ISMA Fizzy Beverages, Hand Puppets and Quick Getaways

She smiled, "I'm glad you're doing well. The money did come in, James said it should have hit the bank account he made for you this morning, so you can go to the bank and pick up your cash whenever you like." She said, closing the door behind her and beginning to walk past him, "Would you like to see about hiring a proper conjuror today?" She asked
"Mm, Soda would like to hire conjurer." The little kobold smoothly turned using telekinesis and began walking to the street. "Bank before though. Soda need more money." He nodded affirmatively, visibly engaged in thought, then nodded again. "Yea. Then conjurer." He turned and peered up at Erika. "Soda should have called. Soda has been awake a while also."
Erika nodded at Soda's suggestion and began walking with him to the bank, "I know a few of my classmates from when I was still in college for conjuration are further along than I am, perhaps they will have a suitable team." She suggested as she began tabulating a mental list, "It's fine." He said when he mentioned calling.
"The question is if they are willing. Soda has much money saved. Perhaps not enough." Soda wasn't stupid: he knew few others had the conviction he had, and that it was a dangerous undertaking with a high chance of death or stranding. (;))
Upon arrival at the bank, Soda grumbled at the already long line, and wondered how or why that could be when it was so early in the morning. "Soda should have visited bank earlier." He grumbled.
Erika shrugged at the question, "well, I think we can afford recon to find where you came from, I think most conjurors are like me, and got their ability so they could quickly escape when things get hairy."

Erika looked at the line herself and raised her eyebrows, "Well that's annoying, how many do you suppose can't actually use the ATC for their transaction? Surely not all of these people need a transaction over 200 Immor."
Soda looked up at Erika and stared at her for a moment, before shrugging. "So, we wait."
After a long and irritating wait, Soda and Erika finally reached a teller, and he ordered a deposit to empty his bank account.
The teller tried multiple times to stop him from doing so but he was adamant and assertive, and soon enough he was given the entirety of his rather sizeable savings. "We go." He stowed the cash into a hammer space and pattered out of the building.
Erika giggled to herself as Soda argued with the teller, knowing all too well that he would get what he wanted. She timed it to see how long it would take for the teller to realize that unless it was against the rules, Soda would be getting his money. After Soda finally got the cash, she thanked the teller and walked out with him.

"All right, so I know some guys who might be able to help, conjurors like me. They know some thaumaturgists who might also be able to help. So we have options for who we talk to." She suggested, "but we do need to start with my schoolmates."
"Myes. We shall go to them first." Soda's hands disappeared into his coat. "We also will need hardened killers." Soda nodded affirmatively. "Yeah. Deadly boys. Like, that big green man. Soda saw him tear man like a bread." Soda nodded again, remembering the event and trying to remember the guy's name. Feet, or Feta, something.
She nodded, "We'll need to do a few more missions before we can hire the killers, but that can work." She thought on Soda's description and shook her head, "I haven't heard of him, but big and green, is he an orc?" She asked, remembering some of them were green.

"Ooh, was he an alien orc?" She asked, remembering that orcs seemed as common as humans in the multiverse.
"Probably, him was big and green and had the big bottom teeth." Soda stretched his arms out, though they didn't stretch far out of his dumpling-shaped coat. "Had fingers like this." "Wait, more mission for killers? We got much gold from saving princess." It seemed Soda was misunderstanding the costs required for an undertaking such as this.
Erika had to suppress a laugh at Soda's sweeping motion, not wanting to patronize him. Erika shook her head, "Higher level casters cost more. James is only tier seven on technicality. We would need to pay either someone higher level than us, or pay more of them. Unless you want to lie with them about the danger of this mission, lower level people like us are each going to want similar payment to what we just got." She smiled sadly, "It's gonna be the same for if we hire muscle to come with us."
"Okai, Soda need..." He could be heard mumbling under his breath running through the calculations. "Four times more than what Soda has. That would take too long. Soda needs other method." Soda cranked grumbled. "How Soda get much money. Is too much. Soda must find people willing to go without moneys. Or get- Soda is genius." Soda clapped his hands. "We simply tell the peoples they get money from home dimension. That dimension is probably all bad by now, yes. So we take loot from there." Soda nodded affirmatively.