Atlantis - City of Dreams Dungeon

Mephisto, Ali and Artemis -Dungeon, Lion Precinct

Mephisto merely listened as the others considered the best course of action. He already knew his sister's opinion due to the fact she had left the island before. His gaze lingered on her own for a moment before he gave a nod. Her eyes like his own could just about express their inner thoughts if one studied them close enough, "No one will try to grab any of the white cloaks. Instead we have something better. A way in which to being in a few that are willing to tell us what they know."

His gaze tore from his siblings as he stared at Emerald. Some part of him disliked the idea of her getting too close to any of the white cloaked people. They could be unpredictable from time to time thinking 'God' protected them and made them fit to wash the ilk of the earth away. He attempted to make it clear with his gaze that he didn't desire for her to ever think that taking someone like this on her own was acceptable. He honestly wouldn't loose her to her own foolish pride.

"I will be leaving here well before the rest of you," Began Ali, "In doing so Mephisto will have me tailed by his second. We together will lure a follower to the docks from there we will convince them to accompany us back here to the hotel where a room has already been prepared for the subject. From there we will inquire what we need to know from the member through me."

There was good reason to do this due to Alissa being considered important by these followers. It made her uneasy to think about this but she knew all to well that it would do them well. She offered a soft smile to the room. While Artemis gave a sigh, "And I'll be in the Forbidden City seeing what the hell I can find to contain the bitch in place once we get her. Anyone want to help?"
Adran Triveron and Emerald Victoria - Dungeon

Adran's eyes widened at the plan presented to him. "Hold a moment. Ali, wouldn't it be of greater benefit to have more protection ready, just in case things go south? Claudia is exceptionally capable, but she is still only one person." He knew there were risks involved with increasing Ali's entourage, but he believed that her safety should be their first priority in this plan and is worth those risks. His eyes conveyed his full worry to her.

Emerald meanwhile had grown intrigued by the possibility of interrogation. Since Mephisto's gaze made it apparent that he didn't want her going near the white cloaks for now, she'd need another way to blow off steam. Roughing up a suspect for information sounded perfect. "You sure they'll just come clean to you? Something tells me they might need a little bit more persuading." She cracked her knuckles to emphasize her point.

Adran couldn't help but sigh under his breath as Emerald once again showed her barbaric nature. "Brute." He whispered to himself, so quiet that only those closest to him could catch a hint that he'd said anything.
Niomi and Urie
"I'll help you, Artemis. When would we be heading out?" she said, pushing off against the wall she leaned against and walked closer to Artemis, giving her respectable space. She had nothing to contribute to the meeting besides this and it pissed her off. The use of her powers were prohibited for a time, because of the dangers of what was discussed.

Urie on the other hand, pinched the back of Adran's hand when she heard his comment about Wrath. "Be nice, we can't afford to fight amongst one another right now, love. No matter how much you may dislike each other."she hissed in a hushed tone while shooting a quick glance at Niomi, who she had forgotten was even here in the first place.
Ansigar Kokinos

Ansigar sat back down in his seat and decided to listen to what Mephisto and the bunch had to say. So there is a way to turn my power off, he thought to himself. When the plan started to come together he looked at Artimis, "I'll go with you into the Forbidden City, wherever that is. I need to figure something out," he said hesitantly. Maybe she can teach me how to turn my power on and off on my own instead of her having to do it for me, he thought to himself. He got up and slunk over to Artimis and Niomi. He held up two cans of coffee and offered them to the two, "I know the effects of my power too well. Want a coffee to keep y'all selves awake?"
Mephisto, Ali, Artemis, Claudia -Dungeon, Lion Precinct

Claudia had only just rentered into the room when she heard Adran's comment, "Just put a sock in it your highness," She scoffed, "It's not like I'm that stupid of course other's are welcome to come and keep an eye out. Hell only knows how many of those white rats slink around the Lion Precinct," even she had had a few run ins with them and had even killed one to keep them quiet. She gave a sigh then moved over to Ali who smiled softly at her.

The two girls had gotten along quite well often times when they were younger playing dress up and helping each other out of strange situations that were better left unmentioned. If Ali had ended up being the Sin of Pride Claudia would have still been second. Her loyalty stretched to more than just her 'King' as she often called Mephisto. Her eyes took in the members still in the room slowly, "If you wish to tag along, Adie, your are welcome to come."

Artemis stared at the can of coffee and made a face, "I'm sure I can make it without that gunk in my system. I'll make tea when we arrive at my home," Her gaze shifted over to the other devils as she moved to lead the pair with her out, "Keep up as I don't tend to wait."

Mephisto glanced to his lover and gave a sigh, "Emerald, if you can't go near the white coats then how do you think you are going to be roughing them up?" He was like a mind reader at times he just knew what it was the others thought all too well. Even his sister's behavior stood out to him like an open book. Her back was turned slightly towards Adran and Urie. A hint of what he could only imagine was regret lingered in her large ruby colored eyes and he figured he knew why that was as well.

Ali had always loved Adran. She had loved him when they were children and even more so when they grew into adults, but he knowledge that there could only be one Sin o Pride had left her to withdraw her feelings and attempt to bury them in the dark corners of her very soul. Had this been a perfect world she would have happily been just another girl who could have sat next to Adran and enjoyed the feelings they shared. Even though she had left and attempted to fall in love with someone else it still hurt to see her first and true love being happy with someone other than her. So she chose not to see it.
Adran Triveron and Emerald Victoria - Dungeon

Adran winced, both at Claudia's barbed comment and at the pinch Urie gave to his hand. His breath hitched a little when she called him 'love'. He knew it to just be a verbal motif of hers, but today it seemed to affect him more. He gave his good friend a resigned nod at her words, she was right of course, before letting out a sigh. "I've asked you to stop calling me that, Claudia. Regardless, I think I'd be more of a hindrance on this particular mission so I'll trust in you both. It's easy enough for me to do that much." He said, giving Ali a warm and reassuring smile. Even th0ugh he had chosen t let his feelings for Ali go, at this point they were still strong in his mind.

Emerald on the other hand gave a little pout to Mephisto. "Spoilsport." She said. She threw a glance towards him, if he were a mind-reader then he'd know she was saying 'You'd better make this up to me later." Then as she looked around the room, seeing Artemis, Niomi and Ansigar already making their way out, she looked over to Lucius and Isabella and her eyes widened. "I just had an idea. Isabella, why don't you go with Alissa and Claudia to make sure the plan goes smoothly? If you're worried about Lucius, I can make sure he gets home safe."
Lucius Mammon and Isabella Rose, Dungeon, Lion

For the first time since this meeting began Isabella's ear perked up. 'Well, this is unexpected.' Just as she and her master were about to leave no less. "With all due respect, Miss Emerald. I cannot leave my master side in these, most dangerous of times, I am honored bounded to stay at his side at-"

"It's fine my Rose. You may accompany them." Almost instantly Isabella's calm and composed face turned into one of disbelief and possibly vexation. "My master? You cannot possibly just expect me to. To just leave your side even with-." Raising his hand Lucius silenced her. Greed's face didn't show any type of annoyance or anger, in fact, he thought her momentary outburst to be cute. But he wasn't letting her go just to see what reaction she would give him. "Your skills will be most advantageous in apprehending one of these 'white cloaks', every bit of help counts in this little operation. Who better than my personal Rose could handle this. " Before she could interject again Lucius added. "I know it is your life's purpose to guard me and that time apart is..... difficult. Due to certain advantages your clan has." Cupping her face in his hand as delicately as a wine glass or even admiring a flower. "Do not worry. Emerald is just as capable as you at fending off unwanted individuals."

A small sigh escaped her. "
of course, Lucius, I will do as you will." Despite her tone being none threating in the slightest and her body language as neutral as possible Lucius face seemed to grow worried. As if he had just stepped into a room of snakes. He knew what it meant when she used his name without adding 'Master' to it. 'We're going to talk later.' A whisper only he could pick up. "Well then." She addressed her new team. "Shall we be going then?" Lucius could only just stand there a smoke between his lips. 'I sometimes wonder who the master and who the servant is....Oh, fuck I'm in for a lecture.' Visibly groaning his sliding his palm over his face. "So Victor my dear, when should we be off?"
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Ansigar Kokinos
Dungeon, Lion Precinct

Ansigar followed Artimis out of the room. Opening up his coffee he took a swig. What a drag? He'd prefer to sit back and relax than search a city he'd never seen before but he needed her to help him with his powers. When this is all over I'm going to sleep for a month.
Niomi and Urie-Lion, Dungeon
Niomi shook her head with a smile. "Thanks, but I'm good. I'm actually looking forwards to Artemis' tea, priorities aside." she joked lightly before following them out of the room.

Urie glanced up at Ali when Adran turned to smile at her. It sent a sharp feeling down Urie's spine. While her feelings for Adran went widely unspoken, she felt and knew it must be so obvious to see, especially when Adran looked at Alissa with such emotion in his eyes. She knew she was in a losing fight. "Um, Claudia. Does that invitation extend towards everyone? I would like to come along with you." she smiled a saddened smile at Adran before getting up and moving over to Claudia and Ali, giving a respectful bow.
Mephisto, Ali, Artemis, Claudia -Dungeon, Lion Precinct

Claudia tilted her head slightly then looked to the Sin of Gluttony. She didn't have much information on this person which bothered her but none the less she could adjust and keep her eyes wide open, "Not a problem, you'll have to keep to the shadows and your eyes on Ali," With that she slipped her hand into Ali's and pulled her out off the room. All that would follow her were to do so then.

Artemis narrowed her gaze slightly at Ali and the group that would go with her before heading down a set of stairs hidden in the wall with her little group, "There are many ways into the Forbidden City but please keep in mind to not touch anything that draws you to it. If you get sucked into something I'm not rescuing you from your own demons. Souls are vicious beasts that will keep you held in place for many years," Her words were cryptic but the meaning rather simple. They were now in the realm where souls were held before they were reincarnated or recycled as it would be.

Mephisto sighed softly as the others parted off. Those that lingered with him would be headed to his office to check on security cameras and what not to make sure everything was still as it should be. It was always good to keep and eagle eye view of the world around him these days.
Adran Triveron and Emerald Victoria, - Dungeon, Lion

Adran had to fight to keep his composure as Urie volunteered herself for the mission to find a follower. His hand unintentionally squeezed hers in worry. "Urie, no. If Mephisto wont let Emerald go on this mission, why would he let yo-" His whispered conversation with her was cut off by Claudia agreeing to her request. He looked to Mephisto, baffled by the events unfolding, but Pride merely sat there, uncaring.

Emerald rose from her seat, tracing her fingers along Mephisto's shoulders as she passed him. "Ready when you are, Lucy." She teased Greed with a wink, looking over to Urie and the sad smile she gave Adran. Shaking her head. The poor girl couldn't see the difference in the way Envy looked at her today, Wrath had seen the man look at her with a gaze that would've made Niomi blush. Despite her dislike for the man, she hoped he'd make Urie happy, and soon. Turning back to Lucius, she beckoned for him to follow her out.

As everyone departed, only Adran and Mephisto were left behind, sitting on opposite sides of the table, it felt almost cinematic in a way. Envy's fists were clenched with worry as the others left. "Please be careful, Urie." He whispered under his breath. Looking at Mephisto, his mind replayed the entire meeting again, fully processing the information they discussed. As he did so, a question popped into his mind. "Tell me Lucius-" he threw out Pride's true name with venomous suspicion. "How long have you known about this 'God's Will', and had these recent events not taken place, were you ever planning on telling us about her?"
Mephisto -Dungeon, Lion Precinct

The devil of Pride stared at the man left with him. His gaze was sharp but softened slightly at the question the other asked. He hated his real name and not without reason. Those that carried the name Lucius were bound to keep secrets and keep them well. Leaning back in his chair he picked up his goblet of blood and drank it down, "I hoped that it would never come to anyone ever knowing about her. I don't care what you feel, Adran. Throw those emotions into the deepest sea you can find for they will do you no good right now. Remember when we were kids? We used to play without any fear of what we would become. I often wish those days would have stayed that we could have left the world behind to guide itself and even to understand itself."

Mephisto stood and made his way over to the other so they might stare at each other more eye to eye. For the most part they were alone with no one to understand what it meant for them to fight, "You know no one quite remembers why you and I became rivals. I'm sure you do as well as I do."
Adran - Dungeon, Lion Precinct

Adran stood to meet Mephisto's eyes. They were about the same height, and Envy hated being talked down too, especially by Pride. The mention of their childhoods brought back memories that were once cherished, but now only bring him pain. Him, Mephisto and Alissa, even Urie now and again when she could make it. Frolicking out by the tree of life together, kids without a care in the world. When his feelings for everyone who'd sat at that table moments ago weren't so damn complicated.

His blue eyes met with Mephisto's brown, and the leader of the devils could see the toll that Adran's sin had taken on him over the years. The effect that envy had on one's psyche was bad enough on its own, but Adran only added pain onto himself trying to keep his sin repressed, refusing to use it unless the circumstances truly called for it. The chuckle he gave to Mephisto's words was hollow, bitter.

"You know what's funny? I don't. I know that if you told me, the memory would come to the forefront, but after all these years... Well, there are so many reasons now for us to be rivals that I've forgotten the one that started it all. Maybe I'm just getting old." His long blonde hair fell into his face, partially obscuring it from Pride's view. As Adran cleared the hair from his face, the mask of normalcy returned, Envy once again looked in control. "Well, now what? I'm guessing you didn't keep me here just to reminisce on the origins of our mutual dislike for one another."
Mephisto - Dungeon, Lion Precinct

His dark red eyes pulled away from his once best friend's blue ones. It didn't matter what the past held for them now he supposed. Regret was an emotion he could still feel even if he didn't trust it to be his own any longer. His hand cupped his rival's cheek before he moved away from him, "I need your sharp eyes to keep look over some footage for oddities. I've looked at it for too long and can't seem to find the singularity in the event where Lucius' magic drops off to near nothing. I think she has changed her appearance yet again."

It was a truth he had kept to himself for the longest time now. His sight was fading. Perhaps it was just genetics but he had a feeling it wasn't which left him unsure and unwilling to let others know till he was sure. He lead the way to his office and sat down before the computer. Squinting slightly at the screen he then reached for a pair of reading glasses that allowed him to see it better with only the edges being vague blurs. Signing in he mapped to the files that held security films from all over the island. Clicking on a folder labeled Fox, he pulled up the footage from a few days ago, "Here," He stated as he stood from his seat and let Adran take a look.
Adran Triveron - Dungeon, Lion

Adran raised an eyebrow at Pride's unusually affectionate motion, following the man to his office. He had to let out a little chuckle, seeing Mepisto putting on those reading glasses. "Looks like I'm not the only one who feels the affects of age, hm?" He teased gently. Sitting down in the seat Mephisto had occupied, he poured over the footage, wondering what exactly he could diagnose as an oddity in the footage Pride had given him.

Scanning through the various camera footage around the precinct seemed to be a task that would take hours, if not days. "What kind of oddity should I be looking for here? A person we've never seen before, something out of a supernatural film like lights flickering for no reason? I'll be sitting here for days if you don't clarify."
Mephisto - Dungeon, Lion Precinct

He gave a sigh, "Anything that you would determine to be similar to what happens when we are caught on film using our magic," He was sure the distortion was there but his fading eyes didn't let him see it, "You know how visually the eyes are drawn to us. Look for something you can't seem to look at for long."

It tended to be hard for a person to not want to look at a Sin. After all they were that which drew attention naturally and at a level that even they didn't understand. He rubbed his eyes, "It's the magic, Adran. I won't be able to preform surgeries by next year if my eyes continue to deteriorate at their current rate," He needed to admit it to someone. Why not the one person who hated him the most?
Adran - Dungeon, Lion Precinct

He gave a concerned look when Mephisto admitted that his eyesight was failing. The magic was causing his old friend to go blind. Such a development would surely cost Mephisto his entire business, and if the central support is gone, the rest of Atlantis will sink with it. "Which magic specifically? Your sin's or the magic of God's Will? If it's the latter, then the sooner we deal with her, the more of your sight we can save. If it's the former, well there might be a couple of solutions we could try." He discussed.

Letting Mephisto digest his words, Adran turned back to the computer, a clear criteria in his mind. He decided the best way to find this power was to speed the footage up in each camera, and see if there was a blind spot, then investigate said blind spot more thoroughly. It was the street in front of Lucius' apartment that caught his eye. A flash of white, barely noticeable to the naked eye. Slowing the footage back down, he tried to zoom in on the flash. "What do you make of this? It looks like the figure of a woman is contained within this white void, but hardly noticeable. The citizens crossing it don't even bat an eye at this, so it's obviously trying to keep concealed from average humans. Think this might be what we're looking for?"
Mephisto - Dungeon, Lion Precinct

He tilted his head to the side slightly as he thought about Adran's words, "It's my sin's magic," He states after some time, "Mom said she lost something she used to love to do or relied on to get her through her days without going insane. It seems to be the curse of pride. You will eventually loose that you need to keep your sanity."

It was true. Without his sight Mephisto was an irrational man that would kill any that he wasn't sure he could trust after all the normally found it in the eyes of the person before him if he could trust them or not. If he could no longer see he couldn't be curtain of those around him. He ran a hand through his hair before he leaned forward over Adran's shoulder to see what he was pointing at. Indeed. That was the woman or rather child, "She hasn't gained a lot of magic yet so she will continue to look younger than normal. If you can blow that image up and send it to everyone concerned. It will allow them to keep an eye out."
Adran Triveron - Dungeon, Lion

Adran nodded, both to Mephisto's exposition on his increasing blindness and to his instructions regarding the God's Will. He took a screenshot and began to email it to himself. "I'll start sending this out once I'm back in my own district. Strange that such a force would let itself blend into society like this."

He stood and arched his back, letting the sound of bones popping ring in his ears before turning back to Mephisto. "Have you considered stepping down from the role of pride as a way to save your eyesight? It would be easy to accomplish now that the other candidate for the mantle is back in Atlantis. Rivals you and I may be, Mephisto, but I've no desire to see you go blind and mad." He said, his subconscious retaining hope for a chance of him and Alissa being able to coexist again.
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Mephisto - Dungeon, Lion Precinct

Mephisto stared down at his enemy, "No. I wouldn't ever desire her to loose that which she relies on the most. If you wanted to spend your days with her you should have moved sooner," He informed him softly, "If I can I'll take the magic with me to the grave."

Moving away he rubbed the back of his neck slightly and gave a light sigh. Alissa deserved to be free from this island as much as anyone else. He had no desire to tie her here where she couldn't leave for any reason and had to make sure the peace was kept as well as much more. Sitting down on the couch he leaned back staring up at the ceiling.