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Deroc's Characters

Discussion in 'Character Pages' started by Deroc, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Deroc

    Deroc Muggeseggele!

    Under Construction -- Awaiting Updates

    Name : Gakdur
    Race : Middleman of the Six Evils
    Gender : Male

    Bio : (incomplete)

    Motivations :
    • xxx

    Strengths :
    • xxx

    Weaknesses :
    • xxx

    Appearance : (incomplete)

    Is this fine for a character?

    Name : Gakdur
    Race : Demigod of Domination, Versatility and Instability
    Gender : Male

    Bio : Not much about Gakdur is known to the others, heck even he himself didn't exactly knew where he originated from. All he remembered in his early days were a pool of crimson and an endless thirst for power.

    It all began shortly after the world was created, when chaos shattered into millions of pieces. One of the pieces somehow came into contact with stains of mana while floating around in the endless space. The piece glittered brightly as powerful energies began to fuse and merge the piece of chaos with mana. Eventually, a ball of crimson was formed. A ball complete with its own consciousness and gravity, fueled by an everlasting desire and hunger to grow and consume.

    The ball grew larger as it kept on drawing and absorbing nearby substances onto itself, including stains of the void itself. However, as the ball grew in size it also came to grow unstable. When it grew large enough, the ball sparkled brilliantly once again stains of the void reacted with it, inside and outside. All of a sudden, the ball expanded and trembled rapidly as the reactions intensified.

    Eventually, a remarkably giant explosion ensued...


    Motivations :
    • Secure his foothold in the godly realm.
    • Establish and maintain his influence in the mortal realm.
    • Empower, strengthen and refine his powers, as well as to get rid of his instability and replace it with greater versatility.
    • Search for the scattered chaos all over the world.
    • Satisfy his nearly endless lust for power and pleasure.
    • Ascend to godhood.
    • While an almost impossible dream, he wishes to become a jack-of-all-trades and impose his domination over every single thing ever existed.

    Strengths :
    • As a demigod, can withstand more punishments than mere mortals.
    • Cunning and crafty.
    • Quite versatile.
    • Unpredictability.
    • Ability to conjure and manipulate fire and lava.
    • To a lesser extent, the ability to conjure and manipulate other magics.
    • Ability to create and summon lesser beasts along with living cake minions to do his bidding.
    • Ability to temporarily increase performance of another entity through spells, though that will weaken them for awhile shortly afterwards.
    • As he was born from segments of chaos, he thrives whenever there is chaos or laughter nearby. Resulting in increased offensive and defensive capacities in battle. However, there's a time limit before he gets tired.
    • For some reason, Gakdur also sees a slight increase in performance in darkness and silence, especially regeneration. As the case with chaos, he might get bored and fatigued if he stayed for too long.
    • Limited ability to adjust his size.

    Weaknesses :
    • One of the weaker demigods thanks to his instability, even if he doesn't want to believe it.
    • Due to his unstable properties, Gakdur have to swift between chaos and silence every once in awhile.
    • Addiction to power and pleasure.
    • Difficult to resist temptations.
    • Tendency to hesitate. Sometimes he has a hard time making a choice. Even after making a choice however, his decisions and goals are not set in stone and he might change them all in a sudden.
    • Tendency to change in a sudden. He can easily switch alliances and betray others depending on what he finds the most pleasurable and entertaining, or what he finds to be beneficial to his rise of power.
    • Able to get fatigued and thirsty after casting too many spells, making him much more vulnerable to attacks.
    • Cursed with an almost endless pursuit of power and pleasure.
    • Most of his spells are weaker and much more unstable than the gods and devils' powers. There are also limitations to his powers too.
    • Some of his spells may manifest unintended side effects too.
    • Needs more rest compared to other demigods and deities.

    Appearance : (incomplete)
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2017

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