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Distance heritage

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Blue winter rose, Sep 16, 2018 at 8:59 AM.

  1. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Saturday evening first week of school Place: local Highschool

    It was Saturday evening at the local high school, in an English classroom, Thomas is helping to put the tables back in the right position. The meeting of the single parent club (SPOSC) just ended and his father along with some more parents and other teens were also putting back the chairs and tables in the right position. Maria Jones was walking around in the midst of that to make sure everyone got an invitation to the annual BBQ. Officially every year it was supposed to be organised by someone else but, Maria was already organising it for at least 7 years.

    As long as Thomas can remember they met every Saturday-evening. Some people joined up in those years some people left. Like a normal club for single parents. Even Thomas never knew it was different until his father finally told him the truth. Originally the parents spoke alone without the children but, when Thomas turned 18 he was allowed to join as well, like every demigod that turned 18. He never really said much though during the meetings. Only when someone asked him something, what they rarely did, but it a was good feeling to hear first hand how their situation is. True most of the younger teenagers also got some information but, it wasn’t the same.

    Lyanne sat at a table in the lunchroom of the school. Some other underaged members of SPOSC were attending some sort of after-school curriculum, varying from dancing to basketball and most of them that weren’t were gathered in the lunchroom. Lyanne honestly only came because her mother insisted. Some of the other teenagers were nice enough though but, some of them weren’t and she didn’t want to talk to them. She would prefer to be in the meeting with her aunt though, it wasn’t that she didn’t trust her, it just bothered her that they were talking behind her back about her safety. As if she couldn’t deal with it. She listened by the door once though, when her aunt had caught her, the normally loving, soft-spoken woman had become so angry it had scared Lyanne. That wasn’t really the reason she never tried again, it was the worry she had seen in her aunt's eye.

    @Lil Proton with Silvan Odion Sultan(15) and Violet Odion Sultan(15) (children of the goddess of creation)
    @JelleTheTanker with Leon Wood(18) (Son of the god of wars and stars)
    @DestrixGunnar with Tristan Langton(16) (son of the god of sea and ocean) and Danielle Lavitt (16) (daughter of the god of stars and wars)
    @Blue winter rose with Thomas Eliot wanderer(20)(son of the goddess of life and nature) and Lyanne Jones (17)(daughter of the goddess of earth)
    @Alissa Ming with Layna McKnight(18) (daughter of the timekeeper)
    Possibility for adding more characters
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018 at 12:56 AM
  2. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton


    The schools were mostly empty at this point, which is good considering that Silvan doesn't really enjoy being among company as much. He really doesn't like being among company at all for that matter actually so he's not in any sort of clubs at all. It's not like anyone can force him to be more sociable no matter how much people wanted to try. So every Saturday evening, he remained at his usual spot without anyone to bother him at all. Right on top of the school where the view of the town is as clear as it can be. The air's pretty cool way up on top of the school and people rarely ever get the roof. In fact, Silvan found the stairway to the roof by accident and he's been sneaking up there every since whenever he had the opportunity to.

    He knows when to get down of course. On Saturdays, the meeting always ended around the same time and he always made sure to be in the hallway before people started looking at him. The boy gazed right at his watch for a moment to keep in track with the time. Everything seems to be just fine for now. A couple of leaves floated past him, there seemed to be light breeze coming from the south. It could explain the light chill he's feeling.


    Buzz....Buzz....Buzz.... A drone flew around the school in the most obnoxious way possible. Getting surprisingly close to random people only to miss the direct collision by the last second. And who else to cause such a chaotic problem other then the very Violet herself? The girl ran right after the drone, with the control in her hand. She often enjoys playing with the toy a little bit too much but it's the least dangerous thing there is for her to do. The girl has gotten involved in a lot of dangerous things due to boredom and a toy drone is her adoptive parent's way of insuring the school doesn't blow up from a little accident. She was running right through the hallway, until she finially made it to the cafeteria. There, the girl stopped, proceeding to fly the drone around the wide area, taking full advantage.

    Buzz...Buzz...Buzz. The drone continued to buzz around, almost missing certain people by a few seconds though Violet didn't mind. Ms. Sultan heard the buzzing a could of times when the girl ran pass the English room. She could almost hear the angry teacher complains of the hyperactive youth running through the school. But... it's better then hearing the complaints from the firefighters when the school is half burnt to the ground. Besides, Violet is just annoying people she isn't really hurting anyone.
  3. DestrixGunnar

    DestrixGunnar With blood and rage of crimson red,

    Tristan say alone at the corner of the lunchroom, reading one of his many novels. He's nearing the end and doesn't want to be a disturbed. Everywhere else people were playing and being noisy. At least here the noise was kept to a minimum. He is so engrossed in his book that he was practically in a different world entirely. If any of his friends were around, he wouldn't have noticed. Not even when his best friend, Danielle, walked in after finishing a game of basketball.

    She's looking for Tristan but she fails to spot him way at the back with his face down looking at the book he's reading. She does however notice Lyanne sitting alone. Lyanne is her senior by one year. Danielle would love to call her a friend but she isn't too sure about where she stands in Lyanne's eyes but seeing as there's nothing else to do she approaches her.

    "Hey," Danielle sits across from her. "What's up?" May not sound like the most natural way to start a conversation but it's all Danielle could do.
  4. JelleTheTanker

    JelleTheTanker New Member

    Leon was also there at the meeting, the same reason as Thomas was here. Being older than 18 years. Leon was extremely silent, and he didnt say more than was needed. His mother: Maria, was rather talk active in the meeting as all the other parents were. Leon wasnt to much fan of the meetings since it had alot of people. But he kind of liked it since he now was there to hear and see what his mother and all the other parents were doing and talking during those meetings
  5. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Thomas walked over to a table to put it in the right place in the classroom. When his father noticed him, lifting up the table he walked right over. “Let me help you.” he offered. “No dad, really I can do it alone,” Thomas answered a bit too aggressive than he wanted to. “Ok, fine I don’t help then.” Eliot said walking away. Thomas felt bad for acting out like that but, it was kind of annoyed by the way his father tried to protect and help him all the time. They did make progress, a couple years ago, he would just take the table out of Thomas’ hands embarrassing him in front of the entire class.

    Maria scraped her throat in order to get the attention of the people around her, “Can everyone mail me what you are going to bring for the annual BBQ before tomorrow, that would be very nice.” She said her soft voice barely hearable over the noise of the moving tables and chairs.

    “Hey, not much, how are you?” Lyanne answered the girl approaching her. Danielle was a bit weird but, Lyanne didn’t really mind. She kind of liked that actually, they are often way much nicer than the popular kids. She barely finished her words before violet came running in behind her drone. The thing flew right over her head, missing her with just an inch. “hey”, she said turning around to the younger girl. “Can you be a little more careful, please, before someone gets hurt.” She was one of the older teenagers in the cafeteria and she did feel a responsibility for their safety.
  6. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Violet made sure to insure that drone didn't completely crash right into Lyanne, she has been practising for quite a while and she really didn't want the drone to crash into someone. That can cause some slight problems. Perhaps, it's best for her to not be running around with a drone when there's a lot of people here and there, especially for too long. Since she has a tendency to be a bit excited especially when doing the same fun thing for a bit too long.
    "Okay, I'll try to calm down a little bit... Oh, Hey Lyannee and hello Danielle." Violet said, slowly proceeding to land the drone on one of the tables. She didn't need to keep wasting the battery anyways. "Hey, you've guys dated right?"

    Mrs. Riley Sultan:
    "Oh, I'll make a couple of pies and a bit of some pasta salad to go with the barbecue, It would take me all night but it would be worth it. My husband would be making the meats on site though, to insure pure freshness." Riley responded immediately. She sat down and relaxed a bit. Riley has been attending as much of these meetings as much as possible and she really hopes to one day include the twins. When they're older of course. The wording they've used has been a bit careful, after all they must to their best to hide that the kids are demigods.
  7. Alissa Ming

    Alissa Ming Wandering Storyteller

    Layna was running a little bit later than intended. Not helped by the fact that she'd left a book she needed for schoolwork in her locker. She had to stop there before heading to the classroom to help clean up. She still wasn't sure why she decided to come here today. But that was alright. She'd spend a little while here, being social, and helping to clean the school, then she'd go home and work on school work. She stopped by her locker and worked on getting it open.
    (Note: This is still a work in progress.)
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018 at 8:37 AM
  8. DestrixGunnar

    DestrixGunnar With blood and rage of crimson red,

    Danielle puts her hands in her hoodie pockets and takes a deep breath. "I'm doing really well actually. My basketball team is gonna go for a tournament soon and we're hopeful that we'll at least make it to the finals. I've been getting into archery lately which is cool. Uhm..." Danielle looks around, hoping to spot Tristan. She looks back at Lyanne. "So what have you been up to? Anything interesting happened as of la—"

    Suddenly, a drone comes whizzing by, barely missing Lyanne. Danielle frowns in anger and looks for where the drone came from and spots Violet running in with a controller in her hands. "Hey! Violet! You need to be more careful with that damn drone, you might hurt someone. If you wanna play with it, either play with it outside where there's no people or don't send the damn thing rocketing into people's faces," Danielle scolds the younger girl.

    After hearing the question asked by the girl, Danielle finds herself at a loss for words. She exchanges looks of confusion with Lyanne before looking back at Violet. "Dated? As in like, me and her together or me and her individually?"

    Danielle takes some time to think a bit more clearly. "My answer's gonna be a no either way,"
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  9. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Thomas walked through the classroom with the table in his hands. Awkwardly he stopped in front of Leo, the boy was standing right on the spot the table has to go. “Can you step aside?” he asked. The boy was a couple years younger than him. Just old enough to be on the meetings. They have talked before, but usually just during the annual BBQ though.

    “Thank you, I really appreciate that,” Maria said, smiling in the direction of Riley. “Someone else?” she asked carefully. Happy at least someone responded to her. She had tried to ask it during the meeting but, she didn’t really get it on the table and before she knew it the meeting was already ended. They did ask if someone had a question but as usual, they didn't wait long enough for Maria to actually say something. It was fine though as long as even one person did something she would already be happy.

    Lyanne watched as violet land the drone on a table. “Calm, she is already putting down the drone there is no need for scolding,” Lyanne said. “At least the thing isn’t on fire.” She wasn’t really sure if that was even possible but, she was sure Violet would be able to make it happen or at least try.

    “Hey, Violet” Lyanne greeted the girl. “No we didn’t date,” she said whilst she shook her head, “who told you that?” she added curious about who would come up with something ridiculous like that. Danielle was nice and all but, she can’t remember ever giving the slightest impression of them being something more than friends.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018 at 11:50 AM
  10. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    "Oh, I meant if you guys were in any relationships in general not with each other, but if you guys were dating, I'll totally ship. I'm supposed to do a survey on the relationships of teens and young adults in school. So far, I see that a a girl managed to have at least 3 boyfriends at the exact same time. Oh, and a boy really has a thing for 35 year old women, I should probably alert the police on that. There's also some sort of polygamy among the teachers and... a few of the popular students never dated at all. A lot of varying versions actually." Violet blabbered, she's the kind of person who can get carried away with explaining things. She's pretty capable of giving long explanations to things no body asked and often makes certain people board. The girl does sometimes try her best to not speak so often but there's times where it just slips out.

    Once the girl landed the drone, she took hold of it and removed some small chip from it. That would prevent the drone from flying, at least until she decides to put back in the chip. She looked at the two girls for a moment and took a deep breath proceeding to do her best to not be so annoying and energetic. "Sorry about the drone though" She finially added, if anything that needed to be said.


    Riley nodded and looked around a little bit more, she was curious to see who else were going to help with the barbecue. It should be a fun event for the whole family, every parent with their kids regardless of age should enjoy the food at the very least. Well, Riley knows she has trouble making certain people (Silvan) go to places they doesn't want to go. But, she's sure she can figure it out last minute.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018 at 2:55 PM
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