Open Escape from Purgatory (A Convergence Series/Smash Bros Story)


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When Doctor Wily and Doctor Eggman merged the worlds, their goal was to capture as many individuals as possible that could stop their conquest and use them as templates for their ever-expanding robot armies.
Some, however, did not share this fate.

Welcome to Ritenkyo its name literally meaning "the capital abandoned by heaven". In its world it was an island where crime thrived away from the grasp of the law. In this new world it has become a natural prison. Sat in the middle of a vast ocean with no form of transportation to escape nor having any high functioning technology, the ones banished here have only their skills and their wits to use in an attempt to survive in the harsh climate. While there have been attempts to leave the island by the help of rafts or swimming, any attempt has been thwarted by a monstrous creature patrolling the waters, quickly snuffing out any escape attempts. Due to this many different factions have formed on the island over time to find shelter, food and to survive.

Despite the different rival factions taking control over different parts of the island. The true ruler of the place however is the mysterious individual only known as the Warden. They know everything that happens on the island and will do everything in their power to stay in control.

Some have given up to any attempt to get off the island and only seek to try and further their own station on the island and carve themselves a piece of the pie. Despite the despair a rumor has begun to circulate among the people on the island. There is a way to escape where even the monster in the water cannot reach you.

That is why a small group of people are converging on a bar in one of the towns on the island. They still have hope to be able to escape this hellhole. Together they just might have a fighting chance.

Welcome! This is a sidestory featured in the The Convergence Series. We're a roleplaying group that specializes in multifandom crossovers, with an overarcing story and timeline that's constantly growing! No prior knowledge of our series is needed and is in fact encouraged. New people interested in joining are very welcome to do so!

This particular side-story takes place during an event known as The Melding, where multiple universes have been merged together, and many people displaced. The main thing these universes have in common is that they have all appeared in the Super Smash Bros. franchise in some way, shape or form. From series with actual fighters, to series that appear as Spirits, to even those with nothing more than a Mii Costume to their name, all are eligible to appear in this story. For example with Cloud being playable the entire Final Fantasy series is up for grabs and not just Final Fantasy VII. If you are curious to what series are elibigle then I suggest you check out here, or just ask if you're not sure, I'm happy to help. If you wish to know more about The Melding, you can go here.


All the usual STC rules apply.
No godmodding.
Be respectful to me, your gm, as well as the other participants in the rp. We're all here to chill and have fun.
With people at work or in school, roleplays aren't super fast paced. However, roleplays in the Convergence Series tend to start out pretty post-heavy. Don't let that overwhelm you though! If you need to be caught up, just let me know and I'll fill you in.
This roleplay will not be starting for at least a week. If people want a tentative timeframe then I'd say early March, maybe March 4th. I'll leave a link to it here, and will also leave signups open for a few days after for any latecomers.
We encourage roleplayers of all posting types, but we do have a rule about gifs/images: no more than three per post. For story telling reasons, only the gm may use more, but even then we try to limit ourselves.
As mentioned above, this is a roleplay taking place in The Melding. As such, I am only allowing characters from series that have appeared in Super Smash Bros. in some fashion. As I also mentioned characters from games associated with the series directly represented (i.e. Deltarune characters, Rival Schools characters, Persona 1 and 2 characters, the earlier mentioned Final Fantasy etc.).
That being said, no OCs for this particular roleplay. Pseudo-OCs, like for example Pokemon with names and personalities, are fine, as well as for example your player character from something like Final Fantasy XIV. Duos are welcome.

Character Sheet

Appearance: (Just a picture is fine)
Name: (self-explanatory)
Canon: (What game are they from?)
Character History: (just a wiki link is fine)
Powers/Abilities/Weapons: (again, just a link is fine)
Other Info: (anything extra we should know)

Cast list
@Capri as Linhardt von Hevring
@Gummi Bunnies as Hop
@Josh as Kazumi Mishima
@Lucky as Jitters
@MegaMeerkat as Don Wada
@Sark as Cammy White and the Pain
@Takumi as Kris Dremurr and Pyhton
@Yun Lee as Remy and Haohmaru​
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Linhardt von Hevring
Fire Emblem
Character History:
Other Info:​


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Name: Kris Dreemurr
Canon: Deltarune
Character History:
While much of Kris' history isn't known there are bits of things revealed about Kris themselves from members of the town they grew up in that, in a sense, paint a picture of how Kris grew up.

Other Info: Taken from about mid-Chapter 1
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“ Just Kill Me Now” -Phil Connors
Canon: Pokemon
Character History: He's a Pikachu with no history he knows of, ( refer to wish through time)
Quick Attack
Volt Tackle
Other Info: He can speak though it's child-like English.


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Name: Python
Canon: Fire Emblem Echoes
Character History:
Other than an Iron bow and a Steel bow, Python has the skill Bowrange +1.
Other Info: Taken right after the Battle of Dessaix(?)
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Gummi Bunnies

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The Convergence Series GM



~Character History~

As a Pokemon Trainer, Hop has a team consisting of his Rillaboom and Dubwool. He has his own Rotom phone and Dynamax Band, the latter of which does not work due to spottiness or lack of Power Spots.

~Other Info~
Taken right before the battle between the Sword/Shield protagonist and his older brother Leon.​
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“ Just Kill Me Now” -Phil Connors
Name:Harry Goodman
Canon: Detective Pikachu
Powers/Abilities: Harry has his skills as a budding person interested in mystery of critical analysis, deduction, clue finding and otherwise, and also has charm due to being an insuranceman.
Other info: This is from a Harry who hasn’t met his Pikachu yet.
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"My name is Paz, and I'll do anything to protect my namesake."
Paz Otega Andrade
Metal Gear Solid
Character History:
Excellent Home Cooking
Musical Skills
CIPHER Infiltration Training
Engineering Proficiency
KGB/CIA Survival/Self Defense Training
Programming Proficiency
Other Info:
A replacement for Cammy​
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Pokemon Sword and Shield
(Shield Edition, main character stand-in for Gloria, complete with her own backstory and relationship(s) with the cast).

Character History:

While Alice progresses through the main storyline as Gloria would, she herself has had a much more... Complicated history. Having grown up without a father in her life, and always feeling like her mother was hiding something, she had largely lived a rather turmultuous life, in spite of her mother attempting to push her to go out and do great things, Alice herself wasn't quite able to find the courage or motivation to do so.

And then, she met Hop, who aspired to be a trainer, often vocalizing his desire to defeat his older brother and become the new Champion. His tendency to be filled with energy, seeming to find strength in his own goals in turn caused Alice to become a more cheerfull, happy-go-lucky kind of person. As a result of this new-found color and energy in her life, she would eventually rise up to become Hop's rival, swearing she would make sure she is there to see him the day he won against Leon.

But Hop had convinced her to take it one step further; while she wasn't confident in herself, unable to see herself as having any kind of potential as a trainer, he eventually convinced her to become his rival. An opposing force to Hop's own success, an obstacle that would allow him to become stronger.

Seeing this as something she was doing just for fun, and a way to see Hop up close in the preliminary battles leading up to the Championship itself, she eventually rose to this offer. It wasn't long after that where she and Hop each picked their starters. She chose Scorbunny, and Hop chose Grookie. While she was puzzled at first why her rival chose a pokemon that was weak to hers, she cast her gaze towards Leon, who had taken the third Pokemon, the Sobble, and she soon realized why Hop had made the choice he had.

Back then, she had smiled innocently, oblivious to what may result from this offhanded choice.

And then, they battled for the first time, Alice narrowly winning against him. At the time, Hop had been happy-go-lucky still, even after he continued to lose each subsequent battle. The whole time, Alice had a smile on her face, confident that Hop would soon beat him. It was only when she encountered Bede in those mines, and he later challenged Hop that she first felt that twinge in her chest, like something was going to go wrong.

She begged with Hop, pleaded with him, but he insisted on taking Bede all by himself.

And like Alice had feared, he lost to Bede, but unlike when she had beaten him, Bede was much harsher with his words, dealing severe blows to Hop's self confidence. Her once cheerfull, happy-go-lucky demeanor took more after Marnie overtime, as she sought to cheer on Hop at every opportunity, and perhaps... Even started to develop feelings for him, feelings that made each and every subsequent battle with him more difficult, especially because every time she would try and throw the battle to allow Hop to win, she was unable to hide it properly and Hop would then push her to try her best.

It all came to a head when she fought Hop in the Pokemon League. Deep down, she had wished she would lose to him, and the audience cheering him on only further drove the metaphorical stake into her heart. It hurt to see that confident smile on Hop's face, and though she desperately wanted to throw the match once again, she had by now realized how bad of a faker she was.

And so... She gave it her all, just like Hop did, and as destiny would have it, cruel as it was, she won, but... Swept away by her own feelings of guilt and sadness, realizing she would be taking Hop's place to fight Leon.

But in spite of his loss, in spite of that last blow to his confidence, Hop in the end was the one who encouraged her to keep going. On the spot, she swore she would finish what Hop started, that she would make sure not to disappoint him.

And then, as they unwound from that battle, Leon mysteriously refused to show up, which resulted in her and Hop storming Rose's tower, eventually encountering Oleana. It was there, in that emotion filled battle that she first began to unravel, the truth behind her mother and father.

Unfortunately though, questioning Rose would have to wait, for she and Hop would be transported away, to a place almost alien to them...

Alice, though she has a much more expansive team has only managed to take Corvinight and Cinderace with her, and thus would have to get much more creative with her battle strategies in order to achieve victory. Like many other trainers in the Galar region, she has a Rotom Phone and Dynamax Band with her, the latter of which appears not to work for the time being.

Other Info:
Alice's age has been established to be 16 to accomodate her character development she undergoes throughout the story of Sword and Shield.​