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One heartbeat, In one heartbeat,Aurora's life had changed, her life and changed, her woolrl had vanished. . Or perhaps, more accurately, she had vanished form her her world. A prick of her finger on a needle, a drop pf her blood falling to the marble of te floor, a harsh, cold cackle of triumph, all swirling around her body crumpled. Then a tug, sharp, firm and weightlessness, the room in the palace spinning into blur,darkness At first there had been silence, loneliness, a void of emptiness that seemed to swallow her whole.

I am going
The embrace of death,

Then, like sparks floating from a fires, she became aware of other consciousnesses flaring around her. Confusion, fear, despair pulsed from them silently into a cloud that became her only reality,

I am going to be trapped here forever,

Then, another harsh t tug that yanked her downward , plummeting into some ort of metal. A whiring around her and a series of buttons clicking,

Where in the world am I now?
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