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New User Enter SilverRose

Hello there, the name's SilverRose44 and I am a twelve-year vet in Role-playing and found Storyteller's Circle while scrolling through Top RP Sites. Currently branching out and expand my horizon. I look forward to having a wonderful experience.

My Go-To Genres are usually Slice of Life, Horror and Drama, though I'm open to other genres too if the plot for the RP in question peaks my interest.

Anyway, I am not exactly the greatest with introductions here, but thanks for baring with me.

See you in the forums!


Bearly In Charge
Nexus GM
Hey there SilverRose44!

Welcome to Storyteller's Circle! Glad you found us, I hope you get to enjoy a tale or two with us here! Don't fret on being the greatest with introductions. I know they're a tricky to do, and the effort is appreciated. I'll keep an eye out for Rps that open up in those genres to recommend for you. Slice of life and drama do crop up often in our bulletin board, particularly in 1x1s if that's your speed. Horror I see less often, but as one of my favorite genres, I'll keep you in mind for a project I have on the back burner. You can jump right in to your search, your account is now fully approved and you're free to post in all RP areas. Let me or anyone of our staff know if there's anything we can do to help you around the site.

See you around!


Hello and welcome! I am new as well. I have been RPing since 2005 so how ever many years that be. Perhaps we can get together and compare notes for an RP. I hope to hear from you soon!