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Faerie Tale RPS

Discussion in '1x1 Bulletin Board' started by Lore Weaver, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Lore Weaver

    Lore Weaver Member

    Here are a few idea I had for RPS based on traditional Faerie Tales. I am open to suggestions.

    Snow Bound: Snow is forced to serve her step-mother as a lure to ensnare someone of power and influence.. The only two ways to release her are to either win her love or kill her. Killing the step-mother first will leaver her spellbound. Any setting.

    Downloaded: Instead of falling asleep, Beauty was pulled out of her body and into a downloadable file which can file opened with the password will download he into either a phone or lap-top (or another such portable device) until a new body of some sort can be found/made for her. (Modern Setting)

    Malice In Wonderland: A young woman with a tumultuous past finds her way into a peaceful, normal fantasy realm and proceeds to deliberately turn everything o its head, unleashing demonic forces and seeking to depose/enslave the King of Hearts. (Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fantasy Setting)

    Trapped In Time: Cindy, a wealthy socialite, is transported back in time to 18 Century London where she becomes a servant to a widow and her two daughters. Needing to get inside the manor of the local noble to find her way home, she attempts to sneak in while everyone attends a formal dance. A meddling Fairy Godmother complicates matters. Can Cindy make it home before the clock strikes twelve or will she be trapped in this time forever. (optionally the setting could be a fantasy realm).

    If you have any thoughts about these ideas or Fair-Tale RPs of your own, I am open to suggestions.
    If interested, please leave comments here or message me.

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