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Gettin' Back Into It (Check Inside for some Spooky Prompts)


Hi, friends! It's been a while.

Well, about a year to be in fact.

To my beloved writing partners that I so unrightfully abounded: please accept this pathetic, albeit sincere, apology for falling off the face of the earth. I've met some amazing writers on this forum, it has been by far my favorite role-playing community that I've had the pleasure of being apart of. So this is me...shamelessly crawling back.

I can't even remember the last time I wrote something out of pleasure; lately, it's just been half-assed papers on topics I've read two sentences out of a Wikipedia article on (I'm such a great student). And it just isn't right! So I hope a few of you would do me the great honor of making me the happiest (lazy, depressed, college student) writer ever right now.

Now...let's cut to the chase!

I'm not gonna' waste anyone's time with nit-picky stipulations, all I ask from my partners is that we keep a good line of communication and are transparent with each other. Everyone is different, so I don't think it's fair to expect everyone to follow the same set of rules. Instead, let's collaborate and see what works.

I am dying to just write so I have no particular plots in mind, but i'll throw a few out there to get the ball rolling. If you don't see anything to your fancy, please don't hesitate to just throw a plot at me that you've been wanting to do; as long as it's not based on some obscure fandom with all kinds of canonical details I can't keep up with because I'm unfamiliar, I will say yes! I've got a decent amount of free time on my hands so I think I can handle two or three separate 1x1 role-play sessions right now. Here are some ideas if you're just looking to get straight into an RP sesh like me:

Genres (stand-alone or mix and match):
Mystery/True Crime
Apocalyptic/Post Apocalyptic
Slice of Life
Decades/Time Period (Medieval, 18th/19th/20th century, Future, etc.)

Sample Plots
(in light of the spooky season, these are all inspired by the horror/thriller genres):

1. Skinwalker Ranch (Supernatural/Mystery/TBD)
: As a getaway from the hustle and bustle of their usual metropolitan hometown, Character A and their family are assigned to look after a ranch in the Mojave desert while its tenants are away on business. It's as remote as it gets; the next town is 30 miles away, with poor mobile service, and certainly none of the usual modern amenities such as cable or WiFi. After several foreboding days into their retreat, Character A is awakened in the middle of the night by strange noises only to discover that their child has seemingly vanished. Character A enlists the help of the local deputy, Character B, to track down their missing child, and the two slowly come to the conclusion that the child's disappearance is turning out to be the result of a sinister abduction beyond their comprehension. Perhaps Character A should have taken their child's complaint about seeing something moving in the shadows a little more seriously?

2. An Eye for an Eye (Supernatural/Thriller/TBD): Character A is a psychic for hire, possessing the ability to connect with the spiritual realm and pass through both worlds' veils and is called on to cleanse a home said to be inhabited by an evil spirit, a usual for Character A. While assessing the home, Character A meets B, a poltergeist, who tries desperately to warn Character A that the owner of this home is plotting to murder Character A as the call was a trap to attract them into the home because of their disdain of the spiritual practice's nature. Because Character B is perceived to be an evil spirit, Character A is actively working to rid B of the home. Will the two meet the common ground and become free of the real evil spirit among them?

3. My Imaginary Friend (Thriller/Dark Humor/TBD): Character A lead a seemingly normal life: a secure job, a comfortable home, even almost had enough saved up for that dream car of theirs—all until the day of the accident. That's when it all went wrong. That's when they met Character B. Character B showed up not too long after it happened; they made themselves at home and weren't showing any signs of leaving. Character B made Character A do bad things; like strangle the mailman and accuse girl scouts of being trained spies out to kill them. The thing was, nobody else could see Character B, so Character As complaints about them was futile. That's when Character B up and got them sent to an insane asylum where they would be diagnosed with something called "paranoid schizophrenia", whatever the hell that was. But Character B had a plan; they were going to get them out of there one way or another, though unbeknownst to Character B, Character A had a plan of their own: plans to kill Character B and end this once and for all.

4. Bonded by Blood (Thriller/Old West/TBD): Character A and B are partners in crime, traveling the Old West, solving mysteries, and making a name for themselves. There's been a recent string of violent murders spanning the last three counties the two have passed through, almost as if the killer(s) are following and taunting them. A and B retrace their steps and mull over a tactical plan on how to be a few steps ahead of the killer(s). But little does Character A know, that Character B is in fact the killer behind these murders, as they have been transforming into a beast upon a full moon and going on rampages with little recollection of it the morning thereafter. Will Character B confess in hopes of finding a way to cure this curse? Or give in and lead Character A to follow suit in the ways of the beast?


Reproduces by Budding
Hey! I, too, dropped off the face of the earth on this forum and feel pretty stupid and regretful about it. If you're still willing to take people in, I'd be pretty excited to try out that Old West thriller :)