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Open Duskbound (A Dark Fantasy Roleplay)[SU/Recruitment Thread]


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"They scour the lands, plaguing it with their presence and reaping the only thing they know how to do – devouring humans. Disgusting beings, these ‘monsters’ or ‘demons’ are. Where they come from is unknown. Recorded in mankind’s history as being devils or a way to ‘cleanse’ our world from humans according to some religions. These beings cannot be reasoned with, nor tamed, and whether they produce any sort of benefit to the world is unlikely. Judging my notes, I can come to the conclusion that their sole reason for existence is nothing more than to burden mankind with their presence and to eat our children until their gluttonous stomachs can eat no more."

- Father Joseph

The country of Arandia would be so considered by many people, an ideal place to start a life. Great weather, decent politics, and it has been relatively neutral in terms of wars for many years. With a temperate climate, the weather can change here and there depending on where someone ravels to within the country. Vast forests, mountain ranges, and fantastic coastlines fill the province, and can be great for travellers and adventurers of the like. Despite this seemingly pleasant facade on the surface, not everything is what it seems.

The city of Ivesburg. A large, dark, dreary, gloomy town that is fun as it is lawful. Located towards the northern part of the country, its weather can be rather bipolar at times. Sometimes sunny, with an added amount of rain and the occasional chilly weather. The citizens of this city have persevered and learned to work with they have. Its numerous businesses that help the city function and tick properly, with anything from bakeries to cafés, to street-vendors that can be found here, alongside a farm located just outside the city. The streets for the most part are clean and well kept (save for certain parts of districts of course), with some trees planted about to add some green as well as a few street lamps to keep the city well lit in the evening. Although the city itself may seem okay at first, upon living here it becomes clear there is something much more sinister going on. The Mayor of the city, Donol, prides himself in making the city run to his liking, and it goes without saying, he doesn’t care what other people think. With Ivesburg currently undergoing its “Witch Trials”, that is finding and executing those practicing magic and witchcraft outside the Church of Dawn, it is safe to say that Donol takes no chances to ensure his city is well whipped. Although with good intentions, Donol himself is not a bad person, just a bit too ambitious for his own good. If anything, his son Dimeris is the truly wicked one, calling the shots behind the scenes, convincing and coaxing his father to regulate the city in ways he deems fit. Going from door-to-door to houses and businesses often collecting unpaid tax money, or simply abusing his power, the man is not liked by many. In fact, he is best known for ‘supposedly’ framing those who he doesn’t like, in an attempt to have grounds to punish them. His disdain for poorer people and the middle class in general is well known, and he expressing this disgust openly. Speaking of classes, the city can be divided into these areas, otherwise known as districts:

The Bunberry District
This is where the wealthy or noble citizens reside. Located on the northern end of town, this area is generally smaller than the other districts, comprised of large manors and gated communities. Although not uncommon to see non-wealthy citizens around here, there is not much to do other than look at houses or simply take a walk around.

The Hive District
The largest of all districts. The Hive is the name given to the entire district of this city. This district houses everything such as businesses, residential neighborhoods, and the local church is also located here. This district is the one area anyone can be seen at because of the multitude of things to do. The blacksmith is also located here, as well the theatre where actors will perform and participate in plays for the public to enjoy. The central market place is usually the busiest in this district, where street-vendors will be located alongside smaller businesses and children playing around near the city fountain. It also in this central marketplace where Mayor Donol will make announcements and often execute or hang criminals for everyone to watch.

The Willows
The worst district in Ivesburg. Here is where the poorer citizens reside. Although some areas in this neighborhood are not that bad, much of it is filled with crime and shady activity. Generally speaking, the people here do not make much money and some are pushed into this district when they cannot pay enough to keep living in the other districts. Rumors also state that a certain powder-like drug known as Salva is also being made here and distributed.

The Outfields
Although outside the city, it is still technically a part of the city due to its location. Here is where the farmland is located, where crops grow and the local farm produce for businesses and vendors to buy and sell. There is also a mine located out here, where the miners work. It should also be noted that there is a cemetery located out here. Other than that, there is not much else here, and it is essentially this area that cuts off Ivesburg from the rest of the world. What lies beyond, is a grassy landscape with few trees littered about.

Preying upon people, and ultimately capable of wiping out humanity, Demons are considered to be the absolute worst form of life in the world. They are also widely regarded as Monsters by a majority of the population, because of their often grotesque appearances that don't depict common animals. Their history is shrouded in mystery as it is unknown when exactly they appeared in the world, however some documents state that they originally showed up after humanity made their mark, whilst others claim they have been here before humanity. However, they have had an impact on humans’ bloody history, terrorizing, hunting, and eating anyone or anything they come across. Although for the most part, they thrive in the wilderness, they are the main reason why many people do not venture out alone. They are not however, invincible. Like any living being, Demons can be killed, although it may require a bit more effort than a simple mountain cat, and may require more than one person. Like animals, Demons often have species as well. It is not known how they reproduce, however, it is a generally known fact that they do reproduce in some manner or another.

An organization within the city, the teachings from the Dawn Church extend across the country of Arandia. Well-known, and rather respected (at least by most people), members of this religious organization practice the art of performing “Miracles”, otherwise known as "Magic". Although some people consider them to be a sort of cult and actually practice witchcraft, the church has stated that their miracles only help people. Supposedly ‘healing’ illnesses, curing sicknesses, diseases and also fending off demons and spirits with magical attacks, their claims are still murky. However, they are a generally peaceful bunch, rarely resorting to violence for any reason. Many of the members are willing to help those out in need, and do not except payment unless it is a donation to the church itself. Father Jospeh, the founder of the church, preaches that The Creator originally intended for Demons to walk this earth, however, upon seeing how wretched and ugly the beasts had become, The Creator created humans to dispose of the beasts. Although many people agree with Father Joseph in that demons must be rid of, many find his preaching too be a bit much.

It should also be noted, that disciples of the Church of Dawn are able to use Magic. Magic is dangerous, and volatile in nature and must be used with caution. They are also given access to the library which not only has books on Magic, and how to use it, but also books on history. This is where a lot of information is passed on through the city, in regards to the world. It should be noted, reading books on Magic is not permitted by outsiders, however, the public is free to use the general studies section of the library. Learning magic is a difficult, gruelling process, and is not for the faint of heart. It can take years just to learn one spell and sometimes even longer to master it.

Note: Members of the Dawn Church are the exception to the Mayor's Executions. The Mayor does not like criminals, and those who practice magic that are not apart of the Church.

As mentioned before, Magic is a dangerous thing. Not only can it be used to inflict harm, but it can be taken advantage of. Likewise, Magical books and teachers are hard to find, and as such, restrictions are set in place to ensure information on the arcane does not fall in the wrong hands. Firstly magical books are usually in the confines in libraries or offices of sorts. Magic is considered to be a privileged practice, and as such, many lesser people would never get a chance to even read a book of that nature. Secondly, learning magic on one's own in incredibly challenging. Many people would often need to seek someone who also knows about the practice and is willing to teach. And thirdly, Magic is not able to be performed by everyone. Although this one is a more natural restriction, majority of people would never be able to do any sort of Magic, even if they studied for years. This is solely because many people believe that Magic is an internal attribute, and is dependant on many factors that are not as black and white as many people believe them to be, such as personal traits, mindset, etc. Magic can be combined into these categories:

Offensive: Offensive magic includes all spells that inflict some sort of damage directly. Examples of this include a standard Fireball spell, etc. Essentially if it will harm someone or something, then it counts as Offensive Magic.

Defensive: Magic in this category includes spells that don’t do damage. Generally speaking, Defensive Magic usually fall under one of two criteria: 1) The spell protects the user or someone else from harm 2) The spell will incapacitate someone or something without directly harming them. Examples of each could include some sort of barrier than ward off foes, or a spell that may stun a foe.

Healing/Miracle: Healing magic is also referred to as Miracle Magic by some in the world, especially religions. Doctors often use this to help with their medicine, and treat their patients. It is fairly straightforward, in the sense that this type of Magic heals the user or target, or helps ailments. Please note, no Healing Magic will ever 100% repair wounds or damages. Same goes for illnesses. It is not always possible to cure diseases through magic.

Support: Support magic is anything that does not fall under the above categories. Examples of Support Magic include reinforcing an object, blessings, to possibly even some sort of combat boost. Examples of each can include possibly reinforcing an iron arrow to become stronger, or a blessing spell to keep someone awake or even sleep for that matter.

It takes a lot of effort to perform Magic. Energy to perform Magic is not indefinite, and one can get tired very easily from it. Likewise, it can also be fatal to keep performing magic when your body is not complying with it.

If you haven’t guessed it already, your character starts off in the city of Ivesburg. What your character does is up to you, whether they are some sort of laborer, performer, etc, its your decision. In terms of the setting of the RP itself, I would say it is stuck somewhere in your typical fantasy/medieval era. With that said, I should note that this roleplay is not heavily focused around combat or fighting, but more so interaction between characters and story progression. Obviously there will be combat, but please do not sign up and expect there to be fighting right off the bat. This story will start off in Ivesburg and build upon there. The characters will eventually be leaving the town, so be prepared for that.

And one more thing: To make things a bit easier, and flow better, I am going to be splitting this roleplay into ‘chapters’. For example, we will start in
Chapter 1 obviously, and when the little bit of plot is done for that chapter, we can just move on to the next chapter. This is done for these reasons:

1. If people want to find a specific post, they can simply find the post that started the chapter and search it from there rather than keep going through pages
2. Easier to transition between certain situations and cut between events
3. Easier to focus on the plot, since each chapter will have their own clear sub-plot
4. Keeps things clear and concise by focusing on a chapter at a time
5. It allows for players to create their own chapters, where everyone can partake in

Rules + World Rules

1. All Forum Rules Apply
2. This is a rather darker roleplay, so I guess I rate it “m” for all the usual stuff (swearing, some gore, adult themes). Please don't abuse this, and use it as an excuse to swear excessively or be crude or vulgar. I rated it this, to give a bit more freedom with writing.
3. No godmodding. As said before, this is not an RP about fighting, but make the fighting realistic. If your character got hit, make sure you describe they actually got hit and not just shook it off like it was nothing ( a punch to the face does hurt).
4. No having multiple characters
5. Magic is only available to characters who practice it. Not everyone has access to it, and not everyone has the aptitude to perform Magic, even if you study it. Magical aptitude is dependant on the person themselves. If your character knows any Miracles, make sure it isn't overpowered. Things such as bringing back the dead, stopping time, moving mountains, etc are forbidden. With that said, if I find that your magic is overpowered, then I will let you know. A character who does not know magic, should still be able to kill one who does. Magic is not some invincibility barrier.
6. No bunnying other characters without permission. However, something I do allow, is for you to bunny my character if you need to (you don’t have to ask me, unless you think it is something out of the ordinary for my character to do).
7. Not really a rule, but please give me critique if you don’t like something. For example, if you guys absolutely hate the whole chapter thing, then please let me know and I will most likely scrap it. With that said, if you have an idea for a chapter or want to have one revolving around your own character or whatever, please let me know.
8. Once again, not really a rule, however, I should note that this roleplay is not based around any existing franchise of the sort. It is simply my own creation.

The Sign-Up Sheet

(Straightforward. A First name and middle or last name (if they have one)).

(Age doesn’t generally doesn't matter in this roleplay. Could play as an old man, middle aged woman, etc. Just have it make sense please.)

(Again, straightforward.)

(Good description of your character. Picture does not substitute for writing. Only human characters.)

(Explain their personality. Their traits, habits, how they behave etc.)

(Probably the most important section. Detail anything here, from their origins, social class/status, occupation, family, or anything else that would fit in here.)

(This is optional. List out magic that your character has, if they have any. Max 2 for now)

(Your character will be getting a weapon, as per story. Choose a basic one for now. They don't have to start off with it as the RP begins, unless they have good reason to. As I said before, the story will give them a weapon anyways per plot).

(Anything else you want to add?)


I will only be accepting about 4-6 players or so, mostly because I don't want to be overwhelmed with so many players/participants. But this will not be first come first serve, but rather, I will be picking based upon how well the characters are written, and if they would be a good fit. But if there seems to be more interest and people want in, then I will try to accommodate


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Here is my SU!:

All done my character! :) I

Hainer Adhan Moradi



Hainer stands tall, being a few inches above 6 feet at around 6'3". Working in a local mill and the docks by the lake from a young age, has given Hainer a rather strong and muscular build at around 14.5-15 Stone, give or take. His hair is black and incredibly short, with the sides of his hair being very short, almost cut right to the skin. He is generally clean shaven on the face, rarely growing out his beard. In terms of imperfections, there are no real or overbearing blemishes or acne on his face, however, he has one long scar that extends from his left eye, to the side of his head due to an accident when he was younger. His eyes are dark in colour, and his skin is swarthy.

Working as a Guard of Ivesburg, Hainer can often be seen in his work clothes. Although he does indeed have 'informal' clothes that he wears when he's not working, on most days he can be seen with his work uniform. He wears a standard long sleeved red tunic on his upper body, with a silver-plated breast plate that goes on top of his chest, with a silver fauld. His top look is finished with silver wrist gauntlets, and a belt that goes around the fault where he carries around his city-issued sword attached to the holster on his belt. For his bottoms, he wears brown-coloured trousers with a lighter shade of brown for boots.

Growing up working in different labour jobs, Hainer understands the discipline needed to work hard, and more importantly, to make a living. This is usually made apparent in his day to day life, where he generally helps out people who need it. Whether it be running an errand for someone, or helping elderly folk with something. He enjoys sparking up conversation with random people, and more often than not, gives people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to certain things. Because of this, there have been many times when he has been ripped off, or has the wool pulled over his eyes and taken advantage of. Despite this, it can be said that he is a rather just person by nature when it comes down to it, especially when it comes to his job. For example, dealing with people everyday, he definitely runs into a few bad apples who break the law. He will try to deal consequences accordingly on his own, depending on the situation.

Hainer is generally a logical person, however, he can be rattled easily if one were to push the right buttons. He often gets into physical altercations with those who act disrespectful, or otherwise are looking for a fight. Although this happens more so when he's working, there have been several times where certain townsfolk will probe or egg him on when he's off shift, in an attempt to rile him up. Because of this, he tends to stay to himself most of the time, his only friends really being the other guardsmen.

If its another major fault that Hainer has, is his ability to follow orders without question. Although this may not sound all that bad, it is worth noting that he will follow the orders of his superiors without asking too many questions, simply considering it to be apart of his job. For example, if he were to give someone a warning for stealing, and his superior stepped in and commanded him to throw the suspect behind bars, then he would generally go with his superior's orders. Although he does disagree with the Mayor and the local government in general at times, he understand that he needs to perform his job.

All in all, Hainer does strive to be a good citizen, and does take his work seriously. Although he can find it hard to distinguish the line at times, it would be lying to say that his personality doesn't leak through to both his work and personal life more often than not. This is something he has been working on, and needless to say, is harder than it sounds.

Hainer has a lived a very average life. His father and mother came to Ivesburg from an eastern nation over 30 years ago as a young couple, where they settled down in their new home, accompanied by his mother's younger sister (Hainer's Aunt). His father quickly found work at the local lumber mill, where Hainer would find himself often spending his days there doing whatever his father told him to do, whether that be chopping some wood, moving wood pieces, etc. Whatever he could muster up to keep his son busy. His mother had left when he was just a young boy, which meant that if Hainer wasn't outside playing with other kids, he was at work where his father could keep an eye on him. It was at this mill that Hainer would be spending much of the next phase of his life, before alternating between the two jobs and also working at the lakeside docks whilst doing work at the mill. Tough labour work definitely shaped his work ethic to what it is today, knowing the value of working hard to earn a living.

It wasn't until around reaching adulthood, where his father would succumb to a disease. Despite his father having many brothers and sisters, they did not live within close distance, leaving Hainer's Aunt, Mariam his only family. It was around this phase, where Hainer fell into some hard times, trying to grasp and navigate the world on his own. It took a bit of adjusting, but the days of working in the mill and docks never felt the same once his father had passed, and thus pursued something different, leading him to work as a Guard of Ivesburg. Not only did he find the work to be more rewarding, the extra coin he was making definitely improved the quality of life for him and his Aunt, as the days of working long sweaty hours was behind him. As of right now, he lives with his Aunt in a small house by the edge of town.

Talents and Weaknesses

  • He is rather skilled with a sword
  • Has rather good perceptive skills, and problem-solving

  • Can be easily riled/hot-headed
  • Does not know any magic

He carries around the standard-issued sword that the guards of the city use.

Hainer is the name given to him by his mother, and that's the name he is generally known by. Adhan is also his name, and was given to him by his father. His mother's current whereabouts is unknown, even to Hainer and his Aunt.
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@JSJ_2000 I have a question, could I reuse my old character for this? I really enjoyed the first time doing this - and would like to continue, if possible! Let me know :emoji_blush:


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Name: Fatima Lennox
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Appearance: Fatima is a well-built woman, standing at 5’11”, adorning a muscular frame which was built over years of helping at her father’s shop—Lennox Smithing & Alchemy. She has a mixed complexion, giving her pale and darkened skin tones over the seasons that come and go. Fatima inherited her mother’s dark blue eyes that appear more violet and her father’s thick, black hair; which is always tied in a braid with a headscarf to wrap it up in.

Over time, of error and success, Fatima earned multiple scars on her arms, hands, and face. She adorns multiple piercings in each ear. She opts for casual clothing, more so the kind that’s hardly loose and out of the way when she works. Besides her piercings, she doesn’t wear any other accessories. Beneath her exterior, Fatima also has a large ink back piece that’s mostly covered by her long shirts and work attire.

Fatima is hardly seen without dirt and grime clinging to her clothing or face. Though she cleans up when the occasion calls for it. Working as a blacksmith and alchemist, she hardly has time for trivial things that would concern those who care more about their appearance than their work.

Personality: Because of her work, Fatima is a conversationalist when the time calls for it. Although she’s not entirely reserved, she is about important aspects of her life, like her parents or whether she has any family left. She’s a humorous, kind, and well-respected figure in the Hive—as they call it. Fatima is like everyone’s long, lost Auntie that can turn any ruffian into disposed trash.

Fatima wears her emotions on her sleeve. She likes to be upfront and brutally honest, as she believes beating around the bush will only make things worse. However, it should be noted that she can also be incredibly callous to those who intend her harm. She’s also not as naïve as most would make her out to be. She can be incredibly patient and become a lending shoulder or ear to those who need to vent, but she’s no therapist and will tell you so. Because of her firm belief in a second chance, it has backfired on her more than she would like to admit but doesn’t let it dissuade her in her moral beliefs.

Background: Born to a blacksmith and alchemist, Fatima Lennox would scarcely know of her parents as they would pass away in the event of their caravan being attacked by demons. Nekrim Lennox, her uncle and Father’s brother, would take her under his wing and raise her the way her father intended her to be: Kind and the heiress of Lennox Smithing & Alchemy Co. Because her uncle never married nor bore any children of his own, he too learned the hardship of raising a parentless child. Nekrim wasn’t easy on her upbringing, raising her to know the basics of surviving by any means necessary and defensive skills of hand-to-hand combat. However, it would also seem she inherited the friendly spirit and alluring nature her Mother once had.

Nekrim always wanted Fatima to be ruthless and unkind to anyone, even their patrons, because the reality was; business and life were cruel and unforgiving. Fatima would be stubborn as her father was, and she planted her roots in the ground to remain kind, extend a helping hand to those in need, and to always donate to the Dawn Church and shelters that always needed supplies. She remained this way all while learning how to forge weapons, armour, and make potions and healing herbs that would aid those in dire need of it. Like all children in the Hive, she received the basic education to know about Arandia and other subjects, but she couldn’t fathom the idea of art and how complex writing scribbles truly were.

When Fatima got physical, she got physical and then would receive the backlash when she’s never the one starting the fights. As she matured into adulthood, she quelled her rebellious spirit, always itching to come out despite her uncle’s best efforts. She instead opted for a good arm wrestling and whoever lost would pay for a night’s out in drinking in the local tavern. Fatima’s company became locally known and her reputation always preceded her, which would help the business fruit more when travellers and those who wanted fine craftsmanship. Hers was always the top choice.

While she knew how to do Alchemy, her uncle handled that part of the business as she somehow always messed up the orders. Once, she almost blew up the building, but Nekrim finally took over the Alchemy side of the company and only let her help when he was out of town. Fatima, it seemed, inherited her Father’s fine eye for smithing and her Mother’s good-natured spirit. Currently, she’s handling her business and is hardly seen without orders to fill. Nekrim is proud of how he brought her up even when he hardly knew how to parent an orphan.

Magic: None

Weapon: Fatima handles clubs well or any short sword. If it comes down to it, she’s skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Fatima has a high tolerance for alcohol and is rarely beaten at her own drinking game.
  • She prefers to quash any lingering ire over arm wrestling and bad jokes.
  • While she is the heiress of Lennox Smithing & Alchemy Co. She seems more like an employee than the head of the company.
  • Clawdia is her companion and panther. They’re rarely seen a part. After Nekrim, Clawdia is the second-closest being to family for her.

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Sorry it took so long, I was busy with work. Let me know if this needs any adjustments!

Name "Of House Valois"
Nova Valois

Age "Her clock is ticking. Ten more years and she'll be an old maid!"

Gender "Male, female, Nova would be annoying either way."

Appearance "She should be grateful for her youthful looks."
Nova owes her lean build to years of fencing and her height to her mother's side of the family. Standing at only 170cm, Nova is nearly the shortest child, second only to her little brother. Like the rest of them, she has strawberry blonde hair but rather than the elaborate braids that her sisters wear, she keeps her hairstyles simple (often going for pigtails or singular braid). Understandably, it's easy to mistake her as a student rather than royalty. Chubby cheeks, big, brown eyes, and lack of curves cause her to appear younger than her actual age. Though makeup and a formal wear do a good job of aging her up, she isn't a fan of the garish, bottom heavy gowns that impede her movement. Whenever possible, she'll ask for more mobile outfits with neutral tones. Pants are by far, her favorite garment of choice and she's spared no expense in ensuring it comes with the proper amount of pockets.

Personality "You'd be a lovely bride if you learned to keep your mouth shut."
Many have said so over the years and she can't blame them. Nova values individualism over the consensus and often lashes out if someone is violating her boundaries. More than once she's defied her family's advice for no reason other than their tone being too authoritative. She values freedom and despises those who intervene (even if its with good intentions). For that reason, experience is Nova's best teacher and she's failed its classes a lot. It's difficult for her to ask for help and in the cases that she does, people have to approach her with caution lest she vent her frustrations out on them. Still, she will acknowledge when she's hit a dead end. She swallows these loses with pride, biting down her frustrations until her lips bleed. For all of her outbursts, she's still trained to be a noblewoman and her pride won't let her make a fool out of herself in front of mixed company...at least not more of one.

It's given Nova a reputation of being fussy, but to reducing her personality to her defiance would be disingenuous. Beneath her shell is a woman that lusts for excitement. Her free time is filled with seeking the latest books, trying new cuisines, and buying the latest contraptions that merchants have to offer. No price is too high when something catches her eye and no friend too strange. When she meets people the first thing she asks. She wants to hear what people love to do, what their heart yearns for. In the same way she's drawn to magic, she's drawn to people who have something that they're passionate about. Neither someone's class nor background matters to her . It isn't enough to talk about jobs or day-to-day activities she wants to know about their interests and aspirations. People who can't articulate the reasons behind their actions bore her; and she knows damn well when they're faking it.

Background "If you want to know about Nova, you must start from the beginning."
She was born to House Valois, a major power from an coastal region of Arandia. As the second youngest of five children, she was expected to marry another royal and bring wealth into the family. That meant being sophisticated but not worldly, intelligent but not enough to challenge her suitors, athletic but not emasculating. Her days were spent either at royal gatherings or at home, learning to become the perfect wife. Granted, her classes were still sprinkled with political and behavioral knowledge (to prevent herself from being manipulated) but most of it amounted to managing a large household and entertaining her future husband.

Of the few boons she received, magical studies was the her favorite. Her privilege meant that they had the funds to hire a private tutor, albeit one that acted more like a babysitter. Despite her mentor's reputation however, her parents ensured that her tutor limited her to basic incantations. He would always bar her from reading advanced material citing her lack of results (and misbehavior). If she wanted to move to the next level she needed to quell her emotions. Only a calm mind could produce good magic, or so she was told.

So she turned to shadier markets. Sneaking out under the guise of night, she would buy magic books from the black market at a premium and read them in her free time, often at the cost her sleep. Still she did her best to keep up with her other classes and it wasn't long before she surpassed her mentor's lessons. It was in this time that she improved her ability to play dumb and entertain her suitors (though she never hid the fire in her heart). Eventually, her parents introduced her to a nobleman from Ivesburg who owned a fair bit of land. Despite finding him old and arrogant, she had an interest in the Dawn Church so she reluctantly accepted an invitation to vacation in the Bunberry District.

Magic "A silly hobby of hers."
Having been tutored from a young age, Nova is well read in a variety of magical studies (with an emphasis on summoning). Now well-versed...is another story. She's only ever succeeded at summoning a stag twice and both times ended with the creature running away. Since then she has continued trying to summon animals, but to no avail.

Weapon "She's not the best duelist, but she is quite the fighter."
She carries a rapier for sport and self-defense. Though she's had plenty of duels, the closest she's come to real fighting has been scrapping with her siblings.

Hex Code: #78C7C7

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Oh yeah I should probably do the sign up thingy...

Alias: Emily Grace (True name: Cerus)

Around 300, but looks around 22-ish


A sharp-looking humanoid female with reptilian blue eyes and a well-muscled body. Around 5'8" In her true form, she is a serpentine blue dragon with large wings and two talons.

Emily loves interacting with humans, but she has an extremely short temper and will snap at anyone that makes her angry, even her friends. She is quiet about her draconic nature and will do anything to conceal it from humanoids. She usually never shows her true form unless she or her friends are in mortal peril.

Emily lives in a tinted glass tower five miles east of The Outfields. She usually spends most of her time here relaxing or practicing combat. She used to fight in wars hundreds of thousands of miles away before one of her closest friends died in combat, after which she left in search of peace and gentle repose.

Draconic Reversion:

Emily reverts to her true form, or transforms into a humanoid. Her true form is the dragon I mentioned above. It is around 200 feet long.

Dual katana swords (Can't be used in dragon form, obviously)

JSJ has something else that I want to add but idk if I wanna say it here.