Drakey's Characters


A shape-shifting Dragon God
Name: Elizabeth
Gender: Female
Age: N/A
Class: Automaton.
Godly Parent: N/A
Relationships: Once owned by a blacksmith, Elizabeth managed to escape.
Role: Tinkerer
Personality: Elizabeth is pretty mellow tempered, slow to joy and slow to sadness. However, her wrath is not to be trifled with. With some eclectic tendencies, Elizabeth has a horrible habit of pocketing random pieces of clockwork machinery. She derives great joy from creating small clockwork automatons of her own. These automatons are typically in the shape of an animal and are also typically found on her person at any given time. She is not trusting of most others, however, when her trust and loyalty is gained, it is a difficult thing to break.

Elizabeth stands at a grand ol' five foot ten inches. Her hair is made up of metallic strands of silver and her skin is a beautiful bronze. She is almost always wearing a leather vest with a white button up shirt underneath. She also enjoys wearing leather trousers with brown work boots. While she is a clockwork automaton, powered by a key, her creature had a feeling for flare. As such, a fire burns in the pit of her stomach, its light seeping out through the cracks of her metal skin. She is very self-conscious about this part of her anatomy and is likely to kill anyone who tries to catch a glimpse. Elizabeth, although being an automaton, is rather pleasing to the eye, with an overall hourglass shape while still being rather slim.


Elizabeth has several "pets," or rather, automatonical creations of her own. The first, of which she only has one, is a mechanical fox that follows her around everywhere. If he is not with her...then she is most definitely up to something.

Her second "pet" are the dragonflies. She has made a total of three of the little buggarts, for now at least. These automatons are rarely seen around her as the act as her eyes and ears from afar. Elizabeth is able to see through their eyes, and hear through their ears, in real time. This ability tends to freak people out as it almost seems she has a sort of omniscience.

For the time being, Elizabeth does not have a weapon to call her own.

Abilities: N/A
Combat Skills: N/A

While Elizabeth herself has no combat abilities, her fox, Ceril, can and will attack an enemy, much like a fox would.


Elizabeth is a bit of a kleptomaniac, and she has one hell of a temper that typically clouds her better judgement.

Other Skills:

Elizabeth is extremely interested in all forms of crafting.


Having been created to work at a tinkerer's shop, Elizabeth followed her master's wishes dutifully. However, she always yearned to escape as her master had been a cruel and uncompromising man. Eventually, she was able to scrounge together enough parts to make her little "pets" and something that resemble a mix between a back scratcher and a wrench. She had made this in order to be able to twist her own key at the end of everyday. Elizabeth, with the help of her little dragonflies, managed to steal her own key and escaped from her revolting master (he had some truly strange tastes that may have left her emotionally scarred).

Having escaped, Elizabeth made her way down to the Moon sector of Auroris. She is currently wandering aimlessly around the Moon Sector.

Additional Info: N/A