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Fiery Battle [1x1]

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jannistory19, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Evagren Forest. A large territory that belonged to all sorts of wildlife: deer, wolves, bears, birds, wildcats, and a few others that made the forest dangerous. But that didn't stop the King from sending his knights in the large wooded territory. On patrol and on guard, armored soldiers traveled on horseback to make sure that their kingdom is safe from any threat.

    The greatest of those threats was none other than the mighty Dragon. With great powerful wings and fierce attitudes, the draconian species has caused a great deal of trouble over the last several decades . Only recently have the Kingdoms made a solution to their problem. Create a great brigade of knights to protect their homes.

    Janine was one of those knights. A rather rare occurrence for a woman to be a knight. But she somehow made it. As she rode on her horse among the other Knights, she kept a sharp eye on her surroundings - there was always a chance to be ambushed by anything here.

    "Remember what we're out here for! That beast can be anywhere in this forest. It would be easy to say that it couldn't gave gotten far, but that would be a lie. Those beasts are resilient. Keep an eye out for any signs!" The head sargent commanded to the troupe.

    "Yes Sir!" The rest of the knights responded. Janine nodded and looked around as they traversed across the rocky terrain. Hunting for a wounded dragon was just as dangerous as hunting a healthy one - they both were vicious and dangerous when cornered. Janine couldn't help but to wonder why the beast tried to steal the cattle from the farmlands. Surely there was enough prey for a dragon out here, right?
  2. BlabbingGirl

    BlabbingGirl Blabber of Nonsense




    In the woods of Evagreen, a young wood elf was gathering materials to her potions. The potioneer lady came from a family of nomadic elves that were great with plants and animals, probably because of being wood-elves, so she was quickly and skillful to find and recognize useful plants from poisonous ones. Lothroniel was humming while she carefully harvested some roots from a tree nearby the stony roads, as usual she was having a conversation with the huge oak-like tree while she gathered the roots, making sure the tree remained healthy after she collect what she needed. "I'm almost done, dearie, just a couple roots more and I'll be able to have enough to brew potions for a month." she cheerfully said as she finished collecting it and walked from the tree to a nearby shrub, she shuffled around it to try to find what she was looking for. With ease, she found what she was looking for, a couple of stones that easily turned into dust so she carefully took the stones in her hands and poured the powder into a small glass vial that she had attached to her belt.

    Lothroniel was always on the road so all her belongings were attached to her, a huge leather backpack on her back had tons of pockets on it and a green and raggedy blanket rolled up on the top. He clothes were all in earthy tones - from light shades of beige to dark shades of green - all she wore was a dress, some boots, a green cape with a hood and a necklace around her neck that was a family treasure. The belt around her waist had tons of small pockets and vials attached to it. He long and brown hair was a mess but she never cared about how she looked like, even though most men tended to flirt with her.

    After gathering the stones, she decided to also harvest the berries on the bush which usually were a great ingredient for revitalizing potions. She wasn't aware of that but with her shuffling the bush, it made it jiggle and make noises, which could grab the attention of travellers on the road and lead them to believe that there might be an animal hidden there.

  3. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    In the shadows of the forest a few hundred feet away from the foraging elf, stood a brown and green dragon of moderate size - a little under three humans long and two humans high from the shoulder. It growled softly to itself, turning to its side to examine the bleeding wound that's inflicted its leg.

    The beast licked the wound for a moment before sitting on its haunches and turning its attention to a moving figure in the distance. This figure had been there for a good minute, and it still had yet to move to a new place. Perhaps it was the best chance to attack?

    The dragon growled and shook its head - the wound inflicted on it was hindering to say the least. After a long moment to think, the beast got up on its feet and slowly stalked the elf.
    Creeping around bushes and trees, the beast drew closer to the unsuspecting female, hoping to get an easier meal.

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