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Main Event Far Away Lights

Discussion in 'Main Event Archives' started by Atomic Knight, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    For OOC talk, please see the group Discord server or the sign-up thread. Please avoid OOC talk in the IC.

    A link to sign-up thread is here.

    The multiverse theory is a hypothetical group of multiple separate universes including the universe in which humans live. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, the physical laws and the constants that describe them. The different universes within the multiverse are called the "parallel universes," "other universes" or "alternative universes."

    It is believed that the possibility of a new world is either created when any given choice is made in one universe. Mundane choices like what to eat, to world-shaking ones like the decision to incite war. If there is believed to be such an amount of worlds, it would be filled to the brim with just as many worlds of mundane difference as those of radical difference. Or perhaps, those worlds were created beforehand, pre-destined to diverge from another.

    One could say that this is one such world.

    But then, who is to say what world is "supposed to happen," and what world is just diverged from that?

    Even in the 2200s, this multiverse theory is not taken so seriously. Despite the massive leaps and advances that humanity has enjoyed, between space travel, replication of matter, and so on, the idea of tapping into another dimension beyond our own is an idea that some in this age find too abstract to be able to apply. Though there were oft rumors and murmurs that Jonathan Archer, some hundred years ago, and the crew of the Enterprise NX-01 had encountered something of a different world, cosmology continued to be something that very few took seriously.

    However, if no one else, the remaining crew of the USS Discovery, here and now, could confirm the existence of such a greater multiverse. Their newfound method of travel, across a system they called the "mycelial network," was intended to do away with warp drives. Instead of traveling at light speed, ships would have been able to teleport across incredible spaces of time. However, such is oft the case with astronomical and abstract physics, this was an unstable practice, bending their own existence within space-time.

    However, that was only just the beginning of their experiences with playing with space and time.

    Chapter One
    "Into the Stars"


    "All systems checking out nominal so far, barring the warp drive," Acting Captain Saru of the Discovery said, after running a brief diagnostic on the ship via a handheld panel.

    With the Federation-Klingon War finally put to an end thanks to their efforts (one could only hope that this would be the last time the Federation would come into great conflict with the Klingon Empire), the ship was free and on their way to pick up their new commanding officer, currently stationed on another planet and awaiting pickup. Everything was going relatively fine, and one could only hope that from here, it would be smooth sailing.

    But of course, a voyage through the stars often yielded the strangest findings.


    Michael Burnham waited anxiously for the ship to proceed, stealing glances at the Vulcan Ambassador, Sarek, occasionally. It had been some time since she had been on Vulcan. Far too long, really. Not since everything that had happened. Burnham worried that it would feel different now stepping on the planet she had called home and hoped desperately that it would not be so.

    "Be ready on my command," Saru said to Helmsman Detmer, who gave him a soft "Aye, sir" in response.

    Tapping into his comm link from there, directing it to Engineering, he spoke again. "Acting Captain to Engineering, is the mycelial drive ready?"

    Despite knowing how unstable the mycelial drive was, all things considered, it was their best bet to meeting the new captain in a timely manner, considering the strange malfunction within the warp drive that they'd encountered shortly after leaving Earth. And if nothing else, it would have proven to be an enlightening demonstration of what it was capable of, considering legendary ambassador Sarek was on board.


    "Ready as ever," Paul Stamets responded, already strapped into the spore chamber and set to go. He held off on making comment on the fact that, at this point, the whole process could be done in his sleep. After all the USS Discovery had gone through, Stamets believed his understanding of the spore drive and the mycelial network could not be matched by any other sapient being. Though making new jumps were possibly still dangerous to Stamets, he took a large amount of pride in being the one to pilot them.

    Even if Starfleet was committed to finding a non-human interface for the spore drive, they had allowed the Discovery to continue making jumps while the issue with the warp drive could be resolved. Time was not necessarily of the essence, but with such an esteemed individual as Sarek aboard, getting to Vulcan sooner, rather than later, was preferred.


    "God, this is all so exciting!" Ensign Sylvia Tilly exclaimed excitedly, grinning like a giddy schoolgirl, "Never thought I'd even be on the same ship as Ambassador Sarek! You never told me you were raised by him, Michael!" She called back to the comm, "Or... did you? I... I guess you could have and I just forgot. Or you didn't think it was that important either, no big deal. I mean, it kind of is a big deal, but... Oh, sorry. I'm rambling -- I'm doing that thing again."

    Burnham exhaled sharply, holding back a more open remark over the comm. Tilly might have thought she was annoyed, but she couldn't see the corner of Burnham's mouth curl into a smile. "If we have time later, I'll go into more detail. Maybe show you around Vulcan, if you're up for it." She then cleared her throat. "Stamets, you were saying?"

    "Yes-- We're ready to go. The sooner the better."

    "Excellent. Now, then..." Saru said, sitting in the captain's chair in the center of the bridge, "Engage."

    And with that, the Discovery prepared to make the jump across the mycelial network.



    As the space around the ship crackled with pure energy, the ship prepared to make its jump to its designated location across the galaxy, spinning in place, and then disappearing in the middle of space without a trace.

    However, as it was said, a voyage like this rarely saw smooth sailings, and just because the war was over, didn't mean that their worries were over.

    If only they were aware of what came later and what would happen after all this, perhaps they could have dared to imagine that their misadventures were only just beginning.

    For everyone, everything went black for a few moments, unable to feel, think, or even comprehend everything as their very existences were bent and undone, before rematerializing in an entirely different location.

    However, when everyone did come to, they were hardly at the intended destination.

    In fact, wherever they were, there wasn't even a single planet in sight at all.

    "Ngh... Status report, helmsman? Where are we? This doesn't look like--" Saru inquired, rubbing his head.

    "I... I can't say, captain," the helmsman responded with concern, "It... It's like before. I can't... read anything."

    Saru stepped to the front, gazing out into the stars and the nothingness beyond.


    He remained silent for a moment, contemplating their situation. While the helmsman said it was "like before," Saru was inclined to agree in part, but deep down, he could feel that something was different. Something felt... wrong. Like there was something missing suddenly, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

    "Perform a scan of the ship's interior to see if there's anything out of place," Saru said to the helmsman, before turning to Michael, "Burnham, what can you make of this? Something like this happening again was certainly always a possibility, but... I don't think we're... quite exactly in the same place like before. That is... on the other side, but rather... Somewhere in between?"

    Burnham was inclined to voice her confusion at whatever Saru was getting at, but as she took a few cautious steps toward the view of the outside, she found herself quieted. Whatever they were looking at, it was different than before. "... Last time, we were sent on specific coordinates. Assuming this isn't the cause of further malicious intent..."

    Burnham turned around and moved back to her station. "Whatever the case, all things considered, we are likely not in our native universe once again. Science Officer Burnham to Engineering, is everything all right down there?"

    In Engineering, Stamets was vacating the spore chamber, his head in pain but otherwise in the man was in physically good shape. "I-I don't know... I mean, yes, we are all right, but I could not tell you what just happened." With the ship going offline, so did the spore drive. Engineering went deathly quiet in the wake of this current incident. "I could see the network and all its paths. I know the network. I knew where to go, but something pushed us off course." Stamets shook his head and shot Tilly a defeated glance. "And where it pushed us, I don't think there was anything there that I could see."

    Suddenly, a soft beep was heard from the ship's computer, before the helmsman spoke up. "Sir, our systems appear to be offline for the time being. Rebooting it now, though it might take a small while."

    "Whatever it takes, helmsman," he spoke, attempting to keep calm through his voice, though if he wasn't careful, his ganglia would threaten to betray that facade, as he continued to feel uneasy about their current position.

    With systems offline, Burnham knew there was work to do. "Captain, I will take a look around," she said to Saru. "To make sure everything is in order. If this is as unprecedented as we think, who knows what could have happened."

    For many others across space and time, this was the beginning of everything.


    Whatever malfunction occurred aboard the ship, it had great ramifications across dimensional barriers. Somehow, the USS Discovery had become a singularity, where beings had been pulled rapidly to this one position, stuck aboard a vessel they had no knowledge of.

    When they came to, they found themselves in an unfamiliar environment. A quiet room where the only sounds were the low hum of unknown machinery (possibly just the lights, everything else seemed dead and cold for the time being) and the confusion of the others beside them, all looking equally confused and discombobulated.

    One could assume that they were located on some strange military base, or if their imaginations dared to guess, some type of ship, considering the smaller ships or shuttles in front of them. Other than some colorful barrels and metal boxes lying around, there wasn't much to see in this room. If not for the act of suddenly appearing inside the room and not knowing anything about it, one could almost describe it as rather plain.

    If anyone were to try to approach the doors in the front, they would find that nothing they could do would be able to open it. The panel next to it appeared to be completely unresponsive, just like every other machine in it that wasn't the lights, and the door itself was far too heavy and tough to be pried open, despite anyone's best efforts.

    For all intents and purposes, it looked as though they were stuck here.

    May as well make the best of it.

    Continued here.

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three

    Chapter Four

    Final Chapter


    @ThatAverageGuy as Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo!)
    @Jeremi as Darth Vader (Star Wars)
    @Josh as Doctor Mrs. The Monarch (The Venture Brothers)
    @York as Emily Hayes (Amulet)
    @Gummi Bunnies as Flower (Vocaloid)
    @Yun Lee as Gumi Megpoid and Gakupo Kamui (Vocaloid)
    @Alex Azure as Kirby (Kirby)
    @Siege as Krystal (Star Fox)
    @dark as Maya Visari (Killzone)
    @Donder172 as Meceliss and Mizelia (Star Wars OC)
    @Takumi as Meiji Gahata and Stardust (Vocaloid)
    @Kaykay as Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box)
    @Space_Candy as Nathan Prescott (Life Is Strange)
    @Lucky as Peter Quill (Marvel Comics)
    @MelodyMeister as Rin Kagamine (Vocaloid)
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Samus Aran (Metroid)
    @Raptor Jesus as Sarge and Grif (Red vs. Blue)
    @Crow as Starscream (Transformers)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Titus (Warhammer 40,000)
    @Raynar Saassin as Vert (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
    @Otto as Viktor and Blitzcrank (League of Legends)
    @Minerva as Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx)​
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
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  2. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Prologue: Vocaloid Ensemble
    "Gone, but not Forgotten"
    (Collab between @Takumi @Gummi Bunnies @MelodyMeister and @Yun Lee !)


    The stadium was packed. That was something anyone could see, even in the next town over. People from all over the world arrived in Tokyo tonight, eager to donate and cheer on a concert whose proceeds went towards a cause just about everyone in the world cared about. Four months ago, beloved android idol Miku Hatsune had vanished into thin air. Shutting down for a routine checkup, she never returned, and her tracking device couldn't pick up any trace of her. Everyone feared the worst, but refused to believe it. There had to be a way to find her. There just had to!

    This concert was one of the ways to do so. Miku's voice and music had an impact internationally, and started the Vocaloid craze. Companies all over the world created robotic idols of their own, but no one could ever compare to Miku. She was an icon, and her absence would never be forgotten.

    At the moment, though, it was time for a break, at least for the Eastern Vocaloids. The next portion of the concert was devoted to the English and Spanush performers, meaning that the others had time to get a break. Fortunately for one in the break room, that meant a break in more ways than one. His little sister, Gumi, usually a ball of energy, was now recharging herself, meaning a break from her chatter. It was a good thing, too; this concert meant more to Gumi than anything. Miku was her best friend, after all. Her disappearance hit Gumi harder than anyone else, and though she stayed her chipper self to the public, privately things were another story.

    "She's still conked out, huh?"

    Gakupo looked up to find the backstage manager, and his good friend, Dell Honne at the vending machine. "Hey, Dell. Yes, Gumi is pretty exhausted. She's been putting her heart and soul into this show."

    "Doesn't surprise me. Miku and Gumi were close. She been doing okay?"

    "She's crying less frequently at night, if that's what you mean."

    "It is." Delp purchased a pack of cigarettes and lit one. It fascinatedGakupo to no end that an android like Dell smoked. "Good to hear. Hopefully she stops crying altogether."

    Gakupo looked at Gumi, who had now slumped over onto his shoulder. She looked so peaceful in her sleep...poor thing really wanted this concert to go well. "Thank you. So do I."


    Meiji had never experienced such a large audience before, but given the reason why so many attended it was to be expexted when the face of Crypton disappeared. She herself was surprised to even be singing at such an event, so far she was the only Utau present--not even Teto was here; at least in the room--to her knowledge.

    That being said she oddly felt more close to the younger android sitting next to her, Stardust. The optimistic Chinese Vocaloid did her best to keep spirits up somehow, especially for Gumi. Meiji herself kept quiet mostly, trying to figure out why someone lile her, who wasn't at all well known, was singing with much more known and experienced 'loids? When it came to the topic of Miku, well, she felt...what did she feel? Was it different emotions she was feeling, if that was the case? The Witch wasn't sure, but simply held her tongue as talk about Gumi's wellbeing came up.

    From her corner of the room she gave a slightly worried glance Gumi's way but that was about it.

    Stardust was currently charging herself, who may have overdone herself while on stage, and with Meiji somehow becoming a temporary "mentor" for the 'loid, the Utau simply sighed when they arrived to the break room and Stardust went into resting mode almost themoment she sat on the couch next to the Witch.


    Rin slowly got out of her concert dress and sighed, but happily and with a bit of sadness. She was glad to have a such an audience cheering for her, and that she got to dress up as Riliane while singing ‘Aku No Musume’, one of her favourite and popular songs. At the same time though, the girl knew Miku quite well, and she knew exactly what the concert was for, she didn’t cry like Gumi did, she couldn’t deny that she and Len both really liked Miku, especially since Rin’s voice was a bit less developed then the teal-haired teenager.

    Looking around the room, she tried to keep as optimistic and chipper as she could despite the somewhat melancholy vibe and her being absolutely exhausted.
    So! Gakupo! How did you think our performance went? Which song were you even singing? Actually, scratch that, how’s Gumi doing? She was absolutely putting in her all, not even I did that.”
    The little diva was pretty familiar with Gumi, since she and Gakupo were pretty much the unofficial members of Rin’s group, which was MEIKO, KAITO, Miku, Luka, Len and her.

    Being very tired, she sat down opposite to Stardust. Although she had no idea who the two were except Meiji was a UTAU, they both sounded really good though! Despite Rin having no idea what Stardust was singing and Meiji’s singing obviously being noticeably being less professional. Still, She gave both of them a large thumbs up and a large smile.


    With her performance all done, Flower double-checked her guitar to make sure its tuning was just how she liked it to be, before setting it aside in the break room. She didn't look like Miku's absence affected her that much, but that was on the surface only. Sure, she never got the time to really get to know her, but knowing that she was a huge influence to the community, a tinge of regret grew in her mind.

    She had to come back, there was no way that Miku could never return. For now, Flower retained her usual quiet self, not exactly finding the motivation to talk to the others. Especially for an occasion as meaningful and significant as this.


    Meiji noticed the thumbs up from Rin and smiled, nodding in thanks to Rin and holding back an amused chuckle. Now wasn't really the time for it anyway.


    Oh, Stardust was charged and awake again. The chippee youngster's eyes opened and she sat up.

    "Eh, how long has break been?" she asked, knowing she probably didn't charge for too long despite using so much energy.

    "You weren't out for an awfully long time, Stardust." Meiji replied with a shrug. Getting up momentarily to get herself some tea. She hoped it'd help with the underlying gloom in the room.

    "Shit, talk about a depressing crowd..." Dell rubbed the back if his neck awkwardly. "I'll be back to get you guys in twenty minutes. That should be time enough for the grand finale." With that, he took his leave.

    Gakupo watched Dell go, and took notice of the other girls in the room...all too young for him, unfortunately. Man, where was Luka? Or Meiko? Or even one of those cute Chinese ladies...well, not like he could really enjoy himself, y'know? Everyone was so down over Miku...so, he would need to put romance aside for the time being, and be the big brother these girls all needed!

    Plus, hey. Single big brother types were attractive, right?

    Smiling at Rin, Gakupo nodded. "I think I did well. Dancing Samurai is an old fan-favorite." Even if he get tired of always singing it...seriously, he had other songs, too. "I think I know what song you just sang? They wouldn't have me sing Venomania as..." Miku was one of the singers. "...there are children around."

    He glanced down at Gumi, still passed out. "She's fine. I'm glad she's resting now, rather than passing out onstage."He looked at the other three girls in the room. "How are you all enjoying the concert?" Since he was usually grouped with Gumi and his other siblings, or the Crypton Vocaloids, Gakupo didn't really know many of these newer faces.

    “Really good! The concert was fantastic! The Japanese vocaloids were the First to be famous after all, The English ones shouldn’t be as good unfortunately. I can’t wait for the finale though!”
    Rin tried her best to be her normal perky self, but she was in a kinda half-charging half-awake state. Man, Gakupo’s performance was hilarious, Dancing Samurai...Never gets old, and it was a light-hearted song compared to her own.
    “Oh, talking about Venomania! In our own time, I think all us Crypton loid’ sung from at least one song from the Evillious Chronicles! Let’s see, Evil Food Eater, check..Daughter Of Evil check, Judgement, check, That yandere song, yep....Oh! I think only GUMI has yet to perform as well as....”

    Whether it was because she didn’t want to talk about Miku or she wasexhausted, Rin went into charging mode before saying that last sentence. It was about time, being a older vocaloid means she doesn’t charge quite as fast.

    Whew. Rin was asleep. She was a nice kid, but man, she was a lot to take in. The other girls still seemed pretty quiet... "The finale should be a lot of fun. Poor Clara and Bruno, though...they'll be exhausted by the end, considering they're going last."

    "The concert is great so far, everyone's so talented from what I've heard on stage and while coming back stage." Stardust smiled, before a thoughtful look crossed her features. Placing a finger on her chin, her brows furrowed at both Rin's words and Gakupo's. She didn't know Clara and Bruno well--or anyone outside of some of the Utaus and Chinese 'loids anyway.

    "Well I'm sure they'll pull through, and hopefully have fun up there." she added, trying to help brighten the glum mood a bit. Meiji hummed as she sipped at her tea.

    "It's definitely...different." the witch spoke up.

    "It certainly is," Gakupo replied with a nod. The dark cloud over them all was a big one, and he didn't know if anything would make it better. If only Gumi would wake up...she was better at this kind of thing. "But you know, I think that-"

    Suddenly, the power went out all throughout the entire stadium, including the break room. A rather undignified scream rang out, belonging to none other than the samurai himself. "D-Don't panic girls!" He desperately tried to save face, but it was clear he couldn't. Maybe just a few minutes in the dark, that was it. Nothing to be afraid of.


    "Fuckin' Hell...!" Dell froze in the middle of the hallway, that scream making the situation worse. "Damn it, Gakupo, nearly giving me a fuckin' heart attack..." Taking out his phone, Dell turned the flashlight on, illuminating the area. Still grumbling to himself, the technitian started towards the breakroom in order to make sure everyone there was okay...and that Gakupo's freakout didn't scare the new girls.

    "Oi! You guys okay in here...huh?!" Dell shined the flashlight around the room to be sure, but there was no way...

    "Dell! Dell!" His walkie talkie was going off. "Dell, can you hear me?!"

    "Uh..." It took a second, but he picked up. "Neru..."

    "Jeez! What took you so long?! Where are you?!"

    "In the breakroom. Neru..."


    "The Vocaloids in here? Yeah. ...They disappeared..."






    "Ugh..." Gakupo slowly sat up, rubbing his head. Forced shutdowns were the absolute worst. Stupid blackout...at least he was still...uh...

    Where did the breakroom go?!

    "Ehhhh?!?!" Gakupo had no idea where he was! Who were these people? What was going on? And most importantly...

    "Gumi! Gumi, where are you?!"

    He was too panicked to notice that his little sister, still powered down, was sprawled across a barrel. Someone should help her out. Please.

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  3. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    Peter Quill Prologue- Just another Day

    Waking up in a strange place was normal for Peter Quill. He had been thrown in jail, kidnapped when he was young, so waking up in a strange place was kind of his normal. He tried the door and they didn't work. He shrugged and checked to see what he had on him. He also would look over at the metal boxes and go over to see what was in them.

    " Hey kid, do you need help out of the barrel?" He asked.

    @Anyone @Crummy first post before school
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  4. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM





    "Woah!" Peter would find a young girl (well, android, really) staring right back at him, a look of surprise on her face. Though in a split second, it turned to a big grin.


    "YO! You one of my fans? You get a backstage pass? Oooh, I love when folks get those! You came all the way to Japan from...America, right? You look American. I love America. They have all sorts if fattening junk food there, and I can eat and eat and eat and never get a heart attack because I don't even have a heart! And then-" She gasped, looking around. "WOAH! Where ARE we?! Are we in a warehouse rave? In a sci-fi movie? Look at all these guys in armor! So cool! OH MY GOD IS THAT DARTH VADER?!?! ARE WE IN DISNEYLAND RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!"

    All of this she managed to say in under one minute. Impressive.

    @Lucky @Anyone
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  5. Minerva

    Minerva A corpse should be left well alone

    Zero Two Prologue: Alone in the FranXX





    Zero Two knew those scents all to well. Like most Parasites, She was raised around those smells. The sickly taste of iron, the piercing smell of ammonia, the harsh feeling of cold metal. Zero Two bit the inside of her lip as she looked around the room. Was this a new training exercise? A new transfer? Some sort of hangar for APE’s experimental vehicles?

    And where was her Darling?

    Zero Two was in combat last she remembered. “MORE! MORE!” she shouted. “We must kill more Klaxosaurs, Darling!” she was manic, in a frenzy. Strelizia was flying, taking down Klaxosaur after Klaxosaur. The other members of the Squad were panicking, screaming at her to stop. Klaxosaurs surrounded Strelizia, but she just kept going.

    ZERO-TWO, STOP! a voice shouted into her ear. She exited her trance for a second, and then...


    The impact was felt first, followed quickly by the smell and feeling of blood came firs

    Then darkness engulfed her.


    Zero Two now sat in this hostile sterile environment. She kept her head down as she analyzed the group. It was a mixed bag, to be sure. Some figures looked similar to small FranXX while others were more human. Was this a new experimental Parasite group from APE like the last one was? Why has she been transferred here? Had her debacle screwed up so badly they needed to transfer her?


    The night was dark. She and Hiro sat outside on a bench near the barracks, looking up at the stars.

    Hey, Zero-Two, do you think there are other worlds out there?” Hiro asked.

    Zero Two smiled. “Hmm? What do you mean?” she asked.

    Hiro shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess just worlds where other people live, free of Plantations and Klaxosaurs.

    Zero Two looked back up at the sky and put her lollipop back into her mouth. “Ah. Well, if they do exist, they have their own sets of problems, Darling.” she said. “They’re not something we should worry about.” she took the lollipop out and smiled again.

    Zero Two decided to climb on top of a crate and look around the room.

    @Ver @Atomic Knight @Anyone​
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
  6. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    Sarge and Grif Prologue - Damn, Dirty Blues...


    “You first! And then we send over the medic!” The voice of the Blue team’s leader, Church, echoed from across the canyon.​

    “Get on with it, Grif!” Came the rough voice of the Red Team’s leader, Sarge. As the soldier clad in orange stepped forward, he let out a defeated sigh before speaking.​


    “I would just like to let everyone know that I suck.”


    “And that I’m a girl.”

    “What else?”

    “And that I like ribbons in my hair. And I wanna kids all the—“


    Before Grif could get his final word out, both him and Sarge had disappeared in a blinding flash of light. Simmons, the soldier clad in maroon armor, stood up from behind cover.​

    “What the hell did you Blues just do with Sarge?!” Simmons screamed as he pointed an accusing finger at the team.​

    “We didn’t do anything with your dumbass leader! And what about your other guy? The one in orange?”

    “Oh yeah, well, no one gives a shit about that guy. Anyways, if you didn’t do anything with them, then who did?”

    “Don’t fucking look at me! Caboose?!” Church yelled before pointing at the soldier in the dark blue armor, who simply froze in place.​


    “Uh.... Tucker did it.”

    “—boys. Wait... where the hell are we?” Grif asked as he looked around, realizing that they sure as hell weren’t in Blood Gulch anymore.


    “Ain’t it obvious, numbnuts? The blues clearly knew we would run out of ammunition and orchestrated our surrender, only for them to kidnap us and lock us up in one of their bases! Though why they took a useless dirtbag like you is beyond my comprehension.”

    “Thanks, Sarge. Love the appreciation. I’m gonna go take a nap.” Grif said before heading over to a crate and laying up against it to do just that.

    Meanwhile, Sarge approached the doors and attempted to open them. When he realized they wouldn’t budge, he began repeatedly ramming the butt of his shotgun against them.

    “Damn Blues! Let me outta here, dammit!”

    @Ver @Atomic Knight @Lucky @Minerva @Anyone​
  7. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Peter and just about everyone would eventually find that they had on them whatever they had on them at the time they randomly showed up here. Nothing more and nothing less.

    @Lucky @Everyone

    Any attempts to escape the room were repeatedly met with failure. It seemed to be a very secure room, whatever it was. The crates in the room were heavy and didn't budge when pushed against.

    From her perch, Zero Two could spy a boy hiding from the others, crouched to the ground and holding his head behind one of the shuttle-like structures in the room. He did not look like someone who would take being disturbed lightly.

    @Raptor Jesus @Minerva
  8. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Meiji was startled by the power outage and Gakupo's scream made her drop the tea she held, it falling onto the floor and a small curse escaped her lips. Stardust beside her had gasped, also startled by the blackout and Gakupo's scream until they were forced to shut down.





    Stardust was the first to restart between the two, sitting up and glancing around for a moment.

    "Huh? Was the blackout fixed alrea--wait where are we? Were we moved to another room??" she questioned, glancing around at all of those that she didn't recognize right off the bat.

    "Is there a cosplay event going on that I didn't know about?" she added, confused, until she heard Gakupo shouting. Wait, what was that about Gumi?!

    She quickly scanned the room for the green haired Vocaloid in slight panic, but also...

    "Gumi? Meiji?!" Meiji was right next to her before so where was she now?!

    Unbeknownst to Stardust, Meiji was actually closer than she thought, face down on the floor out of her field of view.

    @Yun Lee @Anybody​
  9. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Huh? Oh, yooooo! Stardust, over here!" Gumi waved at the younger Vocaloid from her perch on the barrel. "This is my new friend! I have no idea what his name is, but we're cool. Hey, you see Gakupo anywhere?" Since Gumi was a bit away, her voice was rather loud.

    Gakupo, meanwhile, noticed the UTAU passed out. "Meiji!" He rushed to her, shaking her shoulder. "Meiji! Wake up! W-We've been abducted!!!"

    @Takumi @Lucky
  10. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive


    After repeatedly ramming the doors and nothing happening, Sarge eventually took a step back and lowered his weapon.

    “Damn it! The Blues have clearly obtained some form of shotgun resistant material! Diabolical...”

    After a moment of contemplating, Sarge took a look around the room. Eventually, his eyes fell upon the young boy who was attempting to hide from the group. Noting that this could possibly be another victim if the Blue’s diabolical schemes (and maybe even another Red) , Sarge approached the young boy and looked down at him.

    “Hey, soldier! Quit sittin’ down on the job! That’s Grif’s job!” Sarge yelled in a rather “in your face” sort of tone.

    @Atomic Knight @Ver @Minerva @Lucky @Takumi
  11. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Emily Hayes - Prologue; Boiling Point
    @Yun Lee @Atomic Knight @Ver @Takumi @Others?

    "Leon... Something's happening to me."

    "You're growing in Strength, and so is the stone. The more powerfull the Amulet becomes, the more difficult it will be to control."

    "And what happens if I lose control?"

    "Then we would be in a whole heap of trouble. But it won't happen."

    "How do you know?"

    "Because I believe the Gadoba Trees were right about you..."


    Heat... Intense heat...

    That was the first thing Emily felt when she regained consciousness.

    She couldn't remember what she had been doing... Nor where she was.

    The last thing she remembered was fighting for control of the stone, and calling out to Trellis about something...

    And then... ...

    It was all a blur...

    Eventually, Emily dared to open her eyes, slowly but surely coming back to her senses.


    For a moment, her vision was engulfed in a bright cacophany of lights as her eyes began to adjust to her surroundings, and her sight began to return... Although, as she was beginning to make sense of her surroundings, it was to her relief, that the feeling of intense heat was quickly fading, replaced by the slight chill of her environment.

    Wherever she was, it looked like some sort of high-tech... Military base. Though, it didn't look like anything from Earth, nor Alledia... Or at least, anything of a design she recognized. As far as she knew, this ship was perhaps... Alien.

    The familiar sensation of the amulet around her neck, alongside the imminent feeling of its ethereal presense told her her powers were still relatively there... But, something was missing, and it didn't take long for her to figure out what it was; it's voice.

    She wasn't sure why or how, but she couldn't hear it. Good.

    Interestingly enough, as she searched her surroundings, she found that her walking stick she had been using for quite some time now lay somewhere near her. Although her stone itself was good enough for self defense, the stick would serve for a good conduit for its power.

    Regardless, she needed to use its power sparingly. She wasn't sure why her stone was no longer speaking with her, but she figured that if she conserved using her stone's power as much as possible, perhaps it would stay that way.

    With that out of the way, Emily directed her attention towards the others that had ended up in here with her.

    First and foremost, she carefully noted that for the moment, attempting to escape the room they were in was impossible, and though she entertained the thought of attempting to use her stone to bust through the doors, perhaps it was better to get acquainted with the others around here first.

    Before she did anything rash, she had to find out what was going on here, after all.

    In the end, Emily decided to approach what looked to be a teen girl, not much older than herself in fact, sprawled over a barrel, with an much older looking male calling out for someone nearby, someone called "Gumi". Perhaps that unconscious teen was the person in question?

    As Emily moved to help who she presumed to be "Gumi" up though, she jumped back in surprise when the girl suddenly regained consciousness with an abrupt "ping!" noise as another, blonde male happened to run into her... Words tumbling out of her at such a high rate, that she almost reminded Emily a little of her younger brother, Navin.

    With a small sigh, she decided not to get involved with that mess, and instead decided to head off to find the purple haired male from before, who she figured was still looking for the Green haired teenage... Robot(?), who was confirmed to be called Gumi, judging from what she said anyways.

    She eventually ran across him again, attempting to shake another girl, who was laying near him awake, and... Seeing no better way to approach the situation, she eventually tapped Gakupo on the shoulder lightly, before clearing her throat to speak.


    "Hey... Weren't you looking for... ... Gumi?" She said, a look of confusion momentarily flashing across her face as she said the name.

    It was certainly an odd name to say the least... Nothing like she had heard on Alledia at all, but... She did remember seeing something similar on some foreign magazine once, back when she was home... On earth...

    Nonetheless, she figured she would at least try and help a person or two out, since it looks like they weren't going anywhere anytime soon.​
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  12. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    The boy's head snapped upward as if Sarge had scared him. He looked to the red-armored man and jumped to his feet in the same movement, keeping his back against the wall. He touched the wall to help steady himself and stared at Sarge as if the man was some kind of enemy.

    "I was not resting," the boy said gruffly. His voice would have been pleasant if not for the attitude he was giving. He looked to be around twenty, with dark, brown hair and striking blue eyes. He could be called handsome, if not for the grime and dirt that painted his face. His clothes looked like they had been fancy once, made up of linen and soft colors, but they had been damaged. The boy had been through something rough, it was obvious just any looking at him.

    "Do you know what's going on?" he asked, his eyes looking around Sarge seemingly for signs of other threats. The boy was on alert and ready to run if needed.

    @Raptor Jesus
  13. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Hm?" Gakupo turned and looked down at the young lady who addressed him. She looked like a teenager about Rin's age...which did make sense, considering the age range of their Western fans. But all these other people around here...none of them looked like typical fans. So what was going on?

    "Gumi? Oh! Gumi!" Gakupo looked up to his sister, who seemed busy in conversation. He sighed. Honestly, he would probably worry her if he rushed to her like he did the unconscious Meiji...so, he turned his attention to the young lady.


    "Thank you," he said, giving her a dazzling smile. Was this the kind of girl who liked prettyboys? If she was one of his fans, he couldn't let her see him losing it...not that she hadn't already. "I was worried about my little sister, but she's all right. My name is Gakupo Kamui, and you are...?"

  14. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    After Sarge looked over the boy, it became more and more apparent to him that he wasn’t a fellow Red Team soldier, though he sure as hell wasnt a Blue Team soldier either, judging by the way his clothes looked.

    “Well son, we’ve been captured by the Blue Team!” Sarge exclaimed.


    “Lord only knows what sinister plans they have for us on the tail end of that door, but whatever it is, you can count on ‘ole Sarge to blast ‘em all to hell with my trusty shotgun! Heh heh heh.”

    Sarge would then look around for a moment as he held up his aforementioned shotgun, looking through it as if he was aiming at something, before abruptly putting it back down.


    “Say, what’s your name anyways?”

    @Atomic Knight
  15. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros

    All Hail Starscream

    Megatron was gone, out of the picture.

    For the most part, anyways.

    Starscream silently chuckled in his spark and brain module as he watched his Master in a comatose state. Megatron's spark beated with continued life support, but his mind was physically inactive.

    "Fret not, Master, I will show that I am indeed... a worthy successor to your title. You will have a fine seat with the AllSpark to watch my progress, I'm sure of it."

    Starscream was shocked by the ever-so-silent Soundwave popping up from behind, standing still.


    "Oh! Soundwave! I was just... checking on Lord Megatron," Starscream speaks nervously, "it is only natural for us underlings to show concern for our superiors, should they be unwell, is it not?"

    Soundwave seemingly ignores the response, before displaying some images on his screen.

    "Another Cybertronian relic, you say? I have to wonder what this one does, but it will definitely hold untold power that could give us an upper hand against those pesky Autobots. Well, bridge us there, Soundwave. One step closer and I- I mean, we Decepticons will be closer to victory."

    Soundwave locks on to the coordinates, generating a Groundbridge by which to enter. Starscream steps in first, and before Soundwave could, the portal sparked dangerously before prematurely closing, as if from malfunction.


    "How perculiar..."

    Starscream looked around as the 'Groundbridge' closed behind him.

    "Soundwave? Where are you?"

    Starscream looked around. Humans. Lots of humans and organics.

    And he was fully aware that this was not Earth.

    At the top of his vocal processors, Starscream exclaimed angrily, "I demand to know what is going on right now and who you fleshlings are!"


    @York @Yun Lee @Raptor Jesus @Minerva @Atomic Knight
  16. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Emily Hayes
    @Yun Lee @Others(?)

    Emily seemed to warm up a little seeing that everything was a little calmer, and that the older male... Who introduced himself as Gakupo was a little more at ease, having found Gumi and all. Although she wasn't exactly accustomed to making small talk like this, she decided to return his smile, and... At least introduce herself in return.


    "I'm Emily... Hayes." She said, shying away from Gakupo's gaze a little.

    This was the first time in a while she held a relatively normal conversation with someone, without some looming crisis hovering over her. Although she knew she would have to return to Alledia, to... Do whatever she needed to do, it was nice, albeit a little awkward, to have a break from all that right here, right now.

    Though, right as she opened her mouth to say something else, the sudden, abrupt exclamation of a rather tall robot, who demanded to know what was going on took the words right out of her mouth... Although, she was going to put it a little more ah... Eloquently to say the least.

    "Um. Do you... Know what's going on?" She asked.

    Although it was in itself a harmless question, she doubted she was going to get a good answer right about now, and though she was a little tempted to ask her stone... She knew better, even if it wasn't somehow silenced by some strange phenomenon.​
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  17. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Gakupo's smile turned into a frown, as he too noticed the robot. So unrefined...it looked like something out of some mecha anime or something. Gumi would probably find him fascinating-she enjoyed things like that.

    "Well, Emily...my guess is as good as yours, I'm afraid. I have no idea where we are, or why we're here. I was in the breakroom with Gumi and some friends, and suddenly, poof! We're here. There has to be someone who knows what's going on..." ...right?

  18. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive


    “Hey, asshole! Could ya knock that shit off? I’m trying to get some sleep over here!” Grif shouted from his resting spot over at the crate, the soldier half asleep and not realizing that he was talking to a gigantic psychotic killer robot.

  19. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    Krystal Prologue- An Unexpected Voyage

    "*sigh* I miss being up there..."

    Krystal said this as she was stargazing, laying down on the lush green grass just outside her home that she had settled in with Fox, having given birth to Marcus just one month ago. Just then, a light flashed.

    "Huh? What is- GAH! I can't see!" Krystal said. The light had grown blindingly bright, and soon Krystal had disappeared from her home... and reappeared along with all the others that had been transported from their worlds.

    "Whoa.... where.... where am I?" Krystal asked.

    @Atomic Knight @Everyone
  20. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    "Blue team...?" The boy said, evidently confused. He stared blankly at Sarge as if the term meant nothing to him, which it very well might have. "Right." He looked down, apparently having come to some conclusion, and gently pushed himself away from the wall. As he looked Sarge up and down, he seemed to be appraising the man. "I take it you're this Sarge?" he asked, skipping over his own introduction. "Where'd you get the armor--?"

    The sound of some giant robotic entity making its presence known drowned out the boy's voice. He backed up away from Sarge, toward a less crowded part of the room, holding his right hand behind him. He looked beyond Sarge, searching for threats.

    @Raptor Jesus
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