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Interest Check Game of Thrones AU RP

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Kenico, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Kenico

    Kenico Swordfreak and Master of the Pen

    Game of Thrones: Valyrian Resolve takes place 20 years after the Great Wars and 15 years after the Hightpoint Conflict in the North. You play the roll of a party of sellswords, landed warriors, smallfolk and so on led by a one Danton “Dan” Wolf, who is on a quest by a mysterious benefactor for a small fortune. What exactly you and your companions are after? Only Dan knows and he’s keeping our mission secret, only letting you know you are getting a cut from a 1000 dragon bounty at the end of this journey. What will you face? What will you decided? What is so important that this once infamous cutthroat would be rewarded with 1000 Dragons and “more”? Take up your sword, throw on your armor, and mount your horse and make your resolve as strong as Valyrian Steel.

    Requirements for participating:

    3-4 players min. 6 max.

    Players must have a decent knowledge of the GOT Lore. Not a lot but some minor basics so you don’t get lost in the talks.

    So whoever is interested please take a look any questions don't hesitate to pm me or post questions here

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