But We Were Happy
You were invited to a wonderful Halloween themed party by a mysterious entity in a place you have never heard of.

Starlight City.

A beautiful city in an alternate reality that could place roughly halfway between the USA and the UK. The island is roughly twice the combined mass of all the Hawaiian islands put together.

But, you really didn't get a chance to explore this strange new place before the party came into full swing.

And a person was murdered.

After some time, you and the other party goers (with the help of an investigator) found the traitor amongst you and it was time to go home.

Except..... the portals, the way back home, it seems they aren't working.

It looks like you got to find another way out of this place....

But that shouldn't be too hard, right?



This game is an experimental and different type game. Instead of being combat oriented or themed around a particular franchise, it will be primarily an escape from. Of course, mystery will play a big role in this game. The mystery of why you can't leave the city as well as secrets about this location. Also, unlike traditional convergence games, this location will be compromised mostly of OCS as NPCS with the occasional canon character sneaking in. Think of this as trying to solve an escape room- except the escape room is this whole giant island.

Also, the murder victim mentioned in the start is going to be an NPC, but the traitor and investigator ( who both will be known) will be generated from the player roster.

You can reprise an old favorite, run an OC or just play someone new. Oh yeah, Starlight City also takes influences from both mythology and superheroes, so powers are on here. :)


1) All STC Rules apply.
2)No Godmodding/powerplay. Nobody wants to anger whatever trapped you here.
3) I am going to allow OCs and unlimited duos. And because I'm crazy, trios from the same canon who are more powerful together are allowed. And by trios, I'm talking about trios who would make sense to be together so, like the Three Muskeeters or Charmed Ones where it would be weird for them to seperate ( Duos can be from different canons or OC/canon). Also no limit, play an anime character or go ham with whoever.
4)3 images/gifs per post. Mobile users don't want to be overwhelmed by your pictures and have trouble reading.
5)I plan to update as fast as possible, but this will be a main update on Sundays and Mondays
6)Be nice to each other
7) Have fun.

Character sheet

Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons):
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Abilities/ Powers
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Extra Info:

Character List

@dark as Marius Titan (Ryse:Son Of Rome)
@Lucky as Larry Crock (Stargirl) and Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew)
@Raynar Saassin as Kurie and Malroth ( Dragon Quest Builders 2)
@Rwac96 as Ragna the Bloodedge and Bullet ( Blazblue)
@taiga as Asagi Asagiri (Disgaea)
@Takumi as Nana (Noragami)
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: Marius Titan
Age: ????
Canon: Ryse: Son of Rome
Abilities/ Powers: Sword allows him to come back from the dead as Democyles
Important Lore/ History about Them:

Marius was born of the famous Praetor, Senator Leontius and Septima, Marius’ mother. He also had a younger sister Honorata and lived with his family in the high class society of Rome.

Wishing to follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a legionary, despite his mother being against the idea, his father trained him to be a skilled swordsman, as well as a firm leader should the time come.

Marius's journey begins when he comes home to his family. After his training with the army was complete, he was to posted to Alexandria. After a sparring session with his father, Leontius remarks, "It's a sad but proud day when a son beats his father". Leonitus also tells his son that "he may have mastered the sword but never rush to meet the world with it drawn" and that "not all his enemies will be found on the battlefield", advice which proves to be true much later in Marius' life.

After a conversation with his father where he is handed a dagger of the infamous Damocles, they hear Septima's scream, coming to see that was being chased by barbarians. After fighting off the barbarous attacking their villa, Marius and his father come to the fountain to see Honorata and his mother dead. In a fit of grief and rage, Leontius swears that he will kill every last barbarian.

After a fight to find Platius, they set out to find a close ally of Leontius who could be in danger. Their suspicions were proved to be correct, being too late to save him. They could only watch as Platius was killed by archers. After another fight against barbarians, Leontius is stabbed by Emperor Nero's sword, which was held by a barbarian. Marius would later discover that these barbarians were, in fact, Emperor Nero's servants. After that Commander Vitallion takes Marius into the Fourteenth Legion. Soon after, Marius and the other members of the Fourteenth Legion head to Britannia. They arrive by ships, but quickly become overwhelmed under the barbarian’s clever tricks. Marius leads the counter-attack, rallying the surviving Roman troops and nearly single-handedly preventing the destruction of the remainder of the fleet, which impresses Vitallion. Marius is then promoted from Legionnaire to Centurion, taking and wearing the helmet of his now dead predecessor.

After receiving reports of a rebellion at York, Marius heads north to assist the defeated legion who were originally stationed there. Upon capturing King Oswald and his daughter Boudica. Basillius, the younger son of the Emperor Nero, reveals that his older brother Commodus has been captured, whose whereabouts are unknown. Basillius, threatens Boudica and forces King Oswald into revealing the location of Commodus, coming to learn he’s been traded to the Caledonians. Basillius orders Vitallion and Marius to retrieve him. After crossing the border into Caledonia, the party is ambushed, Vitallion is taken hostage by Caledonians and Marius is separated from his legion. Marius makes his way into the enemy camp, freeing and rallying captured Roman soldiers along the way. He kills the Caledonian leader Glott and rescues Commodus and Vitallion from being burned inside a giant Wicker man.

Once Commodus and the legion return to York, Commodus has Oswald killed in front of his daughter, which sparks a rebellion in the ranks of the Britons’. That's when the Emperors sons flee the island leaving Marius, Vitaillion and the rest of their men to fight off the Britons. After putting up a fight they realize that there is no hope and try to tactically retreat. Once there, Vitallion offers to hold the Britions’ back to save his men, but Marius persuades him to let himself do it instead. Marius telling that Vitallion was the only one who could appeal to the council about the crimes of Commodus and his brother, that they’d listen to a commander. And so Marius stays behind fending off the hoards of barbarians, until he's overpowered and thrown into the sea.

However, Marius was not dead, Summer comes saving his life and so Marius makes his way back to Rome where he finds hungry people tortured by the Praetorian Guards. That leads him to take up arms against them, becoming a criminal. When he returns to his home, he finds Summer already there waiting for him. She reveals that Marius' family were not slain by barbarians, but rather hired thugs from Nero, as he was jealous of Leontius

' popularity. Now fueled by hatred; Marius forges a Damocles mask along with a black armor and goes to a gentlemen's club where Basillius hosts gladiator battles, after he won the fights, he earns an invitation to the Colosseum, to participate in a Gladiatorial Game hosted by Commodus. After receiving the papers he kills the emperors younger son in a basement room and left. But not before hearing a prophecy from the Oracle, who told both Marius and Damocles shall kill each other. But "Emperor Nero can only die on his own sword, you can't kill him".

Once in the Colosseum Marius overcomes all odds earning him a fight with Commodus. During the fight, spared to attempt to cheat but fell short to Marius and was a victim to his sword. After killing him he moved on to threaten the Emperor himself before running away. But he was intercepted by Vitallion outside who was glad to see him again and took him back to the legion. From there he helps to defend Rome from the barbarians led by Boudica. He then is enlisted by Nero to defend him. He blindsides Nero by telling him that he is Damocles and is about to kill him. Nero reminds him that he cannot be killed by Marius's sword, only by Nero's own weapon. Nero summons guards to defend him and he escapes. Marius is distracted by Aquilo, who reveals to have the one truly responsible for the events to have taken place. However, while this is happening, Nero backstabs him with his dagger. Though he is weak, Marius proceeds to kill multiple Praetorians. He then tackles Nero off of a balcony. Nero lands on the pointed end of his statue's sword and dies. Marius, having enacted his revenge finally dies peacefully, while Summer watches over him.

Extra Info:
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Name: Kurie
Age: Adolescent
View attachment 11543
Abilities/ Powers:

Important Lore/ History about Them:

Not much is known about Kurie, other than she was an apprentice Builder raised in Cantlin, and found herself waking up captive in a ship controlled by the Children of Hargon: a cult of monsters, who had successfully turned the world to suffering and darkness by spreading lies and slander about a group of humans known as Builders, that their creations only inspire despair and sadness, along with a few other prisoners such as Lulu. The monsters on board then strike a deal with her after they discovered she was a Builder: if they repair and decorate the ship then they'll be spared, at least for now. After repairing the ship performing a few odd jobs, the ship collided into a massive rock, tearing apart bits of the ship and causing water to rush in. She attempted to repair the ship but were proven futile, and she was swept away while the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean.

She then washed up on the Isle of Awakening, and met Malroth, an amnesiac with a passion of destroying, and Lulu, the only survivor of the sinking ship besides herself. After the three spent a day together, they climbed to the top of the island's central mountain and met the Hairy Hermit, who then informed them of the island's past and how to restore the island back to its glory.

Extra Info: It's revealed that their ambition is simply to build things for their friends to enjoy.
— — — — — — — — —
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" ...Huh? But why wouldn't we resort to violence? That's the best bit! "

Name: Malroth
Age: ???
View attachment 11543

Abilities/ Powers: Malroth harnesses the power of Destruction into his strength. Capable of wielding most heavy weapons with ease, he has a tenacity to destroy monsters and even parts of the environment with the swing of his weapon; whether he's wielding clubs, axes or even hammers.

Important Lore/ History about Them:

Malroth woke up as an amnesiac humanoid, differing from true humans by his elongated pointed ears and bright red eyes, on the Isle of Awakening. The Children of Hargon; a cult of monsters, vowed to return the world to suffering and darkness, by spreading lies and slander about a group of humans known as Builders, that their creations only inspire despair and sadness. One such Builder was captured but then derelict on a Monster infested ship, washing up on the same island Malroth woke up on. After encountering each other, they went on to share many adventures together.

His attitude on his self-worth eventually fested and twisted into resentment when the Builder started constructing traps and other devices that he believed he was being replaced with. This festering, and the fact that his desire for destruction grew as the Builder built, is what allowed Hargon, the owner of the voice Malroth had been hearing in his thoughts, to override the personality his human form had developed and began his transformation into his true form as the Lord and Master of Destruction.

Hargon also revealed that the world that the Builder and Malroth had been exploring was nothing but a lingering illusion created by himself; even Hargon himself is surprised that the illusory world has persisted after his death in the real one. After a confrontation between the Builder and Malroth, he was eventually defeated after he held back during the battle. At the end, the two of them performed a high-five which indicated that the human side of Malroth remained and was happy that an old promise was kept between them.

Malroth split into two entities after said high-five. The humanoid Malroth, with his memories and sentimentality, was ripped from the rest of him, allowing the destruction-seeking Malroth to arise at full power unrestrained. After the Master of Destruction left, the humanoid Malroth is left with an injured Builder. Out of desperation, he repeatedly attempted to concoct medicinal herbs and was eventually successful, marking his first act of creation. Malroth then assisted the Builder in defeating Hargon and his other half in which afterwards, Malroth re-absorbed the power said half took from him. Using his newfound godlike powers, he transformed Hargon's world of illusions into a real one to prevent it from fading away. Upon completion of stabilizing the world, Malroth reverted back to his humanoid form and stayed with the Builder on Awakening Isle.

Extra Info: The splitting of Malroth into good and bad halves is reminiscent of the characters Kami and Piccolo from Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga, the same artist who designs the appearances for Dragon Quest. The two were originally an unnamed being whose expelled inner darkness manifested as a violent doppelganger.​

Character #1:
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Ragna The Bloodedge

Early 20s

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Wiki Link

-Skilled Swordsmanship

-Hand-to-hand combatant

-Adept Magic User

-Skilled use of the Azure Grimoire & Idea Engine

-Regeneration via Life-Drain through the Azure Grimoire

Important Lore/History:
Wiki Link

As a child, Ragna was confined in a laboratory for experimentation alongside his younger brother and sister, Jin and Saya; but would soon find freedom from the lab thanks to Jubei of the Six Heroes. After being rescued, he and his siblings were taken to a church, where they were looked after by the sister of Konoe or better famously known as Nine. Though Ragna was gruff due to his trauma, he would eventually warm up to the Nun as he was protective of Jin and Saya; the latter grew ill while the former grew jealous of his sister. Tragedy would strike when the church was burned down by Yuki Terumi and Jin, the former having killed the Nun. This would result in Ragna losing his right arm and the pair kidnapping young Saya, leaving him for dead if it weren't for the aid of Jubei and Rachel Alucard saving his life. Being bitten by Rachel to save his life and gaining the Azure Grimoire to replace his right arm, Ragna would begin training with Jubei to control its power; being reminded that it wasn't his to command yet. When his training was at last complete, but before parting ways with Jubei to begin his journey; Ragna was given two items that belonged to the hero 'Bloodedge', his jacket and his sword Aramasa.

Feeling the weight and hope of the man who gave hope to the world during the rampage of the Black Beast, he takes off to begin his journey. Having great disdain and hatred for the Novus Orbis Librarium, Ragna travels from city to city and destroys their military bases. Due to these actions, have labeled him with the nickname 'The Grim Reaper'; gaining the biggest bounty and becoming a world-known criminal. Ragna finds himself fighting and evading capture from various groups, The Librarium, vigilantes, anyone who has an interest in the Azure Grimoire, battle-crazed criminals such as the Mad Dog Azrael, or the machinations of the man who destroyed his life: Yuki Terumi.

Extra Info:
-Ragna is a skilled cook, which has become a necessity due to him constantly traveling, not having enough funds to buy food, and the fact that he is a criminal constantly sought after for his bounty or the Azure Grimoire.

-Though Ragna doesn't seem to care about the infamous reputation he has gained, he is not a fan of being labeled a pervert or any accusation that is similar (i.e., being called a pedophile by Platinum the Trinity and being accused of a sister complex by Terumi).

-This is a pre-True Azure/Book of Blue Ragna, specifically taken around Ending 3 of BlazBlue: Cross-Tag Battle; where Ragna chose to trust Terumi (Hazama), resulting in the madman being in possession of the Keystone.

-When it comes to humorous situations, Ragna is usually the butt-monkey of it. From being subjected to the Spectacle of Eros to being the straight man to whatever strangeness takes place.

-The remains of the Black Beast Ragna retains is the creature's beheaded form.

-Ragna has a fear of needles and ghosts, the fear of the latter possibly stemming from the trauma inflicted upon him by Terumi (who was originally a ghost-based entity).

-In the main timeline, Ragna was bitten once by Rachel to save his life after losing his right arm. In other timelines, he was able to save himself by touching the Azure Grimoire.


Character #2

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Possibly 20s

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Wiki Link

-Skilled Combatant

-Experienced Grappler

-Skilled Marksmanship

-Agile & Brutal

Important Lore/History:
Wiki Link

Being raised by mercenaries since childhood, Bullet travels from one battlefield to another as a member of the mercenary troop. She saw them as family, a family that was slain due to searching for Nox Nyctores Causality Weapon known as Nirvana. Being the only surviving member due to an injury that benched her and ironically saved her life, Bullet searches for answers relating to the incident. The main targets of her ire are members of Sector Seven, precisely Professor Kokonoe Mercury, Professor Relius Clover, and the man who killed her squad: The Mad Dog Azrael.

Extra Info:
-Bullet's birthday is August 2nd, which is Pants Day in Japan.

-Her move set naming theme is military and fire.

-Despite having slightly racist views towards Beastkin, it seems one member of her team was a Beastkin.

-Before Amaterasu rewinded time to the point of her arrival in Ikaruga, Bullet fought against the Murakumo Unit Nu-13. Bullet's combat rating by the Murakumo Unit is B+.

-Bullet can be caught off guard when romance is involved, she was confused when Kagura attempted to flirt with her in a segment of Teach Me, Miss Litchi! and again when Ragna was subjected to the Spectacle of Eros where she tried various approaches she read in a book, such as calling him 'Darling'.​
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Main NPC ( Will be posting my player characters once I decide on my second one)

Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )
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: Jack Rodriguez
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 17
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): OC
Abilities/ Powers:

Low scale reality Manipulation (Illusions)- Jack was given the ability to change minor things like clothes and small rooms, they are more like illusions and don't actually change the people.
Shapeshifting- Jack can shift between looking like an adult and a young teen
Important Lore/ History about Them: Not much is known about Jack, just that he invited you to the party and is very confused on why nobody can leave. He has a girlfriend he wants to get back too.
Extra Info:
Jack's powers were passed down from the previous mischief maker before him, so he doesn't have full mastery over them at all.​


Name: Nana

Age: Unknown, appears to be in her teens

Canon: Noragami


Borderline: as a named Shinki, it's assumed she has the basic abilities to create barriers with borderlines.

It's also assumed she might know how to use the Lance/Spear and Shield techniques as well.

Rend: As a named Shinki it's also assumed that she knows this ability.

Locusts: in her Vessel form, she can summon a swarm of locusts to attack her foes and assist her and Bishamon in flight.



Nana was a blessed Regalia sealed away in a stone box for committing a sin against the Heavens, and remained there for so long (centuries) she forgot the name given to her by her original god, who had been at war with the Heavens during that time. She was later named by Bishamon in an attempt to attack the one known as the Sorcerer without the risk of her own Regalia, but in the process of doing so caused the Heavens to attack them for high treason.

That was fine with Nana, since she wanted to get back at Heaven, killing many gods in the process of helping Bishamon try and reach the Sorcerer. She ended up having her past revealed to her in the fight but surprised Bishamon by, indtead of becoming a Phantom immediately after finding out, Nana stated that she didn't much cared for how she died and that she wanted to die in battle again with a smile and open arms despite initially being furious learning the God's Greatest Secret.

Though after that incident with Bishamon being horribly injured, Nana ended up staying with her first god, Arahabaki, on his property afterwards.


When Bishamon calls her Vessel name, Shikki, she takes on the form of a mask, cloak, chest wrappings, skirt, as well as a sword. This has her act as both armor and weapon.

Extra Info: I'm taking some liberties with her.

Taken somewhere between the Stray Arc and Final Arc of the manga.
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Name: Asagi Asagiri [Fake]

Age: Unknown, "17" by their account

View attachment 11554


It's a bit of a doozy to go over; Safe to say, she can run and gun better than the rest of them.

4th Wall Awareness (It obviously wouldn't be much of an allowed "power" or "ability" per se given the context of the RP but I felt it was necessary to put in given it's a bit of a canon thing they do almost all the time.)

Important Lore/History:

Through emotional trauma (not getting their own game) and Netherworld shenanigans, the real Asagi's psyche temporarily shattered, giving way to the creation of countless individuals also known as...well..Asagi, each with their own unique personality, belief, and relationship. However, what every Asagi has in common is their desire to never give up until Asagi gets her own game. Given how different the Asagis vary in personality (shy, naive girl, a stuckup, demanding girl, or anything in between, including something along the lines of insanity), this has more often than not ended in near world-ending failure.

Extra Info:

Asagi's personality is inconsistent between titles and changes within each appearance. In Disgaea 5, the Illusion Asagis have the exaggerated different personalities from earlier titles, while the real Asagi has a more serious and stable persona. This may hint that the previous Asagis from each game may have been illusions, and the Asagi appearing in Disgaea 5 is the real one's first appearance.

Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )
View attachment 11558
: Lawrence "Larry" Crock AKA Sportsmaster AKA Crusher
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): In his early 40s
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Stargirl
Abilities/ Powers:
Important Lore/ History about Them
: Sportsmaster is taken from the beginning of season 3
Extra Info: Sportsmaster has his sportsgear and supervillain outfit on him. While he doesn't usually have a beard, he was forced some cursed food by one of the party guests.

Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures ) View attachment 11557
: Nancy Drew
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 19
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Nancy Drew
Abilities/ Powers:

( Borrowed from the Wiki)

  • High-Level Intellect: Nancy is extremely intelligent and highly knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects ranging from organic chemistry to metallurgy to art history. She is intimately familiar with the folklore and mythology surrounding Horseshoe Bay, is an avid reader and was a shoe-in to the college of her choice before her mother fell ill.
  • Expert Detective: True to her reputation locally and beyond, Nancy is an extraordinarily gifted sleuth and investigator with astounding observational and deductive abilities; before her mother's passing, there was no mystery in town or its environs that she could not solve. She is well-versed in soft and hard interrogation, disarming witnesses, uncovering clues and cultivating a wide network of experts to call upon in times of need. Her expertise led her to be hired as an investigator for Carson Drew's law firm.
  • Lock Picking: Nancy is a master of picking locks to break into otherwise restricted areas. She has succeeded in breaking into several buildings and safes, including a morgue.
  • Lip Reading: As a private detective, Nancy took an online course on reading lips so she could "eavesdrop" on conversations from a distance. This has helped her distinguish what people are talking about when she is out of hearing range.
-Supernatural Magnet: Nancy is incredibly "skilled" at attracting supernatural artifacts and people through her actions. She has so far been connected and haunted by her dead mother, a water spirit that was killed for money and a wraith that feeds on fear. She also has a ancestor ( still living) who dabbles in witchcraft

- Just a flashlight and a phone and a set of hair pins/lock picks

Important Lore/ History about Them: Nancy is taken from pre-season 3. This is the same version as the one in Only Hopes On Infinite Earths and Morbid Stuff though has been taken after both events.

Extra Info: At this point, Nancy just wants to get back home.

@Raynar Saassin @taiga @Takumi @dark @Rwac96

GM Note: The game's prologue will be starting sometime between October 1st and October 4th. Sign-ups will remain open until the prologue ends.
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Name: Legatus Vitallion
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): ???
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Ryse: Son of Rome
Abilities/ Powers: Knows how to fight and fight well. Marius's surrogate father and Commander/General of the 14th Legion.
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Vitallion is a major character in Ryse. As the Legate of the XIV., he has fought alongside Leontius Titus during a previous campaign to Britannia. When he meets Marius, he recruits him to the 14th legion after Marius's father is killed. A seasoned officer with decades of experience, his long history of war has caused him to question the new campaign through his own sense of morality.

He goes on many journeys with Marius and serves as both a mentor and surrogate father figure to him.

Extra Info:
Also officially, I would like to announce who is going to be traitor/ investigator ( which as a reminder is for the game before the game) Also, I included anyone who even thought about signing up( Talked to me over discord about it) so here we go.

Our investigator was @Minerva.
Our traitor was @Raynar Saassin
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Name: Bishamon

Age: 1,000+

Canon: Noragami



When Bishamon calls Nana's Vessel name, Shikki, the regalia takes the form of a mask, cloak, chest wrappings, skirt, as well as a sword becoming both divine clothing and a divine weapon.

The Shikki can also summon locusts to aid in battle while also granting both her and Bishamon a form of flight.

Bishamon is a great fighter that knows how to wield many types of weapons, be they swords, guns, or even blade tipped whips. She is a powerful goddess, as she has a huge following in the human world being one of the Gods of Fortune. She is also known as a goddess of war and battles.

Rend: with a divine weapon, Bishamon is able to slay Phantoms.

Naming: As a God of her world, she can give 'loose spirits' a name, making them into clothing or weapons, animals, or even household items. She's a god who never tries to turn away a nameless spirit whether they be blighted or not, leading Bishamon to be known to take on many to the point where it negatively affected her well-being.



Due to her past with Yato, where she lost her first clan of Regalia known as the Ma clan with only Kazuma as the sole survivor, she was bent on vengeance and decided to destroy anything Yato held dear to himself. She goes as far as to almost disowning Kazuma when she finds out about his association with Yato. After finding out the true story about the death of her previous family of Shinki, Bishamon eventually lets go of her vengeance against Yato. Furthermore, she slowly begins to be able to accept him as her ally.

Though, she unfortunately lost a good number of her current family of Shinki indirectly due to the Sorcerer then later on followed by one of her Shinki being corrupted by the Sorcerer during the Hospital Arc.

After releasing Nana from imprisonment for the purpose of killing the Sorcerer without putting any of her own Regalia at risk, Bishamon is targeted by the Heavens for high treason. After being heavily injured and unconscious, Kazuma hides her away where she'll be safe from the Heavens for the time being.

Extra Info: She's taken shortly after she wakes up and tries but fails to summon Kazuma, somewhere between the Stray Arc and Final Arc of the manga.

Both anime and manga are merged, and I might take a few liberties with her, due to the general point in time I'm taking her from in canon.
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"What's the matter, Uncle Jason? Cat got your tongue?"

Klarion the Witch Boy

Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons):
(Described to be in his teens in modern DC iterations)


Abilities/ Powers:

Klarion has a wide array of magical abilities and powers.


He has his draaga or familiar Teekl with him at all times. While it's not made clear what their link is, Klarion can see through Teekl's eyes and by extension, sense where she is. He has described their relationship as 'inseperable', and that is quite literal when they merge to access the form of the Horigal. While this form is powerful, it is not possible to seperate without the aid of someone of a higher skill level in magic.

Important Lore/ History about Them:
Klarion was but a Witch Boy from Limbo town, until circumstances had forced him to leave. From there, he serves as an antagonist to various characters, chiefly Etrigan the Demon & Jason Blood, as well as various other magic-based heroes (?).

All his appearances are known for being rather inconsistent.

Extra Info:

I'm pretty lost in continuity so treat this as a bit of a composite character.

Most of my portrayal originates from readings of a bit of New 52 & some slightly older 52, and even the original run of The Demon. I.e. Klarion will not be outright villainous, but a more mischievous, occasionally bratty antagonist figure or obstacle who is willing to help heroes if he can, or if it benefits him.​