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Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
(This event was hosted by @Atomic Knight and @Ver and can also be found here.)

All across the multiverse exists countless worlds. An unfathomable amount of dimensions and worlds. Universes that, for the most part, hardly even know of the other's presence.

The untold story of the first ever Murder Game.

"Countdown to Point Zero"

It happened without warning.

A blinding, all-encompassing light enveloped you, pulling you into itself as if you were being tossed into a pool of water. It was shockingly cold, almost unbearably so, until a feeling of numbness filled you. It helped, for a moment, blurring everything until it was nothing but a dull roar. The light then faded away, as did all your senses, until you felt nothing.

How long you slept following that, no one could say. It was a void of time, where not even dreams manifested. The world went on without you, unflinching, until the time you finally awoke.

A dreary sight awaited you: Dull overhead lights that were barely strong enough to sting your eyes. They were embedded into a ceiling that seemed high up above you, above what appeared to be a layer of glass or plastic. You weren't the only one here, clearly, for all around you others were waking. It was a large crowd, enough to fill the spacious plastic box around you. You had been sleeping on concrete, so some would be feeling a bit sore.

Whether one was a human, a robot, or something else entirely, the experience was the same for everyone. Your body felt heavier than usual, and something just felt a little off inside your head. It was an unpleasant feeling, to say the least.

Perhaps most alarming, once someone took notice of it, was the number of people watching the group from outside one wall of the box, just about all of them dressed like scientists. Some stood far back, while a few could be seen observing from a well-lit room a floor above, their eyes glued to the window that separated them from the others. Three of the scientists stood right next to the box, two males and one female. The one male had slick blond hair and sunglasses, while the other had messy brown hair and wild eyes. The female looked rather normal next to them, blonde and reasonably attractive. She whispered something to the two men before taking a small step forward.

"By our calculations, you'll be feeling the effects of the transition for a few minutes,"she said, her voice echoing throughout the box. "Please wait patiently, and we'll inform you of the situation in just a moment."

With most of the group still feeling the effects of whatever the 'transition' was, a lone male voice posed a question: "You really expect us to sit here patiently?" He scoffed. "Not bloody likely."

One of the men behind the female scientist began to speak, but he froze when the female raised a hand to silence him. "What we expected were confusion and rebellion, but this containment is secure and we have taken precautions. We believe we are safe to observe from here. This is an experimental phase, so if you value your well-being, it is suggested that you try to keep any outbursts to a minimum."

Curiously enough, everyone's weapons seemed to be missing.

There didn't seem to be any escape from this glass cage, at least for the time being. Though it was crowded inside, it was thankfully spacious enough for everyone to have some space to themselves if needed. For now, it seemed you were all prisoners and all in the same boat... whatever the nature of that boat would turn out to be.

Continued here.

Mid-Prologue Update

Chapter One - Mid-Chapter Update

Chapter Two - Mid-Chapter Update

Chapter Three - Mid-Chapter Update

Chapter Four - Mid-Chapter Update

Chapter Five - Mid-Chapter Update

Final Chapter


Cast List
@Minerva as Ada Wong (Resident Evil)
@Yun Lee as Alice Twilight (No More Heroes)
@Sen as Alucard (Castlevania)
@Jeremi as Android 18 (Dragon Ball)
@Takumi as Azura of Nohr (Fire Emblem)
@TheMythicThird as Black Mage Evilwizardington and Fighter McWarrior (8-Bit Theater)
@Gummi Bunnies as Blake Dormi (OC)
@Crow as Cagliostro (Granblue Fantasy)
@Glostechk as Charlotte Wiltshire (Hello Charlotte)
@Josh as Clark Kent (Smallville)
@Atomic Knight as Cullen Bloodstone (Marvel Comics)
@DBZ7 as Daizo (OC)
@penguin055 as Domon Kasshu (Gundam)
@Bomb as Doremi the Meoletta and Jabber the Riolu (Pokemon)
@TheColourlessRainbow as Eliot Waugh (The Magicians)
@Archwar as Fierce-Heart Ali (OC)
@Hana as Hakuei Ren (Magi)
@Crimson Spartan as Jaffar (Fire Emblem)
@Raptor Jesus as Jason Todd(Arkhamverse)
@C.T. as Jinx (League of Legends AU)
@Khan of the Mardu as Joshua (Fire Emblem)
@Lucky as Lucifer Morningstarand Linda Martin (Lucifer)
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as Lucio (Overwatch)
@Yang Lee as Kazuo Tengan (Danganronpa)
@MetalNova as Mikoto Kujou (Last Game)
@Kaide` as Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid)
@Alex Azure as Naomi Kimishima and Inspector Navel (Trauma Center)
@Mami Tomoe as Nashetania (Rokka no Yusha)
@Vyzwx as Overlord Laharl (Disgaea)
@Nater Taters as Revy and Rock (Black Lagoon)
@Ver as Riesbyfe Stridberg (Type-Moon)
@Azuremoon as Road Kamelot (D.Gray-man)
@York as Schala Zeal (Chrono Trigger)
@Neko Shogun as Senna (Bleach)
@Pretentious Pineapple as Setsuna (Shattered Angels)
@Cromartie Sarkissian as Sheev Palpatine(Star Wars)
@Kaykay as Shirou Yusa (Dies Irae)
@Tone 6th as Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
@Otto as Twisted Fate (League of Legends)
@Gands as Warpath (Marvel Comics)
@Darkseide as William "Penny" Adiyoi (The Magicians)
@Hachiro Terra as Zerberus (Kingdom Hearts OC)​

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
Prologue: Shattered

A mistake... I was mistaken.

The thought swam through her mind like a shark in water, snapping it's jaws at her like she was a helpless fish that simply couldn't swim fast enough to get away. The blood pouring from her wounds? Only serving as further fuel for the blind attack of the seaborne predator, lowering her already depressingly minuscule chances of escape.

I did a terrible thing.


Snapping back to reality with nay but a small gasp, Setsuna blinked a small number of times, registering that she was no longer in that situation. No, she was here, sitting locked away in god-knows-where in the kingdom of Academia. That day felt as though it'd been so long ago, now, yet it haunted her so often, reminding her in full of her sins and mistakes. Especially now, with the fate she found herself faced with.

And why she would never do anything but what Kyoshiro said again. Or, well, she had hoped not to. Even if his wishes ultimately included her demise. She had no doubts, no concerns. If he wanted her to die, for him? She'd do it in a heartbeat. Which was why it was so painful that she was here, now, patiently waiting for who knew what with her dress lightly tugged at by the a soft breeze coming through the window. It would have been a refreshing feeling, had the circumstances been different... But the Absolute Angel quickly found herself on alert, tensing up as a movement to her left caught her attention.

In an instant, her head had turned in the direction of the movement, a large, metal arm forming over her own as she went on the defensive, just in case combat would be needed, despite knowing how little mana she was currently running on. But the entire thing was unnecessary, for what she saw was anything but harmful. In fact, the sight caused her mouth to briefly fall open in awe, eyes shining as she regarded it and the arm faded out of existence.

A butterfly. It must have managed to sneak through a small crack in the window. Slowly, a faint smile came to her face despite her dire situation, her hand- her normal, regular-sized one -rose, offering the creature a perch. And as it flew about, circling her a few moments before finally deeming her hand a suitable seat...


"I'm sorry, Kyoshiro!" the blonde, nothing more than a pathetic sobbing pile on the floor, cried out with emotion stronger than one would expect a non-human to be capable of. "I'm so sorry!"

On some level, perhaps she knew how pathetic she looked as the bespectacled redhead regarded her with a harsh, cold gaze, but she could not bring herself to care. The tears flowed freely, sobs choked out as she cried. "Forgive me! Forgive me!"

A plea, filled with heartbreak and remorse. Perhaps some, such as Kyoshiro, saw Absolute Angels as beings incapable of sincerity or emotion. Useful only for causing pain and destruction, with no care where it left those around them, but the sobbing girl on the floor proved that anything but was true. But in all honesty, she didn't even know if her master was listening, with that cold and unforgiving stare he gave and how he made no move to speak or do anything else.

And if he didn't forgive her, she would not blame him. But even so, if he could not forgive her... She would never be able to forgive herself. It was no wonder he desired her death.



Jarring back to reality, Setsuna startled, feeling a new presence as the butterfly fled her fingertips. But more than that, there was a surge of head pain, and in a flash? Everything suddenly began to fade to black... Even as she fought desperately to cling to consciousness, gritting her teeth in effort before the effects overpowered her and reality slipped away from her grasp, sending her into what felt like the act of drowning. Everything felt so heavy as she went under, something that didn't change for the entire time she was out.

The darkness she fell into was abysmal, swallowing her whole in an unforgiving cold emptiness. How long it was like this, how long she was out for was difficult to tell, to say the least, but when the blonde came around again she immediately went on alert. She was on her feet in an instant, whipping her head around and searching with what could only be described as a calm franticism for something, even through the dizziness and very mild pain that came with her awakening.

Or perhaps, rather, someone.

Regardless of what or who it was, it appeared it was nowhere to be found, causing her to feel less than easy. Not to mention she was in an unfamiliar, odd room, with unfamiliar, odd people. Of course she was more than capable of taking herself, but whatever had happened... She'd failed her objective. Once again, as she felt she did so many times, she had failed Kyoshiro. She hadn't even been able to escape Kazuya and help him save Kuu before being brought, well, wherever she was now. But even so, as she looked around, she had to wonder...

...Who were all of these people? Where was she?​

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
Current Era
This is a story, but not the story we are about to tell.
The multiverse had recently encountered the great Civil War, but in the eyes of this world, nothing has happened, for they were not involved in the slightest.
This is a world that, beyond three individuals, were unaware of the greater cosmos beyond the endless blue skies.
This world had its own matters - the Primal Beasts, the Astrals, the Erste Empire and collabs.
A lot, a lot of collabs.
But that is not why we are here today.
We are here today for a different reason...

"I don't know, but I thought all records say that he is dead," a young woman says, "how can I find him?"

"You see Clarisse," an older man says, "this is a secret that has been passed from generation to generation. To be completely honest, I am hoping that you will hone your skills during your journey, because with your current skill, the one you are destined to slay will be many leagues above you."

The older man pulls a book from the shelves.

"Many millennia ago, there was a great alchemist who went by the name Cagliostro. He was no ordinary alchemist - he was the creator of alchemy. Back in the day, he knew every nook and cranny of the art. It was unknown why he invented it, or how he invented it, but through alchemy, Cagliostro gained great power and immortality.

The alchemist's power was most unrivalled and legendary, and killing him was impossible. Such great power in the hands of this ultimate life form was feared by the people and had to be eliminated for the sake of the world. The Empire was threatened that this power had the potential to potentially overthrow entire continents. The Empire, however, could not kill the unkillable, and resorted to the next best plan - sealing him.

The veil was that Cagliostro was dead for good, but you now know that that is a lie, for Cagliostro can never die.

It worked, but it couldn't work forever. Some of us say that Cagliostro was destined to escape. There are two prophecies regarding this - one stating that he had already escaped eight hundred years ago, and one stating that he will soon escape, any second this year, possibly this month, or even this week."

"What happened eight hundred years ago?" Clarisse asks.

"No one knows. 'Nothing' is a likely answer, but it is far from definite. The past, however, is the past. Now, the future awaits you."

"Then it's settled!" Clarisse jumps with joy. "If Cagliostro's just that strong, then I'll just have to get stronger, right? I'll make everything go all kaboom! Ahaha!"

"Clarisse, this is serious," the older man sighs.

"A- alright, father," Clarisse sighs as her shoulders hung low.

"Go to sleep, Clarisse."

But yes.

What did happen eight hundred years ago?

Eight Centuries Ago
To this world, it was, indeed, eight hundred years.
The worlds beyond it may have only experienced but a century, perhaps even a measly single year.
And thus begins the story to be told...
... the true, blue prologue to an untold story shrouded in mystery.

"Ah~ it's so boring being sealed up here... this place isn't right for this cute, talented, beautiful alchemist~"

Even after runic imprisonment of two hundred years, Cagliostro's five senses still functioned. It was torture. The alchemist's power was suppressed, and thus, she could not move a single muscle.

For the first time in centuries, Cagliostro's body began to twitch.

"This is fustrating, fustratingly glorious... I may be with the greatest in the sky, but being able to do nothing... drives me mad!"

In the dark void that held Cagliostro, a bright light was observed. Cagliostro's body was not in control as she was drawn towards it. Cagliostro felt her power seeping back as her alchemic familiar Ouroboros was conjured from nothingness.

"Come towards the light, oh gr-"

"At last, I am free~! I am free~! Now, to show modern Phantagrande the face of the world's first and cutest Alchemist, before I devour the world~! World of today, this is your first and final encounter with the legend herself, Cagliostro! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ouroboros, prepare to put on a show! Ars Magna!"

Cagliostro had conjured great serpentine beasts - collectively referred to as a single entity 'Ouroboros', to eat away at the corners of the tiny wormhole, filling their endless bellies with the fabric of reality itself. This caused the surrounding darkness to literally be munched away, transforming the field into the bright light that was once exclusive to the entrance.

"Oh wow, rude. Didn't even let me complete my sentence. Yeah, OK, have fun, Cog. Yeesh, kids these days, so impatient."

And so, ignoring the light from the voice, Cagliostro was sucked into a brave new world as Ouroboros was withdrawn into its own dimension.

But it wasn't Phantagrande.

It was somewhere else.

It was...

"This place is most alien in nature. Could it be... that this is not Phantagrande? Oh dear me, out of eternal prison, and back into another. I guess today is not my lucky day.... or is it..."

Cagliostro had an idea. Using her vast power wasn't the wisest thing with so many people. Cagliostro's primary trait was alchemy, but her second trait was her eternal cuteness.

And what use would a secondary trait be without use?

"Why... what's happening?" the youthful alchemist started to sport a worried, saddened, innocent look as her head frantically turned about. "Who- who are you all? Those mean people are gone... but now... there are more mean people out there?"​

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM

That was the last thing she recalled, a long cry from Lux that seemed to stretch on and on...until it faded, along with her senses. An encompassing darkness swallowed her up, time itself seemed irrelevant. When the Star Guardian finally came to, it was not to the rest of her comrades. Dull fluorescent lighting, an affront to her eyes. A sense of grogginess remained.

For a moment.

Her groggy feeling instantly evaporated once her sight acclimated. Dull lighting, scientists...a goddamn lab. Experimenting! "Oh yeah?" She glanced left and right to check that her familiars Shiro and Kuro were still with her. They were. "To hell with that."Jinx attempted to rise into the air with her flight, check to see if she retained usage of her powers.

"Maybe you should have valued your own well-being. If you did...you'd realize grabbing me is the worst mistake of your lives."

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
“Miku, I need you in the lab ASAP. There’s some problems we have to see to before your appointments tomorrow.”

A sigh escaped her lips, rasped through artificial lungs that were only used when she willed it. Miku made her way down the hallway, eyes carefully scanning over a few papers she held in her hands. It was a schedule, given to her by a Crypton employee that told her she’d be heading down to the heart of Tokyo for promotional work with a big signing company. The typical stuff-- but perhaps a bit too much so.

Folding the papers up, she approached the lab door, giving a brief knock before pushing her way in. It’s there that the lab technician was there to greet her.
“Hi there, Miku. Doing well since the last time I saw you, I hope?”

“I’m doing fine,” She shot him a halfhearted smile, going to sit in her usual place here.“Just a lot of work on my plate now days…”

“I see.” The technician retrieves his mini-computer; one of the bulkier type that are often used by the professionals. He goes over a few records on it before speaking up again. “Do you know why you’re here?”

"Not really? Is something wrong…?”

“During your check-up last month, we picked up some discrepancies in your memory databanks.”

Miku stared for a few moments, her lips forming a silent “O”. That was weird- She didn’t realize she was having any issues with her memory. But perhaps that was part of the problem. “Well, are you going to fix it or what?”

“Of course, Miku.” Setting his computer down, he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. “But that requires turning you off completely for a bit while we run diagnostics.”

Ugh. To an extent, Miku wasn’t surprised this was required. But that didn’t mean she hated it any less. It always left a big gap in what she recalled, and was generally pretty uncomfortable to the android after the fact. But alas, some things had to be done.
She nodded, and allowed the technician to reach behind her neck with his other hand. At the base of the back of her neck there was a hidden panel, revealed by moving the skin plating back. She felt the switch being activated, and immediately her limbs began to seize up. “Be… careful, alright?” Was all she could find the muster as the shutdown protocols advanced.

“We always are.”

No longer able to keep her balance, she swayed forward into the careful arms of the technician. Her eyes remained open as the shutdown proceeded and the world began to fade away. Instead of darkness overtaking her mind, a blinding sheer white light filled everything instead. That was od̷d.̀..͘ Tha̡t.͠.. wa̕sn̵'t ̡n̵o̶r҉mal.

>S͖͔͢h̪̲u̖͍̥̙͓̜͓t̙͖̫̺d̟̖̳̭o̳͚̘̰͉̗̺w̴͓̜̱̫n̟̣͞ ͇͖͕͢c̝̹͈ͅo̩̝͔̙m̵̱̘̟̳̬̺p̼͓̯͈̪̕l̖e͈̥͚̰̭̻͞t͚̠̳͉͡e.̪̰̘͙͚.͎̕.̨̼͉̹͙

And seeming almost as quick as it had begun, it was over.
>Boot-up complete.

Her eyes snapped open, an immediate sense of wrong in the air. She was lying on something hard, and the blinding light above was unusual. Unfamiliar voices around her prompted her to sit up, only to almost immediately lose her balance. This couldn't be right. She didn't feel right.

Miku sat there, watching everyone around her with wide, shell-shocked eyes. Everyone else was beginning to wake up as well, it seemed like. She wasn't alone. But she needed answers.​
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Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM

Well, this was certainly one interesting situation to wake up from after a night of gambling and light drinking... Joshua blinked his eyes clear of the sleep rather quickly, though he had to squint a moment as he grew used to the rather strange lighting of the room. Had some of the Empire's soldiers brought the mercenary back from the tavern where they had all been playing cards (with Joshua shamelessly and quietly cheating during it) so he wouldn't be left behind during their next assignment?

A quick inspection of everyone else (along with his gold pouch to make sure it wasn't light at all) told him that guess was completely off-base. None of the familiar crimson armor was worn by the people around him, and add to that that the place they were in didn't seem to be a barracks...


A female mage of some kind, running an experiment? Well now, that was an interesting sight...not to mention a gorgeous one at that. Not like her looks were first on his mind in this case though. Of course they weren't, he definitely was a gentleman in serious situations. Adjusting his hat with a smile, he approached the glass and gave the scientists beyond it a slight bow of respect before asking his question.

"Pardon me, but you wouldn't perhaps explain that one more time? I'm not quite of the mind for magic, so having it explained again might set myself and the others at ease, if that's alright."

Best to let the suave swordsman try to speak to the scientists over the man getting upset, right? Not to say that Joshua was a little uneasy about the situation, but he could at least hide it well.​

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
Nocturne in the Moonlight

He watched as the earth beneath the castle he once called home rumble angrily at the death of Count Dracula, the grey skies above parting, a beam of shining white light washing over the ancient structure. The wash of wind blew the man's cape about as he watched, the weight of the castle not enough to hold it down as the light took bits and pieces up into the sky. Wood and rocks, furniture crashing through the windows to be pulled up into the sky and beyond.

The towers followed, then the walls, it was all swallowed by the light that took it to the netherrealm. It was strange. Most people would feel sad that their childhood home was being destroyed - at least human beings would. Humans were emotional creatures. Alucard was not one of those. He felt nothing, in fact, he seemed to have lost some of the tension in his shoulders. Having woken up far too early because of the rising of Castlevania and Richter's mind control, he was glad to see that he could now disappear as well, peacefully. It was best to not show his face, as the son of Dracula.

By a cliffside looming over what was once the castle's moat stood Richter and Maria. He might as well go and say goodbye. He would never see them again, after all. Alucard was surprised that they had made it out of the castle unscathed, before they too were pulled into the light.

Now they were apologizing, the vampire hunter appeared to be sorry that Alucard had to deal the last blow to rid his father.

He hated to acknowledge Dracula as his father. "Fear not. I had my own reasons for destroying him. Remember, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

The brown haired man nodded, indicating that he understood. Vampire hunters had a strong sense of justice, Alucard had a feeling he was going to do great things in his lifetime.

The blonde woman beside him, Maria Renard, spoke up in the midst of the silence between the two men. "Alucard, what will you do now?"

What was he going to do? That was already clear to him. "The blood that flows in my veins is cursed. 'Twould be best if I were to disappear forever."

"... Farewell then, we will not meet again." Disappearing into the undergrowth of the forest behind, the darkness seemed to envelop him. Alucard had no specific place to go to, but he wanted to be away from society. From people. It was too dangerous for him to be around those innocent people. This would have been what his mother wanted. To not make their lives even harder.

The darkness turned into light, and the man was sudden enclosed in a sudden cool sensation that made him flinch. He tensed immediately. What was going on? Something was wrong, did they not manage to expel Dracula's evil completely for now? His senses were going haywire, first cold then nothing. Everything became nothing, the world around him, his sight and touch. Gone.

Alucard awoke to a room he had never seen before. Never in his life. It was bright and had strange architecture. Managing to groggily stand up, a hand on the... glass(?) to prop himself up. As he slowly regained his senses and his head stopped ringing, he realized he had the company of others. Many were still unconscious, but some were already awake. Who were all of these people? It looked like they did not know the situation either.​

Yun Lee

The Sculptor
The Convergence Series GM
-Blake Dormi Prologue-
"Unexpected Problem"

One minute left... Target is in sight...All I need to do is to... Pull the-



"That doesn't matter, what matters is that we get you out of here, Mr. Toriyama."

Dammit, an inch off... now it's time to run after the target!

Jumping down from his spot on the second floor railing of this party, a masquerade mask-wearing man rolled moments before his landing onto the ground, and quickly made chase after the fleeing man. Crowds of people, dressed in formal wear and whatnot, let out gasps and screams of fear and confusion, initially from the sudden gunshot and now from the fact that there was a sudden chase.

"Excuse me, sorry, I'll make it up to you partygoers later! Promise!"

The masked man let out a shout before he pushed his way out of the ballroom and into the lower corridors of the building. Stepping into a lone hallway, a squad of bodyguards took notice of their intruder, pulling out their guns in response. With a quick look outside to see that the targeted man was getting into a limo for a getaway, the masked man gritted his teeth out of frustration, he had to make this quick before this mission becomes a failure!

"Well now, guess I have to haul ass by cheating a little, huh?"

Tapping at a button on the small cube attached to his belt, the masked man ran forward at the bodyguards, running towards incoming gunfire. Almost as if the timing were a miracle to the masked assassin, a hardlight shield was created to both reflect the bullets and also act as a battling ram for the masked man to practically plow his way through the bodyguards and to the exit at the end of the hallway. Even if it were a reckless plan, it worked out like he had envisioned it to be, kicking the door open to see that the limo was just starting to drive away.

Groaning in dismay, the man supposed that he could make it just in time, casually throwing his pistol at one of the bodyguards that went after him from that hallway, knocking the other out cold once the firearm hit him on the head. Having the shield shift into the form of wings, he took flight in pursuit of the limo, and soon having those wings turn into a sword made out of that same hardlight energy. All that the people could hear from inside the limo was the sound of someone landing onto the roof of the vehicle, and loud creaking noises as the hardlight sword cut right through the metal to let the masked man in.

"Sorry to ruin the party and all..."

Just as the man entered the passenger section of the limo, the target recognized who this was despite the mask.

"What the hell... I thought I was able to go unnoticed... Blake Dormi... tell your fucking employers that I don't want-"

Before he could finish his sentence, the same hardlight sword that was used for Blake to enter the vehicle was suddenly lodged into his head. It was easy to tell that the man was dead upon impalement.

"Man, that guy never shuts up, but hey, he's quiet now."

Blake shrugs nonchalantly once the job was done, the encompanying women that were consorts for that target as well as the driver of the limo frozen in fear of the masked killer. He doesn't pay them much mind as he disables his PWM, tapping onto the cube and having the hardlight sword disappear.

"Hey, HQ? I'm done here. What's the pickup point? ... alright, I'll be there."

Going through a quick codec call, Blake eyed the driver and asked casually to him.

"Mind if you can give me a ride? Somewhere near the city park and all. I'll pay you afterwards. Don't mind me, not here to blow your brains out or anything. I haven't been paid to do that, 'kay?"

Under an awkward air settling in the limo, he was given that quick ride he requested for, paying the poor driver before hopping off. It was already night time and such, and saw that no one that represented his ride back to the HQ was present. He didn't mind that at all, knowing that he'll get some time to himself before that time comes. He wasn't sure how long he had been at it with this hired killer occupation, and how long he hasn't had a single day to spend with his little sisters who were still under the care of their oppressive parents.

"I swear you two, I'll work up a safe living for all of us. I just wish I didn't get washed up into this type of job... but it's the fastest way to go I guess..."

Right as he said that, another call was coming his way on his earpiece. No sign of any of his coworkers, so what was the issue this time?

"Hey... is there a hold up or something? I can't wait until the end of time, you know?"

All that he could hear was static...

"Alright, who the hell is this and how did you get onto this line?"

At this moment, he wasn't sure why, but a bright light started to take up his vision... It was night time, and none of the park lights were this bright... It didn't make any sense to him. In all of that static, however, he made out a few words before he lost consciousness at that moment.

"B... gin ... ex...riment... f... r... B... Inst...ute.."


"... d-dammit, what the hell was that?"

Blake shook his head several times to get himself together. He wasn't sure what was up with... anything of this, but it wasn't everyday that you get taken away into some other location. Standing up, Blake gave a little tap onto his PWM cube to see if it would still work.

"Alright, I would be a whole lot of mad if you guys decided to take me before I got my important business done, but since I got that done before this... I'm not as mad... but I'm still mad. I thought experiments had to be done with the experimentee's consent? I didn't give my consent, lady. I mean, if you could've asked, I would've given a simple no. You do know that "no means no," right?"

Yeah, he was mad.

Well, he figured that these scientists weren't going to answer his questions, which annoyed him further than needed. Looking over to see what kind of crowd was gathered here, Blake couldn't really believe what he was thrown into. It looked like an awkward convention of people who looked out of place, more so from fantasy books and science fiction novels by the looks of it...

"Man... did I drink something weird at that party? I wouldn't be surprised if some creep drugged my glass of wine before I went on the job..."

Groggily rubbing the side of his head, Blake noticed that there was a girl who was trying to understand the situation as much as she could, almost how he felt moments before his anger somewhat took over his words earlier.

"You're probably the most normal-ish person in here right now... minus the blue hair but still."

Blake made that off-hand comment to Miku before trying to think to himself on how the hell did he become involved with this.


Dammit dammit dammit... Rinato... Penelope... sorry I can't be home today... or tomorrow... or the day after that...

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Riesbyfe Stridberg - Prologue: Actor's Antecedent

An endless dream.

A dream that knew no beginning.

A state of being that simply “was.”

That was the state that Riesbyfe Stridberg, the once proud Maiden of the Shield and Holy Knight of the Church was in. The kind of state in which she could not “be,” but certainly “was” once upon a time.

In other words, she had once existed, but at this current time, not so. Not to say that she was exactly dead. She was put in a non-absolute state in which she temporarily ceased to be for as long as she remained where she was. The main problem was that she had no means of awaking, of manifesting a consciousness, let alone escaping the place of nothingness that her body emptily floated within.

There was a history that spoke of how she had been transported to this unfamiliar place, but it was lost to her mind. She had no memory, so therefore, as far as she was concerned, there was nothing notable as to the reason. Yes, that was right. Riesbyfe Stridberg, for all intents and purposes, had no recollection of how she had come into this sort of situation. But then, she could not recall anything. It was not to say she couldn’t remember anything. It was simply that she lacked any capacity to perform an action such as “recalling,” or for that matter, even “thinking” at all.

"... calculations, you'll be feeling the effects of the transition for a..."

Until now, that is.

"... expect us to sit here..."

"... N-Nnnn..."

The young woman stirred slightly as she lay on the floor, the hard floor a great contrast to the nothingness that her body had been laying upon before. It was uncomfortable to say the least, especially considering her separation from feeling anything at all left her comparatively more sensitive to such sensations than she ought to. Her groggy sensitivity caused the voices spoken around her to hit her eardrums like hammers, and the light in the room invaded her closed eyes.

When she came to relatively, the silver-haired maiden slowly opened her eyes, gingerly pushing herself up from the ground. The process was easier said than done given her heavy clothing, and she let out a labored groan as she did so, before slowly proceeding to stand up on her own, albeit with some difficulty maintaining her balance later.


She had no memory of any place like this, let alone how she had gotten herself in this predicament. Riesbyfe could only imagine that the strange individuals around her were in the same boat, judging from their expressions. Some looking like relatively normal people, others clad in rather strange clothing, though then again, perhaps she wasn't one to talk. The Holy Knight pursed her lips, letting out a soft, distressed sigh upon realizing that her trusty shield, Gamaliel, was nowhere to be found. If she had to guess, it was likely that those mysterious observers from beyond the glass might have something to do with it, but if they were calm as they were, Riesbyfe could deduce that perhaps there was something protecting them from any potential attack, perhaps like... a magical barrier? Hidden runes that restricted everyone's movements?

No, no. They looked of the normal folk unaware of magecraft, if their clothing was anything to go by. However, the fact that she had been exposed by such people was troubling as it was as well... unless they knew so from the beginning, all things considered.

The rush of random thoughts in Riesbyfe's head continued to pile on as she struggled to grasp the situation before her. This situation that lacked any sort of logic to it. However, if she were to be reduced to the bare essentials like this, then she'd have to find the logic herself. Even if she had to make it so. An ironic twist of fate. Mages like her tended to be beings that logic feared, just as an esper with Mystic Eyes would be the Grim Reapers to non-logic.

"To think that I went from where I was then... to a place like this. This all seems far too elaborate to be an illusion of the TATARI, so... Could it be... an entirely new phenomena? Unprecedented for..." She mumbled mostly to herself, attempting to remain calm as she tried to think through every logical solution, only to come up with none. Her magical capabilities were practically none without her weapons, her iron gauntlets even taken away from her. For all intents and purposes, she was practically just a normal person in this room.

And it felt frustrating.

To feel weak and helpless, so powerless like this... She was supposed to be a Holy Knight. And as a knight, it was her duty to protect the fair people of the world.

Sighing again, Riesbyfe cupped her chin in her hand, adopting a pensive look on her features, remaining open to anyone who would try to approach her.​

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The Convergence Series GM

The sounds, sights and smells of the forest surrounded Nashetania as she trudged through the underbrush. The path towards peace between humans and fiends was a rocky one. At times, the former princess ached for the simpler life she had once known. The thought made her give a small chuckle, as she lifted her eyes to the canopy. Her life was never "simple". It had always been guided by complicated politics and manipulation.

She was finally on her own path. This was her life. No one could deter her from this course. Not her father, not the six braves... Not even the Goddess of Fate. They could kill her, sure. The possibility of death was always there. But never would they tear her choices away from her.

She swayed, body becoming weak, thoughts fizzling away. What...? What was this? Her green, green surroundings blurred around her, before being eaten away by large, black dots. Every part of her suddenly felt heavier, drooping, as though she were melting underneath the rain that started to pour.


Light, light, too much light. It consumed her eyes and her mind, causing her body to shake until she couldn't even move her limbs--couldn't even feel them. Cold, numb, so painfully white and bright. Was this the afterlife? Was this where it all ended? To think, her thoughts had been lingering on death only a few moments ago. How ironic. How tragic, to think she would die before changing her world for the better.

The light faded as soon as it came, leaving her in the darkness. Suddenly, a whirlwind of voices assaulted her. Feeling returned to her body, and she felt herself laying on a hard, chilly surface. Before she even opened her yes, a part of her wanted to laugh. Alive? Only after a few more moments, did she stir and sit up, opening her eyes. There were people--people of all shapes, sizes and colors. It was mostly a blur to her, so many people flitting to and fro.

Without thinking about it, she reached her hand up, trying to grab for purchase on something--anything. Her hand brushed against a leathery surface--a boot of some sort. In her dazed state, she grabbed onto it. Not tightly, but just enough to assure that it was real, and that she was anchored to this world.​

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The Fortress had fallen, crashing down on the Man of Steel and Lex Luthor. When the young man's eyes opened, to say he was shocked? That's an understatement. Who are these people? How did he get here? What do they know about him? Are they aware of his powers? Clark was worried, however, he need to stay calm.

Turning to Cullen and Jynx, Clark stood firm, his body language gave them, and everyone nearby a calm air. Mild mannered and calm, he addressed the group.

"Before anyone does anything, let's just take a step back. There has to be a reason why these people brought us here. We all just need to stay calm."

Clark stood firm as he tried to play peacekeeper. He knew he seemed optimistic to a fault., as well as naïve. One punch. He could bust out of this cage with one punch, but there was too many witness, and too risky. The best bet to keep everyone safe was, for now, to go along with whatever this was. He had no reason not to.​

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The scientists stared at Jinx blankly, though the ones in the observation room above them seemed to be taking notes intently. Jinx did have access to her powers, or at least that seemed to be the case.

They were surprised, however, that one of their captives approached the edge of the glass with such ease. The scientist in sunglasses cracked a smile, but the female held a steely gaze on Joshua. "There's not much to explain beyond what has already been said. You may not understand, but this is not the work of..." The woman made a quotation gesture with her fingers. "... Magic. Furthermore--"

Blake was next, emitting a reaction the scientists had more commonly expected, but it phased them even less than Joshua had. "No consent, that is true," she admitted plainly. "It's unethical, but this is beyond that. For now, we will monitor you for a time while you sit in confinement. You are assets to us now, so your lives are valuable. You are more a danger to yourselves at this time than we are to you."

"Geez..." Taking a place beside Joshua and Blake was the boy who had spoken first to the scientists. He shrugged casually, looking almost listless.

"Barely took you guys a minute before you started sounding like megalomaniacs. That's just peachy."

The scientists exchanged glances. "... It will be clear soon enough."

"Mmhm..." The boy looked to Blake, Joshua, and Cullen. "Forget these guys. They're getting a kick out of this."

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Prologue: Alice Twilight
"Ashes to Ashes"

"Пока, Тане."

Alice kissed the framed picture one last time. A happy little girl smiled back at her. She couldn't be more than six in that picture, running along the shore. Alice could remember buying Tanya that sundress the week before. Blue was a good color for her, it went well with her eyes...

Those little details comforted her even now. Tanya's complexion, the way she would cut her food, the way she could only snap with her left hand...such trivial items, but they were all Alice had left to remember, to savor. At least...until tomorrow.

She'd gotten the call an hour ago. Silvia Cristel, giving her news so shocking that it had even stunned Alice-she didn't think anything could surprise her anymore.

"Allo, Alice? It's me! You have a challenger for your rank-I'm sure you've heard of Travis Touchdown?"



"Yes. The No More Hero." She spoke his title with a bit of reverence; to say Travis was a legend among assassins was an understatement. Became Rank 1, then left so suddenly...that was what Alice had always wanted to do. He represented an odd kind of hope, not the kind you heard in Nathan Copeland's music, where violence is the only way, no. A hope of...tomorrow. A future away from Santa Destroy, a chance to start over.

But of course, that was for others. It was far too late for Alice to have a normal life now. Or ever again. Now all that was left was Travis Touchdown, and what then? Would she live? Die? Would she finally be free, or still trapped in a game of kill or be killed?

"Earth to Alice! Are you there? Your match is tomorrow, understood?"


"Good. And between us, woman to woman...bring your A-game. Travis is in it to win it."

Alice smiled dryly. "Aren't we all."

And now here she was. Ready to sleep tonight and wake up to...she didn't know. She couldn't know. All she could do was set Tanya's photo down, lie down, and close her eyes.

...and open them to find herself in a room with strangers.

She stood to her feet, using the wall for support. Not noticing anyone else at the moment, her glare was solely on her captors. "What the Hell is this? What's going on?!"

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The Convergence Series GM

"So let's try to get something cleared up, ok pumpkin? Which hurts worse: A..."

The first swing of the crowbar came out of nowhere. All Jason could see was complete darkness. It was like being hit by a train out of nowhere, except this train didn't even have the decency to have headlights...

"Or B?"


Another swing hit from the crowbar, this time directly in the lower jaw. One of Jason's teeth fell out, blood spurting out of the young teens mouth and nose now. Soon nothing could be heard except that sick laugh.


And then...


Gotham City-Present Day

Jason was in his office, overlooking various files and images. Penguin supplied the safehouses for him. He didn't like the guy, but he also knew that the guy had money and connections. With those two things, you could get just about anything you wanted in Gotham.

What was he looking over? Images of the new Robin. What was his name? Tom? No, Tim. That's right, Tim. It didn't really matter to Jason, however. He just saw him as another victim to Batman's selfishness. He once thought that Bruce was all about saving the innocent, but he now knew that he was about punishing the guilty. He knew that he at least attempted to look for him. But he also knew that when it came down to it, when Bruce had to choose between his so called "friends" and the mission, he'd choose the mission. Every time.

As Jason was looking over said files, one of his men suddenly transmitted over his comms.

"Sir! There-there's something in here! I don't know what the hell it is! Oh God it's taken out half of our squad! Oh no... now it's coming for me! OH GO-"

Now there was nothing but static over his comms. Jason immediately jumped out of his chair and literally threw it back against the wall when he pushed against it as he got up. But as he sprinted down the hallway, he was stopped by a blinding light that covered the entire room.

Suddenly Jason felt as if he was in water. Breathing heavily, Jason was about to attempt to swim away before every last part of his senses went numb. He couldn't feel anything. And as the light faded away, so did Jason's consciousness.

Todd soon awoke in a glass cage. It took a moment for him to regain his composure after all that had happened. His vision was slightly blurred, but that wore off rather quickly. As he looked at his surrounding, he found that he was in some type of glass cage surrounded by scientists. Of course, Jason didn't even think about raising his visor. Instead he simply analyzed the environment around him. Todd then turned around and saw that there were other people with him in here. Maybe they knew what was going on?

"Alright, does anyone know what the hell is going on?" Jason asked aloud. They would notice that his voice sounded oddly robotic, though the tone remained that of a human's. Anyone with a brain could denote that this was a voice synthesizer of some sort.​

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Miku's attention was caught by an offhand comment made in her direction. Normal? She glanced around the room, noting the many strange appearances of most of them. By many standards she didn't consider herself "normal" either, but perhaps she'd give everyone the illusion of being so. The best she could, anyways.

"Thank you." She replied to Blake, watching him curiously and seeming to note how frustrated he seemed. Not surprising, quite frankly. "My hair does stand out I guess." Glancing away to continue to observe her surroundings, she was at a loss on what to do. Were they just supposed to talk with one another? Was there a point to that? Somewhat unsure (and with a slight wobble), she forced herself to try and stand. Might as well start somewhere.​
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"Do it..."




"What!? What did you say...?"

"Listen to him... All he wants is his parent's love... To be accepted... That's all..."

"He's just like me. No matter how hard I try, Mother always looks at me as if I were nothing... Her eyes are so filled with disappointment. She's never held me.... Not even once..."

" Stop this foolishness! I told you! I will not permit you to ruin my opportunity!"

"I know.... Do as you must, Jaffar. I won't resist. You can do it easily."

"But....please don't hurt the prince... For pity's sake..."


"... I'm ready to die..."




"We're leaving...Hurry..."

This was the exchange between Jaffar and Nino moments before everything would happen. Urging Nino to run while Jaffar fended off the sudden showing of Ursula and her troops. The assassination of Prince Zephiel having gone horribly wrong in the process. So Jaffar fought until for some reason a light had appeared before engulfing the assassin completely. Were he dead....or worse...? Suppose we'll find out shortly...


Glass box awakening...

Quietly Jaffar slowly stood up upon waking up and coming to his senses. He glanced around to get an idea of the situation before quickly noticing his weapon was gone. Well that made the idea of escape even harder for this assassin.

'Caged like an animal..'


Jaffar remained completely silent as he simply stood with his back to a glass wall. His eyes darting around to not only observe the people he was trapped with but also the people in weird outfits around them all. He needed to be ready in case anyone tried anything after all.​

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The Convergence Series GM
Joshua cocked a brow at that response, hiding his inner disappointment and worry behind his smirk still. So they were trapped in some sort of experiment, and there wasn't a way out at the moment... Add in the fact that the others seemed quite volatile about the matter, and there was a skirmish ready to happen at any moment.

"Right... Well, best we sit tight then. There's no point to trying and start a fight at the moment."

The swordsman certainly didn't enjoy the thought of being locked up for too long, but he also knew that they would get a chance eventually. They would just have to wait for an opening... The redhead shrugged at the boy after a moment with a smile.

"Stiff upper lip, my friend, that's all we can have right now."

Now Clark seemed to be a calm, reasonable person to get the others to rally behind. Sure, he seemed rather funnily dressed, but then again, everyone seemed to be of different tastes in this place. Besides, he was calm and respectful with some sort of natural charisma that felt like it could calm everyone. Why not stand behind him?

"Glad to see another man of a peaceful mindset at the moment. Seems like we might be the only ones who can keep our heads on straight for the moment, excluding the quieter folks..."

The myrmidon glanced at both the silver-haired young woman and the other redhead who stood against a wall before smiling at Clark, putting on a friendly face.

"Joshua's the name."

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Doremi / Jabber Prologue - sf

Doremi was moving towards the next city, in a field of blooming daisies and blossoms. She feels enthusiastic about her next performance, looking forward for it. Ahead of Doremi are a group of Timburrs, who Doremi hired this time, and they were ready to construct Doremi's next stage. Although her stage is pretty basic, Doremi didn't want any gaudy stuff, and even then her voice captivates her audience.

However, that doesn't mean they are free of any wild Pokemon attacks. Although, strangely, there hasn't been an attack on Doremi lately, and so she feels at peace.

"What a wonderful morning for this world! We should enjoy the view while we're here!" Doremi remarked, and the Timburrs agreed, putting down their wooden planks for a moment.

However, from a nearby secluded rock in the very same field, a Riolu by the name of Jabber would thrust a Nincada against the rock.

"Tell me!" Jabber whispered loudly, restraining the Nincada. "What were you going to do to Doremi?"

"N-nothing! All I wanted was to... ahh... w-wait! I-" The Nincada didn't even have a chance to explain his twisted face before Jabber quietly subdued the apparent pervert. As Jabber peered near the side of the rock to gaze at Doremi, he looked down on himself and whispered to himself...

Don't worry... I want to help you be safe, Doremi... I want to see you sing to the world... because otherwise, what would I do?


The sudden scream forced Jabber back to his reality as he looked back up and saw a bright light swallowing up Doremi. The Timburr that were there were mere shadows in the background, fearing they would get sucked in too. Maybe it was instinct, or that Jabber wanted to protect Doremi at all cost. But even the most foolhardy Pokemon would know better than to jump in the light as well.



As Jabber woke, he found himself in the dim box, along with everyone else who had been sent here. As soon as he recalled what happened, he instinctively looked around suddenly.

"Doremi! Where are you?!"

"Mmm... yes... can I help you?" A groggy but pure voice came from below Jabber.

It has turned out that Jabber was atop of Doremi the whole time. Shy and embarassed of this scenario, Jabber hopped away and hid behind the crowd of people, zig-zagging through them. As Doremi got up, she looked around, and couldn't find whom that voice that spoke to her belonged to.

"Hmm... weird, but I'm sorta fine with that. Now what is going on here?" Doremi begins by looking at her surroundings. The place around here looked dismal and plain, and it was awfully crowded.

Did someone bring me here to sing to these folks? Doremi wondered. It wasn't then until she saw some scientists from the outside.

"Umm... excuse me... If you are letting me sing to this audience, can I at least have some space for me to dance to my song?"Doremi asked the outside folks, not knowing the actual situation.

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Ada Prologue: Vigilis in Noctem

The Global Occult Coalition Headquarters

Agent Rorke stepped into the office. He took several steps towards a file cabinet up against the wall. He opened one of the drawers and flipped through the various folders within. He looked through until he stopped on the one he wanted before pulling out the one he wanted. He closed the drawer and made his way over to his desk.

The Chinese woman entered the room. She wore a black BSAA uniform and skirt with red high heels. It provided a contrast to the white office and blue suit jacket of the PSYCHE Division representative. The desk was made of wood, and had a plaque with the name Agent Rorke on it. Behind him, a city was framed in the windows, it's daily life going on. She walked towards the chair facing the desk and windows.

"Miss Wong, is it?" Agent Rorke said, pulling his chair back from the desk. He sat down and straightened the papers in his hands. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Michael Rorke of the Global Occult Coalition. Please, have a seat. There's water if you need it." He pointed to a pitcher on the desk in front of him. He opened the file folder and flipped through several pages.

Ada sat down on the chair in front of her, and crossed her legs. She poured herself a glass of water and sat back in the chair. She smiled at him.

"I've read your file. You're an interesting individual. Now, Let's start at the beginning." The PSYCHE Division rep said. He slowly placed the file folder down on the desk. "Tell me about the first event."

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China

Hong Kong is a city of about 7 million people. It is situated just south of China, and is a special administrative zone. It is also a large economic center and a hub for travellers. Many businesses are based here, and has 7,840 high-rise buildings, with no fewer than 1,303 skyscrapers. If a BOW was activated, it could be devastating to the economy, and the world as a whole.

That was why Ada Wong was there. She had received word from a contact that an Umbrella BOW was going to be released.

Ada made her way through the market. Rain poured down on rooftops and smells of cooked meat and vegetables wafted from stands under awnings and in buildings. Storekeepers called people into and cars beeped. It was like a scene from a film. Ada wore the same red dress she wore in Spain. A knife tucked into her heel, and her pistol in her side sheath. She carried her makeup case with her grappling gun inside just in case.

The mark walked in front of her. He nervously glanced around the crowd. Sweat ran down his face, mixing with the rain that had landed. He pushed several people in the crowd and his eyes darted from neon sign to neon sign. He nervously fiddled with his hand that wasn't holding a briefcase. He scratched his wrist and kept moving forward.

Ada smirked and chuckled as she followed him. She would just track him back to where he was headed, and take him when his guard was down, and remove the sample he had on him and give it to her employer. She watched as he ducked into an alley and looked behind him. He then continued on.

As Ada rounded the corner into the alley, her vision grew dark, before becoming engulfed in a bright light. Ada woke up in a sterile white room surrounded by lab-coated scientists and people she didn't recognize. It reminded her of Umbrella facilities she had been in, but something about it seemed different. She would find her way out. She always did.​

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The Convergence Series GM

So. These people were... Peculiar. Evidently, there was another being here capable of flight, that was threatening those on the other side of what appeared to be some sort of glass. She didn't want to cause a fuss just yet, unaware of whether the flying female was a threat, sincerely, just yet. So instead, she approached the glass, staring blankly at it in what seemed like deep thought. Her reflection shimmered in it, staring back at her until she finally turned her gaze away, further observing those around her. For example, a man advising they all stay calm with a seemingly adept sense of composure. Or the man speaking to him, or the odd girl with blue hair. In a quiet, soft monotone, she spoke.

"Correct. It would be wise to maintain...-"

Then, Setsuna spotted some of the folk that were not recovering quite as well and she and a few of the others. One male in particular seemed to be struggling to stand, looking as though he may topple over at any given moment. To him, her soft voice spoke out once more. "...Do you require assistance?"​