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Distance Heritage, Attempt 2

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Blue winter rose, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Climbing through the window in order to escape? If it must be done. The lady looked at everyone, four demigods and their respective parents, their cars should be in the car park and if not available, they might have to steal a car.
    "We jump out the window, Mateo first to see if it's safe. Then the youngest to the oldest. Seems reasonable?" Riley asked everyone.

    While she waited for a response, she heard a sound from one of the closets, at first, she was a bit anxious at first, but the one inside revealed himself. He's just a chubby teenager, wearing a fairy dress, wings and a fake beard.
    "I lost a bet, please don't rat me out. Oh! Did the police find about about Violet's magic powers?"

    Riley frowned and looked at Violet, who just exchange a nervous smile.
    "Can you keep a secret?" Riley asked him.
    "Not when interrogated by the police."

    Riley sighed. The soldiers are coming here, and there's Alex. The person who will spill the beans the moment any soldier asked him a simple question. A damming loose string.
  2. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    As Viola closed the door behind her, Maria quickly counted everyone to make sure everyone was safe inside and no one was wounded. As she could see now, no one was wounded. Shortly she nodded in the direction of her brother.

    Mateo nodded back at her before he focused his attention on the broken window, just when he was about to climb through it Alex stepped out of a closet. Perfect, yet another person that could betray them. Different then the teacher, he would likely spill everything he knows as soon as they did so much as look at him.

    “All right I go first, you follow after, take the boy with you,” he said before he looked out of the window carefully. When he made sure that as far as he could see no one was there he climbed through it. As he looked around outside he spotted a couple figures between the trees, he cursed under his breath. The park next to the school was their best opportunity to slip away. He took a deep breath it is all fine they could still slip through the park in the direction of the parking lot on the other side of the school, to get to their cars.

    “Come be, quick and not make too much noise,” he said as he turned around in the direction of the theatre. They had no choice the police could run into the theatre any moment now. He had to trust them they would know what to do.

    Lyanne climbed through the window and turned around to help the others through it as quickly as they possibly could before the police will burst into the room. As she landed on the ground outside she heard the police kick in the door, at the same time she noticed more men run from the forest in their direction. In a blur, she heard Mateo shoot at them and a couple of them collapsed to the ground and from that instinct took over. "Stop" she screamed as she put both her arms in front of her. Right in front of the men, the ground came right up forming a wall of earth at least as high as the school between the school building and the park, buring the gate and lifting some of the tiles right up in the sky. Terrifying screams indicating that some of the men were tho close to the wall but, it was impossible to say with the wall blocking their view.

    Maria still in the theatre witnessed the men running into the room one by one behind her she heard her niece yelled and she felled how the ground started to shake nearly throwing her off her feet. The theatre got darker as something blocked the sun from shining inside. "Quicker quicker" she screamed as she positioned herself in between the children and the men and reached her for her bag and pulled the small pistol out of it that Mateo insisted of her carrying. She didn't like carrying it nor did she like using it but, she had to for the safety For Lyanne and the other demigods. She still made sure to aim for their legs.
  3. Leon looked at Alex as he walked out, you got to be kidding me.. another person who would most likely say everything once they would ask the kid something? oh well, they need to get moving.

    he kept on close watch for the others as they climbed out, and when Lyanne screamed and created the huge wall, he had struggle to stand on his feet. He would be one of the last persons to leave the room, since he is able to fight back and protect the others, no matter if he had a gun or not
  4. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola turned his gaze at Alex that emerged from the closet. Hearing what was said made her sigh.''Alright. I guess we have to take him with us, and then drop him somewhere along the road. That way we are safe.'' She said, soon motioning with the gun in her hand at Alex to start coming over to the window as others were jumping down. In a moment she hopped and jumped down from the window, reaching the ground surface safely.

    Once the gunshots were heard Viola would instantly react by looking around, soon noticing the police coming from the woods. She quickly raised her hand and took a hesitant shot, only for it to hit the stone wall that Lyanne had created. Viola lowers her hands, soon looking at others. ''Come on! Into the parking lot!'' She said.
  5. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Silvan and Violet looked right back at the door, just when it was burst open. The twin saw that the men were all running right into the theatre so they both helped Alex right through the window. The twins looked back for a moment and proceeded to telepathically pull the clothes over the police's officers head. Just to buy everyone an extra second to step out. The two then hopped through the window. Silvan picked the chubby boy up and looked right at the wall for a moment. Once the demigods were out, they proceeded to help Maria out.

    Riley stepped out after the kids. The big well would definitely protect them, but not forever. She had no way to guess just how many officers there were, but a giant wall means that there would definitely be reinforcements.

    "We'll have to borrow a vehicle...." Riley looked at the wall. She did remember seeing a few cars right in front of them before the wall blocked everything
    "Lyanne, try making a giant cloud of dust, from the wall," Riley told her, "We'll have to use the cover to get to a car undetected, the PE teacher's SUV should be up ahead."

    "We can fight?" Silvan suggested.
    "Just topple the wall forward, squish everyone like a bug," Violet added.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
  6. Mariah was the one who went after Riley through the window and heard the suggestions "we dont have enough weapons to fight against all those armed cops" she said

    Leon was one of the very last to climb out of the window "and im pretty sure that if we topple that wall over, there would till be some cops left who stand out of range of the wall.. and do we really need to kill them?"
  7. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    When everyone climbed out of the window Lyanne made a wall covering the window with one smooth movement locking the policemen inside. Mateo nodded proudly at her, before he looked over at, Silvan. “Leon is right, they are with much more then we are, killing them would just strengthen the stereotypes,” he said as he gestured them to stay close to the building as they walked in the direction of the parking lot.

    Lyanne and Maria followed Mateo as they arrived at the parking lot Mateo stopped abruptly. And signalled them to stop as he peeked around the corner. There were around twenty cars parked. Most of the cars that were from them were further on the parking lot. At the end of the parking lot, police cars were blocking of the way out to the road. Mateo cursed under his breath. “ok, I guess we need to walk, ok stay close to the building, I will steal the closet car, Silvan, Violet, you can steal a car right? Everyone stay in groups,” he said as he nodded in Lyanne, direction. “Lyanne and I will come, as last, hold hands,” he warned.

    Lyanne walked a bit closer and created a big cloud of dust preventing the policeman from seeing anything. She also made sure to make wall close to the school building leaving a small pad for the others to walk through.
  8. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola nodded at what was told her by Lyanne. ''Sounds fine. My mom can always drive one of us, as she has a driver's license.'' She commented. As the wall formed and gave them the small gap of a path to walk through Viola started to walk along, positioning herself to follow Silvan and Violet and the group that would form with the pair.
  9. Leon nodded "my mother can drive as well, so that shoulnt be a problem either" he added as he and Mariah followed the group as well, so they could eventually follow one of the car openers when the group could split up in the smaller groups
  10. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Turing on a car should be simple enough, as long as it's not those expensive, new cars. The twins really despised those. Silvan coughed a little when the dust began to form. He took a deep breath, keeping close to a few of them while he made his way to one of the nearest cars. Some of the dust seemed to have slowed down a couple of the soldiers, even impaling their sight lightly. Especially due to the fact that one of them got pretty close, but completely missed his group. The boy essentially walked right into a car. About 3 years old and full of junk, must be a teenagers car.

    No time for hesitation. He made his day to the driver's seat and proceeded to disable any alarm system, then hotwired the car. The engine started within thirty seconds or so. He stepped out, expecting someone to step in to drive.

    Violet also stepped into another car, just a short distance away from the other group. This one's a bit more troublesome, a teacher brought the latest model. These models are virtually impossible to hotwire. Still, she went to the front seat and took a good look at the wires. She began ripping a part of a few wires and some very important looking things were also removed. Violet went pretty deep, she reached for something and managed to force the car to start. When the engine purred, she reconnected the steering wheel and other wires.
    "Okay, done," Violet spoke, she stepped out of the car
  11. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    As Violet stepped out of the car Viola's mother would quickly make way to enter this car, sitting to the place of the driver while her daughter went and took the passenger's seat next to it. The pair would wait for a moment for others to arrive. The seat that Viola's mother sat upon was not in the best shape, with it being having some signs of having been ravaged by time and use. The car was also grey and appeared to have not been cleaned in a while. Who ever owns this car is propably not going to miss it too much, Viola's mother thought.

    ''Alright. Hop on. We'll be taking the quick road.'' Viola's mother said at demigods outside. The car waited for a moment for people to get in and then, once the doors were closed, she put her leg on the pedal as she started speeding her way out from the parking lot and towards the city for a moment before taking a sharp turn to the right to start driving towards the church in the outer half of the city.
  12. Mariah followed Silvan as she waited before he managed to get the car running and got out. She got into the drivers seat as she saw the car passing by where Viola's mother drove in. Leon at that moment got into the passengers seat and closed the door, looking to where the car is going, even though he knew it because of the emergency place they all spoke about. Mariah also waited for a bit for the last people to get in the car, and once everyone got inside the car, she started to drive off the parking lot, she took a different road that Viola's mother did, the road was onger in both distance and time. but it was easier to lose any cop cars who would pursuit them if they had to because of all the corners.
  13. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    As the others had disappeared into the dust, Mateo nodded to Maria and Lyanne and the three of them ran after the other the people. Mateo jumped into the first car he could find. It only took him a couple minutes longer then Violet and Silvan before the engine started up. Maria sat down next to Mateo as Lyanne sat down in the back. “Is everyone in a car?” he asked. Lyanne made sure everyone was seated in a car before she nodded at her uncle and he pressed the gas.

    As soon as Mateo drove away Lyanne was no longer close enough to keep up the dust cloud and it became clear for the police they had slipped past. Quickly Lyanne came to action this time making a deep hole before the entrance of the parking lot.

    The cars standing close to the entrance where swallowed into the earth some others drove right into it, unable to stop on time. For a moment Lyanne thought they had managed to escape but, of course, it wasn’t that easy because as soon as they had turned around the corner she could sirens follow them. “Don’t worry, I got this,” Mateo said as sped up the car zigzagging through the different streets.

    Then he suddenly stopped in a side street. “Step out hurry,” he said as he jumped out of the car and ran in the direction of another car. Hurried Lyanne and Maria followed him as Mateo broke into the other car and tinkered on it a bit in order to drive away with it. Just when they drove out of the street a lot slower now. Lyanne could hear the police enter the street. “Stay low,” Mateo called as he drove them to safety.

    Just as the car with Lyanne, the police also got an eye on the other two cars and started chasing them with their sirens on. People jump out of the way as much as they can in order to let the police through.
  14. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    As the care in which the trio were was continuing on its road Viola would spot the other car. ''Oi. Where is that car going?'' She said as she looked at the car of other demigods take off in a different direction, noticing cars following it. ''Welp. Here's for hoping that they make it out alive.'' She commented.

    Despite them not initially having any police behind their tracks at the start their road to the church did not go as smoothly as one could have hoped, as there were some roadworks made on the most direct path. As they spent a moment thinking on where to turn the time was cut short as sirens were heard coming from their right. ''Well, shit. Off we go.'' The driver mother said as she quickly put her foot on the pedal as the car started moving. They took as quick of a turn to the left towards one of the alleyways, driving as fast she can, occasionally sounding the car's horn when ever there were pedestrians in front of her.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  15. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    There was nothing else the twins could do. Once the cars started, the both of them went to the back seat and waited patiently for something else to happen. Silvan looked out the window, he was in the car that Mariah was driving. The boy took a deep breath, wait to arrive at the church. "Try going through the smaller allies and streets, there tends to not be many cameras there and much less traffic." Silvan casually suggested.

    Violet was in the car that Viola's mother was driving in, she had made sure to bring Alex for the ride. Violet proceeded to take Alex's phone and looked at it. The girl decided to go text the priest about the troubles they were having. She just texted a panda and three red hearts, pretty random but it should send the message just fine. Once done, she undid the phone into a bunch of pieces, promising Alex that she'll repair and even upgrade the phone when given the chance.

    Riley was the last to get into Mateo's car. She was a bit anxious, not being in the same car as the two twins. "Let's go," Riley commented just when Mateo drove off. She was just a little bit anxious that they were just this close to being caught by the police. A very anxious feeling. Once the car stopped, she quickly opened the door to allow whoever was in the backseat to get out as well. The lady waited for the soldier to start the next car, stepping into the back seat a second time.
    She managed to calm down, taking a small book from her purse to at least pretend to read while the police were getting near.
  16. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    There weren't that many police cars after then, especially when they had to divide to chase the three cars at the same time. There were, however, a lot of blockages being developed at the end of the cities and at the various highways. So while it's likely that the police would lose the getaways after a few turns, they were really hoping to trap them into the city and eventually find them. So there wouldn't be any backup, no additional police officers hopping into their cars in hopes of cutting them off at the next intersection. Most of them were already in the process of locking down the city.
  17. Mariah nodded as she followed the suggestion of Silvan, even though she was planning do take that route already, as the siren of a police car was heard, she cursed a little underneath her breath. "Leon, do you have a gun with you? or you think you can find a gun in the car to take that police car out?" she asked as Leon nodded and went to search for a gun in the car, luckily enough, he found one in the hidden compartment in the dashboard and checked its magazine. it was a fairly standard pistol it had a full magazine so 14 bullets left as he reattached the magazine and went to lean out of the car to shoot at the tires of the cop car, after 3 shots, he manged to hit the right tire of the car, causing the cop car to make a sudden move to the right onto a parked car, wrecking its own front and engine, unable to move again as Leon went to sit back into the car "thats done.. Silvan, you said there were camera's right? then it might be a good idea to switch cars anytime soon" he suggested as Mariah went to drive into a back-ally and stopped the car beside a fairly old but easy to steal car as she and Leon got out
  18. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    The car that Viola was in continued driving as fast as they can in a crowded street, often needing to slow down and let the police car behind them pretty often close in on them. The amount of cars that are in the streets was frustrating, as they forced the car to go slow when turning and over and over again get almost caught, because otherwise they would more likely crash to a car. The speed of the cars wasn't the most exhilarating, but then again neither was the situation of being chased.

    After a while Viola gets an idea. ''Oi, I've got an idea! Once we get lucky and get some distance between us and the police car stop the car.'' She said, holding her gun in her hand. After a moment the moment that Viola was waiting for occurred. Mom stopped the car once enough distance arrived, and Viola quickly opened her window to peak through, noticing the ringing and flashing police car that was driving towards them. She took aim at the car, and shoots at the car with the only bullet left in the pistol. The bullet flew right into its target - one of the front wheels - which resulted in the police car quickly losing its balance and sliding to the side, rather quickly bumping and crashing into one of the cars on the side. ''Well done. That's dealt with finally.'' Mother said as Viola took once more seat and closed the window as the car started going once more, being finally freed from their assailant. They now started their straight road to the church once more.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2019
  19. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Lyanne seated next to Riley in the backseat tried to keep as low as possible. While Mateo got them to the church. Mateo stopped the car a couple streets away from the church in a side street. “Ok, we need to walk the last part just to be sure, I will go first with Riley, Maria will you follow with Lyanne?” he asked as he looked over his shoulder to the other people in the car. Maria nodded shortly.

    “Ok tried to act as normal as possible, remember not to go to the safe place if you are not hundred percent sure no one is following you,” Mateo warned as he stepped out of the car. “We will do, see you soon,” Lyanne answered. "Wait till I or Riley send the safe sign," Mateo said making sure they knew the protocol. "I know what to do," Lyanne said.
  20. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    The megachurch stood right in the middle of the city, where it's the busiest. There were several car packs just for the church and it even had its own gift shop and even credit union. More like a big business than an actual church, but it's completely tax exempt. Actually, some people are pushing for the gift shop at least to be recognized as a business by the very least, but the church is lobbying against it. Very heavily.

    The head priest saw the text message just a few seconds after Violet had sent it. This day was coming... He stood up from his office and proceeded to walk to the back entrance. The man unlocked the doors then proceeded to unlock the doors at the front entrance.


    Once the car stopped, Silvan quickly stepped out, walking right to the old car. This one would definitely be pretty easy to steal. He walked right to the car and opened the front door. The boy took about five seconds to force the car to start then stepped back to allow Mariah to drive the car.
    "This one is not in good shape, the engine mixes the car oil with gasoline creating a blue smoke." He added.


    "That was so cool." Alex looked back, seeing just how accurate Viola was with the gun. He'll never wager that something like that could be achieved at the first try, especially not in a moving car. Alex showed a bit more excitement then what was appropriate at the situation. After a short while, Violet looked forward to seeing that they were almost a the church. There were quite a lot of cats since the area is generally busy but almost no cars at the car packs.
    "Alright good, we're here," Violet commented immediately.


    "Right," Riley replied she proceeded to exited the car. "Just act normal, don't rush," Riley replied, she took a deep breath. The lady walked with Mateo, towards the church. No one had paid any attention to them and there weren't any police or security guards in sight. Everything seems to be going relatively smoothly for the most part. She continued to walk, right until she got to the front door. The lady took a deep breath and pulled it open, it's already unlocked.

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