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Side Story Escape from Purgatory

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Geese fought like a demon. He managed to keep his own against the group be it by offensive moves or defensive. Some of the group decided to split from the main fight and try and commandeer the airship itself.

Inside they found a life-size doll of Shantotto. Had the haughty black mage that had followed them through their journey been a toy of magic all along?

Meanwhile, as they tried to liberate the airship the battle on the roof raged on. A demon Geese might have been, but he was still just one against many. One lucky shot from the opposition became two and he slowly but surely started to slow down. Then a well-placed shot sent him flying over the edge only hanging on by a piece of rope. Despite Heihachi’s protests, the others tried to rescue him, only for Geese to figuratively spit in their face and let go, falling through the clouds into the vast ocean below them. As this happened the others had managed to commandeer the ship and the news of Geese’s defeat crippled the soldiers on board and they quickly switched sides. Most of them had been conscripted by Geese into his guard and the airship meant that they could finally escape the hell island that had been their prison.

The world, or whatever was waiting for them beyond the ocean, was open to them, with new adventures over the horizon.

To be continued?​
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