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Open Giga's First Ever Super Serious RP Request Thread

Giga Bit

The Definition of Insanity
Hello! I'm sure that some of you may already know me, probably because I've been here a WHOLE year, but I've never really been in a super-serious RP except for one I'm doing in PMs which I'm kind of over-obsessed with, that is what this is for!

First off about me:

  • I can both obsess over and lose interest in an RP in a blink of an eye, one of the drawbacks of ADHD. One minute I could be really into it and replying every fifteen minutes and the next I could get bored and call it off, just know it isn't your fault.
  • My posts can be very short. I don't take too well with fluff text, I'll get right to the point and not try to bulk up the post.

Now I'd like to share some story ideas I've had in my head-brain for the longest time!

  • A modern fantasy set in a large city where demons run amuck in plain sight. It's up to the two most unlikely exorcists to solve the problem.
  • A mystery set in Las Vegas where a gambler and a detective take a crack at a cold case that could reveal more than they anticipated.

Yeah, that's all I have so far. Thanks for reading!
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