't!

    Special thanks to @Klutzy Ninja Kitty for designing/making this post!​
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
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  2. Neko Shogun

    Neko Shogun A floofy kitteh The Convergence Series GM

    Xiao - Nexus - Nobody


    A curious little cat girl wandered into the hotel, seeming confused as to how she had arrived. She looked around this large place, tail twitching and ears flickering suspiciously. "Mrrow, Xiao is lost. Xiao can't find her master. What is this place?" she questioned anybody who may have been around at the time.

    @thatguyinthestore @anyone​
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  3. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    Marco Diaz - Nexus - Xiao

    As Xiao seemed to be lost in this newfound place, a teen that appeared to be around fourteen approached her with his hands stuffed in the pocket of his red hoodie.


    "Hey... you look lost. Need some help?" Marco asked with a smile.

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty

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  4. Okami

    Okami Member

    ((How dare you bring up indoor water parks, now I really wanna go to one but there isn't any in my state. In all seriousness though, this is great and you can count me in.))

    Typically, if one were to be in their home one minute, and suddenly wind up in a totally different universe, they would be disoriented and likely a bit scared. Not Caris though. Mostly because she was used to this sort of thing what with living in a Dwemer inspired castle with all the technology of the ancient race including cyborgs and a teleporter and all. In fact, Caris had been doing some repairs on the teleporter, or as she called it, The Travel Machine when in a fit of irritation, she fired off a spark spell, hitting the generator and overcharged the TM. To an outside observer, Caris was erased from existence with a series of curses, but in reality she simply moved onto another plane. One in which held a large device, similar to the TM but lacking the large amounts of steam produced by the former.

    She wasn't alone here either, standing up (as she had been on her back working on some small parts), Caris examines the two kids, one of which looked like a hybrid and the other, an ordinary boy. "Eh... So what the hell just happened?" She asks, pushing her blue hair out of her face, "where did I wind up this time?"


    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @thatguyinthestore
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  5. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    Marco Diaz - Nexus - Everyone


    "You're in the Multiverse Hotel... I think. I don't really know, actually. My friend Star just told me that there was this really cool hotel she went to sometimes that had free food and a water park." Marco said, eyeing the blue girl rather strangely (though admittedly it was normal compared to some other things he'd seen) and nodded to the girl.

    "Anyways, I'm Marco, and this is..." Marco would pause mid sentence and turn to Xiao, not knowing her name yet. "What's your name again?"

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Okami
  6. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    Liam and Mike- Enter Nexxus

    Liam took a deep breath and looked around the Multiverse hotel.
    He felt like it was a good time to just be there. He wasn't sure- but it felt good to be back after a vacation. He stroked his beard and looked over at the others. " Yes, this is the multiverse hotel. Star, blonde, correct? I think I vaguely remember her."

    A new comer looked around, uncertain where the fuck he was.
    " Multiverse hotel? What the fuck is that?" He asked.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  7. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive


    "Huh? How do you know Star?" Marco asked before pausing for a moment and remembering that Star had visited this place many times before he did. He then smiled up at the man and chuckled.


    "Yeah, that's Star. Did she talk about me or something?" Marco asked, sounding genuinely curious if Star had asked about him.

    Meanwhile, Mike would see tall figure in a suit of armor approach him as he tossed a knife up and down in his palm.


    "Well, I dunno. The name 'Multiverse Hotel' sounds pretty self explanatory to me." The man in armor replied to Mike in a bit of a snarky tone.

    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  8. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    " Can't really say one way or another if she mentioned you. She was talking so much that I honestly lost track of her conversation. She did mention a Marco once or twice, but that was about it."

    Mike looked over at the tall figure and proceeded to roll his eyes. " I understand what a hotel is, but what the fuck is a multiverse? Is it just a fancy title for this hotel?" He asked, trying to keep his composure.

    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  9. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    "Yup... that definitely sounds like Star." Marco replied with a smile and a shrug.

    "The hint is in the name, dumbass. It's the Multiverse Hotel. That's this place's schtick. Didn't you see the giant portal that you came in through?" The armored individual asked, clearly annoyed with Mike already.


  10. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    " It is good to know that sounds like the Star girl. I imagined that they were same person quite honestly. I'm Liam by the way," he said, introducing himself.

    Mike finally turned around and noticed the giant portal. " Okay, I see it now. I am not sure what it means still, but I imagine I will figure it out. I'm Michael Munroe, but most of my friends just call me Mike for short."

  11. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul


    Running an intergalactic empire through one's iron fist was taxing work. Well, in the sense that you'd occasionally have the natives of planets attempting to fight Frieza's forces off. But it was all for naught. Waves upon waves of soldiers would be thrown at the hapless natives and eventually they'd crumble. Then their race would have a choice. Either they could join Frieza's empire or have all life on their planet wiped out and sold to the highest bidder.

    You can expect that most races tended to choose the former.

    But some didn't and that's why some races you'll never hear mentioned ever again. Erased from the galaxy through Frieza's machinations. But even a tyrant needed some time to relax. As a blip appeared on his ship's navigational screen, Frieza lazily pointed his glass of wine towards the screen. "Soldier. What's that location that just seemed to appear on our map?" Terrified to be called on by his employer, lest he say the wrong thing and get murdered on the spot, he gulped and stammered. "W-Well, Uh, L-Lord Frieza sir-"

    The soldier silenced himself as Frieza lowered his glass and glared at him. "Did I ask you to stammer like a nitwit? Or did I ask you to give me a straightforward answer? What. Is. That?"

    The grunt was really wishing he'd gotten a less dangerous job. But Frieza had murdered almost all of his immediate family so he didn't have much of a choice. "It's a place called the Multiverse Hotel, sir! Er, Frieza sir!" The soldier quickly followed up his answer with a meek bow.

    "Ah, a hotel you say? Well, I've been looking for somewhere to stop and stretch my feet. I wish to be taken there at once." Frieza stated as he rose from his chair and his tail thumped against the ground with a loud smack. Quickly giving his boss a salute, the soldier nodded. "Of course! I'll redirect the ship's course right away, sir!"

    "Who said I was speaking to you?"



    "It's Lord Frieza, honestly with as many of you that I've killed, you'd think you lot would do a better job at remembering." Frieza murmured disdainfully as he lowered his index finger and turned towards another mook who had the misfortune of walking by the bridge when Frieza spotted him. "You there, change the ship's course and clean up that trash." Looking over his shoulder, Frieza stared at the corpse of the previous soldier who had a hole burned through where his heart had been. Not wishing to follow in the footsteps of his fellow grunt, the soldier nodded and quickly moved to grab the corpse. "Right away, Lord Frieza, sir!"

    Upon finding a portal to the hotel's nexus once his ship's course had been altered, Frieza ordered his troops to stay behind. At least for the moment. Frieza wished to inspect and potentially enjoy the luxuries of this establishment himself. Being people who valued their lives, the army didn't voice any complaints and wished Lord Frieza the best.

    Stepping through the portal, Frieza glanced around at his surroundings. Numerous portals which likely lead to various other universes, hence the name of the hotel. It'd certainly be useful to someone who wouldn't mind expanding their influence like Frieza but that would come later. Once he figured out if this place had any strong fighters worth either murdering or bringing onto his army. As he looked around however, he caught wind of Xiao and smirked.


    "Ohohoho!~ So, they'll just let anyone in here, hm? Even someone's mangy animal it seems."

    @Okami @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @thatguyinthestore
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  12. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    Marco and Felix - Nexus - Anyone

    "O-oh. I'm Marco... but I guess you already knew that, didn't you?"
    Marco replied to Liam a bit nervously, but only because of the fact he wasn't too good at introductions to begin with.

    "Well, hate to say it Mikey, but we're not friends. But, for familiraities sake, you can call me Felix." The armored man replied before overhearing Frieza and turning in his direction.


    "So... what fucked up dimension are you from?"

    @NujabesLives! @Lucky
  13. dark

    dark Active Member


    Jak and Daxter- Nexus - Anyone

    The ottsel hopped off Jak's shoulder to point out their new location. "The Multiverse Hotel."

    Jak! Oh boy... Look at this place!"

    Now this is what i call livin'!

    Jak smirked as Daxter hopped off and looked around "So this is the place called the multiverse hotel?"

    "Looks like a good time."

    Jak waved over at Daxter "Come on Dax, let's go explore."

  14. dark

    dark Active Member


    Shadow Marshal Luger-Nexus-Anyone

    A woman hung in the background with her mask down, just simply observing the chat from a distance.

  15. dark

    dark Active Member


    Bardock- Nexus- Anyone

    The saiyan soldier landed with a loud "THUMP" on the hotel grounds. He eyes the area around him and waits for power level readings "Who the hell is around here?"

    Several humans
    A few more soliders

    His eyes widened in shock and then anger as he hid his new power within him. Even Freeza didn't need to know what new tricks he hid up his sleeve.


    @Anybody else

  16. Okami

    Okami Member


    Caris had been hanging back a bit, mostly examining the teleporter that lead to this "Multiverse Hotel." She was listening with one ear the whole time as well, getting to know everyone there. Then the purple guy walked through.

    He seemed like an asshole and someone she would love to hang around with. After taking a second to note the coordinates of this place to give to Lahar when she returned home, she turns to take a look at him.

    Now Caris wasn't easily fazed. She had faced dragons, stood in the after life, punched gods, stood in the path of an oncoming nuclear missile, crushed a werewolf with an observatory telescope, flipped a god off, and fought a shit ton of skeletons. This though... This guy freaked her out a bit.

    "Holy shit, what sort of Mewtwo are you?!" She asks, assuming he was one of the unfortunate souls that were clones of the fabled first Pokemon. Caris herself never met a Mewtwo while she was on her adventures in Reborn, but was familiar with the forms it could take. This guy was new though.

    @NujabesLives! @Anyone else
  17. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul



    Ah, so it seemed his escapades and conquests hadn't yet stretched to be heard by and terrify the masses in other universes. He'd have to change that. But for now, he'd simply smile at Felix and chuckle. "Ohoho. Such rough language, my good man. But if you must know from where I hail, it's from a universe where I reign supreme with dozens of planets under my control and an army at my beckoning call." Frieza of course left out the part about that absolutely loathsome Goku and his disgusting friends. But he was trying to set an impression here and first ones were everything. Who knows? If this armored man was worth Frieza's time, perhaps he'd take him on as another soldier in his empire.

    Before his death at the hands of Future Trunks and his subsequent resurrection years later, Frieza had never made any progress towards being able to detect power levels. But once you die and spend what feels like an eternity in Hell, you tend to pick up on things you ignored in life. Which is why the energy Frieza had briefly felt before Bardock lowered it angered him. Frieza was a total psychopath behind his polite and friendly facade, but he did make sure to at least remember the faces of those who opposed him but stood out from the rest. This energy he had felt seemed to have belonged to one of those people, a damn saiyan who had tried leading a one man rebellion against Frieza's forces in an attempt to save his planet.

    It failed and Planet Vegeta was destroyed. With the exception of a handful of saiyans he kept under his control, and the one who would grow up to become Goku, Frieza had no reason to believe any more of the wretched monkeys were still alive, especially not this one.

    Clenching his hand up into a fist, Frieza made a mental note to himself

    'Find any saiyans lurking around in this hotel and make them suffer.'


    Fortunately for Bardock and or any other saiyans that might have been loitering around the hotel, Frieza's rage and hatred of them was distracted temporarily. By this rather bizarre question he received. Staring at this woman as if she'd suddenly grown three heads, Frieza folded his arms across his chest and blinked. "Forgive me if I heard you incorrectly, but you asked me if I was a 'Mewtwo?' Would you care to elaborate on what exactly that is? I can assure you that there is nothing like I, Lord Frieza, out there in any other universe!"

    @dark @Okami @thatguyinthestore @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
  18. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive


    When Caris decided to pipe up as well, Felix simply glanced over to her, a brow raised behind his helmet. Wasn't a mewto one of those but Pokémon things from those dumb games?

    "The fuck are you on about, lady? That thing ain't a... Mewtwo? That's what you said, right? One of those dumbass little Pokémon things from those games?"

    His attention was then caught by the man of the hour himself, to which Felix simply let out a laugh in response.

    "HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, you're good! You couldn't even rule a two rate shitty planet like Chorus lookin' like that!"

    @NujabesLives! @Okami @dark
  19. Okami

    Okami Member

    "I wouldn't be so sure. There's lots of people out there who like to say they're unique but really are cliche. Not saying you're cliche but I would bet dollars to donuts there's something else like you. But if you're not a Mewtwo or something, what are you?" Caris asks, tucking her hands into her pockets and looking the guy up and down, why wasn't he wearing pants?

    Dumbass? Games? Caris wasn't really sure how to respond,
    "There are games of Pokemon?" She asks, a bit curious. She herself had only ever stepped into their dimension. Sure Reborn sometimes was a bit ridiculous on how edgy it was but she wouldn't call it dumb. More of just stressful. Like the time she had to stop a little girl from undergoing electroshock therapy. Or the time she had to smother a comatose woman who had her soul burnt away.

    @theguyinthestore @NujabesLives!
  20. ThatAverageGuy

    ThatAverageGuy Not very good at this

    A young boy limbed into the room
    "W-wow what a terrific audience."

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