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And, of course, I made this mostly to make an announcement.

Over the next ten or so days, my posting will probably be delayed. I'm doing a summer semester of college, and the next week or so will be hectic. I'll try to keep up better than I have in the past (particularly during that disastrous week where I really dropped the ball during finals) and keep up to date with everyone's posting.

Thank you.


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sup guys
only on for today, but I did read through everything and thought that it all looked great!

Can't wait for the summer to be over!


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A summary,

The primary place of activity has been the west coast, with some lesser activity going on in the east coast.

In the west coast, a bounty hunter/escort named Cadmus Uzur, a siren, has come to take Azayla to a place called Reef's end, some seven hundred miles north, saying that she is the heir to a royal family, and no other heirs are eligible for the position of matriarch. Azayla said she does not wish to involve herself with the politics of the sirens again, and said that she wished to return her necklace, the symbol of her status as heir to the family, and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Cadmus agreed to help her in that task, stating that he feared the absolute power wielded by the matriarch, should he force the position on her. They journeyed north until just a few hours before dawn, talking and walking until they encountered a great wolf, which severely injured Cadmus' arm, but the wolf took a mortal wound in return, but still has some fight left in it.

On the east coast, Slaatch is dispatched by her teacher to perform some tasks. She is to help heal the elder's son, then aid a raiding party in the attack of a gnomish stronghold. She encounters the elder's son, and enlists the elder's help to heal his deathly wounded child.

That's about the most TL;DR summary I can get