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"In another world, an army gathers. One of great power. One that we can not hold off with our current crisis ongoing. I want you to stop it from happening."

The Multiverse is getting more and more complicated. While The Melding has pulled together many universes, interweaving and interlocking them together, another event threatens to pull several apart, leaving them vulnerable to invasion. These incidents, while seemingly unconnected, tie together due to the worlds involved.

If one is pulled apart, it could cause a domino effect. Armies of robots clashing with the dead. Gods warring with each other. Innocents put to the sword as warmongering forces clash.

Secretly, representatives from these two different situations meet in order to maintain order between their two worlds, and prevent a great catastrophe from happening.

Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest
Fire Emblem
The Legend of Zelda
Kid Icarus
Monster Hunter

Name: (What it says)
Age: (If you don't know, either make your best guess or say "unknown")
Canon: (What work you're from.
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: (You can link to the wiki)
Fantasy or Smash: (For franchises listed in the above spoiler, you can list it as either/or, since they would be affected by both disasters. However, I would like two and two.)
Other Info: (Anything I forgot or that you wish to add goes here)

If you have any questions on who's eligible for fantasy representation, just let me know. I'm pretty lax about it.​


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So, can any character be considered? Or are there limits? I’m sort of confused here.​


The Devil You Know

Name: (What it says): Caleb Widogast (Born Bren Aldric Ermendrud)
Age: 33
Canon: (What work you're from): Critical Role, Campaign 2
Fantasy or Smash: Fantasty
Other Info:He has a familiar named Frumpkin.
Also @amwexia, there are other open rps. ( Currently Ice and Ruin just started if you are looking for smash rps and there are others opening up soon, so do stick around if you are interested in fandom)


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The Convergence Series GM

Name: Shiki
Age: Unknown (she doesn't remember the year)
Canon: Samurai Shodown
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Powers/Weapons
Fantasy or Smash: Fantasy/Smash
Other Info: None

Yun Lee

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The Convergence Series GM

Name: Leon
Age: 25
Canon: Pokemon: Sword and Shield
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: A perfectly normal human (save for a terrible sense of direction), but travels with his partner Pokemon Charizard. Charizard is able to fly and knows the following moves:
Fire Blast: A fiery inferno that blasts hard and could possibly inflict a burn.
Air Slash: A speedy slash that can slice through the sky itself.
Solar Beam: A powerful beam that needs to charge power from the Sun in order to use
Ancient Power: A prehistoric attack that uses rocks to damage opponents

Carries with him plenty of potions to heal up Charizard if the going gets rough. They don't work on humans, though.
Fantasy or Smash: Smash
Other Info: Taken from before the events of the game​