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Main Event Fighting of the Spirit

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Atomic Knight, May 24, 2019.

  1. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Link to sign-ups here.


    "Ten Hours Remaining"

    Shortly before the Othinus Incident...

    In a dark place that only a select few beings had tread stood one man cloaked in black armor and his face obscured a foreboding helmet. He was named Revan, and he stood with his arms crossed, thinking about the last time he had been here in attendance to a clandestine meeting over a game of chess. The man had come to enjoy that small frivolity, though his sparring partners were always so fond of comparing the games they shared to imagined gestures of epic manipulation. The man had no desire for such blunt metaphors, especially with men who ultimately nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    One such inconsequential man was arriving at this meeting place just on time. He was Xehanort, a man who believed himself to be cleverer than he actually was. Perhaps confined to his own universe he was uniquely notable, but he paled in comparison to Revan and the schemes he had grown on a multiversal scale. Xehanort had many faces, but the one who came before Revan now was old and wizened. Revan found his bald and silver goatee to be eyesores, even more so when the man grinned maliciously as he so often did.

    Xehanort waited a moment before he spoke. “It is done,” he said, his voice low and gravelly.

    Revan nodded. “I already know.”

    Xehanort lifted one eyebrow out of curiosity. “Is that so? You seem to know a lot of things before they happen, don’t you? You’ve not been using our… asset, have you?”

    Revan did not reply immediately. This was not the first time Xehanort had asked about Revan’s penchant for clairvoyance. Revan had never felt the need to indulge the man before, but now it was getting past the point of mattering. “No,” he eventually said. ”I have no need for that. I’ve largely left the matter of time in your hands, after all. No, in this case, I know thanks to the reason I know many things.”

    Xehanort was silent. This was more than Revan had ever said before on the matter and he was likely waiting for more. The man had an unquenchable thirst to know everything, like a dog who salivated for every last scrap on his plate. Revan sneered behind his mask. “There was once a time when I was naïve. Or… not even naïve. Ignorant, I would say. I did not even know other worlds existed, let alone my true calling. Before even the Coalition had come to be, I found myself accosted by beings who had come to my universe out of seemingly mere happenstance.”

    “Ah,” Xehanort nodded. “I’ve read about this. The anomaly was a ship called the Discovery, wasn’t it?”

    Revan could have done without the interruption. Xehanort wanted to flex the little he did know. Revan nodded his head before continuing.

    “A battle was waged, one that dislodged a great amount of power. For the others and I nearby who understood the matters of the Force, a change happened in all of us. It was unique to the individual. For myself… I saw my future. It was laid out before me, almost step-by-step. I saw my rise to power, I saw every machination I would make, I saw a calling.”

    Xehanort seemed intrigued, but not shocked. “You saw it all? Have there been any deviations?”

    “Mild ones,” Revan said casually. “Mostly inconsequential. I had to work to make the future I saw reality, of course. I could have simply not acted. Certainly, that vision would not have come to pass if I had continued living in my ignorant reality. Some steps have been… more difficult than others. It was hard to account for the willfulness of others, both those who sought power and those who sought justice.”

    “If that is the case, then why have we waited?” Xehanort asked. “Or is that how it is meant to be?”

    Revan could sense some emotion behind Xehanort’s questions. Revan could understand why. Xehanort had been forced to bide his time for a rather long time now.

    “The Great Spirits are a curious force,” Revan replied. “My visions told me they could be killed, but not how. I could not instruct you or our allies to act rashly simply because I knew a possible outcome. I did not see how Verius would die, but that you stand before myself tells me it has been done. I presume you dealt with Artorius.”

    “I did. He thought he and I were acting alone. He did not understand he was being used.”

    “You must know then that the Coalition will act against you soon. They have been aware of your allegiance for some time now.”

    Xehanort scoffed. “I’ve done all I needed. With Verius killed, the Revanchist can finally move ahead.”

    “Yes. I have sent out the orders already. However…”


    Revan examined Xehanort carefully. He eyed the man’s face intently, trying to read his thoughts. Revan could see every wrinkle and every pore even in this dark space. Xehanort looked intrigued and almost amused, but his face did not give away his every thought. Revan knew this man was trouble, but he would need him moving forward. He had already made use of the man and his many faces too much already to cut him out now.

    “Once Othinus has learned about Verius’ death, she will move ahead with her own plans, independent of ours. She will defect and recreate reality without us.”

    Xehanort looked surprised for once. “Then have her killed before she does that if you know what she will do.”

    “I could,” Revan said, “or I could make use of her treachery. My visions do not extend into her version of the multiverse, so I have little idea of what happens during that time. However, my visions do continue past her treachery, meaning either her plan fails, or she has a change of heart.”

    “Why would her plan fail?”

    “I suspect it has to do with the Great Spirits. She sees a plan that does not involve disposing of them and only will accelerate it once she fears we will accelerate our own plans after Verius’ death. Whatever the case, we can make use of her without her knowledge. I have already adjusted my plans to account for her.”

    “… Very interesting…” Xehanort looked down at the ground and went quiet as if mulling over the information. “If Othinus is able to recreate the multiverse and yet fails, who can say we will succeed?”

    As if such a question needed to be asked, Revan thought. “Because we will do it better,” he said. “The pillars of our reality are held up by the Great Spirits. Once they are gone, there will be nothing left in front of us. This reality will be no more, and it will be replaced by a better one. I have already seen our victory. It will happen very soon, Xehanort.”

    The old man stared at Revan, probably wishing he could read the face behind the mask. “Very well,” he said quietly.

    Present Day

    A state of emergency had been issued at the Coalition Headquarters, located within the floating space structure known as Knowhere. The organization was still reeling from the Othinus Incident, but many knew that the Revanchist had been likely to continue their machinations even after Othinus had been dealt with. Many important members of the organization had gathered in the strategy room, listening intently to Milla Maxwell, the current Lord of Spirits, as she explained the reality of the situation.

    With Othinus’ inside knowledge, the Coalition understood now that the Revanchist wanted to recreate the multiverse in some manner and hoped to accomplish this in a way different from what Othinus had done. Their plan involved destroying the Great Spirits, an act that Milla warned would greatly destabilize the multiverse.


    “I can’t speak for what precisely will happen,” Milla explained, “but we are already seeing ramifications due to the death of Verius and Aska. Worlds known for a high concentration of malevolence are going out of control.”

    “Our people stationed at Ragnarok are reporting that the situation there is already more than they can handle,” said Paladin Danse, a leader of the Coalition’s military forces. “Even with the help of the extra soldiers Miss Kirigiri authorized, it might not be enough.”


    “And think about that on a much larger scale,” Makoto Naegi said, his voice distant and distraught. “Our forces are already tapped out thanks to the many terrorist attacks the Revanchist have carried out. We contacted the United Nations but Robin could only send us a video message in response.”

    Makoto tapped at the keyboard on his desk, turning on the display screen so that all in attendance could see. A small chime played and a familiar logo unfolded itself. A calm female voice spoke.



    Robin then appeared on the screen. His hair was a mess, but his suit was nicely made up. He smiled softly.

    “Thank you for contacting us in your time of need,” he said calmly and professionally. “However, I regret that I cannot send any more assistance than what has already been sent. All of our Peacekeeper divisions are currently engaged in various operations, the Security Council is currently locked in an emergency meeting, and we have been facing terrorist attacks on UN officials and assets from the Revanchist.” He paused and took a deep breath. “I know that this is a turbulent time, but please understand that I will do everything in my power to assist you and our other allies.” He looked directly towards the camera. “Do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything.”

    He signed off and the video ended. There was silence for a few moments until another in the room spoke up.


    “I would like to know why this one is allowed to be in attendance to this meeting,” said Morrigan, a member of the Multiversal Emergency Unit’s coven, shooting an unimpressed look Othinus’ way.


    “And honestly, if she says she cut ties with Revan, why did she kill Aska when she supposedly didn’t have to?” added Ludger, a member of the Coalition’s strike team.

    "As I've said before... It is as the same as when a human attains such great power, when he becomes above the laws imposed upon him, loath as I am to compare myself to a human. I simply did it because I could. However, upon the realization that there was no reason to go on killing them when I possessed the ability to control them, that was that."

    Othinus, former absolute goddess of the multiverse above all, reduced to a 15-centimeter tall fairy, crossed her arms and crossed her legs atop the structure that she was sitting on, looking pointedly toward Morrigan. Her voice had a power and assertiveness to it that was hidden well by her otherwise comical size, but the piercing gaze from her one eye was certainly nothing to scoff at.

    "That aside... It's quite rude to speak of someone as though they aren't there, human."


    From there, a certain young man cleared his throat, as though to cut in before anything happened. The young man named Touma Kamijou, who was also currently doubling as the aforementioned structure that Othinus sat atop, resting comfortably atop his spiky, yet fluffy hair.


    "N-Now, now. Let's not antagonize. It's all about the process of paying it all back, right?" He said with a nervous chuckle, admittedly feeling uncomfortable to a few different degrees, between the obvious unease between Othinus and the rest of the room, as well as the boy simply feeling out of place while everyone else spoke of these multiversal affairs.

    “Regardless of the damage that’s been done, we have to protect the remaining Great Spirits,” Milla said, cutting in. She clearly was no fan of Othinus, but she knew there was no time for arguing. “Othinus holds no sway over them now. I have asked them all to hide, though not all of them have listened. I can’t say for sure where Muzét and Shadow have gone.”

    “But you do know where the others have gone?” Ludger asked.

    “My coven has taken in Origin,” Morrigan said. “He is under many protective spells, but I am afraid he is in danger. The Revanchist are mobilizing forces to attack where is being housed as we speak.”

    “They are currently preparing to attack Asgard as well,” Makoto said. “We have Volt stationed there. Nick Fury has asked us to send forces as soon as possible.”

    “Celsius is similarly being protected,” Milla said, “but I do not believe the Revanchist know of her location yet. Pluto has decided to act on its own, but I do know where they are located. I do not imagine the Revanchist will be looking for them immediately either.”

    Paladin Danse nodded. “So, the top priorities are Origin and Volt for the moment. Our remaining forces will have to be split if we hope to protect them both.”

    "And we'll have to move fast at that."

    From there, the voice of Kyoko Kirigiri, leader of the Coalition itself, appeared before everyone, stepping into the room. Though her face was little more than furrowed and labored like it often tended to be, her body moved with a sense of rapid and immediate urgency.


    "I should reiterate if anyone's out of the know, but since we've officially declared a state of emergency, the organizations have agreed to override the Multiverse Directives, given the circumstances," she said swiftly.

    "To that end, we've been granted authorization to act as swiftly as possible. The multiverse isn't out of the woods yet, so we'd do well to make good out of every second here. Is that understood?" She asked, not out of any patronizing feeling, but out of a true desire to confirm that everyone was on the same page.

    Those in attendance nodded in agreement with Kyoko. The Revanchist had been planning for a very long time now so there was no doubt their actions would be swift, decisive, and destructive.

    With a sigh, Ludger crossed his arms. "Where should I go?" he asked.

    "Um, well, Wanda Maximoff is already with the MEU's forces, while Cosmo has gone ahead to assist the Asgard group," Makoto said. "I think, for now, you should stay among the forces protecting Knowhere."

    "Very well..."

    "I shall get going then," Morrigan said casually. "I should thank you for transporting the comatose girl to me. She was needed for our defense."

    "Her name is Jennifer," Makoto said bitterly, looking away.

    Morrigan sensed the edge in Makoto's quip and pointedly chose to ignore him. "I hope all goes well." With a bit of magic, Morrigan was then gone. The group waited dejectedly in silence for a few moments before continuing their discussion on the battles ahead.

    Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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  2. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM


    Chapter One
    "Go the Whole Nine Yards"


    The House of Mystery was a very peculiar place. It appeared as a dilapidated and creepy mansion that seemingly existed in a version of Earth, but really it was so much more. It was actually a multidimensional location that touched all kinds of worlds. The interior was hard to pin down, for it appeared as many different things to many different people. Sometimes it truly did just appear to be a regular mansion, but sometimes locations that made no sense inside the mansion existed within.

    The Multiverse Emergency Unit had made the House of Mystery their headquarters thanks to Zatanna Zatara being its current owner. The leaders of the MEU, the Coven, had warded the location with many kinds of spells, further solidifying its natural defenses against threats as a sentient house. They had always believed that the House would never be invaded by those they did not wish to enter, but they had cause to believe the Revanchist knew how to get through. Thankfully, they had a plan in mind.

    The first defense team sent by the Coalition had arrived and the Coven had begun to explain to them how the defense would go. They crowded the mansion's main hall, knowing that beyond the large wooden double doors behind them that just about anything could lie beyond.


    "The Revanchist mages are likely to break through the wards around the House and enter as they please," Morrigan was explaining. "However, we have other wards in place... the House will be our ally in this endeavor. Every room the Revanchist forces attempt to enter will send them to a new location within the House... and 'tis a very large house indeed."


    "I'm starting to hope we aren't the ones who get lost in the house while we're at it," Touma bemoaned his situation. He had insisted on staying at the front lines because he knew that was where he'd be the most useful, rather than standing idly by, twiddling his thumbs at Knowhere while he knew lives were at stake.

    After all, it wasn't like Othinus, even as a fairy, would need his protection, and the others like Kirigiri seemed much more suited to commanding operations behind their bases where they could oversee everything.

    Clearing his throat, knowing that there wasn't any time to waste, Touma went on again. "So then, what was it called again? Origin? How exactly can we protect a so-called Great Spirit that we can't even reach if it's hidden deep in this place?" He inquired, before keeping on with his inquiries.

    "And speaking of which... where are all the other M.E.U. members? I was looking forward to getting all the help we could."

    "Of course we can reach Origin if required," Morrigan replied, "but we will divide ourselves into four groups to defend four key areas. No matter their progress in the House, they will be forced to go through all of us before they reach the Great Spirit. As for the other members of our organization..." Morrigan waved the notion off. "Pay them no mind. We have them situated where they are required."

    The only members of the M.E.U. in attendance were the seven members of the coven, the women who oversaw the magical organization.

    "The Coven will oversee you and direct you as required. Go with who you wish and do try to keep it even. Does anyone have any following questions?"

    Morrigan gestured to herself and the other members of the coven. Carissa and Zatanna were the leaders of one group. Then Clea and Merlin, then Castaspella and Ingrid. Finally, Morrigan was leading a group all on her own.


    "Eh..." Meira Franz, a senior member of the Coalition at this point, yawned dramatically. She was one of the few long-serving members the Coalition had been able to spare for this team. "I don't really see how they could get past all of us, not unless all these wards you've set up go terribly awry. I bet that will happen. Seems like how these things tend to go."

    "No," Morrigan said, eyeing the girl. "No, 'twould be a very unexpected occurrence. They will likely have more counterspells up their sleeve, however, so we should expect anything."

    "Right." Meira shrugged. "Well, I'll be joining your team, magic lady. Every team leader is sporting some nice assets, but there's something about the way you look at me as if I am so incredibly beneath you that really gets me going."

    For once, Morrigan found herself a bit at a loss. "... Very well."

    Character List
    @dark as Bardock [Dragon Ball] and Gine [Dragon Ball]
    @Crow as Ben Tennyson [Ben 10] and Cagliostro [Granblue Fantasy]
    @Takumi as Chise Hatori [The Ancient Magus Bride] and Shigure [Fire Emblem]
    @Minerva as Corrin [Fire Emblem] and Cordelia [Fire Emblem]
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Deoxys [Pokemon] and Titus [Warhammer]
    @Krieg as Dr. Strange [Marvel] and Karl Franz I [Warhammer]
    @Josh as Ellis [Left 4 Dead] and Clark Kent/Kal El [Smallville]
    @Jeremi as Frank Castle AKA "The Rider" [Marvel] and Bayonetta [Bayonetta]
    @Glostechk as Ilse Althaus Brandt [Original Character] and Aya Drevis [Mad Father]
    @York as Reiner Braun [Attack on Titan] and Schala Zeal [Chrono Trigger]
    @Gummi Bunnies as Rinato "Rin" Dormi AKA "Lapis Lazuli" [Original Character] and Goro Majima [Yakuza]
    @Alex Azure as Mason Moretti [Original Character] and Macy Moretti [Original Character]
    @Yun Lee as Severa [Fire Emblem] and Jack [Street Fighter]
    @Space_Candy as Quentin Smith [Dead by Daylight] and
    @MelodyMeister as Katherine "Kitty" Langley [Original Character] and Reimu Hakurei [Touhou Project]
    @Kaykay as Shirou Yusa [Dies Irae] and Ren Fujii [Dies Irae]
    @Ver as Touma Kamijou [A Certain Magical Index] and Riesbyfe Stridberg [Type-Moon]
    @Lucky as Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool [Marvel] and Billy Batson AKA Shazam [DC]
    @Hahli Nuva as Will Vandom [W.I.T.C.H.] and Maeve [Paladins]
    @Ottonomous Ghost as Wolf AKA Sekiro [Sekiro] and Blitzcrank [League of Legends]
    @Sark as Fu [Dragon Ball] and Guy Gardener [DC]
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
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  3. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Wade Wilson/ Deadpool

    Wade had gotten bored about midway through the speech. " I feel like that was way too much exposition to follow, wouldn't it have been simpler to say, bad guys will try to break in, house protected, we split into four groups and fend instead of whatever that was," he said. He looked over at Meira. " I think I'll join you two, those other people seem unimportant, they didn't even get dialogue." Poor Morrigan would be stuck with the Merc with the Mouth.

    @Atomic Knight
  4. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    Corrin of the White Rose

    "I... will go with you." The United Nations member said, moving towards Carissa and Zatanna, grabbing her sword by its hilt. "The Omega Yato and Blade of the United Nations is at your service." She said, giving a small bow.

    She waited for her fellow United Nations ally, Mason, to join her in waiting. "They will not get past us, I can promise that."

    @Atomic Knight @Alex Azure @Ver @Jeremi @Yun Lee @Anyone​
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  5. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Prologue: Severa
    "Back and...Better Than Ever?"

    Severa regretted ever being nice to people.

    If it hadn't been for being nice, she would have still been a mercenary, handy with her sword and shield like always (even if it didn't come in handy at all with Othinus, but that was beside the point). But noooooo, she just HAD to go and worry about someone, and thanks to that stupid mistake, she was now what they in her world called a Bride, women skilled with lances, bows, and staffs...all things Severa knew NOTHING about! Ugh! All for some annoying guy who bought her chocolate and carried her when she got shot...really. She needed to be meaner.

    At least she had...kind of learned how to use both a staff and lance. The former, she learned from one of her mom's friends, Libra. He was staying behind at Knowhere to help out the injured from Othinus' attack, but he had given her a training staff that would allow her to heal and boost morale...or something. And then the latter...ugh, that stupid Lancer guy. A blue jerk who made annoying quips and thought he was SO cool...thank the gods he got dragged off by his Master or whatever to somewhere else. But he did teach her how to use a lance, so he wasn't all bad. She didn't have enough time to learn archery, but whatever. Learning two of three in such short time was impressive enough in her mind.

    Now, in this House of Mystery or whatever (which he only joined yo make sure SOMEONE stayed out of trouble, nothing else), she crossed her arms as all these women introduced themselves. Where to go...probably not with that one-eyed pervert, that was for sure.

    Meanwhile, a member of the Coven introduced herself to the group, a warm smile on her face.


    "Welcome to the House of Mystery. I am Castaspella, though you can just call me Casta. I...hold on." Brow furrowed, she looked to the others in the Coven. "Doesn't this group seem a little...I dunno, young? Are we sure we should be putting these kids in danger like this?"


    "Oh really, Casta, you worry too much!" Another Coven member, who looked rather young herself, idly played with her hair. "Usually the best people for a job ARE youngsters. Plus, they usually are more fun to be around than old fuddy-duddies. Maybe this mission won't be so boring after all!"

    Casta frowned. "You certainly don't seem to be taking the fate of the entire Multiverse being endangered so seriously, Ingrid."

    "Oh, believe me, I do. But it takes a lot to make something fun these days. I've pretty much seen it all."

    "Anyway," Casta once again smiled at the group, turning from Ingrid. "Whoever wants to come with us is welcome to do so. The sooner we can stop these Revanchists, the better."

    @Atomic Knight @Jeremi @Ver @Everyone​
  6. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Morrigan gave Wade a less-than-pleased look as she looked the man over.


    "You would do well not to call my fellow Coven members 'unimportant' lest I see to it that you become rather 'unimportant' yourself."

  7. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "I could wash his mouth out with soap for that, Morrigan!" Ingrid volunteered. "Though we would need to find the bathroom first. What an inconveniance this all is! Revan will be on the receiving end of a fierce paddling, let me tell you!"

    "...is it too late to trade partners?"

    @Atomic Knight @Jeremi @Ver @Lucky
  8. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Wade Wilson/Deadpool

    Wade was used to getting displeased looks from women after all. Nobody seemed to like him.

    Kind of hard to make me something that I already am. I've been in three of these things and rarely got to do anything. I've been so background that I don't even remember going home. Oh, I can say that I've never gotten that threat before. Usually people want to kill me, not wash my mouth out with soap."

    @Yun Lee @Atomyk
  9. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    As much as Morrigan respected her fellow Coven members, she sometimes found herself vexed by their energy. The M.E.U. had certainly acquired a lot of spirited young women for whatever reason. "Washing his mouth out with soap might be a fitting compromise," she said with a bit of a smile.

    "Psh." Meira waved off Wade's boast. "Last time I was on the front lines, I lost an arm! Bet you can't beat that, Mr. Masked, uh, Guy In Spandex."

    @Lucky @Yun Lee
  10. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Hero Time, Umpteenth Time.

    As Ben trained, he recieved a call via his Omnitrix. It was... Grandpa Max?

    "Hey Grandpa, how's the thing?"

    "It seems a bit dire. The Coalition needs quite a bit of backup. I have already called upon various Plumbers to back some teams up while we're spread thin. Are you up for it, Ben?"

    "Count on it! I'll even bring Rook along!"

    "I have already told Rook, Gwen and Kevin to stay in our universe. If this is a threat on a multiversal scale, it is only natural to expect threats attacking our home. While we protect our world from the outside, we will need others to protect it... well... from the inside."

    "Well, I guess that's that. Just me and... uh..."

    "You won't be accompanied by your usual roster of partners, but there will be familiar faces, so you don't have to worry about it."

    "Anything goes, so they say," Ben says, preparing to pack the essentials as he prepares to go, "those Revanchist freakos better be careful, 'cos it's hero time!"

    Present Day, Present Time

    The House of Mystery.

    "Very fitting name, this humble abode," Ben says, "nice place you've got here... whoever lives here permanently."

    Ben looks around, looking at the familiar face that was Zatanna. "Hey Zatanna, long time no see. How have you and Consta- I mean- your friends been since our last encounter in Dracula's Castle?"

    He looks around the various group.

    First, he looks through the various leaders. Morrigan felt a bit too no-fun, and based on what Constantine said... well, she would make a great ally, but you wouldn't want to cross her path.

    "Looks like this group has all the firepower it needs," Ben briefly comments towards the group Morrigan, Deadpool and Meira were in. He walks towards Deadpool and pats his back.

    "If it makes you feel better, you're not as unimportant as you think."

    Ben briefly flashes Deadpool a photograph.


    "Oh right, you were the one who took it, so you weren't in it... bad example, but I think you get it... ahaha..."

    He then looks towards Zatanna and Carissa's group, which Corrin, and likely Mason joined.

    "Yup, I'm joining those guys."

    @Ver @Jeremi @Atomic Knight @Alex Azure @Minerva

    @Yun Lee @Lucky
  11. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    -Majima Prologue-
    "One More Time"

    ❝ Huh?! Say that again, witch lady. ❞ The older man managed to blurt out of surprise before his mouth was momentarily covered.

    ❝ Not so loud, idiot. Do you want literally everyone at your residential block hearing this? ❞ The young woman shot a glare at him once she removed her hand from covering his mouth, whispering with a serious tone. She had just given him a neatly tied bag, and along with that, she dropped off what was a rather huge bombshell to him.

    ❝ Yeah yeah, sorry... but you got me all surprised for a sec there. Like, you're asking me to tag along for some "saving the multiverse" trip or something? You know I was just settling down with Makoto after that whole mess with those crazy ass cultists you got your hands full on. ❞

    ❝ I'm not asking you, I'm telling you that we have to do this. I already got some info on this... and it's a bigger priority than Exe right now. Besides, we need all the help we can get, and not to mention your... supernatural abilities qualifies you better for the task we have to attend to compared to how you were before, Goro Majima. ❞ She was well aware that they didn't have much time before something could happen, and given that she was pretty thin on help, Majima was the only other person she could think of at the time.

    ❝ Lemme guess, your other witch buddies are too busy with their damn heads in the clouds? Maybe more up their own asses if they ain't doing a thing that involves the entire multiverse then. ❞ Majima made a slight jab on the fact that none of the other Witches weren't around to help her instead.

    ❝ Well... er, yes. It's complicated, but anyways, prep up so we can go. Make sure you take that medicine often when you feel those other instincts kicking in. I'll be waiting outside so I can take us over and get started with doing our part. ❞ The woman sighed when that was brought up, but due to the apparent time crunch, there really wasn't much she could do about that at the moment.

    ❝ Not my first time dealing with some multiverse shit, but I've been itching to go feral with this creepy demon stuff I got in me. Why the fuck not, huh? ❞ After a few moments of thinking this over to himself, Majima finally decided to cooperate, smirking a bit at the thought of finally letting loose. Ever since he got these demonic powers, he found it really hard to hold back against normal human opponents here in Kamurocho. But hey, he can consider this a win-win for him on both trying the demon powers out and saving the multiverse in the process. Well, one way to find out.


    Majima had been listening attentively (for once) to all the information that was being put out. It was pretty jarring that he literally woke up this morning at his humble apartment complex to come here, but obviously this was heavily important. Removing the lit cigarette from his lips, Majima strolled over to where Clea and Merlin were at.

    ❝ Don't mind if I just stuck around with you lot, eh? Gotta help out anywhere I can, even if it's just winging it, y'know? ❞ He was very poor at starting small talk. On that note, from the sounds of the other present people here...

    ❝ Ain't we a real nice band of assorted misfits, amirite? ❞

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  12. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Wade Wilson/Deadpool

    Wade looked over at her and shrugged. " It's a good thing that I'm okay with this. Also, yeah, I'm working on being better. Trying to be less of a crazy person, but hey, it's a work in a progress. So, uhh- yeah, I'm ready for that soap washing whenever," he said, looking over at the two of them with a slight smile under the mask.

    Technically, I've died all three times I was there. If it wasn't for my regenerative healing, I would be dead dead. Oh yeah, and I'm dying of cancer without the healing as well, that's canon."

    He would stare at the picture. He didn't even remember taking it. " Thanks...I think." That was really confusing.

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  13. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Mason Moretti

    “However, I regret that I cannot send any more assistance than what has already been sent."

    "All of our Peacekeeper divisions are currently engaged in various operations..."
    “I know that this is a turbulent time, but please understand that I will do everything in my power to assist you and our other allies.”

    Mason knew firsthand what Robin meant. Although it hadn't been long since he returned from the Othinus incident, but the time between then and now had been hell. Although he hadn't heard Robin's message to the Coalition leaders, he had lived it. Reports passed by his desk of the engagements and attacks as they made their way to Robin. Day after day, seeing the results of these attacks, wore him down a little bit. Although he kept a cheer, confident face when Robin asked if he could help the Coalition on a mission, he was worried about whether he could even be of mush help. Additionally, his apartment felt emptier than usual. He'd gotten used to his sister filling some space, yet she'd spent her time at the Coalition. And now he didn't even get a chance to see her, as they'd been sent to separate assignments altogether.

    Mason fiddled nervously with his necklace, swinging it around on its chain. He listened to Morrigan explaining the situation, and wondered how the other group was faring in their defense. Four groups; coven of witches; non-euclidean house; keep the spirit safe.

    Mason quit his fidgeting and returned his necklace to his neck. He followed Corrin towards Carissa and Zatanna and mimicked her bow.

    "Mason Moretti, at your service as well. Gonna give it everything I've got."

    He held his hand out to the side. It glowed with a purple aura for a moment. In a flash of light, a sword appeared. Many times, Mason had attempted to replicate Corrin's legendary weapon. Yet, somehow, Mason could only achieve the blade's basic form.
    Although the supernatural chainsaw remained elusive to him, he had put in a bit of practice with his Parallel Yato. It didn't match up to its Omega counterpart, but at least Mason could hold his own. He hoisted it onto his shoulder and saw another familiar face join the group.
    "Ben! Looks like this team has some good firepower on it. Grab any new forms for your Omnitrix between adventures?"

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  14. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Two others of the Coven, Clea and Merlin looked on as the group gathered. Both had their own things to deal with but the death of the known multiverse was everyone's problem whether they wanted it or not.


    "The threat we face is too big to just lay lie. Even I had to leave the fight against my uncle in the Dark Dimension. I am Clea, I just wish we all met under better circumstances."

    The raven haired woman had a calm look on her face at she looked over to her compatriot. "Dormammu still being a nuisance? You will have to tell me all about it when this is all done with." She too turned to face the rest of the group.


    "I am Merlin, we're going to have a lot of fun here today I'm sure."
    Case in point. "I would rather call us a group gathered by fate," Clea responded to Majima.

    Merlin only gave him a warm smile as she sized him up.

    "Looks can be deceiving."
    A dark voiced echoed in the hall, yet for some reason it sounded quite cheerful.


    "I'm like a literal million."
    The Cosmic Ghost Rider. A mouthful of a name usually shaven down to simply the Rider. To some he was Frank Castle, but that was a long time ago.

    "Look I was in the middle of this thing trying to stop Thanos coming back to life so this whole multiversal peril thing better be worth it."
    He sauntered over to Clea's and Merlin's group waiting for their next move. "Time's a wasting. Let's murder some bad guys!"
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  15. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM


    ❝ Meh, that works too. Guess fate really likes introducing me to things I got no context to, but I'm in for the ride. ❞ It was only chance that he got involved in that whole scuffle in Gotham, and then the demon cult shenanigans back home. So perhaps describing this as fate was the better scope here.

    ❝ Well now, sweetcheeks, I just got here minutes ago and you're giving me those interested eyes. See something you like? ❞ Aside the fact that he only had one good eye, Majima was able to spot Merlin sizing him up. Maybe it wasn't the best time for this, but it couldn't hurt to break away from the serious tension in the air every now and then.

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  16. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Nothing particular,"
    Merlin replied off hand. "I just appreciate the potential among us. Don't you?" Majima could tell Merlin had something brewing inside of her but that serene look on her face made her otherwise an enigma.

  17. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Schala Zeal - Prologue; Fate

    "If the reality of life is we must one day meet the end. Why do we waste the time we have lamenting what no one can change?"

    It was a question that plagued her mind since the incident with Othinus.

    But perhaps such matters were what makes one human. Things that might seem trivial to someone who had an endless lifespan were constant worries on the minds of most mortals.

    Though not all of them had the means, or need to search for ways to delay, or prevent the inevitable.

    Othinus was one such exception.

    But in the end, Schala knew better than to accept the reality that the ex-magic god had created for them. It was flawless in many ways, but in the end... She knew better than to think such a place could truly grant happiness forever.

    Now though, there was an ever greater threat to the Multiverse's existence; the Revanchist faction.

    He too desired to reconstruct reality as they knew it, but more much more insidious purposes than Othinus had.

    Thus, with little other recourse, Schala had decided to join the efforts to protect one of the great spirits. Origin, specifically.

    The irony was not lost on her that she, the one who had once unwittingly wished for the end of all and nothingness, no protected a Spirit that was called "Origin", but she would nevertheless do her best to the very end.

    She listened quietly to the briefing given to them by the seven members of the coven... Carefully taking in every detail, and every word, and then, she looked to see where the others were grouping, deciding to try and keep things even herself, she somewhat hesitantly joined Clea and Merlin.

    Though just before she did so, she stopped by Ben, handing him a strange, red looking stone.


    "There was no time to carve it... But... I want you to hold onto this for me. That way I can find you again, no matter what." She said, smiling a little.

    There was a bit of a sad look on her face just at the thought, but she knew better than to let such feelings get in the way of the task at hand. Even if she was a little quiet as she finally joined Clea and Merlin, her eyes still occasionally sweeping the room to see where the others who had yet to pick a group would go.

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  18. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM


    "Good to have you on board. We'll need all the help we can get to evenly protect Origin from the Revanchist," Zatanna nodded toward those who decided to go with her and Carissa, "The House of Mystery considers me its main owner, y'know, but with the wards in place, I wonder just how much that'll even help. Then again, it's never been particularly nice to John either..." She said, mumbling the last sentence mostly to herself as she crossed her arms.

    As Zatanna took another moment to see if anyone else would join them before everyone dispersed, Carissa let out a soft sigh, crossing her arms. The woman with striking blonde hair, adorned in a red dress, gave a narrow-eyed expression as though displeased with something, or someone in particular.


    "Mm, yes. Not sure if any of you could stand against my dear Knight Leader, but he's gotten himself lost for the time being, it seems, so you'll have to do," she said, eyeing everyone in the group. "But I have no quarrel with most of you. Perhaps it is harsh of me to judge so quickly."

    Well, most everyone. She pointedly averted the gaze of one such person.

    "H-Hey, don't look away from me when you're saying that!" Touma exclaimed, noticing Carissa's pointed decision to not look at him. It seemed that Carissa and Touma knew each other in some capacity, and under less than pleasant circumstances. "We're supposed to be on the same side here! Besides, if you're still mad about that, I--!"

    "My jaw ached for days on end because of you the first and last time we met, Touma Kamijou," Carissa simply said, causing Touma to blink aggressively incredulously.


    "D-DON'T SAY IT LIKE THAAAAT! Besides, I wasn't that rough with you!" Touma said, inadvertently digging his own grave further.

    "Uh, am I missing something?" Zatanna gave a sidelong glance.

    "My own input, Touma Kamijou doesn't know the meaning of restraint," Fiamma of the Right spoke from the communication channel in the involved's ear, sitting safely in Knowhere and serving as the new structure for fairy Othinus to sit atop.

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  19. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "All things considered, very little time has passed since we last saw each other, so there's nothing new in that roster of mine, but who knows, maybe I'll get a new alien to try out on this occasion...

    ... not that we have any potential new aliens on our squad."

    Just then, Schala approached him as he scratched his head for a bit.

    "Oh, Schala, it's uh... I... uh... I'm glad to see you again and..."

    She hands him a fancy rock. A pointy rock, remniscent of ruby. Stalagmites. Taedenite. Something.

    "Ooh, pointy. I promise to keep it safe... and you stay safe too, Schala."

    And back to the group as shenanigans started. From being a bit jittered and stuttered, he went back to sighing at the sight and words he was facing. A drastic change indeed.

    "Guys, I'm trying to respect your privacy, but you aren't making it very easy, you know."

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  20. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    "I'm sensing a bit of bad blood between the two of you. Touma, you might want to find a different group to join, unless we want to hear you two bicker the whole time. Ma'am, I know we might not be the army you expected, but I can assure you that Corrin and Ben are some of the best out there. Even Touma is a great ally to have. I guess you're familiar with how hard that right hook of his hits."

    Mason waves to Schala as she goes off to find her own group. "I guess you're pretty important to her, Ben. Hold on tight to it. Even without new tricks up our sleeves, we've got heart. A lot of it. That's what'll get us through."

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