Just a Dream
  • Multi-paragraph writer
  • Responses are made a few times a week.
  • I love playing more than one character. My characters are usually female I may play a side male on occasion.
  • Prefer male characters to play against
  • Open to suggestions.
  • Plot ideas soon to come.
  • My Characters

Potential fandoms:
This will be preferably as AU setting, I'll be using my own OC.
Because that's how I roll best.
My own ideas will be added to those particular ones.
Characters I realllly like are named and I would be extremely happy if someone played for me. But it's certainly not a requirement!

Final Fantasy : Have more of a summoner/guardian idea. Taking place along the lines of X. But other FF characters are welcome. A women on her pilgrimage ends up not wanting to sacrifice herself at the end. Along the way there is found another way. To take the Aeons summoner and produce an even stronger Aeon. One that will summon its counter part. But will she as well as her new summon be strong enough to 'convince' this other side to join and help destroy Sin for good?

• Inuyasha -(Sesshomaru) : I have a demon female as well as a young women who falls into the time period much like Kagome but not through a well. They are contrasting characters to add a bit more to the story line~
• Kingdom Hearts -(Riku , Cloud, Leon) : My character here is not a keyblade wielder. But more of a mage/healer who can help support a keyblade user. Thought that would be a fun twist as well as being able to traverse into other Final Fantasy worlds.
• Neverland (Pan) : A young women who visits in her dreams. She is known by Pan. One night he's had enough of her games in which he never wins so he goes to her and brings her back. I can play a handful of characters in this realm.
• Spice and Wolf : I just like the idea of a traveling merchant and a frisky wolf women. Lots of fun to be had~
• The Cruel Prince series : AU or spin-off down the line. I don't care. The books were wonderful and have me craving.

Pairing Ideas:
❀Master/Teacher x Student/Apprentice
❀Patient x Doctor : Asylum type setting
❀Vampire x Human
❀Shifter x Human
❀Fae/Elven x Human
❀Witch x Shifter
❀Samurai x Kitsune/geisha
❀Demon x Human contract
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Hi hello! I tend towards multiple paragraphs myself, but can't guarantee how many at a given time, it really depends on what's going on in the story and what I have to work with. I focus a lot on character interaction and development more than details of the setting and such most times, so it really depends on your preference if we'd fit together. Like you, I prefer to play OCs. I'm generally willing to play either gender or gender pairing.

All that said, if you do find me even remotely interesting to play with, I'd be into a few of your ideas. I'll include in parenthesis which role I think I'd do better with.

-Spice and Wolf AU (I'd be a better merchant, I think)
-Vampire/Human (Either works)
-Shifter/Human (Human only)
-Demon/Human (Either works)
-Witch/Shifter (Witch please)
-Patient/Doctor (Either works. Note, I have experience in the psych ward of a hospital and may use that to my advantage, though not the character's)
-Master/Pupil (Either works)
-Fae/Human (I prefer human, but can do a fae-esque character possibly... I'm not sure.)

...Okay so basically I like all of them. But at least that gives us options, right?