Ame Damnee FairHarvest

Serin - Fairharvest Inn
Serin was silent for a few moment before he finally responded. "A relic... Wha- Noooo." He crossed his arms as he leaned back from the table in disbelief. "You're kidding me." The blind man's shoulders shook briefly before the snicker leaked out, which then turned into a full-blown laugh. "You lost Aditi's Plume?!" And then he laughed some more.

Then, without warning, he slammed his hands down on the table and leaned forward again. "I'm sorry, I thought the whole point of your city was to protect that useless hunk of rock, and now someone, what? Forgot to put it back on the pedestal after they polished it all nice and shiny? I suppose there's some poetic justice in that."

Serin gave her a mischievous smile. Of course he didn't believe the Plume was actually a useless hunk of rock; something that revered and protected had to have some kind of power. But so help him, he wasn't going to miss another chance to pull some punches at New Eden again. They always took themselves too seriously, which meant it was always fun to knock them down a few pegs when given the chance. And, well... He couldn't resist trying to get a rise out of Ratchel again, even if she had almost burnt him to a crisp a few seconds ago.
Nehra Toorn, Fairharvest Inn

She shook silently, fingers wrapped around her fifth shot glass. Goosebumps crawled up her arm as she listened to the dark tune on a woman's instrument. That wasn't a relaxing sound. Her eyes blinked; Screams and the crackle of fire scorched her vision. The Far Lamb Pub in New Eden was burnt to a crisp. The memory wasn't kind and neither was the squabbling between different patrons. Nehra wanted somewhere nice and calm; not jovial. The angel stared at the musical instrument that the blonde haired woman held in her arm, fingers pressing against the keys with comfort and ease. Nehra turned away and ordered a few more shots. She was still traumatized by the disaster New Eden had become and no amount of low tonal music could make her feel any better.
Cardea Zardim
Fairharvest inn

As she finished her song she observed the mood of the room and decided a more upbeat and cheerful song was needed. She took a drink from her cup and put her fingers to the keys and started a song. This one was fast paced with polka kind of sound to it. As she got into the music she got up and used her feet to create a drumbeat like sound on the ground from the tapping as she tapped danced in front of the table. Her plumage bounced around her as she danced giving a entrancing look to the display. She looked up as she played and noticed some people watching her performance with intrigue. This one definitely was a better choice of songs.
Brutus Magnolia - Entering Fairharvest

The lycan had finally gotten his first glimpse of the town of Fairharvest, a bit too small for his liking, as much as he needed to hide his identity in New Eden, there was something about the abundance of people there that brought him comfort. He began to search around the town for Rhiannon, hoping she'd managed to find a good place to eat, his stomach was rumbling wildly, finally admitting to him that it was starving after going so long without food.
Fairharvest Inn

Crossing her arms and scowling she could not believe the nerve of this guy. He was really tempting fate by pushing her, and no she would not use her magic on him, but would punch him so hard in the gut it will sound like a balloon realising air! "I believe I've kept you waiting long enough." She said composing herself despite the aches and pains stabbing her throughout her body. "I apologize." She calmly and slowly got out of her seat and decided that maybe a walk in the sunlight might make her feel somewhat better. Leaving the Inn she could swear that Brutus was visible, though it was hard to tell her vision was rather blurry and the sun seemed to be making her skin burn making her ich ever more than she already was!
Serin - Fairharvest Inn
Serin was satisfied to hear the tell-tale signs that he had managed to get under skin after all, though was slightly disappointed when she just up and left. Oh well. That was when he started giving his attention to the rest of the room, which seemed to have become a little busier than when he first came in. Trying his best to block out the noise of the musician in the corner of the room, he managed to zero in his senses on a woman at the bar who was downing a shot. Hadn't she already had a few? He focused a little harder and managed to pick out the ever-so-faint sound of her heartbeat and breathing, indicating that she was distressed. Serin leaned on his table, bored now that he had no one left to talk to. Since he had nothing better to do, he started to push on the emotions of the woman at the bar, just to see what would happen.

Serin was surprised to suddenly hear the woman get up from her perch at the bar and walk away, apparently to one of the rooms of the inn. Curious, he pushed on her emotions just a little more, but jerked when his connection with her suddenly broke. What happened? It was then that he smelled a faint scent of blood in the air.

Oh. Oops. Serin stood up and snatched up his pack from the ground, leaving the inn without a word. It wasn't likely that anyone would be able to pin the blame on him for the woman's apparent suicide, but just in case, he wasn't going to hang around in the odd chance that someone did.
Rhiannon - Fairharvest Outskirts

To say vampires had no taste would be a lie but to the starving man anything tastes good. She sat in the tavern nomming down on a bowl of hearty stew. A goblet of wine sat not far from her dish she ate with gusto. Slurping the broth up with a few peas and carrots made the vampire quite happy. The last time she had ever tried to eat she had ended up horribly sick. She wonder partly what had changed about herself to allow her to do so now but knew better than to look a gifted horse in the mouth. All but purring she continued to eat.
Brutus Magnolia - Fairharvest

Finally Brutus had managed to narrow down the location of Rhiannon's scent, at one of his favorite places in any town, the tavern. He entered through the door and soaked in the atmosphere, a bard was playing music in the corner, there was an off smelling odor of food wafting to his nose and the ale that was being poured reminded him of home. He spotted his lover at one of the tables and sat down next to her. "Why hello there, pretty lady. Mind if I sit here?" A playful tease as he took his seat and waved over the bartender.
Oliver Rikonde

Oliver and Felix reentered the town and made their way back to Toby's house. On their way to the house he saw two people exit the in the first one was in a very sour mood, he could tell from this far away, while the other seemed to be in a hurry to get out. He decided again that it wasn't his business and continued on to Toby's house. As he entered he could already tell that the man was long gone from the place and from the look of the house it looked like a scuffle took place here. He looked around and saw a note atop the arm he left behind when he left for the lake. When he finished reading the letter and instructions he detached his old arm and picked up the new arm. He tried putting the new arm on and with a little trouble was able to put it on. He moved the new arm around into various positions checking to make sure everything worked good. Other than not being able to feel anything in his arm it felt as if he had always had this arm.

He picked up his things and left the house and headed for the tavern. He entered the tavern and as soon as he did the smell of blood hit him and he looked around to see where the smell was coming from and found it in the form of a lady who seemingly looked asleep at one of the tables with a knife barely visible buried to the hilt in her chest in a way that clearly looked to be suicide. He went up to the tavern owner and asked if he could talk to him out of range of others.When the were out of range he indicated the lady and told him, "that sleeping lady over there is dead sir."
Carea Zardim
Fairharvest- Fairharvest Inn

When Cardea finished her song she decided to take a break from the music and pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered some stew. While she waited she took a look around the room and was happy with what she saw. People were either in a lighter mood or in the case of one person sleeping. Music effects everyone differently I guess, she thought as he gaze lingered on the sleeping individual not having intended to put anyone to sleep. Her attention was dragged back to the bar as her food arrived. The stew looked amazing but as soon as she dug in she was majorly disappointed. How could the food look so good yet taste so bad. Careful not to show any bad manners she scarfed down the rest of it only letting it stay in her mouth long enough to chew it. She got herself another drink to wash it all down with.
Rhiannon - Fairharvest Tavern

Slowly the vampire blinked up at the werewolf that now stood over her asking if he could have a seat at the table, “Really now? Do you honestly think I will say no?”

Rhiannon was many things but rude wasn’t one of them. She could be harsh and rather cross but she wasn’t rude. A smile crossed her lips as she leaned back slightly and gave a hum, “So how was the adventure? Everything you hoped for and more?”
Brutus Magnolia - Fairharvest Tavern

He smiled at Rhiannon's bewildered response to his question, ordering his drink of choice from the bartender as well as a meal. It was then that the faint stench of blood hit him. He followed the smell until his eyes found a redheaded woman slumped over at the bar. His highly trained eyes noticed that her form wasn't breathing and noticed the hint of a dagger's hilt far too close to her chest. He then noticed the young man who had the wolf at the lake earlier consulting with the barkeep, who simply nodded and helped to drag the poor woman out back. Such a sorrowful waste of life. He thought to himself, recognizing suicide when he saw it.

He then turned back to Rhiannon and shook his head at her question. "Well I learned that most of the Ethereal and Envoys can notice me through my cloak of shadows, so that was interesting. The power that radiated from all of them was certainly something to behold, though they sent me away pretty quickly. Apparently this is a private affair for them, I just hope Renee knows what she's gotten herself into."
Rhiannon - Fairharvest Tavern

She rested her chin in her palm as she stared up at him. Even sitting he was a good head and a half taller than her, “It is to be expected. The older beings tend to have ways of protecting themselves that defy what we know to be true. She made her choice by following blindly into the light just as many follow blindly into the dark. Both can be just as dangerous as the other.”
Brutus Magnolia - Fairharvest Tavern

Brutus nodded at Rhiannon's statements, lost in thought as he proceeded to eat his food. He was never very picky about how his food tasted, so long as it was meat he'd consume it gladly and come away satisfied. "What about us? Without any details we're just as blind as Renee is. Do we want to follow them on this path regardless? I cant figure out where I stand on the whole thing, but I'll follow whatever you wish to do."
Rhiannon -Fairharvest Tavern

The vampire paused for a moment then turned to take her lover's hands in her own, "Brutus, there is no right answer at this time much less a wrong one. The only choice we have to make is the one to survive nothing else matters. There is nothing in the future to be seen it will always be a dark cloud on the horizon," She smiled softly as she leaned back slightly, "Consider all the things in this world that you have seen and all that has yet be seen. You can flail about trying to grasp that which you desire only to find it is your enemy you have bed. The point I'm trying to make is simple. Look for the hints not the path. For someone has walked it before you and you don't know their end. Make your own path."

That was what she had done so many years ago. She chose to take what life had handed her and turn it on its head. Look where it lead her. She been damned at an early age only to find herself alone but she found comfort in her trade which led her to the man before her now. Rhiannon wouldn't change a thing. Not the pain nothing for all of it was for what she desired. A lover and a friend.
Brutus Magnolia - Fairharvest Tavern

The feeling of Rhiannon's hand in his was reassuring, but the meaning of her words was unclear to him, a statement held with more experience and wisdom then he had. The one note that made sense to him was 'make your own path'. "You know I'm not the smartest wolf around, so I don't really get most of it, Rhia. But I know I've already started making my own path, by crossing it with yours." He said as he squeezed her hand in comfort. "Whatever path we make, we make it together."
Damien - Fairharvest Inn
The journey through Oblitus, as always, was grueling. Damien was relieved when the lights of the small little inn came into view. After making arrangements with the inn-keeper for a room, he made his way to the bar and ordered his usual glass of ale. He decided not to set up shop right away. Instead, he took a seat at the bar and pulled out one of his journals. Turning to an empty page, he began to write about the past few days’ events; his encounter with the blind man, the conversations he had in the Two Talismans, and his recent journey to Fairharvest. He scribbled furiously; his brow wrinkled in concentration.
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Cardea Zardim
Fairharvest- Fairharvest Inn

Cardea finished her drink and was about to get up when a dwarf with a really long jet black beard sat down next to her and after ordering a drink started writing furiously in a book. "What's that," Cardea asked him after she ordered another drink. Why am I asking, it's none of my business, she thought to herself.
Damien - Fairharvest Inn
The woman's question causes Damien to start in in surprise. He had been so focused on what he was doing he had lost all sense of what was around him. He dropped his pen and looked up.
"It's er, my journal." He coughed. "I um right stories and things in it. I'm a story teller. Damien's the name." Then he paused for a moment. "I buy and sell stories. I'll trade ye one of mine if you'll give me one of yours." It was a common line he used. It usually worked well. He'd get a story, tell one of his, and a crowd would gather. He used the empty ale mugs as tip jars. He sat back in his seat and waited to see how the woman would respond.
Cardea Zardim
Fairharvest - Fairharvest Inn

"And I am Cardea," she said introducing herself as was customary. Cardea thought about it for a minute. It wasn't a bad trade so she decided she would tell him one of her stories. She chose to tell him the story of how she accidentally ended up getting the peacock feather plumage by dabbling with a magic book at the young age of six. This was the story she was always telling people when they asked how she got her feathers. After she finished her story she leaned back in her seat and looked at the dwarf trying to read his reaction. What's his story, she wondered, it's bound to be more interesting than mine. "So what's your story," she asked after she drank a swallow or two of her drink.