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1x1 Flowers, Secrets, Intrigue.~ (MxM, Needs Dom, Open~)

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by LadyDovahkiin, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Writing Style-

    I normally write a paragraph or more, consisting of 8+ sentences, also could be more. It depends on how my muse is and how my partner replies to my posts. Just NO one or even three liner posts! I need content to reply to and keep the story moving. I like to have your input on plots, so feel free to suggest what you think makes sense or makes our RP more fun.

    As for character description, I will leave that to you. You can do a form, face-claim, or describe as we RP. (You will RP the 'dom/seme'.)
    Please tell me if you'd like to start before my guy disappears and returns or after.


    Plot- You guy is a Delivery Man who picks up flowers from various shops and takes them to be sold in bigger stores. But there is one store in particular that has gotten your attention. It is run by a young man around your guy's same age and they are very soft spoken but very knowledgeable on plants of all kinds, though flowers are an obvious favorite. They have been wanting to ask them out for a few weeks, but then the other week they went in to finally ask them out, they weren't there someone else was. They were told that my guy was out of town for a while, no idea how long. Now about a month later he is back but something is troubling him. There are bruises on his skin and he isn't as smiley as usual. Will he find out what happened? What about asking him on a date?

    Caspian Xavier Matthews/23/Male/Flower shop assistant-

    Two words to describe Caspian is petite and feminine. Yet this doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest when called that by bullies or cooed by the elderly, his reaction is the same. A soft smile and then ducking his head and vanishing in the crowd or around a corner. His height comes to just under 5 feet, with no hope of gaining any more inches either. Cas’s skin tone is a delicate snow-white looking color, surprisingly marred by tattoos trailing down his arms and neck, slipping under his shirt. The ones of his arms are various quotes and each arm on the forearm is a design of an animal; on his right, a snail is coiled, on the left a wolf howled at the moon. Putting the tattoos aside, he has a sweet smile that sends light to his chocolate brown eyes. Framing those twinkling eyes is long black hair, with dark blue highlights throughout it. He likes to keep it down over his shoulders and back but every once in a while it is pulled back into a ponytail.

    As for Caspian’s choice of clothing, he is pretty boring- choosing dark blue jeans, a solid colored v-neck short sleeve shirt, and black Vans, usually. Though he does keep a chain with the ‘One Ring’ from ‘Lord of the Rings’, around his neck. Otherwise, he doesn’t wear anything spectacular. Nor any leather that one would awesome a person with as many tattoos as he has would wear.

    Caspian is very quiet, never one to raise his voice or show any upset at all. He does, however, always have a smile to give someone. His laugh is very quiet but full of joy. No most knowledge he doesn’t have a single bad bone in his body, though his appearance gives many at first the opposite impression. He loves to listen to people’s stories, good and bad. One thing not many notice is that he never speaks about his own life, or family if he has one. No, he is shockingly secretive when one really gives it some thought.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
  2. Miyu/seia

    Miyu/seia Member

    I would love to rp with you! The plot sounds amazing. I usually try to write more than 8 lines so don't worry. And my guy has some experience of being the seme.
    LadyDovahkiin likes this.
  3. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Hey, sorry for not responding for months, school got me crazy busy but now I'm out for the summer. I'd love to Rp this still, if you are interested.

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