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Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

The screen flashed to life, grabbing everyone’s attention. The image was hazy and flickered in an out like an illusion. It was the Lord of Spirits, Milla Maxwell, likely bearing a communication from a wholly different realm. An action such as this was unprecedented, that fact alone awe-inspiring to anyone who recognized its significance.

One might expect that the woman had something important to say. It had to be either good or bad, there could be no in-between. She was not here to waste time or mince words.

“My Four are dead,” she began, her voice cold and distant as if she was in shock, “and the others are being hunted as we speak. There is no time. We must save the Great Spirits.”

Right Hand of the Magic God was only the beginning of the end…

Coinciding with Othinus’ plans, the rest of the Revanchist have been biding their time, painstakingly setting up the dominoes so that they may topple them all in one fell swoop, taking the multiverse as a whole with them.

From the moment beings first learned of the greater multiverse… From the moment Diablo did the unprecedented and escaped his infernal realm… From the moment beings across the multiverse first banded together to save their realms… they have all come to now, Flash Point, the point of no return and the breaking of reality.

You have been conscripted by the Coalition to fight for the fate of all universes.

This RP will be rather action-heavy and have the most fighting content, so keep that in mind.

You do not have to play the same character or characters you played in Right Hand of the Magic God if you participated in that RP.

Fighting of the Spirit will require that every player plays two different characters. Keep in mind that these characters will be alternating each chapter, with the possibility of them coming together closer to the end of the event. If you are a past player, it’s preferred you play past characters you have played for this one (or a character played by another from the past), as that is basically the whole point of all this, a big crossover of the past.

For those who participated in Dead or Lie, you have a special opportunity to sign up as the character you played in that RP as an NPC. Check out the Character Sheet section below for details!

1) All of STC's guidelines apply here.

2) Please be respectful towards everyone, including me and my helpers / co-GMs, @Ver, @Jeremi, and @Yun Lee

3) This RP is a part of the Convergence Series. Convergence is a mass fandom roleplay with its own original lore that's been built up and up for a while and as this roleplay is meant to be a culmination of the series as a whole, it might be pretty intimidating to jump in as a newcomer. We will try our best to accommodate anyone who wishes to make the attempt, but some caution will be required. That being said, we suggest you join our Discord server (Please DM me if you wish to join).

4) No OOC talk in the IC, please. Keep it in this thread or the group's Discord.

5) This should be a given, but no godmodding / metagaming.

6) Players of all posting levels are welcome here. That being said, please at least put something whenever you make a post. We'd like no IC posts with nothing but image spam. Any posts like this will be deleted as spam. Speaking of image spam, please only post a maximum of three images / GIFs per post in order to not flood the page with images that make it harder to load. Generally, less is more!

7) Due to the intended speed of the game, using the tagging system is absolutely required. Summaries and important GM posts will be made prominent.

8) The RP will progress as a series of chapters. Please post at least once a chapter. Chapters will generally last from a few days up to a few weeks, so you'll hopefully have plenty of time. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, PM me if anything comes up and I'll do my best to keep you around.

9) You must play two characters.

Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine.

Name: What is your character's name? Do they generally go by an alias / nickname?

Age: Chronologically, how old is your character?

Canon: What does your character originate from? If your character is an OC, just say "OC" or "Convergence Series," depending on where they come from of course. If your character is an OC specifically from an established canon, put the name of the canon and "OC" next to it.

Powers/Weaponry: Doesn't have to be too in-depth.

Short Bio: What is your character's backstory leading up to how they came to this point? Pretty much just a Wiki link is acceptable.

Organization: What organization is your character a part of? The Coalition (a private organization led by Kyoko Kirigiri, grown to be the most prominent force of multiversal defense), the Multiverse Emergency Unit (a magic-centered branch of the Coalition that was once its own separate organization before merging), the United Universes (the official, lawful ruling body of the multiverse), or ODMA (a mysterious organization with unconventional methods for the sake of the greater good).

For characters unaffiliated with any organization, put "Conscripted." Your character will have been recently recruited by the Coalition as part of their emergency measures in facing the oncoming threat.

If needed, include a small paragraph or so on how your character ended up with the organization if it is not shown in a previous event or RP.

Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary.


Dead or Lie Character Sign-ups!

If you wish to replay your Dead or Lie character as an NPC, please pick a chapter below. Each chapter will have a limit of 2 characters (Except for Five and Six, which will support 4 each). I’ve kept them vague to avoid spoilers but if you are concerned if your character will fit, feel free to DM me to ask for possible suggestions.

Chapter One open slots: 2/2 (X)
Chapter Two open slots: 2/2 (X)
Chapter Three open slots: 2/2
Chapter Four open slots: 1/2 (Claimed by @Minerva)
Chapter Five open slots: 2/4 (Claimed by @York, @Gummi Bunnies)
Chapter Six open slots: 1/4 (Claimed by @Crow, @Lucky, @Ottonomous Ghost)
Chapter Seven open slots: 2/2
Chapter Eight open slots: 2/2

Character List
@dark as Bardock [Dragon Ball] and Gine [Dragon Ball]
@Crow as Ben Tennyson [Ben 10] and Cagliostro [Granblue Fantasy]
@Takumi as Chise Hatori [The Ancient Magus Bride] and Shigure [Fire Emblem]
@Minerva as Corrin [Fire Emblem] and Cordelia [Fire Emblem]
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as Deoxys [Pokemon] and Titus [Warhammer 40,000]
@Josh as Ellis [Left 4 Dead] and Clark Kent/Kal El [Smallville]
@Jeremi as Frank Castle AKA "The Rider" [Marvel] and Bayonetta [Bayonetta]
@Glostechk as Ilse Althaus Brandt [Original Character] and Aya Drevis [Mad Father]
@York as Reiner Braun [Attack on Titan] and Schala Zeal [Chrono Trigger]
@Gummi Bunnies as Rinato "Rin" Dormi AKA "Lapis Lazuli" [Original Character] and Goro Majima [Yakuza]
@Alex Azure as Mason Moretti [Original Character] and Macy Moretti [Original Character]
@Yun Lee as Severa [Fire Emblem] and Jack [Street Fighter]
@MelodyMeister as Katherine "Kitty" Langley [Original Character] and Reimu Hakurei [Touhou Project]
@Kaykay as Shirou Yusa [Dies Irae] and
@Ver as Touma Kamijou [A Certain Magical Index] and Riesbyfe Stridberg [Type-Moon]
@Lucky as Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool [Marvel] and Billy Batson AKA Shazam [DC]
@Hahli Nuva as Wil Vandom [W.I.T.C.H.] and
@Sark as Midnighter [DC] and Guy Gardener [DC]
@Crimson Spartan as Keaton [Fire Emblem] and Lon'qu [Fire Emblem]
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Gummi Bunnies

identity unknown...
The Convergence Series GM

❝ Even if I weren't meant to be here since the day I "died," I guess I have to keep going for everyone's sake. ❞

Rinato "Rin" Dormi
"Lapis Lazuli"
"Witch of Miracles"



[Crystallized]: The ability to create crystals from nothing. The same ability she gained upon her "death." The obvious side effect of this ability is the fact that her internal organs and flesh have been replaced with a blue crystallized material.
[Witch of Miracles]: Inherited from the previous Witch who held this title, Bernkastel. By fracturing a piece of her heart, Lapis can grant a Miracle, or in short, turning an impossible situation into a probable one. Turning the 0% to at least a 0.1%. Due to circumstances leading up to this point, Lapis estimated that she can only use this powerful magic ability five more times before ultimately dying from it. Other normal types of magic as a Witch include flight, teleportation, telekinesis, and magic energy attacks.
[Weaponry]: Besides the crystallized weapons she can conjure up on a whim, she still carries a regular pistol firearm on her. To make up for her lack of her left arm (after it was magically severed in a fight against Exe), Lapis brandishes a metallic prosthetic arm that's specially enchanted to assist her with casting magic.

-Short Bio-

After some complicating issues, Lapis nearly goes with her reckless plan to "crystallize" the multiverse in it's current state within a single moment before anything else could happen. However, an intervention prevented her from committing to that plan, and resulting with her feverishly trying to think up of another way to help prevent another disaster like the one that she retained memories of in her futile attempt to use her magic of Miracles to stop it. Soon, she got her chance to help after personally going out of her way to get in contact with the Coalition, dragging another for more help on short notice.


-Other Info-

(left - regular form ; right - demon form)

❝ Not my first time dealing with some multiverse shit, but I've been itching to go feral with this creepy demon stuff I got in me. Why the fuck not, huh? ❞

Goro Majima



[Fighting Expertise]: Majima is highly adept in combat situations. He is swift enough to relentlessly wail away with kicks and punches, and mixing it up with hand-to-hand and weapon usage.
[Essence of Demon's Wrath]: After being injected with the wrath essence that was mixed in with Exe's blood, Majima obtained demonic powers which he has garnered partial control over. He can slightly use its abilities to enhance his strength, endurance, and speed. When covered in another victim's blood, it has the potency to heal any wounds that he had using that blood as fuel for that passive ability. He can also decompose physical form into shadows. Either in the case of him abusing these abilities without moderation or going with an injection of Lapis's crystallized blood to maintain Exe's demonic blood, Majima will end up shifting into his demon form with little to no control over himself.
[Weaponry]: Majima carries around a tanto blade and a metal baseball bat.

-Short Bio-
After the Gotham incident, Majima found himself forced to work under the Blood Institute with the bargaining chip of Makoto's safety. In order to work under them with this deal, he was injected with the wrath-infested blood of Exe, mutating him with demonic powers. He was able to maintain some of it's unpredictable nature with the help of Lapis's blood injection that neutralizes the frenzied state, and with Lapis's help, he was able to save Makoto from the Blood Institute. From time to time, Majima would get a weekly supply of injections from Lapis to keep his demonic powers at bay, but one day Lapis hastily showed up and asked for his help. His agreement ended up with him coming along with Lapis to the Coalition.

-Other Info-

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
Staff Member on Hiatus


Age: 17

Canon: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Powers/Weaponry: As a new member of the Bride class, Severa has the ability to use a Staff, Bow, and Lance. She's fairly inexperienced with a bow, but is strongest with a lance and healing spells thanks to her teachers.

Short Bio: Severa had a rough life, having grown up in a war-torn future. A mishap during attempted time travel brought her to a place called Avalon, where she lived for a short time in poor conditions and constantly job-hopping until she signed on with the United Nations to escape. However, she wound up getting involved in the battle against Othinus, where she met her mother, got shot, and went from a Mercenary to Bride when a certain SOMEONE needed healing. Now, she's ready to take on Revan...if she doesn't get herself killed first.

Organization: United Nations


Name: Cu Chulainn, aka Lancer

Age: Unknown, though physically late 20s

Canon: Fate series

Powers/Weaponry: As a Heroic Spirit, Cu has the ability to go into spirit form, as well as have superhuman agility and fighting prowess far above an average mortal. He also has a few skills:

Battle Continuation: Rank A, allows him to continue fighting until his last breath.

Disengage: Rank C, allows him to break away from a fight if necessary, returning negative status changes to be erased.

Runes: Rank B, allows him the use of rune magic (though he doesn't care for it much).

Cu also has his famed spear as a Noble Phantasm, the Gae Bolg, which has the unique ability to turn a normal strike into an always-fatal, unavoidable piercing of the opponent's heart.

Short Bio: Cu Chulainn is the famed Hero of Ulster from Celtic mythology. Due to his extraordinary feats, he was allowed a place in the Throne of Heroes, where a copy of himself known as a Heroic Spirit may be summoned for a Holy Grail War, or other situations, depending on what the Multiverse has in store. This time, he was summoned by a member of the MEU to serve as her Servant and proxy in the fight against Revan.

Organization: Technically an ally of the MEU, as his Master is a member.​



"Well, let's kick some serious butt."

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson



Ben Tennyson wields the powers of the Omnitrix, allowing him to transform into a wide range of sapient species with a wide range of powers, and more. It contains the functions of all prior, canonical incarnations of the Omnitrix, including the Ultimatrix's evolution feature. These various forms are synched to his age and tend to be as genetically optimal and versatile as possible, so they won't be unhealthy unless Ben himself has a cold or arm injury or something, as evidenced in episodes where that exact thing happened.

Ben also knows magic learned from his cousin Gwen, and honed through a variety of means, such as other mentors, self-learning and replicating inferior copies of high-tier spells.

Ben has skill in martial arts, primarily karate.

As revealed in Right Hand of the Magic God, he carries a single Pokeball containing an instance of the Pokemon Species Eevee.

Ben also remembered to bring the hoverboard Tetrax gave him all those years back.

Short Bio:
It started when an- OK fine.

Allied with the Coalition, since his Grandfather is part of it.

Other Info:
N/A, for now.

"The worlds need me? Well, I'm bored anyways and there's not much in the skies for Ouroboros to eat. This better be interesting, or I'll feed you to my friend over here."


Unspecified, stated to be my the mellenia



Opus Magna - Cagliostro's Ultimate Attack, and an upgrade from Ars Magna. In addition to dealing massive dark elemental damage, this attack reduces cooldown rates for any attacks that use them.

Arcana Evolution - All allies have their attack and defense boosted by 20% each, and their dark element attacks boosted by a whopping 50%.

Nehushtan - All allies gain Refresh and 20% boost to their dark element attacks.
Refresh is a state where one heals/regenerates over time.

Nucleogenesis - A powerful strike that when used on an opponent also increases the 'healing cap' of all allies and self, effectively boosting any kind of healing spell or healing method.

More feats here. She is capable of the skillsets of all her playable variations.

Short Bio:
Cagliostro was once a sick, young lad living in a poor village, destined to die. With the help of his sister and magic, he invented the art of alchemy so that he could gain a new body, a body free of illness, sickness and all that.

Deciding to use the body of a woman, Cagliostro soon figured that this could be the key to immortality - to transfer souls to new bodies after death. One day, Cagliostro was sealed away because an Organization of Alchemists, the Helmuth, believed that she was tainting the name of alchemy with her mannerisms to the art.

Somewhere inbetween, she experienced the events of Genesis, before her body rotted away at the end of it all and respawned back in her sealing spot, where she would soon be awakened by the Grandcypher crew, which is when they had to deal with Cagliostro's antics as many stories unraveled.


Just after the end of Right Hand of the Magic God, Cagliostro was called upon after slight difficulty in persuasion, due to her connections with the very first recorded Murder Game.

Other Info:
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Well-Known Member
The Convergence Series GM

Name: The Rider aka Frank Castle

Age: Over a million years old

Canon: Earth-TRN666, Marvel Comics

Powers/Weaponry: https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Frank_Castle_(Earth-TRN666)#Abilities

Short Bio: The Rider was Frank Castle, who was killed in a battle alongside the other heroes of Earth against Thanos and was given a second chance to live again as the Ghost Rider by Mephisto upon hearing Castle's dying wish to punish Thanos. However, upon his return, Castle finds out that nearly everyone was killed by Thanos and finds him nowhere in sight until Galactus comes to Earth asking for help from the presumably deceased Mr. Fantastic to defeat Thanos. Castle then makes a deal with Galactus by letting him become Galactus' herald in exchange for his help.

Centuries afterwards, Castle and Galactus were finally able to confront Thanos in battle but Galactus is easily defeated and killed by Thanos and Castle begins a new partnership with Thanos when Thanos offers him the chance to punish evil even worse than him.

Organization: Conscripted

The Coalition figured they needed some serious fire power for the coming crisis and went to recruit Castle. After some hijinks and a lot of persuasion they managed to get him to join.


Name: Bayonetta

Age: Around 600 years old

Canon: Bayonetta

Powers/Weaponry: https://bayonetta.fandom.com/wiki/Bayonetta_(character)#Abilities

Short Bio: Bayonetta is one of the Umbra Witches, a magical European clan that existed hundreds of years ago to protect the world's sacred darkness. However, she was born at the center of conflict – her parents were an Umbra Witch, Rosa, and a Lumen Sage named Balder, and their union led to the destruction of both of their clans. In the midst of the Witch Hunts that put her life in danger, Bayonetta was sealed away without her memories for five hundred years. Her awakening and resultant desire to remember her identity starts the events of Bayonetta.

Organization: The Coalition
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Just a newbie...
Sheet 1


"There are times we can't run away. No matter how bad the odds are."

Reiner Braun


Attack on Titan


Disclaimer: There are potential spoilers below for both the Attack on Titan anime, and manga.

- 3d Maneuver Gear; The pride and joy of the Survey corps, this gear has been cruicial to allowing humans to fight back against the perceived threat of the Titans. Reiner, being recruited into the military, and eventually joining the survey corps received ample training and experience with such gear. Though, due to some... Complications, he only has experience with using standard 3d Maneuver Gear, with ultrahard steel blades. Schematics can be found here if any additional information is required. It is equipped with a pair of gas tanks, grappling devices and wires, alongside six pairs of blades which were traditionally used to slice out the napes of titans. When he is not in titan form, this is his preferred way of fighting, but of course... He has other options if his gear were to fail him. It is also noted that this gear seems to slowly replenish its supply of gas and blades, allowing him to continually make use of his equipment as long as he does so conservatively.

- Variant Military Training; Both trained by the military within the walls, and preceding that, received special training when he became a warrior, Reiner is well versed in 3d Maneuver gear, military tactics, various weapons utilized by both those within the walls, and those from his homeland... And has a good understanding of how to use his titan powers.

- Power of the Titans; Reiner is the current inheritor of the Armored Titan, and is thus able to 'shift' into a titan, most often through the infliction of pain on himself through self harm, coupled with a clear goal or belief in mind. The resuling transformation creates a 15 meter tall humanoid behemoth around him, better known as a 'titan body'. While in human form, the only titan-like ability he seems to retain as a titan-shifter is his ability to regenerate from almost any injury given time. Though this ability can be hampered, either by his own will (or lack thereof, when he loses to will), and in the event his head is severed, or blown off under normal circumstances. However, if he is connected to his titan body, Reiner is able to survive by transferring his brain functions into his titan body, and if given enough time, he is able to regenerate his head... At the cost of being somewhat disoriented initially once the process is finished. His uncanny ability to transfer his brain functions to his titan body is also said to be risky, for currently unspecified reasons. The titan body itself is where most of his raw power comes into play; in titan form, his strength and speed are heavily enhanced, and in addition, he is able to harden his entire body, generating plate-like structures to protect himself. Though he can localize this hardening to create claws on his hands and feet, allowing him to better grip surfaces, or slash at his enemies. But hardening his body, rather than focusing the hardening to a few localized spots on his body has a glaring weakness; hard enough material, like the localized hardening of a similarly sized titan's fists can penetrate his armor. More information on his shifter powers can be found here, under the "power of the titans" section.

- Sorceror of ???; Having become an agent of sorts, of the Witch known as Beatrice... Reiner proved to be a valuable asset, not neccessarily due to his physical ability, or even his titan powers. It was his loyalty, his unshakeable determination and will to do what he believed was right that made him stand out. It was why he was selected to become a warrior, and now... Why he had been granted the abilities, and title of a sorceror by this time. These powers however, are currently dormant, and it is uncertain when, or how they will manifest. For the time being, Reiner isn't even sure of the sorceror title he was given, but all the same, this would further allow Reiner to fullfill his aspirations to become a hero, to help others to the best of his ability. If he could figure out his title, and the nature of his powers.

- Mental Link; This is an 'ability' exibited by him ever since he was unknowingly cloned at the beginning of House of M thanks to an anomaly that created two copies of him. One that would continue to progress the events of Attack on Titan after the Clash of Titans arc, without even a memory of his encounters with Wanda, nor his multiversal exploits. While the other would go through the events of House of M, and eventually find a way to redeem himself through something akin to having a clean slate. However, while he largely left his dark deeds as a warrior in the past, he sometimes catches glimpses of what his other self may be going through, or will go through in addition to his own memories of his past. While these are usually relatively mundane, they sometimes provide the neccessary inspiration and strength he needs to do what he must.

Short Bio:

Reiner's backstory is pretty much as follows up until the end of the Clash of the Titans arc. This is where he is suddenly pulled into the events of House of M, and some oddities happen. For instance, without him realizing it, at least initially... His travel to another dimension resulted in him being cloned. One copy of him staying behind, blissfully unaware of his multiversal exploits, while the other was stuck believing he was a soldier, protecting the people within the walls at first.

When reality came crashing down ontop of him though, he found salvation in a woman he had met during the course of his misadventures... Swearing to attone for his actions, and finally coming to terms with both his past, and who he was now.

Neither a soldier, or a warrior anymore, he swore he would find another purpose for himself. That he wouldn't lie to anyone anymore, and resolved to return to the place that very woman who he believed had saved him came from.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite go to plan, but perhaps it was for the best that way... As it was a much better fate, than what awaited the version of him that stayed home.

(No official offiliation)

After playing a key role in stopping Lapis from crystalizing the multiverse, even despite his inexperience with magic... Reiner vowed to help set her on the right path, seeing some of himself in her. It was hard to say if he was just following her orders when he agreed to join her in the fight to protect the multiverse, or if he had been planning to do so from the beginning, but nonetheless, he is here, and willing to fight, seemingly on his own accord.

Other Info:
If there are any powers that need to be mitigated/require clarification, I will try and do so to the best of my ability. Oh, and there's another sheet incoming. I just realized it would be difficult to fit both in the same post.​
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Endearing Misanthrope
The Convergence Series GM

"I'll break that messed-up illusion of yours!"



Touma Kamijou


16 years old


Powers / Weaponry

Touma is the wielder of the Imagine Breaker, a power imbued within his right hand that can negate supernatural phenomena of any kind with a touch, from those originating from magic or advanced science, making him a deceptively powerful individual despite his unassuming appearance of a normal teenage boy.

He also has a small degree of Precognition that tends to act as a sort of heightened reflexes, but that's not quite as impressive.

Short Bio


It's quite a classic story of a certain unassuming boy, a reformed magician who was once a villain, a 12 year old girl, and a man who almost became a Magic God crossing dimensions to meet with a marine biologist, his daughter, and a mafia don with godly power, all so they could band together and battle a Magic God with the intent of destroying the multiverse.

In the process, of course, this ragtag team banded with the Coalition to stop Magic God Othinus, but even with Othinus defeated and reformed, the multiverse was still in grave danger, and the boy, who vowed to fight to protect those important to him, knew he could not turn his back on the continuously looming threat.


Coalition Ally, as of the events of Right Hand of the Magic God

"I bear blessing of a servant of God. With two forgotten gospels, I deliver thy will."



Riesbyfe Stridberg


At least 20 years old


Powers / Weaponry

Her primary weapon and most distinct feature is her massive shield, the Conceptual Weapon True Apocrypha, also known as "Gamaliel" for short. There's a lot to unpack about it and what it can do, but the gist is that on top of functioning as a powerful barrier against attacks, it also possesses magical capabilities, from glyph magic to even low level reality bending, but Riesbyfe does not utilize this so much. The shield also seems able to protect her from not just physical attacks but phenomena that otherwise would have displaced her very soul in the past.

On top of all that, she's just flat out really strong. She claims that her punches are able to reach up to around 2 or 5 tons of force, and on top of that, has the usual nine yards of increased durability, speed, reflexes, and all that, having had to deal with all sorts of demons and ghouls in her life before.

Short Bio


There's a lot to unpack.

From being one of the participants of the first ever recorded Murder Game, in which she battled fruitlessly against Diablo, to unexpectedly escaping that hellhole and to be salvaged by the M.E.U. much later, to losing parts of her memory and that of the event itself, all the way to her returning to the M.E.U. to continue protecting the multiverse since she feels she had lost her place in her own home world, Riesbyfe spent a lot of time hard at work, while also struggling to remember that incident all the way back then.


Multiverse Emergency Unit​


Just a newbie...
Sheet 2


"There is no such thing as a useless life-form... No such thing as a pawn! This world... This Universe, can be cruel. But there is always one constant; everyone, has a purpose. That is why I strive to protect it."

Schala Zeal
(Sometimes called "Sara")

Physically 19
(after being in a kind of stasis for many years)

Chrono Trigger

- Elemental Magic; Schala was born with an innate ability to harness magic from the four elements that existed in her world; fire, water, air, and electricity (or holy/light), alongside a mysterious fifth element, known as "shadow" or "darkness". In addition, her training within the Coalition allowed her to mix elements together, creating newer, more powerfull spells, and unique combinations of elements, which resulted in a recent discovery of the "earth" element, which coupled with water, would form the baseline for a set of abilities she plans to test out and build upon during her fight against the Revanchist. Thanks to her encounter with Jiren during the events of Magic God.

- Elemental Constructs; Realizing how much of a disadvantage she was at without weapons, Schala conceptualized a new way to use her elemental magic. Instead of drawing magical energy into her body, and simply expelling it in some shape or form, she could focus it... Not unlike how she would with orbs of dark or light energy. Only, with some additional effort, she intends to try and shape elements. With the limited time she had available, she managed to create a dome of rock that quickly crumbled, but overtime, she might be able to develop these abilities into something more. The battle with the Revanchist faction would be her first test to see how far these constructs might be able to carry her.

- Combat Experience; During the brief intermission she had after neutralizing Othinus, and Jiren's funeral, she opted to look over footage of Jiren's battles during the tournament of power. Coupled with her first hand experience in fighting him, she gained both valuable insight into her own stamina, as well as her once juvenile combat techniques. In theory, this additional experience and knowledge should help her become a more formideable fighter, but in practice? That was yet to be decided.

- Trans-dimentional Magic; While Schala has yet to properly use them again, even before she had left her Pendant with Jiren when he was laid to rest... She once had the ability to tear holes through time and space, helping facilitate the events of Chrono Trigger, and later, Time Crisis. But ever since she had been freed from Lavos' grasp, and made sure all that was left of him was eradicated (as far as she knew), she had yet to recover such abilities. Though, perhaps with more time to look into this at the Coalition, she would be about to at least discover what she might be missing in order to once again traverse time and space, and perhaps even other dimensions.

- Other magics; Aside from harnessing the power of the elements, Schala has a few other magical abilities up her sleeve. Mainly the ability to heal others, even saving them from the brink of death if she has enough strength in her to manage that, and the ability to increase someone's durability and/or speed, whether it be herself, or someone else. The main catch is that she needs to maintain concentration on casting these spells, particularly when casting them on others rather than herself... Thus leaving herself open for attack. Her battles with Jiren have allowed her to use these abilities to help her last longer in combat when she uses them on herself (at least, when it comes to increasing her body's durability and speed), but of course, it doesn't negate the need for her to concentrate on casting them. It simply allows her to split her attention a little.

- Dreamstone Fragment; Shortly before her return to the MEU, Schala collected a small sample of dreamstone from a time before her world was split asunder. Though she is uncertain if she should dare make another pendant, she keeps it on her just incase she requires some kind of conduit to one day traverse the multiverse again.

Short Bio:

Schala has come rather far since her initial moments she was freed from Lavos' grasp. After the events of Time Crisis, she officially joined the Coalition, honing her skills... And vowing to protect the multiverse as she knew it, no matter the cost.

While up until the events of Magic God, she had been relatively inexperienced in combat... And still had alot to learn about her powers, her time spent honing and expanding her magical abilities at the Coalition up until this point has proven to be well spent. Even now, in the wake of the looming threat that is the Revanchist faction, Schala seeks to put her still developing powers to the test, in an effort to uphold the vow she had made when she first joined the coalition... And a distant promise she had once made herself.

Multiverse Emergency Unit

Other Info:
If there are any mistakes that need to be corrected, or any additional information required from me. I will be happy to oblidge!​
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But We Were Happy
Since I have no time right now reservimg for Li- Me, the need with the mouth Deadpool and some other nameless character Lucky hasn't decided on. Also will be taking one of those NPC reserves ( Dm you asking for best place later as well)

@Atomic Knight

Macy Moretti

Princess of Heart, Dumb of Ass
"Some people get a second chance in life. Others get their second chance in death."


Name: Mason Moretti

Age: 21 years old

Canon: Convergence Series

[Aura Constructs]
Mason can create objects manifested from his aura. These objects are temporary, requiring conscious effort to maintain shape. Mason can dismiss them at will, but they will automatically disappear if they travel too far from him. Generally, he sticks to weaponry such as swords and guns, but he's learned to mimic the effects of magic and technology to a slight degree in his training. While stronger magical effects such as Gae Bolg are beyond his strength, aspects such as energy, mass, and shape are well within his control. Over time, he's learned a few special techniques and mimics them with his aura, calling them "Parallel Attacks."
Example Parallel Attacks: Exploding Knives, Arc Blades, Solar Flare
[Short-Range Portals]
Mason's aura constructs can stand as markers in 3D space to create portals between two points. Usually, he makes small orbs he's designed specifically to be portal markers, though other constructs can be turned into portals in a pinch.
[World's Heart]
A magic necklace that supposedly can hold onto one's soul after death, but lacks the magical charge required to do so. What's more important is what Mason keeps inside: the...
[Potara Earrings]
Created by Ultimate Ben during the final fight of Right Hand of the Magic God. They allow their wearers to fuse into one being temporarily. Mason's half of the pair sits in his necklace, while Macy wears hers on her right ear.

Short Bio:
After being dragged back and forth across the illusion of the "multiverse" by his home universe's goddess Athena, Mason managed to break through to the multiverse at large, where he discovered the Coalition and United Universes. From then on, he's gotten himself wrapped up in several multiversal incidents:​
  • The Coalition Civil War, which saw him leaving the Coalition to join Robin in the United Universes and presented the first signs of his sister's existence
  • The Eveline Incident, which reunited him with his brother Leon, only for Leon to return to Athena without Mason and also showed Mason his own death, for better or for worse on his psyche
  • The Cell Games Reincarnated, which introduced him to Aigis, allowing Mason access to the technology that forms his sister's body
  • And Right Hand of the Magic God, after which he returned to the United Universes and trained with Corrin to improve his swordplay
Organization: United Universes

Other Info: He's learned not to screw about with all-powerful deities after Othinus temporarily de-materialized him.

"Try as we might, we can't escape the multiverse's fate for us, can we?"


Name: Macy Moretti

Age: 21 years old

Canon: Convergence Series

[Robot Body]
Based on the body of Aigis from Persona 3, Macy's soul inhabits an artificial body. However, in order to allow use of her aura abilities, her internal weapon systems, including those to invoke a Persona, needed to be removed. She does not need to eat or sleep, but does so out of habit. Her body is capable of dying, however, if the internal component holding her "heart" is destroyed. That "heart" is what powers both her body and her powers.
[Aura Healing]
Macy can use her aura to heal small wounds, restore energy, and fix small breaks in machinery. While her healing is potent, it can't bring anyone back from beyond the grave.
[Aura Shield]
She can also use her aura to create spherical shields around herself or allies.
[Aura Sense]
An ability supposedly commonplace in the Moretti family, despite being unavailable to Mason. She can vaguely sense the aura energy of living things, but this leaves her vulnerable to the emotional state of others as through empathy.
[Thunder Rod]
An item picked up from the Coalition Armory during Right Hand of the Magic God that can shoot orbs of electricity.
[Backup Heart]
A silver-colored copy of Mason's necklace that holds backup data of Macy's memories, should her body be destroyed and her heart survive.
[Potara Earrings]
Created by Ultimate Ben during the final fight of Right Hand of the Magic God. They allow their wearers to fuse into one being temporarily. Mason's half of the pair sits in his necklace, while Macy wears hers on her right ear.

Short Bio:
Within a small "multiverse" that collectively makes up the Moretti's home, Macy was originally chosen to travel through worlds and complete tasks for Athena. This unfortunately ended with her early demise, and her heart ended up the World's Heart, a magical necklace. This necklace was eventually given to Mason, allowing Macy to see and observe Mason's adventures until she was eventually released and given her new body just before Right Hand of the Magic God. After that event, she remained at the Coalition, keeping a close eye on Othinus and attempting to befriend the 15-centimeter tall fairy.

Organization: Coalition

Other Info: She doesn't intentionally hide the fact that she's a robot, but usually wears long sleeves and covering clothes that hide most of the evidence that she is. Technically, she can open a portal between universes with assistance from another aura wielder, but the technique is so exhausting that it temporarily shuts her down and probably won't be used.​
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Age: ???

Canon: Dragonball Z: Episode of Bardock/Bardock: Father of Goku

Powers/Weaponry: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Bardock

Short Bio: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Bardock

Organization: Conscripted

Bardock was called in from his world, along with Gine to work with the Coalition after events happened after Bardock turned Super Saiyan for the first time and Gine was revived from the dead.

Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary.


But We Were Happy

Name: Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool

Age: Thirties

Canon: Deadpool ( Revised timeline and a mix of comics)

Regenerative Healing Factor - After being injected with a serum to further evolve his mutant genes, which was fully triggered by extreme stress, his body was enhanced, granting him rapid cellular regeneration, enabling him to quickly heal from any injury, even able to regrow entire lost anatomy. Minor injuries, like bullet wounds and broken bones, take mere minutes to recover, while full dismemberment takes about an hour to restore, which goes through a period of accelerated maturing, starting as an infant-like limb before becoming fully grown. Even more, his healing powers leave him immune to any form of illness and contaminate, able to even cure himself of cancer that was previously ravaging his body. Getting stabbed in the head only momentarily left him dazed and hallucinating.
  • Advanced Longevity - Ajax noted that he seemingly made Wade immortal because of the powerful regenerative powers he gained from the former's experiments. Between his healing powers able to undo nearly any damage and keep him from aging, Wade is practically unkillable.
  • Superhuman Strength - Wade's strength is well-above the parameters of the normal human. With his kicks, he can launch a full-grown many of considerable weight several meters away and likewise trade blows of against foes of considerable strength. His raw strength can also shove a man high into the air casually lift them high above his head.
  • Superhuman Speed - Wade possesses speed superior to that of even the finest human athlete. He is capable of moving fast enough to easily outmaneuver rapid gunfire. Confined spaces could not limit his movement at all, allowing him to overpower and kill multiple attackers after landing in their car.
  • Superhuman Stamina - Wade's body produces from little to no fatigue. This allows him to exert himself at peak capacity for as long as he desires.
  • Superhuman Reflexes - Wade is very alert and fast reacting, able to dodge and deflect bullets without much effort. He can react to multiple opponents simultaneously, even from behind to quickly counter.
  • Superhuman Agility - Wilson's flexibility, balance, dexterity, and coordination are well-beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete. He has inhuman leaping capabilities, able to could jump several feet from a stationary position, and with his body control, able to execute a variety of complex twists, turns, and flips while in mid-air.
  • Superhuman Durability - Wade's durability and endurance have been enhanced to superhuman levels, able to trade blows with exceptional strong foes, even harming the inhumanly strong Angel Dust. He also was unfazed when he crashed through a car's glass roof from a highway several miles above it. This also grants him an enhanced tolerance to pain, making it hard to slow him down, to which even then he can quickly rebind, letting him continuously fight at full strength. For more desperate situation, he is even willing to cut off his own limb to escape.
  • I don't know Her- Wade has a habit of breaking the fourth wall, though he does it significantly less now.
  • Fourth Wall Awareness- Wade is fully aware he's a fictional character.
  • Unpredictability: It is difficult for anyone to know what Deadpool will do at any given moment, given that he himself barely knows what he'll do at any given moment. This makes it difficult for most opponents to predict what he will do. Taskmaster, whose abilities allowed him to analyze and copy the mercenary's fighting style, once believed Deadpool always dodged to the left. Deadpool proved him wrong, however, by completely changing his fighting style on a whim, throwing off Taskmaster's abilities.

  • Master Acrobat - His enhanced reflexes and agility make him highly evasive and mobile in battle. Able to scale seemingly any terrain with no wasted timing or movement, he his prowess outmatches some of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. Using a variety of free-running and parkour maneuvers, he is very difficult to anticipate with his erratic and spontaneous movement.
  • Master Martial Artist - Wilson is also heavily skilled in melee and unarmed combat, able to overpower and kill several armed men after crashing into their car.
  • Master Marksman - Wilson is highly skilled with firearms and throwing weapons, able to hit precise targets without much time need to aim. He used one bullet to kill three men standing in a line, while he was also shown to be able to throw a knife into a gunman's eye from several feet while running. He even threw one of his katanas several feet into the wheels of a motorcycle while jumping through the air.
  • Master Assassin - Wilson, even before his mutation, is an infamous but extremely skilled mercenary. Each contract his was given he has successfully killed his targets.
  • Master Swordsman - Wilson's signature weapons are his dual katana blades, which combined with his agility, speed, and natural combat abilities make two of his most highly efficient weapons. His swords allow him to cut through several trained gunmen with ease.
  • Expert Tracker - Despite his crude and reckless methods, Wilson is shown to be very efficient in information gathering. Over a span of two years, he was able to track down Ajax's location through a network of sources.
  • Multilingualism - In sticking with his talkative nature, Wade is proven to be fluent in speaking a variety of languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Nigerian.
Katana Swords - Deadpool carries two katana swords that are strapped to his back.
  • Knives and Daggers - Deadpool has multiple small blades holstered or strapped to his suit, some of which can be used as throwing weapons.
  • Guns - Deadpool is also armed with two IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX 50.AE. He shoots 8 rounds in the left magazine and 4 in the right. All of his rounds are numbered from 12-1.
  • Costume - Deadpool wears a suit in order to disguise his disfigured form. He also made sure the suit was colored red due to his constant bleeding soaking and ruining his other clothes.

Short Bio: Well, I've been involved in so small capacity in these death type games before being dumped back home with no explanation ( how rude-by the way) But otherwise, the last thing I did was kill myself and Ryan Reynolds before he accepted the Green Lantern script, oh and the last from the comic verse is after Spiderman/Deadpool was canceled. .

Organization: Conscripted

Other Info: I have plans to not die of inactivity this time- The DEADPOOL CURSE WILL BE LIFTED.


But We Were Happy

Name: Billy Batson/ Shazam

Age: 14/20/ mid to late 20s/30s

Canon: Shazam 2019

Divine Empowerment: After being chosen by the Wizard Shazam as his champion, Billy Batson was granted the ability to transform into the avatar of the wizard by calling out the wizard's name, which summoned a bolt of lightning from the sky and imbued him with the wisdom, strength, stamina, power, courage, and speed of the gods Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, respectively, with the invocation also being a combination of the first letters in each gods' names. As Shazam, Billy has many powers and abilities, which surpass the capabilities of humans, and most other metahumans. Thaddeus Sivana came to recognize Shazam as "the Chosen One," a "perfect man," "pure of heart," and "flawless in every way."
  • Wisdom of Solomon/Genius-Level Intellect: While Shazam is initially inexperienced in using this ability, he began to tap into it during his final battle with Sivana and the Seven Sins - the Wisdom of Solomon allowed Shazam to simultaneously come up with a way to permanently keep his power from Thaddeus Sivana, and even the battlefield against the Sins, using the Wizard's staff to transform his foster siblings into the Shazam Family, after which he broke the staff, while also allowing Shazam to see how Sivana was being exploited by the Seven Sins, and to trick Envy into exiting Sivana's body to attack Shazam directly, thus stripping Sivana of the latter's powers.
Strength of Hercules/Superhuman Strength: With the strength of Hercules, Shazam has incredible superhuman strength, able to easily lift people single-handedly and send them flying, and punch through concrete pillars. He is also able to lift vehicles off the ground, such as a pickup truck and even a bus, and push a heavy barrel away with a flick of his finger. When discovering what powers he had, Billy was able to jump into the air in an attempt to fly, launching himself ten feet over a skateboard halfpipe ramp. However, he can jump even higher, noted by Freddy Freeman to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (much like Superman). Indeed, Shazam's strength is such, that the only times he is ever seen straining are when he battles equally strong opponents (like the empowered Sivana), or when he slowly pulls a magical sphere containing the Seven Sins from Sivana's eye. His strength was further exhibited when he distributed it among his foster family, with Freddy being able to carry two people at once and Pedro Peña being able to support the weight of a Ferris wheel.

Stamina of Atlas/Superhuman Stamina: With the stamina of Atlas, Shazam is capable of not growing tired despite running incredibly fast and flying through the air. He is also able to take multiple hits from Sivana and continue fighting without needing a break.

Power of Zeus/Electrokinesis: With the power of Zeus, Shazam can generate and project electricity. When first discovering his powers as Shazam, Billy was able to instantly charge people's cellphones with single respective bolts of energy. At full power, Shazam's lightning rivaled that of empowered Sivana. In addition to being extremely powerful, this ability was also extremely precise, with Shazam even able to shoot up consecutive lightning bolts, while generating specific sound waves (which he formed into the music from the "Eye of the Tiger." His control over electricity earned him the nicknames "Thundercrack," "Captain Sparkle Fingers," "Maximum/Max Voltage," "Sir Zaps-a-Lot," "Zap-tain America," and "Human Powerstorm."

Teleportation: As the Champion of the Wizard Shazam, Shazam can exit the Rock of Eternity by mentally concentrating on another location of his choice. This way, Shazam was able to teleport himself and his foster siblings from the Rock into a Philadelphia strip club.

Courage of Achilles/Nigh-Invulnerability: With the courage of Achilles, Shazam's body is virtually invulnerable to most forms of harm, even warning Doctor Sivana that he is "basically invincible." Freddy Freeman broke a wooden baseball bat over him, he emerged unscathed from a wooden box that Freddy had doused in gasoline and ignited, repeated crashes into cars left him unscathed, and bullets bounced off of Shazam on impact, even his face (only slightly "tickling" him). However, Doctor Sivana (when empowered by the Seven Sins to the point that his strength was on par with Shazam's) was able to hit and choke Shazam hard enough to hurt the latter, and gave Shazam a nosebleed with a punch. However, Shazam ultimately survived repeated beatings from Sivana and the Seven Sins with minimal injuries. Sivana noted that magical beings at their level can only be harmed by one of their own (aka a magical being similar in power or stronger).
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: While his full healing capabilities were never fully demonstrated, Shazam was able to heal the injury the empowered Sivana inflicted to him within a few minutes.
Speed of Mercury/Superhuman Speed: With the speed of Mercury, Shazam can move at speeds only perceptible to humans as yellow streaks of light, thus being able to knock a criminal down before the latter even knew what happened, to save Mary Bromfield from being run over, and to quickly disarm a robber. Nonetheless, Shazam initially had trouble keeping up with equally fast opponents, like the empowered Sivana, but he adjusted fairly quickly, rivaling the speed of Sivana's attacks in their subsequent fights, and ultimately outpacing some of the Seven Sins.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Due to his super speed, Shazam is able to dodge attacks and move around different objects with ease.
  • Flight: Shazam is able to manipulate his own gravitational field to levitate or fly. He can fly at great speeds and be able to keep pace with Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins.
While not in Shazam form, Billy can perform a very minor form of these powers, but they work better when he is in shazam form.

As this is the COTA version, he also has the powers of ARCADE. This gives him the ability to manipulate fire, an increase in his intellect, speed and strength along with the ability to manipulate his age between 14 and 20 at will as well as take on different appearances.

  • Gifted Intellect: Even without the Wisdom of Solomon, Billy is quite intelligent on his own, as witnessed when he came up with and executed a plan to get an access to the police database.
  • Expert Thief: Billy Batson, after living on his own for most of his life, has become an immensely skilled thief, able to break into cars without triggering alarms.
  • Expert Combatant: Billy Batson is a fairly capable combatant, able to take down two bullies harassing Freddy Freeman in moments using Freeman's crutch. In his Shazam form, Billy uses his powers to swiftly overpower opponents, though his combat skills were noticeably inferior to those of Doctor Sivana, who (while empowered by the Seven Sins) rather quickly overpowered Shazam in their first battle. Nonetheless, Shazam managed to adjust and battled more evenly against the empowered Sivana in their subsequent fights, and personally defeated several of the Seven Sins.

Short Bio: https://dcextendeduniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Shazam

Organization: Conscripted

Other Info: This version is being drawn into the mess after defeating the seven deadly sins and sharing his powers. He does have vague flashes of possibly being in another similar game ( COTA), but they come and go. Billy can't stay in Shazam form for more than a few days at a time without his mental state trying to catch up with the physical state he is in.
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Giga God Crunchmeister

"I... am Deoxys."




As a member of the Coalition's Strike Team and a Mythical Pokemon originating from the depths of space, Deoxys is an exceedingly powerful creature. It possesses an unlimited number of 'moves' that demonstrate different applications of its innate powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, mind manipulation, flight, transformation, regeneration, raw physical ability, and destructive blasts of psychokinetic or elemental energy.

Deoxys can shift between four different forms (Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed) that offer increased effectiveness in the area they're named after.


The Coalition Civil War left the DNA Pokemon, one of the members of the Coalition's Strike Team, in an awkward position. Disabled and nearly comatose for the majority of the destruction, Deoxys could only recall the destruction of the Coalition base. When it awoke after the fighting had ended, Deoxys found only ruins and chaos. The structure of order shattered entirely, and the Pokemon was left confused and distraught about its purpose and self-worth.

It served the Coalition, yet still ultimately failed to prevent its destruction. It was no superior organism. It destroyed the only things it cared for by thinking that it was such a being. Deoxys was humbled and almost humanized by this realization, but couldn't see any reason to serve the recuperating Coalition after its failure. Deoxys left the organization without notice and chose to return to the point of origin - the World of Pokemon. Deoxys made a 'home' for itself in the Hoenn region, around Birth Island.

It found a sense of peace and closure, living in solitude upon Birth Island. Deoxys silently observed the world from afar and explored the depths of itself and its power.

Now, the multiverse is now cracking under adversity. The Coalition personally came into contact with the DNA Pokemon on Birth Island, offering a reinstatement into the Strike Team if it was willing to join the fight against Revan. Deoxys was internally conflicted over the request, deeming itself free from the need for purpose and objectives. In turn, however, that made the mission ahead seem more like an obligation to existence itself as opposed to a command from its former masters.

Deoxys agreed to join the Coalition for this reason alone - a Pokemon utterly free of any trainer, master, or personal hubris.



"The Codex Astartes is a set of rules. They guide us, shape us as Ultramarines, teach us to place duty and honour above all.

...But how we live with those rules is the true test of a Space Marine."




Titus is a genetically-engineered super soldier that boasts superhuman strength, speed, durability, senses, regeneration, and survivability.

Titus has the same equipment he had in Far Away Lights; a set of Power Armor, a Chainsword sheathed on his hip, and a Storm Bolter mounted on top of his left gauntlet (a gun which fires explosive mini-rockets as bullets).

Titus also brought along a Thunder Hammer (massive technologically-enhanced war hammer that generates a field of energy around itself to increase the power of its impacts) and a Power Fist (bulky gauntlet worn on the right hand, also produces a field of energy around itself that amplifies the concussive force of punches. A single punch could send a car flying.)

Titus also possesses a supernatural resistance to mind-altering and psychic effects.

Worlds and realities beyond the horror of his home universe endowed Captain Titus with a sense of clarity. The fears of the deep, vast darkness of the Immaterium suddenly seemed inconsequential in comparison of what lies beyond the scope of a single universe. For Titus, returning to his war-torn 'home,' this epiphany forced a re-assessment of where his loyalties truly lie - serving the Emperor or serving His misguided Imperium. The captain returned to the home of his battle-brothers and declared that he would no longer serve the High Lords, the Imperium, or the Inquisition.

Titus spoke of his Discovery; a galaxy where humanity prospered without fearing Chaos or Xenos encroaching upon their domain. Not just that, but a coming storm more powerful than any force in the galaxy or universe at large. Captain Titus was already a traitor when he left. He would not allow himself to be executed or lobotimized before he had a chance to do the Emperor's work upon the multiverse and purge it clean of the encroaching darkness.

Titus spent the following years in his universe as a 'traitorous' space marine, preparing himself for what he saw as destiny. It was then that a portal opened before him, but instead of daemons pouring out, it was the forces of the Coalition calling the Space Marine into service once again. Titus agreed without hesitation.

Captain Titus still saw hope for his galaxy. There was a hope to secure a bright future for Mankind. Titus would not be the one to usher in such a grand change in the course of history. He would, however, be the one to change the rules for the betterment of us all.

The Emperor wills it.

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Member of the Yato Club

Name: Chise Hatori

Age: 16

Canon: The Ancient Magus Bride

Powers/Weaponry: Magic staff

Chise is gifted in traveling into the minds of others. Chise has been shown to be able to purify, fly, and create potions.

Sleigh Beggy are individuals who are naturally absorb magic from their surroundings, so much so that it wears on their bodies and shortens their lives. As a Sleigh Beggy, Chise is favored by the fae, amounting to a large amount of magic potential, without the skills to control the massive pressure it has on her body. Sleigh Beggies also draw in fae and other supernatural entities.

Since she has taken on the Dragon's Curse, she has gained a stronger sense of smell, and gained the ability to lift around the weight of two people minimum.

Like Lindel, Chise can imbue her magic through singing. This allows her to do various things, including being able to put Elias Ainsworth and the dragon Paulina to sleep using her songs.

Using a magical pelt granted to her by Ashen Eyes, Chise can transform into animals depending on the situation.

Since gaining Joseph's eye she has gained immortality.

She currently can use spells and incantations to open locked doors, light candles, bind a fae to her as a familiar, and create insomnia positions that makes one fall asleep temporarily. Most of these spells require the aid of a fae, and while her familiar isn't present they likely still share some form of connection.

At one point it has been shown that, when angry, she had absorbed and released high amounts of magic which in turn created wasps under her control.

Short Bio: Chise

Organization: Multiverse Emergency Unit

Other Info: Taken during the events of the College Arc in her canon some time after the Othinus Incident, and likely won't use all of the abilities listed.



Name: Shigure

Age: 17?

Canon: Fire Emblem Fates

Powers/Weaponry: Naginata

Short Bio: Shigure spent most of his life living in a place called a Deep Realm, eventually finding his mother and aunt and joining them in a war against the country of Hoshido. Though eventually his mother disappeared after the war, he went to look for her, and so far had no luck. So, he tried to find help. He found it in a rather unlikely place.

Organization: Conscripted

Not having much luck finding his mother, he ended up having bigger things to worry about when contacted by Coalition forces.

Other Info: Taken from the Conquest route.
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Marcus Milton/ Hyperion

Appears to be Mid-Late 30s, though physically unaging

Marvel/Time Runs Out


Eternal Physiology--> Via the absorption of Solar Photon Particles, Hyperion is able to tap into a variety of superhuman abilities, including:
Superhuman Strength (Class 100+)
Superhuman Speed (Able to Reach Mach 4 within the Earth's atmosphere, or approximately 4000m/h, across long distances)
Superhuman Reflexes (Able to dodge blasts of lightning)
Flight (Capable of exceeding his running speed greatly once in a vacuum)

Superhuman Durability
Self Sustainable (Immunity to diseases, toxins and most forms of radiation sickness)
Enhanced Vision (X-Ray Vision, Telescopic Vision, Light Spectrum Vision, Microscopic Vision)

Enhanced Hearing
Cosmic Energy Manipulation/Atomic Vision (Capable of Exceeding 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit)
Regenerative Healing Factor

Short Bio:

The Coalition

Following the destruction of Earth 616 at the hands of the Beyonders, Marcus, after drifting for some time in a cosmic void, found himself stranded in a world vastly different to his own. Claiming refugee status, Milton soon found himself signing up to the Coalition, hoping to use his example to guide the universe into a new era; after the destruction of his home and adoptive universes, the Sun-God wasn't about to let any new worlds befall the same fate.

Other Info:
Hyperion will be taken from his appearance in New Avengers: Time Runs Out: Volume 4
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South of the Border, West of the Sun

Name: Corrin

Age: Early 20's

Canon: Fire Emblem Fates

Powers/Weaponry: Corrin wields the blade Omega Yato, a sacred blade given to her in her home world. Corrin also has the ability to turn into a dragon.

Short Bio: https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Corrin

Corrin specifically comes from the Revelation Route of the game. She has also been through Monokuma's Awakening before becoming Personal Bodyguard to Secretary-General Robin Aquilus of the United Nations.

Organization: United Universes
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Still Slep

Name: Reimu Hakurei

Age: Late Teens-Early Twenties

Canon: Touhou Project

Powers/Weaponry: Reimu has extremely powerful natural magical abilities, and specialises in sealing and purification magic. They are slightly weakened by her lack of training, but her powers are strong enough to compensate. Reimu uses flashy spells in the form of spell cards, which she has a lot of.

Reimu's natural ability to float not only means she can fly, but also means she has the ability to float out of reality, or in other words, become intangible. Reimu is also physically fit, and fairly acrobatic.

Short Bio: Up until Calamitious Reprise, Reimu's life in Gensokyo was uneventful and normal, interrupted by an incident every couple of mouths. Simply, life was simple and unchanging, peaceful even.

Until she was taken to Hyrule, where she was kept in statis for a year. Unlike many who arrived at the time they left, when the incident finished, Reimu arrived back to a changed Gensokyo. A Gensokyo that no longer needed her, a home that displaced her. No longer being needed, Reimu went into hiding, where she lived her life as normal with Marisa.

However, feeling the tear in the multiverse, and the discord of the other universes, Reimu could not bear the unbalance and chaos in her own, and the other universes any longer. With that, she set out once again, on a new multiversal incident. This led her to join the fight for the multiverse.
Organisation: Multiverse Emergency Unit
Reimu's search to balance the multiverse led her to the MEU, a magic-focused branch of the Coalition. Due to her powerful, and exclusive magic, Reimu was recruited easily. She is a relatively new member of the branch, being in the branch for only a month of so.

Other Info: Has no sense of direction or work ethic. but still somehow achieves her goals anyways. Still has a strong sense of duty despite her laziness.​

Hahli Nuva

Get over here.
"We fight as one!"


Name: Will Vandom

Age: 24

Canon: W.I.T.C.H. "Convergence Series"

Powers/Weaponry: Will has the power of Quintessence, controlling all life,time, as well as universal energy and everything it entails. She also has access to her former Guardian powers, including mastery over all of the elements of nature. In her Ascended Form, she carries a single sword made from Kandrakarian Titanium named War Song.

Short Bio: Will was a Guardian of The Veil until she was 18. Then, her powers grew and she was assigned to be Keeper of The Multiverse. She became one with the Heart of Kandrakar, a mystical gem designed to give the pure of heart magic powers to keep the peace between realms. Now, Will has joined the Multiverse Emergency Unit to keep the peace and slay the darkness.

Organization: Multiverse Emergency Unit. Will joined after a mission on Ragnarok. Then, she was invloved in the events of 'Magic God' and helped to restore order and peace. She has sinc ebeen across the stars, keeping peace on various world until being summoned back to Coaition HQ.

Other Info: This is ind of my own personal take on how Wil would have evolved had her series not been canceled.
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