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What kind of characters can be played?
Tons. Convergence is intended to be a crossover fandom roleplay, but both fandom and original characters can be played. Fandom characters include any character depicted in a publicly established work, including novels, graphic novels, web comics, web shows, live action television shows, movies, animation, video games, plays, and radio dramas. You may not play real life historical figures, religious figures, or real life people. However, historical figures can be played if a fictional version exists of them.

In addition to fandom characters, OCs from worlds of your own creation or established fandom worlds can be played. Alternate universe interpretations of fandom characters can also be played. Your only real limit is your imagination!

It is not recommended one plays characters with the ability to easily destroy nations or planets, or warp reality to a significant degree. While these characters can be played, the player has to give them a reason not to make use of these powers, whether it is through their choice or through their powers being dampened in whatever manner you choose.

Do I have to post a character sheet or in a directory?
It is not required for you to post your characters in any thread outside of Ragnarok. No Sandbox RP/Hot Spot will require you to fill out a character sheet beyond Ragnarok. However, it is requested that you be mindful of your roster when posting and try to use characters you introduce to an adequate degree.

For Adventures on Jabberwock Island, there is no need to be mindful of this. As it's non-canon to Convergence's lore, it's a place where one can get as crazy or carefree as they would like.

What can I get away with?
First and foremost, it's important that all players keep in mind some basic limits. All of Storyteller's Circle rules and guidelines must be adhered to. As well, players should keep in mind some basic roleplaying etiquette, such as no godmodding or metagaming.

In terms of plot, there's little you can't do. Players are encouraged to drive their own plots, or actively engage with those ongoing. If this requires the creation of some kind of character or location, then players can go ahead and make it so. You may not play another player's character unless given permission to do so, even if the character seems like a minor NPC.

Is there a preferred writing style or length?
Players of any writing ability and preferred post length or style are free to post how they like. One or six paragraphs, as long as it's in-character, it's fine. We also have no qualms with players wishing to use pictures or gifs in tandem with their posts, but do please keep image spam to a minimum and try not to use very large pictures. If you do use a picture, please make sure to include text as well, as posts consisting of just a picture/gif, no matter how in-character, will be considered OOC talk or spam.

Do try your best with spelling and grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be understandable.​
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