Favorite Character to Roleplay?


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I don't know if a thread like this has been made because I am pretty new to this website but here we go.

Who's your favorite character to roleplay? It can be any kind of character whether they're already existing media icons or OC's that you made up and love. You should tell me why you love roleplaying them too.
My favorite to play is probably Flutter. She's my oldest character (since I made her, I mean! She's on the younger side for my characters nowadays) so she has a special place in my heart and as thus I'm biased. But she's really interesting to play, because she just doesn't get 'emotions'. She denies having any and tries to make everything in the world logical. She's very advanced for her age intellectually, but she's completely stoic, which makes her interesting to play compared to my more emotionally charged characters.
My favorite character is Kindle, she is a part witch and part vampire hybrid who was taken as a slave before being able to go free and living on her own afterwards. She is the leader of her own coven/clan and will do everything in her power to keep the coven/clan alive and well.
Commissioned to Phil Cho, character design was by my own brain matter.
To keep this short and simple.
He is the main protagonist in my arcs that I am currently working with.
Manuel Aaron Thorne, who has a history of bad luck and a horrible case of PTSD. And a slew of mental problems.
His family descended from the inspiration of DC comics.
The main ploy with this poor unfortunate soul is that he constantly battles with his own mind and being tortured by the antagonist.

He was human, but eventually his DNA is rerouted and he becomes... a lycanthrope. A monster he's always feared. And due to his personality disorder, he also becomes an antihero/vigilanti of sorts. Murdering the wicked and helping those in need.
Hmm... I gave it a lot of thought and I believe that my favorite character is Elona. This sounds a bit cringy, but, she's one of the first characters I've every made and I've done a lot of reworks to her to make it less than it sounds. Elona is half-vampire, half dragon, and is in a constant battle with herself over the vampiric side from taking over her mortal side. Having to sate both. She therefore devoted herself to learning the art of alchemy to help develope a more permanent cure to avoid falling to her vampiric side.

Elona also has a lot more depth to the main plot of my stories than I have room or care to explain in this thread! But as her story develops she gets progressively more... 'Morally grey' until she turns straight-up evil and manipulative. Every character that I have in relation to Elona, and even Elona herself if she likes you enough, their first warning to her mention is: "Don't ever trust Elona."

She always plans every move at least 5 steps ahead, preferably 20, and is focused on intrigue to the purest extent in her later arcs. I love playing this character because it brings out a different, more thought-provacative, side of me that I normally don't get into otherwise. That, and it's fun to be a manipulative bitch sometimes XD
Currebtly my favorite one of my girls from my newest story, Vesta. Shes a teenage witch who goes to a special school with kids all around her world (i made a whole new world lmao) that are good at magic. Lots of drama happens.
I think i approach RPs different than most people here since i create a new character for every roleplay i play. In 9 years i only reused a character once, simply because i liked her and the original roleplay kinda fell apart.

She was a shaman using elemental magic with a severe alcohol addiction and a taste for tavern brawls.
My favorite is my first OC Mai. it just so happens to be the pen name I use for my books now too. She is overly happy and in her guild, she was the healer ex. nurse, and a badass hand to hand combat fighting Neko. I spent a good 3 years roleplaying her, she got married had kids and was even reincarnated. She had her own nation and everything. I miss using her but the next time I use her it would be starting from the beginning of her life.

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I've only just joined but I'm excited to play a character I made up called Sakura Suzuki! she mostly based off natsuki from ddlc but ill make her my own :emoji_smiley_cat: