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Full Fate Stay Circle

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Knosis, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Knosis

    Knosis Grumpy Badger Staff Member Moderator

    The Holy Grail. The most notorious and elusive item of all of history. This item presents itself once every hundred years, and in its wake brings about ceaseless destruction and countless wars. For generations now, affluent Mage houses have taken it upon themselves to battle for the chance of claiming the Grail for their own, for the hopes of just a single wish.

    And now The Holy Grail has emerged again. It is time for the mages to pick their chosen contenders for this war. Will it be you?


    *No more than 7 Heros and 7 Masters. There is no negotiating this term.
    *Heros must be original characters that you have made or have used on StoryTeller circle.
    *I will make the call on what class your hero will end up with. (Lancer, Saber, Rider, etc.)
    *No instant kill moves.​

    Rules for applying for Heroic Spirits:

    People who wish to apply for Heroic characters MUST follow the following rules:

    1)All applicants must NOT post your application publicly. All applications must be sent to me directly via the inbox system. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THIS RULE, YOUR CHARACTER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

    2)Heroic spirits must be original characters that you have made OR have used on StoryTeller Circle.

    3)Applicants please include: Weapons(if any. If no weapons, please state they use their hands/claws/feet/etc as weapons). A minimum of three skills at full detail of how those skills work. One ultimate skill known as the Noble Phantasm(This is important as it is usually something that is used as a last resort and is noteworthy of your OC particular.) and full details how this skill works. Armor(if any. If no particular armor is made, then describe the type of clothing they are wearing and if it provides any boons to the hero.) Any miscellaneous items that your character may be carrying other than the aforementioned items and include full description as to what properties/reasons your character has to carry such items. (Please note all this is subject to change. I would like to work with you personally with this if possible to ensure that we work for what is best for the game and all the contenders)

    4)Give me a brief history on your character(and where it is used in the Storyteller Circle universe).

    5)Prove to me why your character should be considered as a heroic spirit.

    Rules for applying for Mage/Masters of Heroic Spirits

    People who wish to apply for Mage/Master characters MUST follow the following rules:

    1) Applications for mages must be posted in the interest check thread. Do not inbox me with an application for a Mage Character(unless you have questions, but afterwards please post it publicly in the interest check thread.)

    2) All Mage characters must be original to this roleplay.

    3)All mages must include the following: Magic of choice(Runic, blood, elemental etc.) Any weapons and/or magical items they may carry on them. Include any special skills techniques they may have trained in.

    4) What would your Mage wish for if they and their partner are the ones who win the Holy Grail?​


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. I’m usually found in chat here. But if you cannot reach me there, please inbox me. This registration will be closed the first week of January. All interested parties have a month to work on their applications and work with me in order to have the best opportunity to join this first round. Good luck!​
  2. geniusinmath

    geniusinmath My favorite Teen Titans superheroes

    Count me in.
  3. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    I'm so down! Love the art btw. I'll send ya a PM with a heroic spirit soon.
  4. Machina Somnium

    Machina Somnium Dream machine Staff Member Designer

    Signing up
  5. Draco Shadowdragon

    Draco Shadowdragon Unknown Entity

  6. Knosis

    Knosis Grumpy Badger Staff Member Moderator

    If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me by inbox or by in chat? :)
  7. OfPensandSwords

    OfPensandSwords Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

    This looks really cool! but do applications have to be existing characters or can we make new ones specifically for this?
  8. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros

    Gimmicky stuff! Don't mind if I pop in. I'll send you a PM regarding my plans.
  9. Knosis

    Knosis Grumpy Badger Staff Member Moderator

    You have a month to get stuff ready :) That means you can get a character going in that time and then apply here.
  10. Luxin

    Luxin The Duke Benefactor


    Personal Dossier:

    Name: Jannik Schreiber
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Height: 186cm
    Weight: 90kg
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Affiliation: Magierverband von Deutschland (Ahngrad Mage's Association)
    Magical Capability: 26 Circuits, A-Rank


    Jannik is cynical, always seeming to think the worst of things. Despite his constantly near-depressing exterior actions, he is steadfast in his beliefs, and rigidly unwavering in his loyalties. Answering only to those he works for, Jannik stifle any social interaction or relationships he has with blunt and obtuse language. While some have described him as irritatingly horrid about his overall outlook on life, it's isn't that he doesn't enjoy things, but rather than he realizes that work and effort are the only ways to get what you want out of the world.


    Jannik was born to a pair of wealthy parents, a descendant of two very long magical lineages. His parents had hoped he would prove to be the magical prodigy that both families desired, but he didn't pick up the talent for magecraft until he was into his teens, disappointing his relations to no end. When he did pick up the skill, his capabilities seemed powerful at first, but once again he would give his parents no pride, as his ability to cast spells was limited to a very strict way of practice: runes.

    Having shown to have a knack for something his parents deemed insipidly obscure, then packed Jannik off to a magical school that was isolated from the bulk of the magical community, hoping that his skills might bear stronger fruit if he studied in a location specializing in his type of magic. While he was gone, they conceived again, giving him a sister who was as prodigious at magic as they'd hoped he would be. He was the second son, never to inherit the majority of the family wealth and work, a person to be kept away and hidden during important meetings with other mages.

    While his parents saw fit to cast him more or less by the wayside, leaving him out of the goings on of their lives and choosing his sister Mina instead, he chose to stay on at school, learning more about runes than all but one or two of the professors even knew. He might not have been the magical whizz-kid of his parents' dreams, but his runic magic was stronger than most people he knew.

    He learned how to make runic circles that were undetectable to any kind of search, how to rip spells from the air into trapping runes placed on various things, and how to cast spells like other mages, albeit by writing his runes in the air itself. He got very good, to the point where his fingers basically twitched the runes into the air at speeds that allowed him to cast almost as fast as other mages. It wasn't until he got home that he realized that, despite his gifts, he wouldn't be capable of what more capable mages could do.

    His sister had been lavished and trained personally by mages of the highest caliber, and she was insanely strong across the board, from elemental magics to glamours to healing and necromancy. It was like she couldn't be stopped, save for one thing: Mina couldn't work with runes in any way, the magic failing every time she tried. It was one of the small glimmers that flavored Jannik's life, to know that despite what she could do, he'd always hold an edge of some kind.

    Eventually, as he entered adulthood, Jannik went to join with the Mage's Association of his country, joining their enchantment and search division to put his skills to use. He rose fairly rapidly, and about as far as he could in the decade or so that he worked there, when word cropped up of a Holy Grail War happening soon. Realizing that this would be an opportunity for him to fix some of the wrongs he felt he'd been dealt in life, he immediately put in an application to be granted the title of Master.

    Special Skills:

    Jannik, having been raised in a heavily magical family, has small suite of skills that, while they do not allow him any capabilities beyond his runic magic, help him in a number of other things.
    • He has studied most types of magic, and can determine the effect of a majority of spells as he sees them cast.
    • He is capable of keeping himself out of sight, after being raised in such a manner as to keep him away from most formal functions in the household.
    • Despite his cynical nature, he has rather exemplary etiquette, when he wants to put his training to use.

    Magical Dossier:

    Jannik's preferred magic, and in fact his only magical ability, lies in Runic Magic. Unlocking the energy of the universe around him to do his bidding by shaping words and letters of old, he is capable of similar things as most mages, though the resulting effects and speed he can do them in are never the exact same as a spell from a different casting style. His rigorous training and astute specialty in the field give him great strength, and because of his heritage he has a massive reserve of Mana to cast from, so though he is limited, he is not necessarily someone to underestimate.

    Items of Note:
    • A tungsten carbide scribe for use in carving runes onto almost any surface
    • A set of playing cards that, while visibly ordinary, are marked to always give him the better hands when dealt.
    • A set of Runestones bound together in enchanted ice(it doesn't melt), which can enhance his power for a brief amount of time, draining his Mana at a drastically accelerated rate.
    • A half-dozen throwing darts with obsidian tips, enchanted to fly straight until impact after he throws them.
    His Wish for the Holy Grail:

    Though rough on the outside, Jannik desires only to be viewed by his parents as worthy of their attention. Should he win, he would wish for the Grail to bestow upon him the ability to cast magic of all styles, making him the prodigy that his parents had hoped him to be.


    I will update this as need be over the next week or so, that way it functions more like the rest(I was not the most familiar with some of the minutiae of the system)
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
  11. OfPensandSwords

    OfPensandSwords Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

    Ok, thanks!
  12. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Rada Rada Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Ooooh, I want in omg
  13. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    I'd be up for this
  14. Hoshu

    Hoshu (Verified Quester)

    Sachi Shidou
    Age: 24
    Magic Circuit Quantity & Quality: 26 B-Rank

    Appearance: Sachi has shoulder length gray hair, blood red eyes and sharp facial features. With a lanky physique. He typically wears a blue shirt and black pants with traditional wooden sandals (geta) traditionally wears a black haori that reaches to his ankles with a green stripe motif.
    Height: 182 cm (5'11")
    Weight:65 kg (143 lbs)

    Sachi is quick witted, described as being very knowledgeable in Magic Crests and Od. Generally, he is level headed and rarely loses his cool. But during work Sachi can be apathetic as the dead he is working with and couldn’t careless about sacrificing bystanders to fuel his magic if needed all for the sake of continuing his research. He is also very meticulous in preparations for his rituals and hates being late having the mentality that even a 0.3% error could cause huge mistakes which is true especially in his field of magic do to this he also thinks its inefficient for mages to not use modern technology as a way to advance their research.

    2nd Born son of the Shidou Family a 5th generation family of Shamans and Witches that focus on Witchcraft (Black Magic) and Formalcraft whose origins lie in the Far East where magecraft had a lesser standing., He specializes in the use Curses and Necromancy. Sachi himself was neglected as a child and when he was first taught Formalcraft and sacrificed a chicken to complete a ritual he had developed a fascination with death. Using his families preferred brand of magic he created his own form of Necromancy. He was both praised and feared for his creation and continued his research at the Clock Tower where he worked as a researcher and freelancer. He normally wanders from battlefield to battlefield recovering the corpses of magi and plundering their Magic Crests as materials to continue his research.

    Magics of Choice:
    Necromancy-is a practice born through the manipulation of corpses. Performing feats like raising simple zombies or giving birth to cobbled monsters, they are magi who reside over death. Their craft requires a large amount of dead bodies, and rather than steal from graveyards or morgues, most acquire their wares from the battlefield. Flocking to war, those most proficient in their craft are said to have a fate of taking the greatest joys in gathering resources from the wakes of revolutions, coup d’états, or any massive destruction resulting in genocide.

    Witchcraft-The common term given to the practices that one would expect from the traditional (and very clichéd) witches and shamans. Things that fall along the lines of potions, medicines, spirit exorcism and curses that use a material medium (ex: a straw doll). They have a strong presence within the Japanese supernatural world.

    Formalcraft-is a method to do Magecraft using Mana instead of Od. A caster make contact with mysteries through processes established in ancient time such as sacrificing a chicken, or praying in a magic circle all night. Since Magical Energy comes from somewhere other than a caster and he only needs to perform rituals, it is popular among Magi who lack power because of weak bloodlines. Knowledge is a strong requirement.

    Special Skills.
    Gun Handling: Above Average skill used when facing magi who look down on technology.

    Dissection(Humans Included):use mostly during extraction of materials.

    Gadgetry:Knows how to use computers for easier work in creating thesis and research.

    Magic Items
    Bone Chalk: chalk made from dusted bones used to prepare and make magic circles.

    Blood Vials: blood of magi preserved to be used in rituals of importance.

    Sacrificial Knife: A knife used in sacrifices for formal magic.

    Straw Doll: For cursing victims using a strand of their hair.

    M1911 Pistol: Frequently used in order to kill mages.

    Mystic Codes
    Deaths Embrace: An Old Kite shield inhabitted by murder victims who feared death it floats around and guards the user from a single fatal attack.

    Yorick's Skull:A skull made from parts and pieces of Magi. It can be used to see souls and amplify necromancy.

    Wish: Sachi spent all his life studying and manipulating souls of the deceased he will wish to gain the knowledge about the Soul and its connection to the body.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
    aryamajor and maxboy-o like this.
  15. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    I really like all your ideas for RPs ;-; I’d be so glad for you to have me in the only one I dare even allow myself to be interested in just because the loser Greener is here and I wanna taunt him on as many platforms as possible.
  16. Knosis

    Knosis Grumpy Badger Staff Member Moderator

    First of all, holy crap I did not expect this type of response in the first couple of days lol My inbox has exploded with people with questions. I'm having difficulty getting to everyone in a timely manner(real life and work and all that jazz) so I appreciate your patience in the manner. If I do not respond to you immediately, please don't panic! I'll get to you as soon as I can :)

    However, there are a few questions I felt relevant to share the answers to.

    Question: Does my original character have to be on STC?
    Answer: Yes! This application process will be open for an entire month for those who are interested in attempting to get into the first round of Fate/Circle. For those who are having difficulties applying for a heroic spirit, we are in need of mages. The restrictions aren't so harsh on the Masters and I have fewer interest in them right now.

    Question: Do I have to play both a Heroic Spirit and Master?
    Answer: No. You can play either or. However, when the application process is over, I will review how many mages we have at the end and if we do not have enough, I will most likely ask a few people to step up to play as a mage.

    Question: Can I choose my class, such as Rider or Saber?
    Answer: No. Once I've chosen which heroic spirits will be within the war itself, I will assign classes.

    As always guys, feel free to contact me through inbox. I am busy trying to get to them all, but I will get to them I promise!
  17. Lobos

    Lobos The Big Bad Wolf Staff Member Moderator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Posting here to reserve a post for updating, and displaying interest.

    Name: Thomas Reinsen
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 162lbs
    Magic Circuits: 31, B-Rank

    Tall and leaner, Thomas has the look of an average build that is nonetheless in good physical condition, a side effect of rigorous physical training. Brown-haired and eyed, he sports a goatee and slightly longer than shoulder length hair. Dressing for function above comfort, he doesn't typically stand out of a crowd, better serving his desire to remain below notice to more easily enable his research.

    The focus of his research is the perfection of human form, of unlocking its secrets and reaching the maximum potential it has to offer. To that end he is a driven individual, quiet but with a force of will that he plants behind all that he does that offers no alternative towards accomplishing what he puts his mind to. He dismisses the more overtly supernatural Magecraft as reaching for the miracles of the inhuman, while remaining adamant that Magecraft that augments human potential is the only goal worth reaching to better humanity.

    Firstborn, fourth-generation of the Reinsen family, he continues to improve on the Magecraft passed down to him from him father and forefathers, combining elements of Reinforcement, Memory Partition, and self-enhancement Runes.

    Reinforcement: By the application of magic energy into the body or into objects, one can enhance the performance to startling degrees. With the focus Thomas has of the perfection of the human body, his self-Reinforcement Magecraft is startlingly potent, though not nearly the levels a Servant can easily reach. Using Reinforcement on objects is a lesser interest, but still well within his capabilities and is often employed by Thomas.

    Memory Partition: Using Magecraft, Thomas can creates independent thought processes that work through a singular task, enabling him to reach levels of efficiency when applied to any given task that would take other Magus much longer. By using partitions, he can apply it as basically as writing two separate papers of notes along the same subject at the same time, or as complex as allowing each limb to operate on different but coordinating paths while training or in combat.

    Runecraft: A lesser focus of the Seinsen family, it's application is primarily on self-enhancement Runes to further boost physical performance. By applying such Runes following Reinforcement, it applies a multiplicative effect to the Magecraft, enabling the magus to perform increasingly superhuman feats. While reinforcement Runes are a speciality of Thomas, he possesses a three alternative Runes; one for a directional barrier of energy, one for a projectile bolt of force, and a final for hardening physical objects.

    Titanium Staff: A mundane quarter-staff of titanium, it is often subjected to Reinforcement Magecraft and a Rune of Hardening.
    Mystic Code - Tiger Gloves: An amplifier-type Mystic Code, they are used to enhance Reinforcement Magecraft cast on the gloves, arms, and support structure of the arms of the user by up to an additional 50% effectiveness.

    Wish: To attain access to the Root, and use it's secrets and power to attain the elevation of the human species to a new zenith.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  18. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    Basic Information
    Name: Kakusabi Oshiro
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Type: Magus
    Family Background: Only child of the Oshiro family, 7th generation. Born to a family who constantly disagree with each other, with one wanting to keep traditions and specialising in elements and the other embracing advancements in technology and specialising in Alchemy.
    Command Spell: *in progress*
    Companion: Caster
    Personality: One would call Kakusabi a fine and regal woman, someone who holds herself in a high position. Others would say she’s a condescending and arrogant prick who belittles others for her amusement with a sharp tongue to match. Her judgemental tendencies and her blatant narcissism is usually off putting towards others and causes them to either ignore her or despise her. Although she does have her personality flaws, she usually gets along well with people who can relate to her crude humour and lack of noble sensibilities that everyone presumes she has. Even if she pushes people away with her less than admirable personality, those who can see past first impressions usually find themselves gossiping about others or laughing at the imbecilic but still rather funny jokes she tells. Deep down, she feels a sense of longing for companionship and the need for other people’s acceptance as well as their attention. She’s much too prideful to admit something as embarrassing as that though.
    Backstory: (uh… ill… get to that sometime.)

    Height: 5’3” (160cm)
    Weight: 112lbs (50.8kg)
    Kakusabi is a well-endowed woman with thick pink curls styled perfectly along her back. She has teal eyes, with one slightly covered by a fringe swept to the side of her face. Although she takes care of her appearance, she finds that physical exercise abhorrent and too troublesome for her and is therefore terribly unfit and is unable to run for more than a few minutes.

    Magic Circuit Quantity & Quality: 20 A+
    Wind Elemental
    Invisible Air- Able to create a barrier of highly compressed air that distorts refraction of light and makes caster invisible. Allows for a quick escape when released.
    Air Blast- The user can release wind over a specific target area causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.
    Alchemy (Secondary Magic)
    Healing Magecraft- Recovering the flesh of injured people and of detoxification.

    Wand- Used to direct force of air blast in a certain direction. “It’s just easier.”

    To resurrect her mother and be able to apologise for everything she’s done in the past.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  19. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Rada Rada Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Name: Evangeline Chomondeley
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 270 lbs
    Appearance: Evangeline is a pretty young woman, with honey blonde hair in a bobcut and bright blue eyes. Her face is rounder, but not bloated, and she has a generally warm look about her: rosy cheeks, a glimmer in her eyes, etc. She is overweight, but only due to her magecraft research. She keeps herself in shape, as it is crucial to her reasearch.

    Biography: Evangeline hails from an old English family, the Chomondeleys. Evangeline is 6th generation, with about 28 magical circuits, at B-rank. Her trigger is of the platform of a gallows giving way and someone falling through.

    Evangeline is an only child, and researches blood above all else. She studies its suitability to store magical energy, the extent to which one can manipulate it through magecraft while it is still in a living being, and, recently, if there are ways to consume it other than directly drinking blood. Evangeline experiments with many different recipes, trying to see if blood full of magical energy can in fact be used in food, and if food itself can be a vessel for magical energy if stored properly.

    Personality: Evangeline is a dilligent, hardworking young woman eager to make the Chomondeley name a well-renowned one. To her, family is everything, and she sees the research they've done as precious, and takes it very seriously. She's very polite and friendly to everyone she meets, but tends to not form emotional attachments, as her magecraft and family name come above all else.


    Flow and Transferring of Power: Evangeline is known to be adept at transferring magical energy, usually using blood to store it for later use.

    Healing Magecraft:
    Evangeline is able to heal the wounded, though she uses this in order to further her experiments without killing her test subjects. In fact it's part of her research as well; seeing how blood is affected by healing magecraft is an area of interest to her.

    Water Elemental (Blood):
    Evangeline is working on a spell that can allow her to control a victim like a puppet by manipulating the blood in their body in a certain way (think the bloodbending in the Avatar series). However, this is highly experimental, and she has yet to master it. At the time of the Holy Grail War, all she can really do is stop someone from moving.

    Wish: Evangeline wishes that her family will be revered and adored until the end of all time.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  20. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Name: Nameless. Long since lost to The Pain.
    Age: Looks to be around his late 30's
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 115lbs
    Magic Circuits: 60. 24E, 25D, 10C, 1B. 538 Total.

    Elemental Projection: Nameless' magic is unstable, and this prevents him from being able to master any of the finer arts of magic. What he does have available to him however, is over four dozen differing magical circuits, with their own elemental affinities. This instability makes itself known in his projections, elements randomly reinforcing and influencing his constructs. What would normally be a shield as precious as glass is turned hard as stone, or sends any attackers flying backwards. The overall stats of projections is increased, along with their duration.

    Sorcery Trait:
    Mystic Eyes of Severance: Nameless' state as a mass of barely restrained circuits housed in a foreign body has mutated him into gaining a sorcery trait. This trait allows Nameless to see and affect circuits within other beings. For example, if he were to fight and slice another Magus, that Magus would find circuits around the affected area to be damaged or entirely broken, depending upon the severity of the injury. However, should Nameless try and slice Circuits out of his range (See: Servants), he would find himself overwhelmed and damaged. When using this, his eyes glow a sickly green/yellow

    Martial Training: Nameless is trained in how to efficiently use every combat style, armed or unarmed, on the planet.

    Background: Nameless was once known as Jonathan Willows, a government secret agent sent on the most top secret of missions to investigate and stop the most dire of threats. With 23 successful missions under his belt, Jonathan looked to be rising star of the department. He was the best of the best, and that made his fall even harder.

    As well trained and as capable as he was, he was not a Magus. He didn't even know they existed as he was sent into the vipers nest to investigate a family thought to have connections to powerful members of the underground, known as the Gauchever. Unbeknownst to both him and his superiors, the Gauchever family was filled with capable Magus.

    Jonathan was swiftly uncovered and captured using means he could not decipher, and for years the family experimented on him. A specimen as physically fit and mentally capable such as him was rare indeed, and they planned to make full use of him.

    Throughout those years his body was repeatedly opened and sealed as the Gauchever implanted circuit after stolen circuit into his body, the original owners often perishing right next to his wide awake yet paralysed form. Pain became a constant. Everlasting, everburning pain as his body slowly adapted the transplanted circuts to work with him. Pain that eventually left a crack in him.

    Nameless had long since lost track of how long he had been held in captivity for, the only shreds of his old self remaining in his exercises, ingenuity and unyielding hatred for his captors. Slowly however, he had come to believe he would never escape from the torture that was his existence.

    Then one day, two things happened that gave his broken self something not seen in a long time. Hope. His captors, eager to see the fruits of their labour, taught him their ways. They taught him magic. They taught him how to manifest both his will and the ghosts of those within him as objects. He found himself grasping the concept as if he had known it all his life, and kept the full extent of his abilities hidden. Much to the disappointment of his captors.

    It was because of this that he learnt of the second detail. The second ray of hope. The Holy Grail. They had taunted him with it, telling him that he could aid them in their summoning if he let them hurt them more, and in exchange they would help him. They said... they said the grail could fix him. Make the pain stop. Make everything go back to how it was.

    He did not let them. He could not let them. He hurt so much... but not nearly as much as thought. And so on the night of shouts and the hurrying, when he could feel the strings (He could see them now. They were so... pretty) inside react, he broke his way through his cell with ease, his essence fuelled by spite. He followed the pull, carving up any in his way until he broke into a large room, a main hall he recognised from the before times.

    In the center they stood, not noticing him as they stared into it. Nameless wasted no time, and within an instant it was not his blood that flew as the closest of the four collapsed. But before he could reach the others, the ones that created The Pain, he felt himself touch the ring in the center and the world flashed.

    Wish: To end The Pain and regain what he has lost.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017

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