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Epic Roleplay Guidelines

Discussion in 'Site Rules' started by Tiko, Oct 25, 2016.

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  1. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Epic Roleplay Guidelines

    What is an Epic Roleplay? An Epic Roleplay is simply a roleplay of a size and scope that requires its own contained forum space. They are large, open world settings with a sizable number of players and no singular plotline or story end. Due to their nature they can quickly become cluttered and chaotic in our standard play-by-post forums, so we offer personal forum space to run these roleplays inside of. This allows for the use of multiple threads and sub-forums to organize the roleplay within.

    Please be mindful that an Epic Roleplay is in no way superior to other roleplays, it's simply a type/category of roleplay.

    How do I setup an Epic Roleplay? To setup an Epic Roleplay you simply need to PM the following information to Tiko and Dashmiel who will get into contact with you as soon as one of them is available.
    • The name of your roleplay
    • A brief 1-2 sentence description of the roleplay to be displayed under the name in the forums
    • The names and order of any subforums that your roleplay will require, including a brief 1-2 sentence description for each. A bullet list is best.
    • Names of any co-GMs you wish to include in your roleplay
    • A minimum of five user names who will be participating in your roleplay (including yourself).
    • A brief blurb about your roleplay explaining what it will be about.

    Are there any Epic Roleplay specific rules? Generally speaking Epic Roleplays are expected to follow the same rules as the rest of the site, but there is one additional expectation. The Epic Roleplays must maintain a consistent level of activity. They have their own personal forum space visible from the main forums and are often times among the first roleplays that new users see. To ensure that users aren't wading through dozens of dead roleplays we will archive any Epic Roleplay that has fallen inactive for a period of three months.

    An archived Epic Roleplay may be reinstated at any time by simply PMing Tiko or Dashmiel with a minimum of five user names interested in participating in its revival. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of roleplaying, or our muses take a hiatus on us. Your inactive roleplays will remain safe and sound within our archives while awaiting your return.
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  2. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Here's a rough example of an Epic Roleplay form. Please be mindful that it is just an example. The sub-forum structure will not be the same for every roleplay as each roleplay will have its own personal needs depending on the size and scope of it. Some may have only a single in-character sub-forum for all of their threads, others may start out with few sub-forums and add more as their roleplay grows.

    Name: Chronicles of the Omniverse
    Description: Chronicles of the Omniverse is a collaborative writing roleplay set within a constantly growing universe created and maintained by you, the player. From medieval fantasy worlds, to sprawling sci-fi nations, all can find a home within the Omniverse.
    Forums and Sub-forums:
    • Omniverse Out-of-Character Forums - Forums for all of your out-of-character Omniverse needs.
      • Character Sheets - Storage space for character threads. Please keep it to one thread per player.
      • Group Pages - Storage space for group threads. Please keep it to one thread per group.
    • Omniverse In-Character Forums - Forums for all of your in-character Omniverse needs.
      • The Onyx Galaxy - The Onyx Galaxy - also commonly known as the Milky Way - is vastly populated and heavily trafficked by some of the largest reaching nations of the Omniverse. Despite the seemingly inexhaustible reach of numerous galactic nations though, it still holds countless secrets yet undiscovered within its depths. The Onyx Galaxy proves as diverse as it is large, containing everything from space fairing civilizations to primitive and fantastical planets.
        • Valore - Torn asunder by rifts through time and space, Valore serves as a crossroads between archaic heritages and the technological advances of the ages. From dragons to cyborgs, from sorcerers to modern sciences, all can find place upon its soil.
      • The Andromeda Galxy - As dangerous as it is vast, the Andromeda Galaxy is to be ventured into with great caution. It is both home to vast space-fairing nations, as well as uncharted territories yet to reveal the dangers they contain.
      • The Outer Realms - Beyond the realm of man can be found the outer realms. From the raw elemental planes of chaos to the glimmering realms of the gods, all manner of fantastical worlds lay beyond the sight of the mortal plane.
        • Aelora - Aelora is a land forgotten. Legend tells of a blight known only as The Void that spread through Aelora two millenia ago. As nation after nation fell Aelora was lost to time and memory.
    • Omniverse Archives

    Co-GMs: Script, Sentry, Dashmiel, and Lobos
    5 Interested Players: Script. Sentry, Dashmiel, Lobos, and Tiko

    Brief Blurb: Chronicles of the Omniverse is an open-world sandbox roleplay meant to cater to players of all interest, skill level, and genre interests. It spans numerous plot-lines across a multiversal setting with elements of sci-fi, fantasy, modern and many more.
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