Fun Writing Prompt

As a writer, what can be your greatest fantasy and nightmare at the same time...

Everything you have written in the last 7 days has come to life...
Are you screwed? Or saved...

Rolo Lamperouge

@Obsidianlight is my world! :D
I write of my accomplishments in my journey to kill Link. The skychild brat has ruined my plans one to many times and he shall not do it again! Of course, I want to be remembered as great, so I leave out the mistakes. If my writing were to rise as a new me I would assume at first I would be saved and my plans would go through! But myself, my true self, would be cast away in a puddle of blood by the "perfect" me. No room for imperfections! I'd be replaced by a clone! No thank you! I would most definitely be screwed. Time to go burn my diary!

Alex Azure

Prince of the Multiverse
Notes. Notes. So many notes...

I meet famous psychologists and influential playwrights. Discussions last for hours between us. The discovery of the connections between theatre, music, and the fundamentals of the human psyche are strengthened as we talk. I learn about the mind from the best minds in history. I shall take this into my own artwork.

Suddenly, the room grows dark. The walls disappear into an inky blackness. My new colleagues disappear as well. Cicadas call me out into the darkness.

I hold my phone up to create a small circle of light. The room has disappeared and all that's left is greenery and mystery. I inch forward through the dark forest.

I'm not afraid. I already know what lies ahead. I drew the map myself, after all. Everything sits still. A mysterious stranger in a trench coat sits by the fire. I don't need to talk to him. I already know the way.

A couple small puzzles block the way forward. It doesn't matter. I'm not a video game character. Who needs a key when you can simply hop over the insurmountable waist-high fence?

A long path separates me from my goal. I step. I step. I step.

Then I freeze. A forgotten memory surfaces. The final trial stands before me. It is formless, chaotic, and malicious. A thought crosses my mind.

I never wrote how to finish the level.


Drackana Darastrix

Artist and Monster Maker
I find myself falling and below me was water unlike I had ever seen, though I vaguely knew this image to be familiar in some way. I crash into a body of water that is clearly not of earth, seeing as that the water is like looking at a melted rainbow. As I begin to swim to the surface, I can see massive and glowing crystals of all colors making up much of the floor. I can see a few fish and sea creatures, but none of them are like those of the fish of earth. Too many limbs, and too many eyes, and not to mention that they too, are vividly colored like their environment.

As I break the surface and take a quick look around, I take in the beauty of my surroundings before a look of horror crosses my face and I make a mad dash for the closest body of land. I have written and described this place a million times, I have even drawn up rough sketches! I know where I am and as I find purchase onto a nearby beach, I see a faceless mask staring at me from down the beach.

Its my monster Rauch, having drawn and written about him so often, I know that that is what lies before me. His presence only confirms my thoughts and flop onto the beach in defeat before letting out a string of colorful words, not caring that a monster, my monster, was now making its way to me. I'm on his home planet, the one I haven't even named, but I know that no average human like myself can ever survive...

Yeah i'm totally screwed. I've been building creature profiles and lore building for a world full of monsters and magic that only ever has a small group of humans on it, and more often then not, they don't survive. So I am most definitely doomed.


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I really like this writing prompt. I am going to write on my own blog using these; blog which isn't public coz i am too shy!