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Prologue: Margaret Moonlight - Last Breath Under the Moonlight

Margaret Moonlight underestimated Travis's skill in combat which lead to life-threatening consequences. Without noticing, Travis caught an opening to attack the female, using full force of his ability with his sword. As the song comes to an end, the male forced this sword deep into the abdomen of Margaret, causing her blood to decorate the grim pavement of the building's rooftop.

Travis left Margaret to die on that pavement, walking far away from the scene. Red liquid would shine underneath the moonlight where the female laid, cerulean irises gazed upon the blood, "He... memorized my song... Who cares if I die? Death was never a fear for me..." Taking a sudden, deep breath, she knew this would most likely be her last - until something or someone caused her to travel throughout time and space.

During this "travel," Margaret fell into a deep slumber not even feeling the slightest of pain from the deep wound which healed mysteriously. Thudding into the ground causing her to wake from her slumber, the female noticed that her atmosphere wasn't the same. Her glorious, crimson blood wasn't painted on the pavement where she laid which caused her to become a bit annoyed. "Great," she thought to herself, "what the actual hell is this?"

Seeing the strangers that clearly were not in "her world," she decided it was best to look around first. Standing up, Margaret hoped she still had her original weapon. "Le croissant due ange better be with me..."

An appendage reached from behind, feeling the weapon. A soft, relieved sigh escaped her pale lips as she spotted the stone stage in front of her. Walking towards it, Margaret noticed the boy who stood there.​
Princess Yum Yum tilted her head once more, raising an eyebrow at Artoo. "You... Want to go to the stage?" she sang, much to her annoyance. This was not pleasant. Sighing heavily, the princess shook her head, waving to the droid and starting towards the stage. "Fine, then... Let's go~"

These next four rounds were going to be sheer torture.​
Naoki looked at Zero. "Eh? What's a talking trashcan doing in the middle of the forest?" Naoki seemed to have left his filter at home again. Either way, the trashcan had asked him a question so he needed to answer. "No idea, Mister Trashcan, just got here and signed up for a tournament. Simple as that," he explained with bored shrug.

Ike turned around with a slight look of surprise on his face.

"I wouldn't have mentioned that to me, if I were you," he said to the boy. "Where do I sign up?"
"Indeed... these new... companions of yours are really something," Jack says to the Doctor with a smile. "Where are we?" he asks bluntly, assuming he was behind the entire event "And I should probably add...when are we?"

He sees The Doctor handing over his coat and chuckles a little "You don't look like yourself without the coat" he says, before turning to Yvaine "Name's Jack" he says, offering a handshake
The boy smiled even wider at Ike, then took a step forward and pointed to the sign-up sheet on the table near the stone stage,

"Maybe I want everyone to have a challenge," said the boy.​

Yvaine gave the Doctor and Jack a small, shy smile. "I'm Yvaine," she replied. She admittedly felt better, now that she had a solid piece of clothing. Though, she felt fairly bad about this, as well. "Are you sure you don't mind me using this...?" she asked, sheepishly. "I don't mind giving it back if you prefer.." she offered, awkwardly. She didn't want to keep the coat long, if the man needed it back.

"Also... You just go by the doctor?" she inquired, curiously.

Though, her gaze then turned to Jack, and she gave another sheepish smile. "Oh, well... Pleasure to be of acquaintances," she replied, cautiously and gently shaking the offered hand.​
It was in an instant that Zero felt the parasite die down inside of her, great! She could try and kill it now... Oh wait... it was inside of her, and she couldn't regenerate without it either because the only way to kill it was to kill herself. Fan-fucking-tastic. With an annoyed sigh, it turns out that this was only a temporary fix, as the parasite would probably recover in some time where the potion would wear off.

Seeing the others go for the stone stage, Zero decided to bring her curiosities there. Might as well because she had no idea where she was...
Artoo whistled happily as he followed Princess Yum Yum. He was programmed to help people, ever droid's basic programming was to help others. Whenever Artoo did helped people, he always felt quite fulfilled. However, he was sure no droid has ever helped a person who can't stop singing.


This was going to be quite the interesting adventure. He couldn't wait to tell Threepio of what wonders he might experience in Eden, if he ever gets back that is.​
The blond-haired boy looked to the girl, Zero, who approached the stage. His smile vanished and his face sat in a blank expression.

"Welcome, you should join the tournament, the sign ups are over there," said the boy in a monotone voice as he pointed to the nearby table with the sign ups and instructions.​
A very cheeky little bad, yet lone wolf skipped after the humans and other creatures, amusing herself with their conversations. She said nothing to them, instead staying behind and following them to the stone stage that seemed to be the current hot spot for activity. She playfully danced over to the sign up sheet she heard a boy talk about and simply looked at it to burn her name across it with her powers, signing up without even learning what its purpose was. She was certain it would be a howling good time. "So little boy, what is this tournament's purpose?" she asked, amusement quite obvious in her voice.​
"A... tournament?" Zero blinked at that. As much as she wanted to know where she was... this idea of a tournament interested her. Maybe she could test out if her magic was actually affected combat-wise from that potion. Then again...

"It's not every day that some random person goes up to me to say there's some tournament. Usually people just run away from the sight of me. Besides, any other reason to try and get some outsider to join this tournament?" Zero said with great curiosity, brushing some of her bangs away from her flower eye.

This was going to be an interesting experience.

Following the odd woman with the flower embedded in her eye socket with clear aggravation with the newly-acquired curse, Princess Yum Yum came to a halt at in front of the stone stage, addressing the man in front of the stage. "Excuse me, but can you please help me with this dreadful curse~?" she asked, still singing to her despise.​
"Stop it." The Doctor told Jack, giving him the stern look a father would give to a misbehaving son. The last he needed was a needed was a pregnant woman on his hands because Jack was unable to keep his junk where it was supposed to be.

The Doctor sighed, looking around as he stretched the back of his neck, "I am just as lost and confused as you and anyone else here, Jack," he stated before widening his eyes upon spotting an all too familiar blonde.



The Knight stood up to his full height, at 10 feet tall, he towered over everyone else who had showed up. He held his massive great sword over his right shoulder almost casually, his gigantic shield held in front of him protectively, although no one here seemed a threat. Most of them seemed human. A few strange metal creatures there were, however. They all dressed in strange garb, and carried strange weapons, which made him much confused. The Wolf Knight nodded, accepting this new challenge. It was better than the Abyss, after all, was it not? He heard others discussing a tournament, and wondered if he should join. Tournaments were always entertaining. These lot didn't look that strong, although his experiences with... a certain other had proved that size doesn't matter all that much in a fight. I gained a few hornet stings from that experience, he thought to himself, with a chuckle. He saw a human female carrying a strange weapon, and approached. "Greetings," he said casually, gazing down at the human, Margaret, with her strange garb and strange weapon.
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~Getting Together~

"Hmph, lovely, two suitors," Coco remarked sarcastically, facing the two men with stern eyes underneath her aviators. Briefly, however, in the corner of her eyes, she could spot a hunched up form upon a branch, a female to be exact. She was roughly a few years older than her, with a strange tattoo and nimble stature. Granted, Coco was never one to be swift, but how could she deal with the burden of ruining her simply gorgeous clothing? After all, Velvet was the most nimblest and swiftest in her squad, one of the few benefits being a Faunas has over normal, boring mankind. Flinching, wondering what the rest of her squad was doing, the captain felt a pang of guilt and remorse, wishing she could at least tell them that she was safe.

Spotting a newcomer, or rather more accurately, an offended electronic bucket, Coco casually strolled between Naoki and Robin, briefly pausing to look at Naoki. "Not sure how heavy, but pretty heavy I imagined," Coco chirped, her sassy attitude both alluring and annoyingly lovable at the same time. Focusing on Zero, Coco looked down upon the supposed Maverick, only catching his last name and promptly raising an eyebrow towards it.

"Zero? Really? At least you have a sense of style, Bass-and-Drums." Coco smirked, clearly having a very relaxed and collective personality, perhaps a bit too relaxed. After all, being a captain required a very eased mindset, and with the battles and weaponry she had dealt with, Coco has certainly harden since her greenhorn days. "Actually, if you could answer me that question, it'd be great. Bad enough my purse isn't working... and I chipped a nail," Coco noted, lifting up her lift hand, growling as the fashionista was utterly distressed over this scenario.

Giving up in annoyance, the fashionista began to stomp off continuing down the winding dirt road, shooting the cloaked figure in the trees a brief waving gesture before trying to vainly repair her precious nails.
Naoki frowned at Coco's words, "Oh come on, I need to know the weight. Force equals mass times acceleration, meaning I need to know the weight and divide it by gravity's acceleration to find mass. From there, I can find the needed acceleration for making that thing into a bone-crushing weapon!" It seemed this was going to be one of the few times the hidden intelligence within him showed. Then again, it was for beating people so it may have just been luck he knew that. Either way, he followed along behind Coco, looking as though he was going to begin begging, "Please, think about it, please? One swing and -whack!- monster sans head!"
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Faith Connors

Faith blinked, obviously surprised when that purse wielding girl actually waved at her, she did indeed look like she was cloaked up in the trees, even if she was wearing clothing that shouldn't normally resemble a cloak in any manner... That was in the city after all, where lighting was no problem and visuals were always rather clear. Realizing her cover was blown at any rate, she suddenly hopped down in the middle of the group, rolling and standing upwards again. What drew her attention had to be someone talking about physics and pondering how heavy the purse was that the girl that had waved at her was carrying, she looked towards the young man who had asked this before turning to that girl again, studying the purse closely, it was a curious thing indeed.​
The boy looked to the blonde woman. "The point is to see everyone's strength," said the boy. "In Eden, it's customary to test your strength. I request strangers all the time to join, it's rather fun that way."

Then Yum Yum approach him, and yet again ask him a question like all the others. "No, I can't. Curses and potion effects are beyond my abilities."
Evidently, Yvaine was confused by the doctor's statement to Jack. "Stop.. What?" she asked, confusedly. She looked between the two males, unsure what she had missed. Though, this feeling was something she'd grown used to in the last couple days, mostly due to her encounters with the odd beasts and House's references. Then there was the fact the woman was overly innocent and fairly naive.

She tilted her head at the Doctor's inquiry, glancing in the direction he was looking. "You.. Know her?" she asked, softly, with interest. Aside from House, there was nobody here she knew.. Unless Art and Ray had somehow survived.​
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