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Open For glory! (A Super Smash Bros rp)

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Jeremi, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM


    It has been half a year since the event dubbed as the Melding. Where you had been or what you were doing didn’t matter when you suddenly had found yourself transported to an unknown world. A world you later find out has been formed by different planets from realities different from your own.
    And then the robots attacked. You were one of the lucky few that managed to escape the onslaught. Others weren’t so lucky as they were taken back to their base to be molds for metallic copies of the captives to continue subjugating the population.

    It didn’t take long for most of the world to be under the thumb under their new masters. Some felt that the new status quo was acceptable and continued their lives the best they could in this new world. For others however were there was subjugation there is liberation. Small resistance groups started to take form to combat the injustice that they had been met with. Some connected, some separate, but all had the same goal to fight against their new overlords and try to find a way to return everything to how it was before their worlds melded together.

    With this new information they might have finally found the opportunity to strike back. A group of people in the resistance is gathered to go on a dangerous mission as the others among them muster up an army to take the fight towards their oppressors. All will be lost if the mission is a failure. The fate of the world lies on your shoulders.

    With that out of the way welcome to this Super Smash Brothers themed rp I’m planning on running and due to it being a Super Smash Brothers I actually have a character requirement for this roleplay. The franchise from where you play your character must have shown up in some form in the Super Smash Brothers series. The TVtropes page for the series has a good list on what is eligible if you’re not sure. You can also always ask, and I’ll try to help as best as I can. I will also not allow any duos or OCs in this roleplay.

    Now unto the rules.


    1. Please be respectful towards everyone. As the GM my word is law, but I imagine there wont be a lot of problems.

    2. This should be a given, but no godmodding / metagaming!

    3. Players of all posting levels are welcome here. That being said, please at least put something whenever you make a post. You can also use images if you want, but keep in mind in that case that I'd like as little IC posts being nothing but image spam or so as possible. Speaking of image spam, please only post a maximum of three images / GIFs per post in order to not flood the page with images that make it harder to load.

    4. I plan to go for a quick pace, so it might be beneficial to seek out other users to be your "posting partners" so that you have some people you can stick with. Using the tagging system is very much recommended just so that you or your fellow rpers don’t accidentally fall behind. This is actually very important. It's fine (and encouraged) to only keep up with a few characters / players for the majority of the game, as that is far easier than trying to keep tabs on everyone. Summaries and important GM posts will be made prominent.

    5. Please post once a chapter. Chapters will generally last from a few days up to a week, so you'll hopefully have time. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, PM me if anything comes up and I'll do my best to keep you around.

    With that out of the way here’s the character sheet!

    Character sheet

    Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine.

    Name: What is your character's name? Do they generally go by an alias / nickname?

    Age: Chronologically, how old is your character?

    Canon: What does your character originate from?

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment: What is your character capable of, and if they have notable items they carry around, like weapons, is there anything special about them? In any case, even just a Wiki link is fine.

    Short Bio: What is your character's backstory in a nutshell leading up to how they came to come here? Once again, pretty much just a Wiki link is acceptable.

    Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary that I as the GM should know about.

    Sign-ups will be up for about a week and the roleplay will start around the 20th of June. Might extend it with a few more days depending on my real life situation at the time but that's the plan right now.

    Cast list

    @Ver as Akihiko Sanada
    @Minerva as Ayane
    @dark as Banjo-Kazooie
    @Crow as Don-chan
    @York as Elise the Third
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Geno
    @Crimson Spartan as Hector
    @Hahli Nuva as Joanna Dark
    @Lucky as Kirby
    @ShadowCoyote0 as Link
    @Jackythejack as Louis the Primid
    @Hida Tomonatsu as Makoto Kato
    @Kaykay as Moon
    @Alex Azure as Raiden
    @Sark as Ryoma
    @Yun Lee as Samurai Goroh
    @Gummi Bunnies as Silver
    @Takumi as Yurick​
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  2. Minerva

    Minerva Cyberbullied at K-Mart

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  3. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

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  4. Lucky

    Lucky Just A Light Snack

    Appearance: upload_2019-6-12_17-56-50.png

    Name: Kirby

    Age: He's a baby.

    Canon: Kirby

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment: https://wikirby.com/wiki/Kirby

    Short Bio: https://wikirby.com/wiki/Kirby. This is the same Kirby who has been in previous games. He just finished his Star Allies adventure before he was melded and barely escaped with his life due to some sacrfices.

    Other Info: This Kirby will not talk much- but he does know how to speak- though it is very simple.
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  5. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM


    Name: Morty

    Age: 20

    Canon: Pokemon

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment: Morty is an accomplished Pokemon Trainer, so much so that he is the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City in Johto, specializing in Ghost-types. He is well versed in this type, and with the various legends of Johto. He undergoes rigorous training due to his desire to meet legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, and as such is fairly athletic despite his build. He also is something of a mystic, able to see abstract visions of the future and sense things about others not immediately known at first glace (though ofc this can be altered by GM discretion).

    As far as his Pokemon team goes, due to the sudden chaos brought on by The Melding, he only has two of his Pokemon with him:

    Gengar: A large Ghost/Poison type that can move through shadows with ease despite its bulk. His Gengar knows Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Focus Blast, and Confuse Ray.

    Banette: A Ghost puppet known for its curses. This one is named Spectre, and was given to Morty as a gift from an old friend in Kalos. It knows Shadow Claw, Toxic, Feint Attack, and Curse.

    Short Bio: Morty is a Gym Leader from his hometown of Ecruteak City, and had really been doing what he always had done: training to be worthy of Ho-Oh, accepting challenges at his gym, studying up on the mysteries of Johto, and working to improve his powers.

    Other Info: Taken from postgame HG/SS​
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  6. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

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  7. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse


    Jack the Ripper
    White Devil


    Metal Gear Solid 2

    Soldier's Training - From a young age, Raiden was trained by Solidus to be a soldier. He has skill with several types of weapons, from firearms, to missile launchers, to blades. He's also been trained in stealth and hand-to-hand combat.
    High-Frequency Blade - Long story short, very sharp sword
    M9 - Handgun modified to fire tranquilizer rounds instead of live ammo. Equipped with a suppressor.
    SOCOM - .45 caliber handgun with a laser sight and suppressor. Real bullets on this one.
    C4 - Plastic explosive that can be detonated remotely.
    Nikita - Remote-controlled missile

    After the events of MGS2, Raiden settled down with his girlfriend, Rose, though he began training himself in Japanese swordsmanship and improved his skill with the HF Blade.

    This is pre-cyborg Raiden. No Revengeance here.​
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  8. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Link

    Age: Biologically a young adult, though is technically over 100 years old

    Canon: The Legend of Zelda

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Link

    In a nutshell, Link is skilled with just about any weapon, no matter how impractical it may be. He also possesses great strength, being able to wield weapons made for much stronger creatures, such as the Gorons. His most proficient weapon combo however is a Sword and shield. He's also an expert marksman, a damn good cook, and the chosen one for the triforce of courage.

    Short Bio: https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Link

    Other Info: The only info in the links I've provided are the ones in reference to The Breath of the Wild. And yes, this Link will speak lol. He will have woken up from his 100 year recovery, but will not not have fought Calamity Ganon yet.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  9. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"



    Name: Joanna Dark

    Age: 23



    Powers / Abilities / Equipment:

    Joanna is a naturally skilled marksman, a lethal hand to hand combat fighter, and an expert pilot and driver. She has incredible reflexes and an ability to sniff out trouble. Her technical skills stretch as far as wiring up a charge, picking a lock or hacking a basic system. She also has an innate ability at 'being who people want her to be', which has allowed her to become an expert at keeping a false identity, suiting her for undercover operations. Joanna is incredibly enduring, in one case after being shot she continued doing her mission even though the wound worsened, haven been torn open several times and developing an infection.

    Weapons: P9P Falcon 2, Vibro Blade, Super Dragon.

    Short Bio:

    Joanna Dark was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 18, 2000. She was born with a rough beginning. Her mother died after giving birth to her and had severe spinal damage, which would require specialized experimental treatment throughout most of her childhood. The experience would haunt her subconscious for years. It wasn't until she was five years old that she could walk on her own. She never knew her mother, who died shortly after she was born.

    At the young age of seven, Joanna's father, Jack Dark, began teaching her to fight, including how to properly operate firearms. Jack was a bounty hunter, and he took Joanna with him as he tracked criminals across the world. She briefly attended an American school in Beijing, China, but was expelled after hospitalizing another student following a bullying incident. As a result she was home schooled by her father, including some online and remote teaching, and tutoring by AI lecturers. Her innate curiosity filled in most of the gaps.

    As a teenager, Joanna did not directly assist Jack on his missions. She was left to regularly perform weapon maintenance, provide secondary assistance and train on the DeathMatch VR systems.

    Joanna has red shoulder-length hair, with distinctive blonde streak that was the result of a genetic quirk. She has bright, deep blue eyes. She has a pale complexion and a slender, athletic build. She has a purple star tattoo on the left side of her neck, which she got while she was in Hong Kong when she turned sixteen.

    Joanna is naturally curious. She does not trust people easily, especially those whom are associated with the hyper-corporations. She craves praise, as noted by Jonathan Steinberg.

    She is remarkably well adjusted and content to live each day as it comes. Earlier in life, Joanna was capable of deep, destructive anger, and often lacked the discipline to keep her temper in check. This led her to undertake reckless, ill-advised actions.

    She is an avid supporter and non-professional player of DeathMatch VR. She notes that if things had gone differently, she'd have tried out for the Seattle Slayers, a professional team. She also enjoys a variety of adventure sports such as rock-climbing, free running, dirt-biking and grav boarding.

    Other Info: None.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  10. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    "You've much yet to learn."


    Meta Knight



    Powers / Abilities / Equipment


    Fittingly, Meta Knight's fighting style is almost identical to how it appears in the Super Smash Bros. series. Meta Knight is a master swordsman, wielding his sword Galaxia to deliver sword strikes that are said to break the sound barrier. Meta Knight also uses his mysterious Dimensional Cape, which allows him to teleport and vanish from reality for a short period, and fly by transforming the cape into bat-like wings.

    Short Bio
    Meta Knight is an infamous masked swordsman from Dream Land. With a backstory and motives shrouded in mystery, there isn't much to be said about Meta Knight's history on Pop Star before his first appearance in the Kirby games.

    He's clashed with the pink puffball numerous times over many adventures, often as a rival seeking to test the Star Warrior's strength, or an enigmatic ally joining a battle against a more substantial threat. However, with the growing danger of threats beyond Dream Land and Pop-Star, Meta Knight learned the value of keeping the puffball as a friend rather than a foe.

    Much like Kirby himself, Meta Knight just returned from the events of Kirby Star Allies before the Melding.​
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  11. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    Name: Yurick

    Age: About 19-20?

    Canon: The Last Story

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment:
    His only melee weapon currently on him is the Memento Dagger, which once belong to his father. He keeps this close. Otherwise, he relies heavily on his magic.

    Flare: Flame magic. Combined with Zael's Gale gives you Guard Break, which lets you ignore enemies' defenses and breaking their guard.

    Prominence: Superior flame magic. Combined with Gale, also gives you Guard Break, but lowers enemies' defenses greatly. Upgraded version of Flare (replaces it in Command Mode.)

    Reverse: Inversion magic. Converts enemy heal circles into damage circles and converts enemy damage circles into heal circles.

    Meteor (Spirit Attack): High Grade level flame magic. Deals great damage to enemies and deals Guard Break.

    Big Bang (Spirit Attack): Ultimate flame magic: Only available in the final Chapter 40 boss. Deals insane damage, gives Guard Break and Destroys Forcefields

    Short Bio:

    Yurick once lived in a coastal village, and his father commanded a ship that protected the village from pirates until one day the man up and vanished before an attack came.

    Many villagers called his father a coward, believing he knew of the attack and fled. Yurick didnt believe it, but was unsure and still had doubts about it. Eventually he and his mother left, but she passed shortly after and he picked up mage craft. Due to lacking talent, he infused a magical stone with his eye, and due to the power coming from it keeps an eyepatch over it in fear of the stone going out of control. He joined the mercenaries as a means of survival, at first anyway.

    Other Info: Taken about mid-game. Before the events in Chapter 40, so for a good portion of the rp the attack Big Bang will be locked/nerfed somewhat until later on.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  12. Crimson Spartan

    Crimson Spartan Friendly Spartan






    Never stated but implied to be 17


    Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment:

    As an axe user Hector is absurdly strong and tanky. This being shown in his ability to wield Armads one handed (his crit animation even has him twirling it above his head one handed)..



    Hector wields this legendary axe.

    He also has his personal axe Wolf Beil ( deals increased damage to cavalry and armoured units.)

    (Just for some range) he'll also carry a Hand Axe

    Short Bio:


    Other Info: Taken right after the main story of FE7 (Hector Mode)

    Been meaning to pick up rping again and I thought this might be a great time. I hope you'll have me that is.
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  13. York

    York Just a newbie...


    "I don't remember where I came from, or what I was doing. The last thing I remember, was holding a living flame in my hands. And then... Pain... All I know for sure, is that I shouldn't cry."

    Princess Elise the Third
    (AKA: Elise, Princess, or Princess of Soleana)


    Sonic 06

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment:

    - Deja Vu; Being forcefully taken from her world during some strange circumstnces thanks to the melding, Elise sometimes recalls events, both from the past and the future in brief visions. They often reveal nothing more than a few images, and/or sounds that she will later try to make sense of. It is an ability that can sometimes harm her more than help her, but she nonethless has proved to be invaluable in part due to this ability, as it has often allowed her to predict attacks made by her oppressors in advance. Although the exact time these attacks will happen is not always clear to her.

    - Spiritual Awareness; Elise is able to sense the presense of spirits, or living beings. Though it is likely this ability is limited to beings who are self aware, or at least have some degree of consciousness. This ability is also very limited in range, as it requires her to be at least within a distance she can see said being if it were visible.

    - Hidden Power; By drawing upon the powers of Iblis, taking great care to keep her emotions, and therefore her powers in check, she can manifest this power in various ways. Though it is likely if these powers were to be fully unleashed, they would manifest as the powers of Iblis himself... And perhaps turn Elise into a vessel for both Iblis' will and powers, Elise is unable to use them to their full extent without losing control of them. As a result, she mainly uses these powers to protect allies who are close to her, levitate herself, and even create invisible, psycho-kinetic like attacks. Foes who have been hit by such attacks describe them like being slammed by large, invisible fists.

    - Psychic Resonance; While Elise is unable to do this to multiple targets without straining herself, and risking causing her powers to run wild, she can temporarily strengthen a target's body, or accelerate their healing process exponentionally as long as she maintains some form of physical contact with them. This however cannot be done too many times in succession without wearing her out, or at least increasing the risk that she might lose control of her powers.

    Short Bio:

    Elise has lost all memory of her past, minus a few slivers of key events that reside in her subconscious. As a result, she is almost like a blank slate, one that still carries the power of Iblis within her body. Since she was pulled from her world just as she was blowing out the flame that would one day become Solaris, it is hard to say if Iblis itself still resides within her.

    Just that she feels a familiar, ominous power growing within her each time she feels strong, negative emotions course through her body.

    Over the course of the half year since the Melding, Elise has tried her best to master the supernatural powers she possesses, trying her best to keep her calm, and defeat the overlords and their machines who had held so many prisoners for so long.

    Though she does not remember why, she feels it is her duty to protect her comrades from harm... And a distinct animosity towards the robots their oppressors used against them. She suspects she had alot of trouble with robots in the past.

    Other Info:
    Due to the somewhat... Messy nature of Sonic 06, lore and gameplay wise, I had to take some liberties to better illustrate Elise's powers. If there is anything I need to tweak on this sheet, I will be more than happy to do so.

    Since it is sometimes difficult to follow Sonic 06's story too clearly, I also feel it is better that she remembers as little of it as possible.​
  14. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "Time to Fight for the Future!"

    : [​IMG]

    Name: Makoto Kato

    Age: 18

    Canon: Street Fighter

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment: Rindo-Kan Karate master, able to launch a man via punch straight through a roof and into the air a few dozen feet up in her normal form.

    Short Bio: The young master of the Rindo-Kan school of Karate, Makoto entered the International Fighting Tournament put together by S.I.N. under the leadership of Seth so that she could earn the money necessary to rebuild her father's dojo. While she was not the winner of the tournament, the eventual pay-out from her placement in it gave her a good start to fixing up the school, and soon her older brother helped provide the finances so she could finish the work once she finished her senior year of high school. However, despite challenging and defeating various masters from other schools and her tournament placement, she struggled to find success in recruiting new students to the dojo.

    To solve the issue, she had been planning to join a new tournament that sought to gather the most worthy, wanting to display her talents and induct the other fighters into her school... that is, until the Cataclysm occurred, and she and all of her friends were separated across the new realm. It was time to put aside her own goals for a bit to fight for what mattered.

    Other Info: Post-Ibuki Legends and Post-Street Fighter IV.
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  15. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Rainbow Mika real name Mika Nanakawa

    Around 23-25

    Canon: Street Fighter

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment: Adapt in professional wrestling. strong enough to lift opponents far larger than her and take hits that dent steel with out much damage.

    Short Bio: After graduation from a local junior high school, a girl by the name of Mika Nanakawa begins her plans to become a female wrestler as the pupil of Yoko Harmageddon. By way of a several year-interval training periods, RainbowMika was ready to make her debut as a pro wrestler. She thought of the perfect marketing gimmick to promote her name-- traveling the world and engaging in random matches with street fighters.

    Other info: My NPC for the duration

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  16. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

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  17. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

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  18. dark

    dark Active Member

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  19. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Gonna go ahead and swap out Morty with...


    Name: Samurai Goroh

    Age: 45

    Canon: F-Zero

    Powers / Abilities / Equipment: Goroh is a master thief and a ruthless bounty hunter, skilled in fighting and swordsmanship. He carries a katana with him which he uses masterfully, if not recklessly. He's incredibly strong and, despite his massive body, is very agile (no kidding he can do multiple backflips like it's nothing). He's an ace F-Zero racer, as well.

    Short Bio: Samurai Goroh was once a member of the Internova Police Force, but was ultimately fired due to his willingness to do anything to get his culprit. He became a bounty hunter afterwards now free of any ethics codes, but ultimately came up short behind former coworker Captain Falcon. As a result, he became a master thief and leader of a gang situated in the Red Canyon, as well as becoming an F-Zero pilot and loving father to his only son, Dai.

    Other Info: Taken from right after GX. As I've never seen the anime, Goroh will be game lore only and have nothing from the anime (not married to Lisa Brilliant, Antonio Guster isn't his brother in law, etc.).​
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  20. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    Swapping Meta Knight out for...



    Who knows?


    Powers / Abilities / Equipment

    As a being from the Star Road possessing a doll, Geno is able to transform parts of his temporary body into weapons such as guns and cannons, as well as perform powerful spells named after himself, capable of immense firepower at the cost of his relatively fragile wooden vessel. Geno has managed to equip his body with all of the non-redundant weapons he acquired during his adventure with Mario to repair the Star Road.

    Short Bio

    After playing a deliberately passive observatory role (and unexpected escort for Prince Mallow) during the events of Paradisum Perdidit on behalf of his enigmatic superiors, Geno once again mysteriously resurfaced from the Star Road as a victim of the Melding a little while after escorting Mallow home from the conclusion of their little field trip.​
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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